Sweet Brylee is a fun & happy baby! Always smiling, clapping, making noises, she’s truly a breath of fresh air 💖 5 months old sitting on her own, playing with her toys, & loves her baby food!! And, absolutely loves music. If our sweet girl were to win we’d put her winning prize in her savings account for her future!🤍
The sweetest girl, animal, and nature lover❤️
Cuda loves his big sister, big brother, and trying new foods! He gets around by rolling around and army crawling. He’s a quick wild one!
Cheeky, always smiling and curious of the world. Even when teething, the smile never left his small face. Loves listening to his uncle play instruments
Maliyah loves to giggle and play. Her favorite thing is to eat & talk. Vote for my little peep 🥰
I'm Castille, but you can call me Cast. I like to eat sleep play sing and watch the boohbah, my favorite food is rice and my favorite drink is juice
Poseidon is just the happiest little dude around town. He lightens everyone’s day up with his sweet smile and happy squeaks. His brother makes him giggle like no one else.
Happy baby always smiling and loves kicking his legs and wailing his arms when excited
Hi, my name's Izaya or Zaya. I love food, mainly applesauce. Bouncing is the best thing in the world and I love being held; don't ever put me down, please.
Hello! My name is Henry and I love to eat, sleep and play with hats! My favorite snack is yogurt and puffs. When I play with hats my favorite thing to do is chew on the brim as I am getting my teeth in!
He loves to smile and make funny faces
Loves to smile, squeal, and laugh - especially at her big brother!
She came out looking just like her daddy, but I couldn't love her more!! She loves to sleep with her mouth open, take baths, and she loves to give us a crooked grin in her sleep.
Hey my name is kinley but everyone calls me Saige. I’m only 8 months not to much to say. I love to watch sesame Street and play and crawl all day. Can’t wait to turn one because I’m going to have a party horray 🎉🎉
Shae loves her brother and her doggos the most! You’ll never see a bigger smile than when you call her a “pretty girl”. She is beautiful inside and out!
Dashel is 1 yr and 4 months old , he loves puppies , and being outside. Hes funny , sweet , and wild at heart , he enjoys being with family , and loves food , a Superstar in the making !🤩 💙
The princess, diva and fashionista!
Ian is now 8 months old he loves music, he loves watching TV, Hes rolling over and starting to crawl and hes 20lbs. He growin so fast and he lobes being with his big brother Isaiah and going out with mommy whether it be for a walk or a car ride. Learning and watching Ian grow has been a challenge but so amazing at the same time Vote for my handsome son.
Sassy but sweet, they call me the beast. Dinosaur queen❤️
River is almost 11 months old! He loves dogs, loves his family and of course loves food! He LOVES tractors and big trucks.
Lexie is very smart and outgoing girl 😍 she only 3 months old and appears to be 6 months old she always smiling and happy😋😍 lexie is my little princess so vote for her and she will keep a smile on you’re face with her contagious smile ❤️💙😍😍😍
Jayden loves to smile and he’s now making noises with you! And I mean look at that hair!!!!
Being the 4th girl in my family. Making mommy and daddy think this was gunna be a breeze but I’ve kept them on edge since the day I was born! ❤️
My Names Ma’Siah, I’m 2 Years Old. I Love To Play, Eat, Dance, Dogs, The Outside, And Most Of All My Mommy. I’m Very Adventurous And Always On The Move. 🧸💙
Cierra Jo
Cierra is a wonderful baby she loves eating she also likes looking around at everything around her
Daxton just turned one the beginning of this month! He loves anything music related, loves dancing and drumming, and not to mention his amazing natural Mohawk!
Sofia Rain
Sofia Rain loves to bounce those legs, eat all the time, and loves to be cuddled! She loves looking at her daddy and she has the most amazing smile!!
He is a mommy’s boy loves his 4 sisters loves his dad loves going to church. Mickey Mouse is his favorite. He is always smiling and loves to laugh.
Kent is almost 3 months old! He loves to eat and play with his big sister Kiera. Kent is a super smiley and always happy baby!
Ivy is so smart , energetic & independent for being just 4 months old. She loves to yell, chew on her toys and watch tv.
Kaliyah is 4 months old. She is such a sweet happy baby! She is the apple of my eye…
Sleep, eat, run, repeat!
The best big brother there is!
This sweet boys just turned 6 months. Always happy and brightens everyone’s day ❤️
Faith is a proud preemie, born at 34 weeks! She is a precious child of God and is just amazingly awesome!
Ava loves to be silly and make people laugh! She is so sweet to animals and can't get enough of her favorite movies: Frozen, Beauty and the Beast and Lion King. She is independent, brave and strong!
Zoey Grace is our little miracle blessing!! She is the happiest baby and absolutely loves her brother, especially when he sings to her!!
Oaklynn is 8 months old. Loves getting into everything. She almost sitting up and crawling. And she really loves dogs
He’s a country loving boy… loves being outside. Chainsaws and Tractors are his favorite! He’s a sweet, funny, and cuddly little boy! He’s the great addition to our family. He has two older sisters that love him to pieces!
Journey Blaze loves to smile and loves to koo
Kyshawn aka ky he loves to ride bikes and always be outside
She loves to play with her fingers , such a happy baby always smiling . And let me not forget her beautiful blue eyes !
Kieran Jr.
KJ is the sweetest baby, loves to make all types of noises, as if he’s having a full conversation with you. Always smiling & laughing and lovesss his fur brothers, Winston & Benson!
Mikaela aka moo loves to do TikTok and spend time with family