Baby Stories - 95


Evie is full of surprises! 4am wakeups are worth everything for a smile like hers! She loves to cuddle and her favorite stuffy is a Raccoon named Raymond ('But everybody calls him Ray'🐝😊)she love her mommas singing (especially anything disney).
He loves banana and strawberry he has 2 bottom teeth coming in
NICU babies are true survivors. They show us the power of faith and prayer and of the human spirit. They are the embodiment of perseverance.” – Amidst the Chaos. ____________________________________ Philip was once a Premie who turned out to be a strong and happy baby. He loves it when you talk or read bible stories 📚 and play with him 👶🏻 🎁 He smiles/ laughs /giggles a LOT! ❤️ (You will love him😍👍🏽)
Nova Rae of Sunshine. 8 months old and full of smiles and laughter. She will melt your heart with her big blue eyes 💕
Mia Natalia
Mia is only a few months old but has so much love to give. She’s always smiling to the world and has such contagious energy. Loves to give big hugs and loves to shout of joy. She’s a big ray of sunshine ☀️
Smiling all day and night and love to eat my tinny feet 🤩
Travis is 1 year old. He can crawl and almost walk. He loves to laugh and bark ar dogs and go swimming
Nova is 5 years old. She is always a very happy and outgoing little girl. When she enters a room that smile of hers is so contagious it makes you smile . She loves spending time with her family, singing, playing outside. Nova and i would be so thankful for your vote and for sharing her entry. I know she would be so happy if she possibly won so please help give her a chance. Once again thank you for your help ❤
Allie Kay is happy just to catch your eye! With a little smirk or smile, she loves just looking at you and being content in your arms!
Hello, my names Rylinn. I spent the first 3 weeks of my life in the hospital on IV antibiotics, sadly. I am a month old already. I like toys that make noise, I adore my daddy, and I like lots of my mommy's attention.
Aliza is one month old and loves talking with mommy and daddy ,she is the best gift God has given to us 😊
ansleigh grace loves to smile , talk , and eat . she is the best baby and doesn’t fuss unless something is seriously wrong , but she definitely has to be the center of attention at all times . loves her family , and is already full of sass ! 💗
My name is Gracie and I’m my Mommy and Daddy’s miracle baby! God answers prayers! I’m always happy and sharing my love. I love outside, water and any kind of food. Smiling and my blankie are my two favorite things ❤️
Alexzander was born at 38 weeks and weighed 5lbs 2 oz. 24 hours after his birth he had his first seizure and at this moment we were very concerned for him, However because of a great team of nurses and doctors he has them under control with medication and is now home..He has gone through quite the journey for only being 3 weeks old. Today he weighs 6lbs 4 oz and growing.
He’s 4 months almost 5 months… he loves Mickey Mouse… he loves his mommy and daddy… he loves to watch cartoons.. I think you should vote for my little Jake cause he will win your heart over and over again..
Willow is a very outgoing sweet girl! She loves dress up and being sassy! Her favorite thing is pageants or playing outside.
Magnificent, Smart, Special
Hi my name is edward. I am only one week old and I love to suck on my fingers and look and momma and daddy all the time.
Keeton Allen is the sweetest most loving little boy ever. His favorite thing is anything Dinos or sharks! He loves to play outside or ride his four Wheeler.
Elias is special little one
Jackson loves playing with his big brother! He also loves tractors and playing in the dirt!
Danual love to be outside and play with his brother and cousins!!
This is rose she’s 3 years old she loves to wear her stitch costume constantly I’m pretty sure I have to get her a new one lol she has a attitude the reminds me a lot like her mother (I’m her god mommy) She has the biggest smile that just brightens up your whole day and she loves cuddles 🥺❤️
My name is Kayden I’m 4 months old! I just started baby food and I love bananas! I also love watching anything on the tv and playing with my toys!
Willow Jane Campbell
Willow is a happy and joyful baby girl she is my rainbow baby that loves to laugh and sing and gives you the best smiles 💕
She loves smiling and cuddles Also love watching Sofia the first an kisses
Why vote my my daughter because she is so adorable and she loves to go up and down steps and she rather get into things then play with her toys
My name is Raelyn, I’m just the happiest girl I’m so loved and I’m so loving and happy and I hear everyone tell how beautiful my big blue eyes are. I have two furry siblings that let me love all over them
Gabino was born June 2 2020 and he is such a happy baby ❤️
My blue eyed little princess, turns two months October 1st yet already has so much personality
It is my miracle baby, the doctors had told me that I could not have children, but I always prayed and God listened to me, I came as a surprise, I found out that I was pregnant at 2 months almost 3 and after that I had covid, I was very afraid for the life of my baby but thank God we reached 37 weeks, I had an emergency cesarean section and he was born with phlegm in the lungs and a lot of fluid in the stomach, he spent his first 2 days of life in intensive care and that made me very sad but thank God my baby came out of all that and today is the ray of light that illuminates my life every day
This little boy has had a hard life fron the beginning please vote for my little boy
Hello, my name is Bentley Jay! I am a very outgoing and smart little man! I love my mommy and eating! I enjoy playing with my puppys and going on rides in my wagon!
Very energetic n loves the outdoors!! He also likes to play baseball n soccer🧡
She loves to sit up against the couch and chew on her fingers, loves talking to mama and eating lots of milk and rice cereal
Aspen is the happiest baby ever, espically since he has discovered his feet and loves to blow spit bubbles. Even though hes a premmie baby its not slowing him down.
My name is Zahir and I'll be 2 very soon. I love to be outdoor and love dinosaurs.
He is my big boy, he's only 6 months old but he's about the size of a one year old and he has the mindset of one as well, he thinks he's grown up. Everyone should vote for him because he is the smartest baby and he needs a college fund started and that's exactly what it would be for.
Landen loves to play outside, cuddle, and watch and dance to baby shark!
She’s a very smart beautiful baby girl she enjoy taking pictures and playing.. Love Smiling
Shevis so energetic she rolls from tummy to back and back to tummy she loves her Johnny jumper, she loves her mommy and daddy and her fur brother. She wakes up everyday with a smile on her face ready to go. She is always on her toes well at least keeps us on ours she is definitely her mommas world. She is also cutting her 2 front teeth wow she is gonna be a eater also she loves food...
Look at those chubby cheeks makes you want to squeeze them❤ he loves to talk and watch his daddy play games🥰
Amelia loves to look at her reflection and get excited with tummy time. she is very vocal too! Bath time is a favorite cause she likes to splash with her legs lol she is Polish , German , Irish , Puerto Rican , Dominican & Cuban ❤️
Madilynn my beautiful butt chin baby girl! Loves mostly just me!!
Mallory Sophia Gail is soon to be 4 months old. She is such a sweet cuddly baby. She is incredibly brave and strong. She was faced with challenges the moment she came into this world. Her bravery is such an inspiration. She is a fighter, and has overcame many trials she was faced with at just a day old. She is the rainbow after the storm, and whole heartedly a blessing, miracle and love of our lives. She can lift her head up, hold her own bottle, roll over, and coo like crazy. She is so full of joy, and has the most heart warming smile. Our Mallory Sophia Gail is the light of our lives, and loved to the moon and back x26484849. 💗🤩
Nathaniel is the happiest baby around. He loves playing with his big sisters, cuddling with mommy and working with daddy! He loves riding in dads car, falls asleep to the sound of nature. He’s definitely a blessing