Baby Stories - 91


She is a beautiful young girl who has a great singing voice,loves to sing,loves to dances, and loves her 😴 💤
Brinley loves the show Bluey on Disney jr. Her favorite food is french fries, she loves to give hugs, kisses and say hey to everyone. She's a real social butterfly.
Seeing snow for the first time
Avari Jane is a very outgoing, unique little girl. She comes from Alaskan native heritage but resides in Oklahoma. She loves to sing baby shark and making new friends. Avari is a daddy’s girl!
She is a beautiful young girl who has a great singing voice,loves to sing,loves to dances, and loves her 😴 💤
She is a beautiful young girl who has a great singing voice,loves to sing,loves to dances, and loves her 😴 💤
She is a beautiful young girl who has a great singing voice,loves to sing,loves to dances, and loves her 😴 💤
Raelynn is a great kid she loces to have fun and play cook loves to help clean
Hudson is the best thing that has ever happened to me and his daddy. He loves to smile,laugh, spit up 🤣, cuddle and love on daddy and I! He is seriously the best baby around!!
Hi my name is Carson Brielle I’m 11 months young jus to add a little about myself I am Very photogenic, happy baby that loves to eat, laugh, and play. and always looking forward to fun times with friends and family
Maddox loves to roll over and play with all his toys. He's Always smiling and laughing with mommy and daddy. He loves bath time and reading books with mommy at night
Levi is the sweetest most loving little 15 month old there is! He is very smart and loves to play & give cuddles!
This is Paisly she is 5years old and she recently was diagnosed with cancer caused by a 4inch Wilms Tumor on her kidney, witch resulted in her loseing one of her kidneys. She is now having to do treatment. She had been at St. Judes in Memphis tn for about a week and a half and will possibly have to stay anothet week if not longer. Lets show my baby girl some love.🥰
I’m only 8 days old so I’m not exactly sure what color my eyes will be yet but I think green like my mommies 🥺🥰
Ethan loves to smile, and just play with mom and dad. Just a beautiful soul Ethan has already, he enjoys big brother playing with him. Ethan just brings joy to everyone hearts.
Kashmere loves to play, she always smiling and talking 🥰 she is a very sweet baby 💕
She is a beautiful young girl who has a great singing voice,loves to sing,loves to dances, and loves her 😴 💤
I’m 8 days old, I smile like crazy and I’m the tiniest little peanut 🥜
Ryker loves to smile and is a people person! He also loves his momma most. Vote for him!!!❤️
Domanic Tyler-1 month old-sweet baby boy who loves to be held-and his momma most-but he loves his daddy to-definitely going to be a handful when he gets bigger.
He is a fun loving boy who loves his family (and his nerf guns lol)
She loves to smile and play and loves her milk
Arabella loves mommy, snuggles, blankets and milk! She loves to smile and laugh
Lil man is already a wild one, always trying to talk, always moving and ALWAYS trying to grab at something, loves being held and sleeping with his arms and legs crossed and has the most devilish smile
My Granddaughter Luciy is 2 yrs old she likes to color and blow bubbles..Luciy also likes to watch her cartoons frozen and trolls are her favorite.. She is very sweet , smart and funny ...
Mateo loves to laugh smile he likes to play with his stuff animals he loves to cuddle with daddy and mommy.and he likes mashed potatoes. And he even likes to laugh at the dog alot he can be silly. But most importantly he loves his big brother. And he loves his brother/sister in heaven
Loves to watch my lil pony n chew on feet 🦶
Orion is a preemie! He spent 2 months in the NICU and went through very major surgery!! Orion loves his daddy, his stuffys and most of all loves to laugh and smile!
Paris loves Cheetos puffs, any greens, mash potatoes & chicken. She likes to go outside and play with her bears. She says mommy, dada, hi & bye. She’s learning her ABC’s. She also waves, laughs, run & jump now!
Tennessee is such a happy little toddler! She is so sassy! She loves water and playing with her baby sissy!
Loving energetic & has a heart of gold.....She always keep's you smiling ..
Grayson is a sweet fun boy. He loves to play with cars, trains and balls. Please Vote for my cutie!
Carolina is such a happy baby! She loves to eat and play with her big sissy!
This is Kiaan. He’s got the infectious and notorious personality but with loads of different moods. He can make anyone fall in love with him.He’s 6 months old and eagerly looking forward to his first teeth .
Such a happy baby girl, she loves to look around and experience new things. She always smiling 😍She is such a daddy’s girl❤️
Everest is as strong as his name. Little but mighty; he was born with gastroschisis. A rare birth defect where his abdominal wall didn’t close around his umbilical cord leaving a small hole and his bowels grew outside his stomach. Spent 2 months in the nicu, 3 surgeries, 2 paralyzations and much more. Yet he still holds a smile on his face as bright and empowering as ever.
Athena Olson
She loves food and snacks. She loves playing out side in the snow she love my little pony and she just loves talking
Mateo loves to play especially with his sisters. He brings a smile to everyone he meets and can brighten anyone’s day.
patrick is a 2 year old boy who LOVES cars, books, puzzles, and coloring. he is full of energy and keeps people on their feet!
Grayson loves anything outside, his favorite animal is a cow! He’s the biggest blessing ever and has the biggest and bluest eyes ever, he also has a smile that can light up a room!
Niami Loves Kisses, She Loves To Smile And She Loves To Cuddle.
Kehlani is a very loving and sweet baby girl. She loves to play with her family and absolutely loves to laugh and have fun.
Natalia loves to watch Cocomelon , love to cuddle with her mom and loves to make people smile. She is loves to color and loves to make other laugh.
Lyhlie is a life saver. Shes such a happy baby. She loves to sit up and play. She also love watching toy story, cars, and monsters inc. She is the love of everyones lifes. Truely a blessing.
Jack loves trees and the grinch💚
Octavia Jean Huber-young
My name is octavia Jean huber-young,I’m a July baby and I’m a very happy baby who loves to smile and play. Mommy says I’m the cutest baby she’s ever seen.
Andi is a little chunk who likes to chase after her brother and the vaccuum. She is just starting to figure out how to crawl and loves snuggling with mom and dad.