Baby Stories - 95


She loves to smile, and her big brother!
Dakota is only 1 month old and will be 2 months on January, 17th, 2021.He loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy. He also likes tummy time. He is getting curios about everything and is very observant.
King is a very outgoing and energized kid. He loves to play and has a personality one of a kind.
He loves to laugh and smile. Constantly loves to play in pots and pans
I was born 2 weeks ago. My big sister came to florida to love me and my pittie loves me too. She gives me lots of kissies.
Mason is very energetic like most little boys. He is already incredibly funny and loves laughing and playing.
Serenity has the most adorable little smile, and silly personality about her. She has a way to make everyone fall in love with her as soon as they meet her. She loves being out doors, helping with her little sister and taking pictures
Brinleigh Kay is our 4pound 9.7oz rainbow NICU baby. She has a way to light up a room. She has a cute little personality already💜
Eliana will be 1 year old soon. She loves to smile and dance. Her favorite think to do is play with her musical books. She enjoys walks and loves dogs.
My baby girl is such a happy baby, she always has a smile on her face. She loves tummy time.
Gemma Lou
Gemma Lou is the sweetest and silliest little 2 year old! Her older sissy is her best friend, and loves her kitty cats ! Her favorite things things to do is sing and dance ! 🥰
Hello my name is Bennett! I love cuddles with mommy and daddy and touching my chocolate boys furry face. My favorite things to do are naps, eating, and listen to music. I also love when mommy washes my full head of hair during bath time! My least favorite thing to do is tummy time. Please vote for me Xoxo Bennett Boy💙
She LOVES to do belly laughs and giggles 😂 •She FINALLY can sit up on her own! •Weighs 12.5lbs but eats like she’s grown! •Shes been eating some big girl foods! Her favorite so far is pears, apples and bananas! •is NOT a fan of tummy time if it’s longer than 5-10 mins 😂 •this girl LOVES music!! Doesn’t matter what kind, she is calm, cool, and collected! •Is a photogenic lil baby! It’s hard to get any bad pictures because she’s just too stinkin cute!
My baby Cleo is such a energetic loving toddler. He is very friendly and loves meeting new people. He loves playing with his baby sister even helps mommy feed her sometimes.
1 years old & very independent for her age with a lot of sass & attitude💜
Xander Sebastian
His nickname is Xebi He likes Elmo’s world, Thomas the train, Cocomelon also he like some cowboys stuffs
My lucky 11/11 baby girl Sophia is the happiest girl! Smiling and wiggling all day long!
Kiomara is such a sweet soul. Always smiling and saying Hi to everyone. She loves swimming, watching moana, and spending time w her mama & dada!
Kashton is my little blue eyed brown boy, always happy and smiling. He loves eating food and getting into mischief 😁
Loves his dinasours and to be outside super playful and is a whole lots of love
Hi my name is Haven, everyone calls me Havy or hay hay. My favorite things to do are eat, take bubble baths, play in my room with my mommy, snuggle and of course play with my big fur brother Luca! VOTE for me💗 -Love, Haven Rae
Nicholas Houston Lambert was born to Hunter and Destany.. I am his Grand Aunt Crissie.. & I call him Sugarbutt, he is six months and such a great sweet beautiful baby boy. He loves to bounce climb and say DaDa. He as one tooth already in and another fixing to pop out. I Love him very much. He was sent here from heaven to mend sum broken hearts. And he absolutely has.. as well saved my life.He is absolutely precious to us🥰
Jaedyn is so sweet & loves hugs & kisses!!! He loves dinosaurs!!
Layton Ryder
She is only almost two months old and she is the sweetest little thing! She is so alert and she smiles all the time and she loves to baby talk!
Chase is a very handsome happy boy ❤️ He loves food 💕 he’s a very special boy in my life 💕💕💕
This is my beautiful daughter Avery Jayde. She’s almost 2 months old. She loves noises and doing tummy time , she smiles everytime someone talks to her , loves to kick around & she’s starting to coo but most importantly she always has to have her nap time!! Vote for my sweet Avery❤️🥰
Amirabelle is a spunky outgoing loving and super smart for her age. She loves to dance ❤
Journey is 2months old he is a chunky lovable baby boy he loves his mommy & daddy 🥰grannie & papa 🥰 all 7 of his brother and sister 🖤 and is very alert bringing everyone he comes in contact with Joy he was my NICU baby and truly a gift from God I thank him every day for all of my blessings my children have brought to my life 🙌 I am so blessed!
Brynlee Lynn is always smiley and loves talking and belly laughing at anyone she sees! She loves jumping in her jumperoo and loves giving the best cuddles 😍 she’s the sweetest little girl, and can melt anyone’s heart with those big brown eyes and sweet little smile 🤍
Chiaron is 3weeks and 5 days old. Everyone calls him key♥️ All he does is sleep and eat he is such a silly baby 🧸
Garrett is a History buff and knows just about anything concerning WWII. He loves gaming and going on construction projects with Dad.
Joseph Ray
Joseph loves to get peoples attention! He smiles when anyone looks in his general direction. I’m sure he will be a beacon of joy and happiness as he grows up!
She’s shy love’s to play and loves book reading time, very loud when hungry 😂 lol if she wins or not we love her ❤️Oh yeah born Fourth of July 😍
Jaiya is special to God, she love to baby talk and into gadgets. She's very alert to be so young.
Lucas is such an energetic loving boy, he never meets a stranger! He loves playing outside, riding his bicycle, and playing with his dog. He loves everyone, he makes sure to tell everyone he loves them to the moon and back infinity times! 😂💙 he loves Paw 🐾 Patrol; Mickey Mouse; Curious George!
Everleigh loves her mommy and daddy along with the rest of her family , including her pets . Her favorite shows are T.O.T.S and Puppy Pals . She likes going outside and she loves car rides ! She’s the sweetest cuddly baby you’ll ever meet ❤️
Hello i’m Jaleseia i love cocomelon & i love to dance and eat , and i am very bossy & sassy
Leilani loves taking pictures.Good sense of humor, very playful, babbles a lot and don’t forget coco melon...
He’s outgoing, smart, lovable, loves to laugh and smile. He’s always alert to things around him. He loves strawberry banana baby food, loves chewing on any and everything, he loves watching Tom & jerry in the morning when he wakes up. His eyes will get him anything!
Rhett loves cuddles and to make people laugh 💙 he is always such a happy sweet boy!
Erin loves to sleep and listen to music. Likes tropical fruit baby foods and chewing on her hands. Crawls really fast too.
Declan is a happy baby who adores his older siblings. He loves to go for walks outside and snuggle with his mama.
Kaden is a 4 year old boy. He loves trains, buses, cars and playing the drums. He is super intellectual, knows more than the average four year old. He loves the movie cars, and grease. He says he wants to be a T bird. Kaden is a very loving kid. He is an only child. He also loves to play the drums for church on Sundays.
Ellis is a happy lovable chunk of a miracle baby and his momma’s ray of sunshine. He is always happy and loves socializing with people even at a very early age. If he wins, the money will go into his college fund.
Ellie is so smart and strong, is very observant of her surroundings, has the cutest little high pitched squel and is usually a super happy baby! Please come back and vote everyday, 10x a day. Thanks. <3
Lorenzo is our little boy 💙 he just learned to crawl 🎉 loves his mama 👩‍👦and playing with his sisters 💓
He has such an amazing personality he loves to be recorded like he’s in a video lol he also is a character in so many ways.