Baby Stories - 94


Oliver is a loving, adventurous, smart little 1 year old. Loves dogs, trying new foods, playing with his toys and being with his sisters and brothers.
I’m Kyson Nice To Meet You . 2 Months love to cuddle under my mommy & Eat On My Tiny Liddle Hands
Taelynn loves playing with her toys, and is kinda obsessed with looking at herself in mirrors as you can tell by her picture!❤️
Delilah enjoys watching tv looking around at bright lights her favourite glow in the dark teddy and cuddles with mummy
Tristan was born October 20 2020. He is such a quiet happy baby and he loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse!
Northern Arapaho from Wind River ❤️🖤🤍Our little punkin is 17 months and is the boss of the house, He loves to play outside. He walks and talks.his favorite word is “Mom”. He best friend is the kitty cat.
i’m a big sister , i love cookies an juice , an i love my sister , i have a huge heart , i always have a smile on my face 🥺❤️
Emorie is 1 month old. She is a very sweet baby!
i love tummy time an i’m 3 months old ! an i love to eat
Andromeda loves to play outside and give everyone kisses , she loves to dance and she loves animals ❤️ She is the sweetest
Keaton is so loving, he loves to snuggle with mummy and daddy 💙 as you see he’s holding his hands, he absolutely loves his hands and everyone else’s, he even finds them hilarious to look at bless him 😆
This is simbriale, I got her name from Lion King 🦁. Her favoriteeeee thing right now is Frozen and she’s my pride and joy, the light in the room 🤩💜
Paislee is a very funny loving baby girl she loves to play with mommy and daddy she is a very silly and out going little girl 😋😃💕 Paislee also loves eating and feeding her baby's!
He is very ticklish, loves to laugh, and he loves to suck on his fingers lol.
Funny, loves cars and jumping.
Alaya Rosalee.. my pride & joy.🥰❤️ Alaya is the most sweetest, lovable baby I know. She gives the best snuggles, has the most contagious laugh, her personality is one of a kind, she just brightens up the room with her smile. She is my whole heart outside of my body!! I really don’t know what I’d do without her.🥺❤️ I love my sweet babygirl so much!! 😭 Y’all pls vote for my lil Monkey 🐵🥰🤍
Hello am Elizabeth mother of Jaxon he is 4 months he was born early I had him at 29 weeks he weight 2 pounds at birth God is wonderful 🙏🏾💙 But look now he has been a strong baby boy and I thank God for this blessing he is a precious lil boy !!!
Kai is the happiest baby I have ever seen! Always smiling😊
Please vote for my baby boy ! He is the sweetest little boy ever 🥺💙
Nathan Ike
Nathan is a very happy baby!! He loves music
Such a little character. Hes a little cowboy for sure. He loves horses and bulls. And loves to watch bullriding. But he also loves motocross and his big Sister Aaliyah. Which is in this for the girls. Go vote for her as well.
A joy and loves to giggle and coo.
Alan is a fun and loving boy, love to eat, music and play with his sisters.
My handsome man is always smiling and happy, he’s super alert and loves seeing new things.
Aiden is 3 months old and is a complete mama’s boy. He loves to smile and eat.
My little baby was born on Nov. 14th and was in the NICU for a month and one day. he was 2 months early but he’s my little super baby. He loves to sleep and sit in his swing.
Khalil Justice
Khalil is my sweet baby boy number 4 I cried so much when they told me it was another boy I wanted a girl so bad , Iam blessed He is such a beautiful boy with a big personality to match it ...
Asher is very goofy, and always happy!
My baby Zulema is 2months old so there’s not much she does but sleep and eat! When she’s up she likes to baby talk and laugh. she’s my sweet little girl 💗
Zachary is 5 months old 💙 He is a Cancer ♋️ He’s the only child 😅 Zachary LOVES to yell and shout 🤦🏽‍♀️He LOVES table food 🥰
Kash is just a fun loving little boy who likes to smile and eat! When he’s not playing he’s stuck to his mamas hip a true mamas boy to say the least.
Such a sweet girl and great big sissy to her bubba.
Zaraia is always happy and lights up the room wherever she goes. She is truly a blessing ❤️
Karsyn is a goofy and lovable 5 month old who love mash potatoes ❤️
Elijah is 6 weeks old he's a very relaxed baby and is very much loved
Wyatt loves to snuggle and loves his main man, Elmo!
Hi i’m Olivia i was born september 20 2020 i’m still kind of young so as of right know i like to eat and watch tv😁
He's a active 2 1/2 month old he loves moving alot and laughing and listening to music he also likes dancing he's advanced for his age
Ajecm was born out of a miracle, I almost died while having her. She is my miracle because we both survived. She loves to smile and make smirks at everything. Her yawns are so big you can’t see anything but the inside of her mouth while making this cute little noise. She adores her aunti and gam‘ma
Tiago loves to play, honestly if it was up to him he would play all night! He is very talkative and is always smiling!
England is a very smart and beautiful little girl. She loves to dance, sing, play, eat, and watch tv. She’s very outgoing and loves her family.
She loves to talk, eat, dance, and watch tv
Julian enjoys long naps and cuddles with his mommy.
Giannis Luca Grondahl
Very strong, brave little boy and already has his own personality. He was 9.5lbs and 22inches when he came out via normal delivery. This sweet baby boy likes to cuddle and listen to old classical music. ❤️