Baby Stories - 90


Joseph is such a happy, smiling baby boy! He loves being outside , eating all different kinds of food, music, and cuddles with Mommy and Daddy! He also loves chasing his sister around
Jaxon was born at 38 weeks with a enlarged kidney, he passed away December 9,2020 from the rhino cold...he was such a happy baby he loved snuggling, being outside, bright lights, and loved his bottle, he was a chunk. He has 3 siblings that he left behind, he made such and huge impact on our life in a short time. He is a “HERO” he donated his heart to help another baby in need .
Aleena is 7 months old she LOVES crawling everywhere like she is on a mission! Her favorite word is mama. And she loves eating her applesauce!
Meet Ayden a goofy lovable baby who loves to cuddle , music and pull on your hair if he can reach.
Kahlia is 2 months old. She likes to eat she likes bathTime she likes to laugh and she likes Mickey Mouse
Almost 5 months. Yaya, nickname for Aiyana. I love sitting up watching cocomelon pretty much EVERYDAY and being such a happy beautiful baby! I talk everyday to mommy and daddy as soon as I wake up.
I’m 4 months ! He loves Scooby doo and anything colorful. We’re almost crawling!! He’s growing up so fast.❤️
Kimber Powell
Kimber has the biggest heart I have ever seen. She is a lover through and through! Her favorite things right now are Unicorns and Princesses. Elsa is her favorite. She loves animals and her family. She is very witty, smart and loving.
Ne’Véyah & Na’Héyah are identical twins! They love to make noise and sing, love eating and they love to laugh. Mommy is our best friend 👩‍👧‍👧🥰
====ADVANCE VOTES TO BE RETURN IN FEBRUARY 1 ====Danna is a very active girl who likes to explore everything around her. ⚠ Si necesitas votos anticipados deja tu link en el muro⚠ if you need advances votes put your link on wall⚠
The smile guy, Super Malachi!
Eliana enjoys sitting in her swing and telling stories. She loves to smile and head butt her mama. She’s 3 months old but developmentally only 1 month because of being born 10 weeks early along with her twin sister!
Hadlie is 2 months old! She’s mine and her daddy’s miracle baby, I was told I’d never have a baby and two years later I found out I was pregnant with her!❤️ She loves to be talked to and loves her light up toys. She’s all around our beautiful, sweet, sassy, crazy haired baby girl.❤️
A sweet colic baby💗
Mariah is very adventurous. She loves to sing and dance. Her idol is JoJo Siwa. But she also loves country music. 💖
Addison is rather shy at times but once she’s comfortable she’s full of life and excitement. She loves to pretend and loves to dance. 💖
My name is Cami, short for Camila 💕 Im 3 months old im such a happy baby im always smiling! I lovveeee to talk lots when i wake up in the mornings especially when i watch cocomelon 💕.
Haylee is about as sassy as it could get. She loves to climb on things, play with babies, and dance to any kind of music. She also loves attention. 💖
Waylon is full of adventure. He will brighten anyone’s day. He loves to dance to country music and he laughs at everything. Waylon’s favorite toys are cars. 💙
Alyssa is very out going, she loves animals and loves to play with her toys! Please vote for her :)
Marie is the 5th and final child, she can melt your heart just by looking at you. 💖
Brookelynn is 4 months old. She loves her stuffed unicorn, her rattle toys and her dogs. She enjoys strolls around the block with mommy and chats on the couch with daddy. She laughs and smiles and kicks and plays all day long. She already has so much personality and always sticks her tongue out when she smiles. She is definitely a happy baby 👶 💕
Jaxon is my 4th son, he loves food and his momma and is such a happy boy. Always laughing or smiling.
Hi my name is milani, Mila for short ☺️ i love eating banana cookies and talking, I also love screaming As loud as I can to get some cuddles.
Rosie is the best!
Eleanor is a sassy but very sweet one year old. She’s so smart and loves playing with her big brother! Her favorite song is baby shark.
Maverick is such a sweet and happy baby! He loves to eat and dance almost as much as he loves his moma ❤️
Such a funny and clever little boy. Loves to make everyone smile and laugh. He’s an absolute joy !
Dalia Selena loves to take pictures,she always camera ready.
Hi my name is Damon and i am 19 months. Puppy Dog Pals and Tots are my favorite 2 shows. I love to Munch on Goldfish and anything I can get my hands on.
Kairo is a very happy baby! Every morning he wakes up with a stretch and a smile! He loves his family and definitely keeps a smile on their face as well!! Very smart and at the adventurous stage right now!
This sweet little girl loves playing with her big brother, enjoys to eat fruit, and is the cutest, sassiest girl there is! ❤️❤️❤️
Clayton is a month old. He loves to cuddle and watch what his big sister is doing. He also like to relax while taken a bath!
i’m a month old ! i love smiling and posing for the camera ! i can hold my head up so big , look at me ! :)
Owen loves his momma and daddy and ceiling fans! He’s camera shy but he is such a smiley baby, he’s super calm yet an active little man. He loves to babble and carry on and thinks everything he says is funny ❤️ He can make some of the funniest faces, I just know he’ll be a little funny man at events 😂
Ava wakes up so happy and loves to bounce. Daycare calls her the cutest baby in the world.
Alayla is almost five months old and loves bananas and watching chip and potato. She’s the happiest baby there is
He loves his mommy and daddy the most and hes a very handsome boy and hes named after his uncle that is no long with us and hes his daddys twin .
Xiomara is 2 months old. She loves to kick her feet and rollover. She is the happiest and precious baby you'll ever meet she can brighten up the room with her big smile 😊 She is very attentive and loved to look at people when they talk and she also loves to watch TV in her swing.
A smart little bean ready to explore the world with laughs and curiosity. She loves to interact with anyone and everyone.
6 month baby with a big personality
She is 10 months old! Her favorite foods are mc n cheese and apple juice! She loves playing with her big sister daily and she's such a happy baby
This is my nephew and he is very loving and sweet and he is such a joyful and happy baby boy.
My 2nd baby ❤️ I love you so much little one
Isabelle is so loving, she’s a very content baby. She loves everyone, loves gibber grabbering. Can roll from her belly to back She is a very sweet and good baby. We love to look at toys that light up. Her adores her cousin which he’s her best friend.
Ka’Miyah is 3 months old, shes very smart for her age, she loves her brothers and she loves watching blues clues, shes growing bigger and more more beautiful, shes sweet, lovable and shes funny she loves to laugh and smile, she loves playing with her brothers, she hates car seats but loves car rides and she loves to look out and watch the lights. shes a attention grabber, she lets us know when its her time. my baby means the world to me she is my best friend.
This handsome boy loves climbing on EVERYTHING!! He is the happiest baby ever and so full of joy and life!! The greatest blessing of 2020 was this angel!!!