Baby Stories - 93


Everyone should vote for my son because hes a strong baby hes had covid and been battling it since he was a month old.
She’s Sassy and classy and loves her Starbucks lol
Hayden Kase
Hayden Kase is 8 months old! 20 pounds of pure sweetness! He has the most gorgeous baby blues! He says mama, dada, bite bites, hey and has one tooth! He crawls everywhere and pulls up on just about anything he can get his hands on! Vote for my sweet babe💛
Very happy baby
Queene is such a joyful, playful, most sweet baby you’ll meet. She loves to eat, take naps and splash water while taking baths. Her favorite movie is Moana 😭…Please Vote for me 💗
Charlotte is a very happy, healthy 2 month old baby girl who loves to cuddle and koo. She is the perfect addition that has completed our little family! 🥰
Grayson Carter is a sweet baby boy. He loves to laugh and smile. He is 11lbs and 9ozs. Chunky little boy is 2 months old and has the whole world before his eyes. 💙
He was born on April fools day. Loves his kitten (who is one day older than him). And really likes his stuffed turtle. Also likes when his daddy comes home after work and he watches fights on daddy's phone.
Raelynn is only 4 months old she acts an does thing like a 6 months old she's so smart, eats everything a 6 months old or older would eat. She's her own baby very beautiful soul ❤
Santana is an advanced 4 year old from Atlanta, GA. She knows over 500 sight words, is learning to read, and knows all 50 states and their capitols!
Zelda is a very happy girl, always has a smile. She loves to play with her family, friends, toys and her puppy. She loves to read and listen to music and draw. She is a playful goofball and is extremely curious and smart.
Kingston is the newest red headed baby in the family. Absolutely loves his older brother Jameson, love to sit outside and enjoy the wind blowing through his hair.
Jayden loves to be held and loves staring at the ceiling fans, there his favorite. His smile is brighter then the sun, he’s such a happy baby & even started rolling over before turning 1 month old!
Maleni is such a happy child. Maleni can brighten anyone’s day with her beautiful smile & adorable little giggle.
Desiree is very caring, loving, & outgoing. Desiree is a great big sister who loves her family so much.
Darien is 15 months old. He already takes a liking to music and instruments. A very photogenic baby. He also is very friendly and takers a liking to anyone with good energy.
Gael Rodriguez almost 2 months old loves smiling at mommy 💖
Hi im addi! October is my birthday month! I love the park and music! I sing and dance all around!
Finnegan "Finn", our little fish is such a sweet little boy! He makes us so happy with his continuous giggles!
Judiah is a sweet, loving, little boy. He loves his snuggles and his baba 😂 Hes the youngest of 4 little boys 🥰
Zuri is full of sass, spunk and smiles! 💜 She’s a daddy’s girl and loves to eat her veggies. If she wins the money will be going away for her future college fund. 📚
Hi! My name is Nathan, and I am 6 months old. Some things I love ❤ *My dog *My cat *My mom and dads face *Crawling is my favorite thing to do. I chase mom around the house and get into everything! *I like to taste everything!
Thoryn is a year old and the happiest little boy. He has some of the grumpiest faces but always puts a smile on ours. He loves to run and climb and get into all kinds of Shenanigans
Kayson is a 5 month old sweet baby boy. He loves to listen to paw patrol. He hates when mommy has to go to work and he loves to laugh!
Miss.Alilah has a personality like no other. She loves to talk to everyone and she sure knows how to eat! She’s full of spunk!
Hudson loves bath time and watching his older brother run around. He likes to be swaddled and cuddled as much as he can.
Elizyncia has been a star since the day she was born, in rocking out her mommas world. She LOVES smiling & hanging out with her friends & cousins. She isn’t your average one year old & is the definition of “one of a kind”. She loves all animals & most of all her “Kee”.
Lyla is a sweet smiley ray of sunshine. She is so happy in almost every situation and is sure to put a smile on your face!
Annaliese is a funny happy baby girl, loves to smile and loves her mama and dada!💜
Taysom loves playing with cars, he enjoys being outside and playing
Born 5 weeks early. She is our first baby. She's a sweetheart💕
Hi I'm Brielle. I just turned 2. I dance to the beat of my own drum. I love being silly and making people laugh and smile. I enjoy playing outside, watching movies, and coloring. Please vote for me!
Analiya is a very happy baby. She loves to eat and cuddle.
He loves saying dada, smiles nonstop he is just the happiest baby never cries. He says mmmm when eating☺️💙He loves Mickey Mouse and spongebob😂🥰He has quite the personality babbles all the times loves to roll over all the time likes to try and crawl/ jump like a frog 😅❤️
She is our precious first and only granddaughter!!! She LOVES life and enjoys every minute!
Easton is a sweet loving boy who loves the outside and enjoying time with his family and friends!
Loving and bright little boy who has a creative personality and loves his cocomelon.
She’s my blue eyes curly haired tomboy it’s amazing.She tells the funniest jokes she’s so smart and talented I’m so proud of who she has became already.she loves dancing and singing in the cutest ways🥰🥰
She is the sweetest little girl. She loves to play football and just loves sports,but she also loves to be a girly girl. She fractured her collar bone when she was 2 and she pushed through it and showed how strong she really is☺️❤️
Brinnley Nicole
Brinnley was almost my Christmas baby, she was born December 20th of 2019! Brinnley will be 2 years old in 3 short months!! She brings a lot of joy to my life and is very smart! She always seems to make people laugh a lot. She loves animals and her bubba!❤️ Brinnley is a big sister to two and is over protective! She loves when other kids is around but is very protective over her stuff and she loves giving loves!💕 She lights up a whole room when she walks in it and Im so thankful I got to be her mommy!! I can’t wait until we can do pagents because she loves to dress up!❤️ My sweet girl Brinnley Nicole!!💕
Brooklyn is a sweet sassy girl who is kind and caring. Always smiling and loves to dress up
Melody is a brave, intelligent little girl. She loves to talk, and use her imagination, she enjoys chasing squirrels and eating suckers, Her favorite food is a toss up between sausage and pizza, she is truly the sweetest lil girl I know 🥰
Aliza Rose loves watching her brother and sister play...loves to laugh and Loves seeing her cousins. Such a happy baby :)
Hi, my name is Emerea everyone calls me Emmy for short. The things I love the most are playing outside, riding in my Minnie Mouse car, watching my favorite movie Trolls and of course my family. I love my mommy, daddy and my baby brother! They sure know how to keep a smile on my face. My mommy and daddy are the best at making silly faces , especially when I’m sad, they always know how to cheer me up. I also love my papa and nana! My papa is my best friend, we always play lots of games outside when I go over there. I LOVE my family ❤️