Baby Stories - 99


He loves to dance and give dirty looks lmao
I am super intelligent and advanced for someone who is only 5 months old. I am always happy and smiling. I love photos and making new friends. My best friend is my grandmama and Mr. duckling my stuffed duckling.
Dean loves to smile and play with his toys loves to give little faces that make people smile. He crawls and is learning how to walk. Loves dogs and music. His giggles are very contagous when he giggles you cant but help to also.
Leviticus is a very outgoing little ham who loves to watch Mickey Mouse and drink his milkies!
always so happy and smiling
She likes her toys and likes to chew on her shoes .
Kaycen Richardson
Kaycen is 16 months and loves to sing songs and babble ! He is so loving and the cutest baby ever !
Rowdy loves watching football and the color red. He loves hanging out with mommy and daddy.
Hayden loves to play and watch cartoons. His cousin Asher is his best friend and he’s always full of smiles
Ethan is a fun, lovable baby who loves to play with his puppies and play with his light up toys!
I'll smile in any picture and I'm always happy im extremely goofy and love to get dizzy
Ian is a happy baby who loves to eat and smile 😊
She is very fun loving girl. Her cute smile really melt everyone hearts. She enjoy watching rhymes.
Blake is a VERY happy baby. He LOVES to watch Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig while he eats his Blueberry Puff Bites. Wakes up smiling, goes to sleep smiling!
Malcolm is a mommas boy. He is very sweet and growing like a weed. Malcolm has a weakened immune system and is sick a lot so he spends a lot in and out of the hospital and lost of doctors appointments.
Sunntin is such a energetic loving boy, he loves being outside.
Jesse James
He's 5months old , he loves kisses and hugs and Dinosaur Train , loves mommy and daddy. Loves baths.
Hudson is the sweetest little boy, at only 16 days old he is so handsome and loves to nurse and sleep!
Lucia LOVES food. She loves toys with lights. She loves phones. She’s is sassy and so smart. She loves to stand and is slowly learning to walk! Her favorite food is Oreos 🤦🏽‍♀️
Winter loves to cuddle and play with her cousins! She’s always wants to sit up and see everything!
Hi my name is Rheanna💕 I love to sleep and cuddle my mom! I want to win this competition to start my college fund!
My little man is four months old, he loves dragons and he is such a talker. He loves baths, mostly because he can kick water all over the walls lol He is such a happy baby and I'm constantly getting compliments about his eyes. As parents do, I love my baby boy so very much.
kennedy is almost 2 love playing outside and is a daddy’s girl she’s rotten and has a funny personality she could cheer anyone up with just a smile or laugh.
Lilly loves to sing and dance
Elizabeth is such a happy baby. Always smiling. She loves her sister Chelsea more than anything else and we love our rainbow baby with everything we have.
He loves to be outside,four wheelers dirt bikes!!
My name is Kemani Campbell I am mimi version of her mom...she has her own personality, very bright, compassionate and a four year old that ask a lot of questions , she is very observant and watches every thing I do .She even knows when her baby sister needs to be change and assisted in learning to change a diaper at 3 years old... She watches a lot of educational tutorials and learns a lot.Even learning Spanish as a second language in school. She is a little artist and dancer.Kemani has a beautiful smile and soul. I can't wait to see what her future holds.She is the next generation.Please vote for my sweet little girl.
Ashlynn is 10 months old . She is very loving & loves to dance 💃
Amara is the happiest little baby girl ever, she likes car rides and tummy time and loves her mommy most of all.
Please vote shes gorgeous very butieful
Anthony loves to jump and play with toys! He loves the boat and water over the summer!
Matthew is the most adorable, placid baby. He hardly ever cries, and loves to wiggle, smile and coo. He doesn't like sleeping at night time 😂🥰
Adalyna is the happiest baby🥰 She was born 3 months premature, but she doesn’t let that slow her down! She loves to eat, bath, and play!♥️
Angela is 2 loves to sing the alphabet as well as many other songs she loves to dance and loves her dog she’s silly and loves to help clean around the house
Tannon loves her Daddy! She is a sweet smiley baby. She is learning to crawl and loves when big brother reads to her.
Paxton loves to laugh and smile. He’s full of grins and funny expressions. He loves talking to anyone.
She is so smart, sweet, funny! She is a ball full of energy and keeps us on our toes. She loves playing with animals and toys.
Theo was due November 6, and was born on September 8. We spent a month and a half in the hospital with him, but he's been strong ever since birth. ❤️ I hope you love this sweet boys face as much as I do
Collin is 15mos. His two best friends are Labrador Retriever, Cooper and Charley. Collin loves to eat, play outside and being silly!
Hi World! I’m Eli! I love to eat, snuggle, and sleep! I love despicable me & learning songs. I am a happy baby and so so loving, I am so smart & curious with a hint of stubbornness but know that I will do great things remember my name! ELIJAH EDWARDS 💙
Da’Kari is a very loving happy baby boy , loves too smile , very active, also during his spare time he love too talk 😄💙 Mr. Da’Kari is a true blessing
Jaxson is a very goofy and intelligent little boy. He enjoys laughing and playing with family, playing with cars, listening to music, dancing, cleaning and food!
Luna loves her mommy and daddy, she laughs at daddy’s laugh and smiles at mama all day long. She loves her doggies and tv, she’s rarely ever upset, and always reaching for something new.
Kamariana has beautiful characteristics she is bold and vibrant and she loves to sing. She is very observant and she loves to laugh. Her smile will definitely brighten your day!
She’s so adorable and smiling lil one and very smart bby
Rylan is 4 months old ! He loves to laugh , make noises and play with his brother and sister ! Rylan also loves snuggles and he loves to eat
He loves to do arts and crafts