Baby Stories - 93


Hi my name is Braxton. I like to sleep and take baths. My favorite part of the day is when my daddy comes home from work.
He is 9 months old. He loves cocomelon and baby shark.
Valentina loves to skill and laugh all day she is a joy to have she is a quick learner. Valentina loves people and people gravitate to her greatly. She keeps me going when I am having a bad day she brightens me right up
Cyris Juce is 5 months, likes bananas & applesauce, babbles, laughs, & rolls over too!
Loves his family and cocomellon
My name is Thalia and I love to make people laugh! I have a love for music, singing and dancing at every opportunity I have!
She loves music, loves to eat, very goofy 🥰
Oliver is 3 weeks old and can already roll over, starting to learn how to crawl. We love snuggles, food and don't mind tummy time. He also love to get his picture taken.
Just the sweetest little dude around. Loves telling you all about his day. Has a very contagious smile.
Malachi is an amazing young boy! He loves eating vegetables and loves to play with his chew toys! Malachi is an only child to me and my marine husband
London Smith
London Smith is 2 year old, She’s very Smart & Beautiful!
My Name Is I’Lan Reign Henderson , I Am 7 Months Old , I Love To Eat , Play & Be Extremely LOUD , I Hope To Get A Lot Of Support , THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR ME 😘😘❤️ .
She a sweetheart that loves to smile and take pictures. Loves to dress up and loves her big brother
Leah is a spunky, sassy but smart loving little girl. She loves the camera and loves videoing herself dancing and changing clothes for every dance :)
Rosemary is one month and 3 weeks princess, she loves it when mommy takes photos shoots with incredible dress up ideas.
Kyran is a fun, wild, happy baby! He enjoys outside, playing and cuddles. He had a rough beginning,he was a NICU baby & was lifelighted 4hours from home but he’s perfectly healthy and growing like a bean❤️
Raven M K Cotner
I'm raven i love to smile and I'm learning new things but I'm little behind... And I love my mom and dad I love my blankets and Monkeys,💞💞 please check my photos out and comment on them and vote for me...god bless and people I came a long way🍁🍀you can share me on here 🌝
I’m a trouble maker , I don’t like to be touched much unless I’m being held , I love to eat I eat everybody food lol , I love my mommy so much I just want to hold her hand , I love animals so much that mommy bought me a fish , I love to play so much that I have a room and dinning room full of toys
The sweetest little girl you ever seen .she's one month old ..
Hunter is the happiest boy! He loves having a yarn, and will make almost anyone fall in love with his beautiful smile and outgoing personality
Shirley is a ray of sunshine abd miss personality. She loves smiling and giggling!
I like to crawl and get into everything , I love messing with my bother but he don’t like me bitting on him , I love my mommy she makes me smile , I love to play with my toys and throw them on accident, I also love pulling my mommy and brother hair
Aylena is my beautiful baby girl and my true best friend. she loves to watch puppy dog pals and watch her uncle bricen olay his video games. she is the light of our lives and bring happiness to everyone she meets!
I am one proud mum she is perfect in every way love her millions she is my everything xx
Born at 24 weeks gestation .. here he is at 6months .. he loves to watch learning shows and he loves music
Kayden Amir is 4 months . He loves to watch Cocomelon, he loves to squeal and loves baby food ❤️
Phoenixx is a joyful ball of sunshine. She is such a character. She loves to be cuddled and held. Just rotten 🤣 she loves to have baby conversations & will make your day with her gorgeous smile.
Aydyn is 11 months old Wild as wild can be Loves Minions and his Momma
Beautiful baby girl that is literally worth every heart beat!! She is a true blessing!!
Really smart baby, loves to dance and he loves to see himself on the mirror.
Clay Michael
Born at 27 weeks gestation and here we are at 2. My sweet boy is so full of life and doing great 😌
My Name is Carcee Talise Vasser . I'm 6 months old. I enjoy baby talk & spending time with my big brother. 🍼 is my favorite thing to drink & 🍌is my favorite food. 😁 I'm hoping to get your vote & support to win this contest. Make sure to vote for me every few minute's daily !!! Thank You ❤❤❤
Sapphire is outgoing, very smart and funny. She brings joy in the room every time she walks in no matter how you’re day was going she makes it better ❣️
He likes all baby food & likes to smile & has 2 teeth!
Jaxson is a loving, goofy, talkative baby that enjoys everyone. He laughs all day, smiles and gives the best spitty kisses. He has the most angelic laugh that sounds like a car engine starting. If you were to meet him he would just warm your heart.
I’m Blaize, I love to eat & lay with mommy. I also like for someone to hold me & take me for a walk.
Hi my name is Juniper-Rose & I’m 4 months old! I love to laugh, giggle, & make random sounds. I’m very active, I try to sit up & stand. I love when my family makes funny faces, talk to me, dances to music & love attention. Please vote for me!
Hi there! 👋🏽 I’m Immanuel and I am such a lovable baby. I enjoy playing with anything I can get my hands on and my favorite place to go is Auntie’s house. I am already on the move crawling everywhere and I’m almost ready to walk so that I can begin terrorizing everything lol. I am such a happy baby and would love for you to vote for me!!! 😊😊😊 Thank you!!!
My name is tristan I am a happy baby always smiling .I'm very alert and. Already wanna try to be moving around I am loved by my mommy and daddy my nana and grandpa spoil me 😁 and aunties I have green eyes and cute dimples
Hi Everyone! My name Kaylleb and I am 4 months old. To say I am a "Mamas Boy" is an understatement! I've learned to roll over, hold my bottle, and use my vocal cords(very loudly).
I think very one should vote for her cause she is so cut and she my baby and I love her so much
Avana is such a happy baby. She loves music and cuddles.
Kaia And Leila
Daddy’s girls, Mommy’s world! 💕💕 We love to talk, smile and play with each other. Favorite past times are keeping mommy and daddy awake, playing with our big brothers and using lots of diapers. 👶👶
Kehlani Is A Sweet Beautiful Baby ,She Is 3 Months 💜. Favorite Color Is Pink 💖. She Loves To Play , As Long As Your In Her Face 😂
How can u not love that smile 😍 one clever girl she can stand trying to walk one proud mummy x