Freddie was born without a heartbeat for 19 minutes. He’s the true meaning of a miracle. 🤍
Riley loves to smile at you when talking to her! She loves being outdoors!
Makai came into this crazy world 3 weeks early because that was safest for him! He was welcomed by his two very loving Mommies, 2 brothers and a sister. He loves kisses (very calming for him), being swaddled, music, and his siblings, especially listening to his big sister read stories to him.
Loves bath and sing song time. Favourite word is mama Loves babbling and singing.
Favourite words to hear is mommies booby milk. (This is due to breastfeeding)
Lucas is a fun loving little boy. He loves going down slides and getting down and dirty at nana and papas farm. He's funny, a great sharing partner, and he loves to give kisses!
He has the sweetest and funniest personality for a little boy!
Kobi is our precious baby girl, whom we also call Koko. She loves to play with her big brother’s, laugh, yell at everyone, and is very vocal. She is moving and growing so fast and she’s such a joy to have around. Her smile is so contagious. We just want to show her off to the world.
WE RETURN VOTES. He is our bundle of joy who was born at the beginning of this year. He has a very cute flirty smile. He loves it when someone talk to him. He loves colorful toys and the one that makes a sound.
Matteo likes to smiles, play with his toys and being outside is his favorite.. playing with his older brothers is the best thing in the world..
Ella is one of a kind. She’s got rhythm, soul, and she’s outgoing. She loves singing and dancing most and she never fails to brighten up the room whenever she walks in. 💛 also- can we say total fashionista?!
Vote for Ava, the happiest baby you will ever meet ☺️
Baby Oliver is 6 months old and the spitting image of curiosity and love. He is on the move constantly and everyday Doesn't fail to amaze everyone.. his favorite things include going to the park, cuddling with mommy and daddy, and sweet potatoes
Our little Damon is a miracle baby. He has as born at 29 weeks. He has survived and overcame so much. 71 days in the NICU and he is still an exceedingly happy baby!
Ember is a very sweet girl, smart, amazing I'm just truly blessed to have her as my daughter. I' had a rough growing up. My parents had died early in my life so I was in and out of foster homes. So I just want to give my daughter the best life I possibly can. Ember loves Elmo. She loves to go on walks. And she just loves to be involved with whatever I am doing. As long as she's involved she don't cry, unless she's hungry l, and she won't even cry then she just gets a little fussy. I've always dreamed about doing something like this. And I'm going to take this chance! Thank u everyone for taking the time to read this
Octavia loves crawling around and trying her hardest to stand herself up with anything in site to help! She loves eating food her favorites are mac n cheese, potatoes in any form, and just about any fruit you put in front of her, we have 3 cats she loves to give each one a head but because that is what they do to say hello to her so she likes doing it back! The dog is a little skeptical but still very much loves her just not to sure about the size difference (our dog is a pit she is a sweet heart), she likes to wave and say hi sometimes she says hi clearly sometimes is just a high pitched squeal which is cute too! She will be a year old in a couple of weeks and I just can’t believe that her dad and I have gotten to watch grow and learn everyday for almost a whole year 🥺🥰she is the happiest baby every and that makes me a very happy mama ❤️. We all three are so very great full for your votes. Have a wonderful day
Novaleigh Rain is a chunky monkey! She that loves the LED lights in our room. She loves her swing and looking at everything.
Is a born Nazarite he can’t and will never be able to eat pork, bottom feeders, or grapes! He is currently learning his ABC’s in Hebrew he is amazing smart and funny. A little on the ocd side but that’s what makes him unique. It’s just a father and son team so the money would be a blessing thanks for your support!
Hunter Wayne
Hunter was born Christmas Eve 2021! He’s getting so big by the minute !♥️Any type of money made will be going into his college tuition savings account ✨💙 D1 bound baby! ✨✨ he loves snuggles and laughing with his mama and daddy♥️ His best friends are his grandma and grandpa along with his 2 doggies 🌞
Emma is a happy bubbly little girl that always smiles. loves food and playing with her big brother
“A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.” He loves to smile and is just so curious and pure😍
This is oliviella rose she is the happiest little princess in the world she is always grinning from ear to ear. She is 4 month old and already rolling over and found her voice and likes to shout for attention when no one is giving her it 💖
Vienna Shaw
Vienna is a smiling bubbly baby
Lucas is a very happy boy he loves to go on walks and when we sing to him
Loving and energetic toddler who loves to play with his toys and his fur brother 💗
Sofia is a happy little girl she loves people and always got a smile for Every one ! She loves playing and loves the Trolls film 💗
Ruby is very caring and loving little girl. She loves to help everybody and very sensitive with a big heart.
Owen loves watching Cozy Coupe and reading books with mommy, car rides and walks in the park. He favors his daddy but that’s okay. He’s learning to smile back and coo and has the most adorable dimples.
Rose is a mama's girl, she has the cutest smile with dimples that will brighten up your day
Gianna is such a lil sweet pea with her cheeky smiles and giggles that over power her at times. She thinks her brother is hysterical and loves watching him run around.
Nova-Rainn Bentlee Miller is the most jubilee baby ever! She lights up the room with her adorable smile and sparkling blue eyes. She catches everyone's attention every where she goes. You can not help falling in love with her! She's some thing special!
Kali is a smart caring little sweet pea! She loves helping others. She likes camping,swimming and riding her quad.
Tayden is the happiest baby I’ve ever met. He saved my life and others around him. He is a true gift from God💙💜
Miss kali is our beautiful smart loud little girl she brightens up our day every time with that big contagious smile 😊
Osman is a little performer he loves to dance and does his best to sing along
Bruce Phillip Patterson Jr Was born March 30th 2022 He was born at 35 weeks in PRMC Healthy happy baby All smiles and so adorable Hes mommy and Daddys world His dads first and only baby and son We believe hes a baby model Love watch him grow everyday Please vote for our son hes so adorable Thank you 😊
Hi, I’m Adalynn Rae! ☀️ I would love if you guys voted for Me!🥰
She is my first born granddaughter. Her personality is like no other. So caring and willing to always help with her younger siblings. She loves making you tube videos. She loves to read and loves writing little notes to me. Of course what little girl doesn’t love make up that’s my maliyah. Please Vote for her and share.
Nash Luke
✨ADVANCES & RETURNS TO EVERYONE WHO VOTES✨✨ Nash loves his family , giving kisses , taking a bath splashing & adores his puppy Pete 💙
Rue is always happy to give a smile to whoever she makes eye contact with. She is advancing quickly and loves to listen to Fleetwood Mac and dance with her GiGi! A breastfed baby, she has extra sets of rolls that make her super easy to snuggle. Another activity Rue is very good at. Now, don’t get me wrong, she is a spitfire when she is tired and wants what she wants…which is usually the boob! She would love to get your vote!
Tinsley loves her mommy and daddy, she loves her blanket and loves her passi
Hello world. My name is kaysten Malachi loop. And the things i like the most is my mommy,daddy,big sister & brother. I also enjoy sleep. My mom & dad says i favor my big brother carsten in heaven.
Charlotte is a beautiful little lady that is learning new activities each and everyday. She is just started smiling and giggling. She is very alert and loves watching others go about their daily activities.
Silas enjoy exploring the new world around him & is always coping and smiling 🥰
Journey skye is a very happy baby she’s always smiling ..
Kalloway LOVES people! She will literally brighten anyones day by just her smile! She is genuinely the most happy baby! She literally is the sunshine in our family’s world! Watch out world, this little Cowgirl is on her way!