Brandis is a sweet toddler who loves running around on his tip toes. he enjoys yelling DADA and likes saying the word wowwwwww! his favorite thing to do though is read as he calls them “book book”
VOTE FOR RIVER! River loves being with her mama, and dada. Loves Minnie Mouse, and her cat Pumpkin. River is always making us laugh, loves everyone & almost always has on a bow 💗
He the sweetest little boy and he loves to be outside
Zah'Kariah is my Granddaughter she is the sweetest loving happy little girl who loves animals and exploring outside, she loves anything to do with the water from the river to the ocean, She is just a beautiful soul who is about to turn 2...
He is mommies little sour patch kid , sour and sweet. He loves cuddles and to be talked to . Raziel loves Elmo !
A'zouri is a very sweet and loveable baby she is 2 months and already is alert and response when being talked to.
Olympia is named after the Goddess of the mountains. She loves been out and about and she especially loves Greek music. The one thing that she loves more than others is to wee and poo on you whilst you have just cleaned her. You should vote for her because she is a fighter and after so many complications at birth she still made it to this world to become our beautiful baby girl which we are so proud of.
Logan loves snuggles and play time. He’s just learnt how to sit on his own and use his sippy cup.
Santiago loves to dance at the beat of the music 🎶 his favorite son is James Brown I got you
Hello my name is Grayson I am 6 months old ! I am the sweetest boy in the world with a smile and giggle that will melt your heart. I enjoy spending time outside and watching our dogs play, i loves to crawl around and use everything to stand up, I love to eat and my favorite show is Mickey Mouse!
Hunter has a smile that will change the world! He’s loves exploring new challenges and loves his fur brother, Tuck!
Graham loves bananas, pb & j’s, and any kind of noodles! He adores animals and is best pals with our Pomeranian, Kylo.
The happiest sweetest doll baby!
June is in love with her big sister, Josie. She gazes into her eyes and belly giggles every chance she gets! Her big blue eyes melt your heart 😍
Loves his big brothers stuffed animal wolf and being outside in the woods walking our trails. Easy goin little man!
Owen loves to smile and is happy all the time. He’s on the move now.
She loves her baby brother and her big brother! She's very precocious and inquisitive, she loves cuddling w Nana and reading books!
Callum is 7 months old his favorite color is yellow he loves saying mama dada . Playing with his toys and always smiling
Milania is the happiest little girl! Loves eating and spending time observing her big brother to learn all she can!
Kalia is the sweetest 9 month old ever she lights up the room with her laugh she loves to eat ,sing 🎶, and to have her picture taken. She also loves to run toes over in her walker! :)
She’s sweet smart loves the camera always smiling she loves to have conversations and playing with her toys she sure to brighten your day!
Even though willow is still a baby. She’s so goofy and a little drama queen. She lights up the room with her smile
Isaiha is a Jr, therefore we refer to him as such. Jr is a fun-loving, energy-filled 9 month (almost 10 month) old. He’s ornery as can be, and has the smile to prove it. He’s a sweet and loving little boy, too! He’s very active and loves play time with his mommy and daddy.
Nova is a silly - smart girl , we love music and cookies and YooHoo to drink for a snack , our favorite food is chicken nuggets and we love apple juice
My name is Dalilah I love to cuddle. When I feel alone mom puts me on her chest. Me and mommy have had a great jorney together, I can't wait to see what the future holds.
Archie is very nosy and noisy little prince 👑 who would not sit for longer than 50 seconds.
I’m Shawn I love cuddling, Cheetos and candy!
Maddylynn loves dogs, she will follow them till she can not anymore, she loves baby dolls, outside and her family.
Jeanni is 8 months old and she is really a bundle of joy she’s full of energy and so adorable
This is my miracle baby..
Very intelligent kid..
Pheobe And Niamh
Pheobe & Niamh are twins and were born 10 weeks early and are nearly 7months old
He loves to learn..
She just a happy baby..
Hes a very handsome and adorable baby that like to watch ipad and eat starburst.
Kinsley is beautiful inside and out 💜 She loves everyone, hardly fusses, and never shys from the camera!
Everywhere I go I light up the room. I am the silliest and sweetest baby you’d ever meet
Hi my name is Katherine but everyone call me Katie bug all the time I love to watch Minnie Mouse all the time I love to play outside oh I love to swing all the time I love snow and I love my baby brother so much please vote for me I am almost 3 year old
Oh, Ever! From a 3 lb. 15 oz. preemie to today -- my, oh my! Standing, taking steps, being so, so funny! Eating anything we let her get her hands on! And, of course, adorbs. We love you, Ever Armi!
He's just a happy little guy
Timothy, is an independent, beautiful child with a wild side but also the most loving little baby in the world. He is such a happy baby.
This is Anastasia, she is 3 months old. She is very smart and growing faster than expected. Her personality is to die for! She has a smile that could like up the whole room.
Kori is the only girl of 3! Food and her stuffed Minnie Mouse are her best friends.
Peggy Rose
She loves to play outside and loves to play with the dogs.
Viviana loves playing with her stuffed animals, and spending time with her daddy, and loves to play with her toys
Kynslee is smart, funny, & such a loving baby. She can count 1-10 and sings her ABC’s. She also enjoys being outside, playing in the pool, and loves getting spoiled by her grandma & papa.