Baby Stories - 99


Hello guys I’m Renezmae ! I am a month old, I love to smile and watch every move you make haha. Vote for my babygirl!
Too cute to just pass up a Free Vote .. She is full of life and loving it
Meet Bentlee he is 1 years old today he is the most out going happiest baby you may ever meet. He has such an old soul an a die hard mommas boy an loves everyone he meets he does knew things eveyday he loves to play climb an pull hisself up on everything his smile an laugh are beyond contagious.. He is a fighter he was in the nic unit at uva from birth untill 27 days later from the ambilical Cord wrapped around his throat.. God willing he came out perfect shortly after he caught covid. We made it threw that. Bentlee is so strong an has been such a blessing to his family an everyone thats ever came acrossed him. He is our miracle baby an he would love to have your vote!! ❤
My name is Kaiden, I love to laugh, eat and sleep! I enjoy watching cocomelon while I am free!
Novalynn loves eating snacks with dad, giving sugars, and climbing on everything.
Jackson Avery
Hi! My name is jack, I also go by Apple Jacks, hims, little one, and jib/jibber. I just learned how to stand up all on my own and mommy says I’ll be walking very soon! I love snacking, exploring in the grass, playing with daddy, and making everyone around me smile and laugh 🐣 my birthday is October 26th and I can’t wait for my first Halloween and birthday 🎃
Jordin came to us as the perfect light after a dark period in our life. He loves his cousin and all of his brothers. He enjoys music and babbling on for hours with whomever let's him. He's so sweet.
Jayden Silva
Jayden loves to smile he will smile and stare at you in the most adorable way it brightens anybodys day. he is a very happy baby and loves to watch mommy garden while listening to soft music. jayden loves books. he loves to be read to. vote for baby jay 🥰
Morrigan is a great kind and caring kid!! She loves all animals and is a little momma bird!! She loves unicorns and dragons!! She loved playing softball and she loves playing games mostly animal games!!
Happy baby! Enjoys watching Little people, when you play with her legs and feet! Djelizia is a joy to have always laughing and smiling!
She loves to laugh, such a happy baby💕. Loves to have conversations ❤️
Brynleigh loves to smile & loves new people
LilyAnna is a sweet, kitty loving, little girl! She loves her brothers and playing !
Jacob is a sweet almost five month old chunk. He loves sweet potatoes, kisses, Aladdin and Moana! He stands so well, and has three fur siblings he loves to cuddle with
After a traumatic start to life and needing resuscitation, Theo has come along way and has to be the most smiley baby Iv ever seen, never cries, loves to shout for mumma and nanna
Anken he is happy kid very smart and he learn very quick and he loves he is family to much . Active kid machalah
Bryson Ehrenreich Stewart
Bryson is a very sweet boy with mild to moderate hearing loss ❤️ He loves trucks, airplanes, and dinosaurs!
She Is So Precious Just A Doll 💜
She is a little diva. She loves to color, dance and help to cook.
Nycoiii is the definition of a “Happy Baby” she brings the sunshine and smiles wherever she goes. Vote if you can. Thank you!
Ameliya Lynn
Ameliya Loves running around and going for walks, staying active & playing at the park! She is talking amazingly, such a smart beautiful soul she has. Attached to my hip, loves playing on the phone and dancing too! Show this beauty some love and vote for her ♥️♥️♥️
Kai is going to be 2 months on October 3rd! He loves his bottles, snuggles with Mom and Dad, and his fur siblings 🤍 vote for Kai so we can start a savings fund for him!
My name is Zai Zai. I love to smile for the camera and play outside with Friends.
Amara loves to play with her big sister and also loves bouncing. She gets excited every time she sees her food and she’s the happiest baby you will ever meet.
Kensley is a very happy baby can be dramatic at times yes she can she loves to smile whine until she get her way she loves to eat always has to have something in her mouth
Carson is a healthy, happy baby boy. He walks and babbles like crazy. Has an attitude like mama but lights up the room with his smile ❤️
She loves to climb watch learning cartoons and giving hugs.💕
Alina is definitely the happiest baby alive. She wakes up laughing every single morning and is a bright light to everyone she meets! She loves being outside and exploring because she is very curious!! Definitely a mommas baby. Shes going to change the world ❤
My Name is Aubriel . I have a little brother named Kaisyn. I love to dance and sing . I like to Color and Read. I want to be a superhero one day just like paw patrol ! I love to swim and jump in water. I also like playing dress up with mommy and doing her makeup. -Aubriel
Quintin is a very outgoing child , he absolutely loves outside , four wheelers , fishing and baseball &; he adores any animal! He has two things he wants to become when he grows up he wants to be a mechanic and a fire fighter! Hes full of life an so much spunk! Hes all out a pretty awesome kid !
Karter, is the youngest of 3 Handsome boys. He’s 1.5 years old, sassy and so smart!
Presley is a firecracker✨3 months old but she knows who wears the pants in this household
I love to eat and play with my mommy💞and granny..
Kaylynn loves to put a show on ppl,she has a beautiful smile,she loves to cuddle along with being a happy beautiful baby from everything she has gone thourgh.we call her a miracle baby girl.
Colt loves smiling in the mornings and going for his walks around the neighborhood with his pup Rooster!
Gracie is always smiling, loves to laugh and talk a d roll around. She loves eating mashed potatoes.
Hailey loves to sing, dance and loves frozen pancakes! She loves her two brothers Jace and Jaxsin (and Doc Mcstuffins)
Joey is such a happy little girl! She is a blessing!! I named her after my brother who was killed by a drunk driver!!! She is what my family needed!!!
Karson is 15 months old and he’s running around and Climbing everything, he loves to play with mommy and daddy and go outside and drive his car!
Dimitri Xavier Wayne Terry was born on 9/4/21 and smiled an hour after his birth. He lifts his head up very well during tummy time already and he loves to move around. He hardly cries, we sat through a whole sermon in church without a single tear. He loves staring at my butterfly lights and anything with pretty colors.
Very cheeky happy boy who loves to play and laugh
Ezekiel DeWayne is 5th months old, with a smile that will light a castle and a giggle that will you give you butterflies! He loves to talk, play with sensory toys and most of all eat really big bottles 🤣 thank you all for voting, stay blessed🥰
I’m Briggs!! I am 7 months old, have the cutest dimples and I love to smile at anyone and everything. I love life & hope my picture will brighten your day!
Baby boy was born a premie and in the nicu for alittle bit at 3 months he finally hit 10.5 lbs. please vote for my baby boy
Alexander is a happy and a joyous baby boy! He loves to giggle and interact with people. He finds it super funny to make faces at people and loves his tubby time!
Hi I’m Arayah and I love to watch the news and shout at the tv 😂😂😂if I’m not doing that I’m playing with my mum and I don’t mean toys I mean her mentally stability 😂😂😂😂 I’m so good Now I’ve been practicing for three whole weeks
This is Kylie, she's 10 months old. She loves watching her cartoons and playing with her toys! She loves a variety of foods, and is already drinking from a sippy cup! She loves showing everyone her beautiful smile and her cute laugh!