Baby Stories - 92


Shes too cute to not vote for her!!!
Dylan Pieper
He is really sweet and handsome loves to laugh and swing
Jaziah is 6 months and loves to take pictures and loves to sing in her own language And loves to play
Chase L
Looking to advance votes...just post on our wall... will be doing march’s contest
Jaiden is 1yr and 11 months old. He loves to watch The Adventures of Paddington. He’s also very curious and needs to know how everything works. He is very friendly and loves to share his toys and food. Everyone should vote for Jaiden because if he wins, the funds will go towards his college tuition in the future.
Barry was born premature. Hes a very happy babyboy he enjoys spending time with his big sister.
She is always such a happy baby was born face first and was so bruised up when she first came out her eyes were swelled shut but she has fully recovered and is so beautiful
My baby boy Dalton Jr is 10 lb and 14 oz today on October 25th 2020 he is the sweetest boy in the most handsome baby ever 😍😍🙏💚💚 he was born with a left clubbed foot and he has to wear shoes and bars he don't really like them but he is so strong and fights though the irrigation of the process he still finds a was to make himself comfortable and happy and still at the big smile on his face he is such a big boy I love him so much 😍💚
Born prematurely weighing 5lb at birth and now currently two months old 10lb 10oz, MJ is a very quiet baby but loves to laugh. Instantly becomes calm to the sound of music.
She loves her big sister she is very sweet just started to walk she loves to watch tv
Kyle Asher
Kyle Asher loves smiling and always trying to talk. He is the sweetest and most loving baby boy.
Ayden is 8 Months he always has a smile on his face that’s makes you want to smile and brightens up your day, very very active too and silly.
Kaden is an Italian & Trinidadian 3 month old firecracker! This guy loves to make you laugh & loves to copy everything mommy & daddy do. He spends his days babbling & laughing but his favorite time of day by far is watching family feud with daddy every night. Kaden also bops his head along to songs he likes. His favorite at the moment is baby shark - but he definitely loves mommy’s 90s r&b faves, too! There’s so much personality in this fun loving little guy! We can’t get enough of him!
Skhylar Is A Very Happy Baby . She Love To Sing And Dance 😊
My daughter is like my bestfriend!! She’s sweet, lovable & very energetic for her to be a month old. There’s so much personality in my fun, loving baby ! I just can’t get enough of her!
This is alan, he's almost 4 months old and is a very happy energetic little guy ❤️
She is such a happy, alert baby. She absolutely loves bath time and walks outside. She is the apple of my eye.
She’s a very happy baby she loves to laugh and smile at everyone. She loves to play with pretty much everything besides her toys lol.
Rex has a great sense of humor with a beautiful smile and laugh to match. He loves gears, the computer and I phone. He has autism which only makes him more loveable
Aiden is 4 months old and as loving and happy as can be. He absolutely loves grabbing his feet and putting them in his mouth and cuddling with momma and daddy. And he loves phones but once you try taking a picture he wants to mean mug😂❤️
Aria is 5 months old, shes very smart for her age, she loves her foods and she loves watching cocomelon. shes growing bigger and more more beautiful, shes sweet, lovable and shes funny she loves to laugh and smile, she loves playing with kids and toys, she hates car seats but loves car rides and she loves to look out and watch everything like the lights and cars ect. shes a attention grabber, she lets us know when its her time. my baby means the world to me she is my best friend.
Kaydence’s is a beautiful and smart little girl she was born at 35 weeks and you would never know she was a preemie she loves to talk and eat ! Kaydence is currently six months old and from Tyler Texas she’s a only child so she’s definitely spoiled mommy has a bow problem 💞 she absolutely loves her family and cocomelon she try’s to standup a lot and hates tummy time so y’all pray for me
Grayson is a very happy baby. He knows how to roll around, he says dada all the time, loves to be outside & ride the four wheeler with his papaw.
Hello, My name is Adonis Burgess. I’m 6 months old. I love to watch cocmelon, peppa pig and bubbles guppies. I’m a very happy healthy baby who crawls and recently gotten 2 teeth. I love warm baths and cuddling with Mommie. 🥰
Chevelle was born 5 weeks early weighing 4 pounds 15 ounces but now she is happy and healthy 💓
Jalayah Renee
She’s the happiest, smartest little girl.
Connor is a big truck fan , loves riding his bike, playing with his siblings , likes watching blippi,peppa pig, scary movies,and curious George..he has a infectious smile with dimples that’ll make your ♥️ melt.
Nathan is a very happy healthy baby that loves to look around and drink mommy’s milk he is almost a month old and has a very big personality
Zaydyn is almost a year old. He loves his blocks and being in the water. He is a happy boy and loves to laugh. Please remember to vote and check out his other pictures!
Hi, my name is Stella. I am 19 months old and love music. I am half Vietnamese and half Hispanic. I am currently learning 3 languages. I’m learning baby food but love big people food. I am the baby of 4 siblings. One big brother 18 years old and 2 big sisters 11 and 17 years old.
Geovanni is very smart for his age! He loves tummy time and like to roll over!
Cars, dinosaur and wrestling is this little boys passion. WILD CHILD. Is best way to describe him . But sweet when he wants to be .❤️
Penny has the best smile and the best grump face! She recently descovered how to purr like a cat, I'm not sure if thatcs normal, but we think its pretty cute! She loves to eat and she makes the funniest noises when she is sad, so it's very hard to take her seriously.
This ca'myrah gemini barnes she is 11 months she is a happy baby she loves to dance and clap her hands
Tristan Delargy
This is my last contest January🌹🌷💝Return votes Instead of TRISTAN please return votes to Kota contest starts tonight😍
My lil man he like to play and he likes to learn new things
My Jun jun he loves Spider-Man and costumes and he likes to act like he is Spider-Man
Carnell he is 6 he has his moments but he has a beautiful heart
Daisy is so sassy but so so smart
This little girl right her is so smart and loves her food
Isabella is a very happy baby loves to be around family! Loves to take pictures
Stella Nova
My name is Stella Nova, I am 5mo. Some of my favorite things to do is spend time with my mommy and daddy and go on walks and enjoy nature 😊 I also loves bunnies and lambs. I enjoy walking in my baby walker and see what my mommy is cooking up in the kitchen 😋
He’s my first baby 🥺💙 He loves the show Cocomelon He has the cutest smile, no one can resist He’s such a flirter. You looks at him and the way his smiles will light up your day. He’s such a huge ball of sunshine ☀️
Ya'zyiah Loves to cuddle up with mommy . Snacks & Tv is what she likes to do the most. She's very bossy when it comes down to something she wants with so much personality. She also loves to be center of attention when she goes places. She's so sweet & Adorable Blessed to have her in my life ❣️
Hi my name is Luna Sofía, this is me my first Christmas of 2020.