Baby Stories - 96


Happy, energetic baby
Kylise is the giggliest girl you'll ever meet! She loves her blankie and stuffed animals, or anything soft. She loves to talk and laugh with her mommy, daddy, and brother. She thinks her big brother is the just the funniest! You'll rarely catch her without a smile on her face, unless she's not getting attention, that is.
Jay Mateo McGhee is 5months going on 5years! He loves rolling over and crawling like a caterpillar across the bed... And don't get him started on bananas or baby mum mums! Jays a gift given to us from his great grandpa. He loves splashing in the bath and kicking his legs in the water. He loves tickles and has the cutest giggles. He loves blow kisses and smiles . He was born with a head full of hair and a mustache too! Haha. He loves his cousins and their gifts of course. He loves football Sundays and UFC Saturdays but don't forget his time with his tios!.
Zaiden is the baby brother. He loves to be on the move trying to keep up with big brother, and takes eating very seriously. He is a soon to be 1 year old.
Adelynn is a very energetic girl😊loves to discover new things and most of all…EAT😅❤️She’s a cute chubby ball of love
Teagan is an all around amazing little girl. She enjoys singing in the church choir, horse back riding, cheerleading, fishing,playing Violin, swimming, painting, four wheeling, and much more. Vote for Teagan not because she is beautiful inside and out but because with this money we know she will do good things with.
Xander is a big Brother. He loves to run around outside and absolutely adores other kids. When he was born he was very sick, and has over come so many obstacles. He now is a normal outgoing 2 year old.
Loves Mickey Mouse, Cars, and Baby Shark Will be 2 in December
aiden loves cocomelon also loves soup hes always so happy and energetic 🥰 he just turned a year!
Wyatt Owen Reynolds
Wyatt loves eating , playing , and taking naps with mommy! He love anything dinosaurs and tractors ! His favorite show is Word Party and Cocomelon ! He loves his mommy and daddy VERY much!
He’s a happy and smiley baby loves to watch baby type shows on tv and loves to play with his toys☺️
Lalito loves dogs, watching cocomelon & clapping 💙
Zariah loves to eat,sing in dance lol, she's a very happy joyful loveable baby.loves to cuddle under her mom and siblings.😍
Addy has the cutest spunkiest attitude in the world! She’s a big momma girl most days but also an even bigger daddy’s girl! 💚💚
Elijah is a very happy little boy who absolutely loves his mommy & Daddy oh and of course we can’t forget about his love for baby shark! Elijah can light up any room he walks in to with just a smile❤️
Mr man loves to snuggle! Also loves to watch wiggles! Face lights right up when mommy talks to him && of course chunker loves to eat his baba 😍😂
Waylon was born September 10th, 2021 he weighed 8lbs 14oz and was 21.5”. Waylon is such a Happy baby he is alway smiling!
Ander Leighton, always full of smiles and laughs ready to meet everyone ☀️☀️
He loves milk and to cuddle with mommy and daddy!
Prince is a very independent curious new baby he likes colors he likes animals And love to smile
This is my Son Gregory Dale. We got him Nov 7th 2019 through Fostercare and he is now my Adopted son! He’s bubbly, smart, energetic and all around an amazing boy ❤️ Vote for Gregory!
Kiyon is a Cancer and if you know anything about them you know their Sweet & lovable! Kiyon just started Kindergarten and I’m so glad she likes her new school… Willing to Exchange votes with anyone 10 daily if interested please write on my Wall. Thanks 😊 😊
She loves her mommy she likes toys and she loves her big sis
Samson loves to preach he also loves WWE he is a huge fan of John cena loves the outdoors loves playing with his dog
Avery is a delight! She has a smile on her face 90% of the time and is easily entertained. She loves to play with her toy drumset
Azrael came out dancing! She loves learning and has been in LOVE with Elvis since she first started moving in the womb at just 13 weeks! She is simply the best! 🥰
She's not always smiling, but when she is it's because she tooted. =P
Hello World ‘ My Name Is Nadiaa Mae And I’m A Rainbow Baby . I Came After My Brother Passed Away In 2019
Naomi loves hugs, warm baths , she’s very adventurous, loving , and adorable
Miss Annalise Jewel is one happy baby. How couldnt you vote for this cuteness overload.
McKenzie is 3 months old! She loves eating, sleeping an smiling. She has recently started to roll over an laugh! Love when I can catch a picture of her smiling:)
Caymen is 3 months old. He loves tummy time and cuddles with his mom and dad 💛
Baby K is the happiest baby. He has the biggest smile on his face at all times and loves to play. Baby k is a huge cocomelon fan and loves seeing his family❤️
Daeja smiles all the times. She’s so friendly, smiles, waves & even blows kisses to any and everyone 💗 she went through a traumatic labor with me but she’s a strong one. My warrior baby. My blessing, so beautiful
Allyk loves cuddles and kisses. He laughs in the most cutest way when he knows he’s being naughty
He smiles all the time even when he just woke up. He s a happy child who steal hearts wherever he goes😁
Wyatt loves when we practice vowels and his swing. He has just started trying to talk and has been holding up his head since 3 weeks old with some bobbing of course 😁
LaNyla is a twin she already a princess
Jaisyn loves to sing and dance. She is ELSA’S number one fan.
Cora is the busiest bee!
Olivia is three months old. She loves smiling, cuddling and having her picture taken. She’s the sweetest little peanut.
Cora is the sweetest, most adventurous girl and makes us laugh everyday!
Emerald rose <3 she loves milk ,mommy and cuddles .