Baby Stories - 97


Emmalynn is the sweetest little girl I know! She has such a kind heart and is always there with a helping hand. Some of her favorite things include eating, unicorns, and dinosaurs. She also LOVES dogs as “doggy” was her first word She is so incredibly smart and learns things so quickly! She steals the heart of everyone she meets.
Jeriyan is a good boy he love crawling and playing with his toys and laughing
I love smiling, coo-ing, cuddling, and my milk❤️
Anthony is all boy, despite his luscious locks! He’s rough and tough, but has so much empathy and a huge heart.
Myah loves Babyfirst TV, especially Goo Goo and Gaa Gaa. She loves playing with the family’s Toy Poodle, Ginger.
I'm a mommy's boy, i'm currently learning to stickmy tongue out and blow bubbles, i love my swing and my pup Beaux. Hope to get your vote for this contest 😊
Messiah is a sweet, playful, and active little man. He loves watching Boss Baby, drinking milk, and drooling. Messiah is the highlight of his family’s year and keeps everyone going with his adorable smile. Please vote Messiah 💙🎉
Maggie loves to dance, play, sing, eat, climb, and be outside❤️
Elias is a very happy 4 month old. He loves milk, playtime, and mommy and daddy.
Archie is the happiest most loving silly sweet boy. He shows kindness and compassion. He loves to laugh and dance and be silly. Mostly he loves being with his family.
Miller is the absolute light of our lives! He is our rainbow at the end of a very long, difficult and strange year. He is a fun loving, easy going baby who loves to sleep & swing. Miller appreciates your vote!
Raelynn is such a loveable baby! She loves to cuddle with mommy , watch Cocomelon and Greys Anatomy , and most of all sleep.
Ezra loves to laugh and dance with mommy and Has the cutest smile
Emmie is my Beauty queen! She loves doing beauty pageants! She loves to play dress up, and pretend play. She wants to be a hairdresser when she grows up just like her auntie!
Hi this is Ava! She loves to walk, scream, and watch her favorite show Motown Magic! She is definitely a boss baby!
This girls attitude can put a smile anyones face. She loves dancing and being adventurous
Lizard people are people and it's time we treat them as such. This is Tsunami, a perfectly normal child who was rescued from an unhealthy place and on the road to recovery. So what if he eats bugs? I've seen a couple of your kids do the same, don't sit there and tell me it's not normal-
Zen is one happy baby boy! He surprises us everyday with something new. Such a little character.💙
He always portrays a wonderful smile
Jimmy is the sweetest and smartest baby. He always has a smile on his face and is just the light in darkness. He loves bright colors and toys that aing to him so he can sing back. He most happy when he is naked.
my name is laï laï & i am a happy blue eyed baby 💙i love my mommy & my aunty & i love eating my hands !! i am a fiesty baby , but maybe that’s because i’m a leo 🦁💙
Anthony is very adventurous and full of fun and laughter! He’s the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet and very polite for his age says thank you,please, I love you 😍every time. Anthony is gonna be a big brother soon and he’s very excited as well he’s gonna be the best big brother ever! We are very proud & grateful of our big 1 yr old boy ❤️
Jayden loves to eat and sleep Hes a loving and cute baby
They call me KJ, i love to jump and walk in my walker. I love mommy and daddy equally. I love to smile, yell and boss daddy around 😁 Please help vote 😁🥰
I love music, bedtime reading. I can sit on my own and I’m getting ready to walk.
Brayden loves to watch cocomelon, he’s a very happy baby always smiling! Brayden is also my rainbow baby after 2 miscarriages..he’s definitely made me one blessed mamma Brayden also loves to spend time with his family ❤️
Kaiden has that cheeky smile and is obsessed with Thomas the tank engine & loves to play outside riding bikes & jumping on trampolines
She’s the happiest girl I know🥰 she loves to play, and is trying to stand already!!!!! She’s mine and her daddy’s entire 🌎
Esmé loves sweets! And has an adorable smile <3
Truu Kayden
Happy baby boy loves to smile giggle and definitely loves to be cuddled ❤️
Colton loves to laugh and smile! He likes to play peek-a-boo. He loves his cuddle bug and glowworm
Blessent is a very bright, smart, Energetic, playful 3 yr old that loves trains his abcs colors shapes. He loves music. He’s so love able and cuddly. Polite.
Hi my name's Poppy and my favorite place to be is the beach! I love to play with my cousin's and friends. I'm a quick learner who can be cheeky at times
2 months old. Smiling is my go to face. I get it from my mommy! Loves to puke on mommy and fart on daddy’s hands. I’m super comfortable in my great grandmas arms. Wish my Mimi and papi could hold me more but they are far away
Royalty Is A Transplant Survivor.. She Been In The Hosptial All Her Life And she Smart And Get Through Anything That Gets Thrown her way ..
At 37 weeks Christopher made his appearance into this crazy world. As soon as he entered this world we knew something was wrong. He was purple and limp and didn't cry. After what seemed like 45 minutes (it was only 12 minutes) the hospital staff decided he needed to go to NICU. The original plan was for him to be there for less than 12 hours, and that didn't happen. He was stuck in NICU unable to be held for a week. Being discharged from the hospital without our baby boy was devastating,but after a week we were finally able to bring our little man home. Since being home he has thrived. He absolutely loves being snuggled and loves his baths. He also loves his puppy and protector Hercules and he loves his boy. Please vote for our little miracle and spread the word of NICU awareness.
Tyler is a blessing sent straight from god, he is full of so much joy, light, happiness, and love! He will soon be a big brother and can’t wait to give lots of hugs and kisses! Tyler loves watching cocomelon, riding his paw patrol quad, and cuddling with mommy and daddy! Tyler is the type to melt your heart just by giving you a simple smile!
He is a premature boy. But it goes super fast in its development. 🥰
Noel was born December 19 2020. She's a very happy baby. Loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy. She always "talking" away. She is the happiest baby.
Shes my crazy ray of sunshine.. Shes so sweet but never stops moving and loves Dinosaurs and horses She the last baby of 4 and theres a 10 year gap between her and her older siblings so shes super spoiled by all of them.. She loves her 2 sisters and brother
Mazi loves to stand and walk around the coffee table and with her walking toys. She loves her big brothers. Daddy is her favorite snuggle buddy. No teeth yet, but she loves trying new foods.
Kinsley loves sloths. She takes her favorite sloth everywhere. Shes such a happy girl.
Avianna is a Spunky , crazy & super energetic little girl ! She loves to play with her toy phone & mess with her brother 💜😂
Jayson is friendly, adventurous, and loving. He loves his little brother.
Roman Loves Dinosaurs 🦕 🦖 & playing with his sisters ❤️
My beautiful princess holly