Malanni is a very happy baby! She live to smile and laugh
Julian loves to be outdoors, he loves everything about it! We have a feeling he’s going to be very athletic! He loves his bouncy balls, football, basketball, really any kind of ball that’s a toy lol. He enjoys movies that are musicals, and he loves to dance!! If you ever see Julian he will always smile and wave! He’s definitely one of a kind. Thank you for your vote❤️
Valentina Rollins
Im a very outgoing little girl i love friends i love playing with other kids i love learning new things
Aniya LOVES kickin' kickin', KIIICKIN', "swimming" in the tub and, obviously, SMILING!! She is a very happy baby and a joy to everyone around her!
Eli loves to smile and laugh 💙 such a happy Baby
Venture Lee is 2 months old. He is a mamas boy for sure. Venture loves bath time, and talking to his mommy. This little boy is such a happy baby all the way around.
Bowen loves bath time, going on walks & being outside! He dislikes when mom stops the car for any stop sign or red light lol. He enjoys spending time w/ his family & big brother Louie (who has paws 🐾) We hope you enjoy his picture & personality! Good luck to all 💙
Love to giggle at all mommy’s faces when she takes pictures ! Adelyne is happy from sun up to sun down .
My sweet Grayson is the happiest baby you will ever see. He loves toys that light up, listening to music, watching TV, when mommy reads to him and bath time is his favorite. 💙
This handsome little guy is 7 months old, soon to be 8 months. He’s the most adorable little guy. Beautiful eyelashes, silly baby, loves everyone, happy baby.
Athena is the most adorable and happy 2 year old. She’s full of smiles all the time and loves to play with her two pups
Maddison has the biggest blue eyes, long brown hair and the cutest smile ♥️ She is a very active and cheeky little lady, who loves watching Mr Tumble and joining in with baby sign language (makaton). Maddison loves to explore and learn new things and has a big and expressive personality. 🌈🌸 Thank You for your votes means a lot to us 🌸🌈
Loves to play card games with family ❤️ loves the outdoors 🙂🥰. Caring , loving boy. Loves to make friends , is creative , loves art .
Skov is the life of the party! Laughs and squeaks while crawling and shaking his maraca! Loves chewing on blankets, plays with pups, and enjoys the word popsicle!!
Meet Quest. Hims the silliest and most friendly little bean you'll have the pleasure of meeting. He loves his momma and his daddy just as much. He also loves to talk, smile, laugh, and EAT.
Princess Desarae on her throne made of vine and flowers. She is a sassy, independent and loving 4 year old.
Elizabeth is 4 yrs old with a big heart she is super smart and caring she loves everyone.
Jonah loves to giggle and take naps!
Our little 20 pounds of sunshine loves to roll around to get to places, bang on his toy drums, and clap his hands when he’s happy! We are currently in the works of moving into a bigger place and winning would mean so much to us!
Braylon loves to eat, he loves snacking on puff and teether, and crawling, playing. He’s loves to smile and laugh, and has so much energy, he’s love playing with everyone.
Sweet , caring , loving boy , creative. Enjoys coloring and doing art . Enjoys adventures, sharing , spending family time together. Please vote for my sweet boy
Addilyn is always smiling and laughing. She loves jumping in her bouncy chair and going for car rides. She enjoys being around people and playing with her puppy.
Lucas is 2 yo, he loves hugs and kisses, he’s always smiling, he’s such a sweet kind hearted little boy, he’s a momma’s boy, he loves playing and watching cartoons, he loves our 2 pets chevy and Harley, he loves his two brother’s Aaron and Miles.
She’s A Very Happy Baby Girll❤️ She’s Always Smiling We Will Return Likes To❤️ Thank You In Advance😘
Hello my name is Jaden.. I love smiling in the camera. I hope you will find time to vote for me.. 😘❤️
Jakobe has a personality like no other. His smile will melt your heart and those cheeks...well they get complimented everywhere we go!
Miles is a yr old he’s super sweet he’s always smiling except for when he’s stuck in his crib. He loves to play with his brothers and his toys, he loves giving out kisses
She's a sweet girl - very caring , precious. Loves adventures, very creative girl , enjoys family time. Please vote for my princess ❤️
He was born 10-11-18 he is so sweet he's always so happy, he's a little heart stealer💙 he’s a daddy’s boy
Maebri Elizabeth is the happiest baby girl you’ll meet! She loves her life, and we are truly thankful to have her! Born at 25 weeks she is our miracle baby. Everyone who meets her is blessed and happier for it!! 💗
Kinsleigh is a troublemaker and likes to get into everything she’s not supposed to. Her favorite word is no and blueberries 🫐 are her favorite fruit.
Amani loves to giggle, play with his brother and watch jools TV. He loves being outdoors.
Landyn is 8 months old! We love car rides, to go on walks & we talk all day long. And an absolute mamas boy💙
Jodi is 4 months old & is the happiest little girl you will ever meet! She gives the BEST cuddles & loves hearing her mama sing to her.
Hello! I’m Kayden Oaklee. My favorite show is Dragon Tales. I love taking warm baths and going shopping. Thank you for voting for me!
Elliot loves Math and Spelling and games.
Vivian is full of laughs and giggles. She loves trying to sing and talk. She just started eating her 1st foods and she’s in love with sweet potatoes. I mean who can blame her? She loves being tickled and loves to snuggle. She definitely has an attitude already at almost 5 months. So daddy and I are in bigggg trouble!😂❤️
Camden loves to color and draw.
Jasper was born 10 weeks early and weighed 3lbs and 2ozs. He is still in the nicu today but we are hoping he gets to come home soon! So far he has accomplished every milestone thrown at him he really is a fighter thats for sure! He loves being snuggled and his pacifier is his favorite he loves when i sing and talk to him and he definitely can fill a dirty diaper lol! He started using a bottle and has been doing so well no more feeding tube yay!! He is just so cute and keeps getting cuter the more he grows❤️
Penelope is the sweetest happiest baby. She loves running around the house and climbing on anything she can. She loves smiling and saying mama 🥰
This is Alizabeth. But, if you ask her it is Izzy. She is smart and sassy. Animal loving princess. She gonna jump in the mud but not break a nail doing it. She's loves to dress up and have a good ole dance party. She also loves singing.
Alex is my miracle baby and I’m blessed we are both here today after his rough entrance into this world. He loves snuggles with momma and swinging in his swing.
Kingston is a very brilliant little boy who lights up a room with his bright blue eyes and his smile! He loves his brother and his daddy and mommy! His favorite fruit is bananas! He is such a joy
Hadlee loves to smile and stick her tongue out. She will try to mimic any face you make at her!