Baby Stories - 89


My name is Ezekiel but mommy calls me Zeek. I was born premature at 33 weeks. I love music already and might be a musician when I grow up. I like to drink my milk and watch African movies with my glamma and pop-pop. I’m learning to roll over on my own and I’m a growing to be a big strong little man.
She loves to laugh and babble when she’s not being a pest!
I was born premature and 3weeks before my due date but now im healthy as can be
Mazlynn Elaine
Mazlynn is 4months old she rolls over on her own holds her bottle and trys sitting up she loves to be held defintly spoiled rotten she is happy most of the time vote for my baby girl
Amberleigh is our beautiful rainbow baby ❤️ Born with a head full of hair at 7lbs, 3oz and 19 1/4 inches long. She loves nap time, her bouncy seat, her binky and not to mention cuddles with mommy and daddy! She absolutely hates being "nakey" and diaper changes. She's a blessing and just look how so darn cute she is 😊
"Aj" is a very happy, lovable baby. His smile is contagious and he loves to snuggle.
Hello my name is Avrey Stone!!!! I love making others smile.. I love being with my older sisters.. I am 1 years old I’m very tiny with a BIG personality!!!! I love to eat everything I LOVE FOOD!!!
Jael is the youngest brother of three boys. He loves to dance and above all, he is very loving. Every time he wants to do a mischief he gives us a kiss before 🥰☺.
Alexander is your typical toddler boy, he loves to make a mess, play in the dirt, go down slides head first and all of that crazy stuff, he’s also the sweetest most loveable boy I’ve ever met with a smile that brightens every room ❤️
Hello my name is Araceli I love to smile, babble, I hold my own bottle,Enjoy tummy time and I love Minnie mouse or anything Disney ❤️ I am my parents biggest blessing of 2020 I can almost say hello and I love you did I mention I love to watch coco melon 🥰
Hi my name is Kenneth Young Jr I will b 6 months on jan 2 2021. I love to giggle when people talk to me I love the lights and the ceiling fan. I also love to give kisses and hugs.
Angel Watkins
Angel is 5years old she love baking/Dancing/Reading/Drawing and Learning to write her name she enjoys school, has lots of friends she is an inspiration to us all.
Oakland is a very happy baby! He loves being held and he loves gummy bears. He loves his mommy and his mommy loves him!💙
Mayson is a happy little 4 month old handsome boy. He giggles whenever his daddy plays with him. He always smiles at his mommy. And he loves his big brother and sister. He loves to look around at thinfs he likes to sit in his frog seat hes joyful and cheerful and will melt your hearts.
Hi I’m Henry! I’ll be three months old January 3rd. I’ve recently learned to giggle and I love to coo at anyone who gives me attention. I also love looking at my hands. Moms my best friend and I love milk.
JaKeera is our 🌈 rainbow baby born 2 1/2 pounds. She's such a fighter💪🏿, so loving 🥰 and always smiling ☺️.
He likes mums boobs and light, he has 11 uncles and only 4 aunties.
He loves to smile laugh and play. He loves his family. Such a happy boy all around he also can almost sit up by himself and he is already starting to eat baby food. He is really smart for a 4 month old
Jensen is one month old. He loves to smile and loves his big sissi.
Mikko is a fun loving smart little guy. His laugh is so contagious you can’t help but smile and laugh with him. He loves the snow, cats and listening to his Christian rock music. He’s a god loving child and loves being the center of attention. His best friends are his cousin and his cat.
Miss Rohie is happy girl always full of smiles, she has the attitude of a teenager 😂 She loves to make others laugh and loves her cuddles❤️
Hunter was born aug 16 2020 he is a very happy baby very out going and silly already. he loves the grinch and loves to pounce in his pouncer. Hunter likes to play with his big sisters. This baby has his own personality and is perfect in his mommys eyes
Christian is such a happy baby. Always smiling everyday at everything. He has so much life. He is so sweet.
Carter is a sweet, outgoing, sociable boy. He loves to help everyone. Always full of joy and energy. Makes your whole day complete.
Peyton is the most adorable little girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on 😍 she never fails to make you smile!!
Hi, i am Zamarion. I love to smile and laugh. My laugh and smile are contagious. I pay attention to everything and i am so smart. I pick up on everything. I love to eat any and every kind of food and i love to sing "Elmo's song"
Sedrick Jr
I love to sleep in hold on my blanket when I sleep it my favorite thing to do when Im asleep and I’m Getting bigger and smarter Ever day
Jaxon loves lots of cuddles and always smiles and is very content,he is suxh a joy to be around 💙💙💙
This is paislee 💕 She's got a smile that melts hearts and a very big personality for being so young already . She is always SO happy and always about some smiles . Shes such a happy baby that you can't have any bad day when shes around 💕She can light up anybody’s world🙏🏼
Hi I’m Winston! I’m 6 months old and I love to eat, I love bath time, and mommy’s snuggles! Such a happy baby :)
Hi ! My name is Daniel. I love smiling and showing off my dimples ☺️ I like sleeping and drinking mommas milk 🍼🧸
Lawson is a only child born at 41+1 weeks 8 days late. After a few concerns and complications during pregnancy lawson was born a healthy 9 pound 2 ounces. He loves keeping mummy and daddy up all night and loves cuddles. He pulls heaps of funny faces and cracks everyone up.
Fayth is a very happy little girl. She loves Mickey Mouse and her light up hippo. She smiles all the time and is definitely a mommas girl. Hope we get your vote ❤️
Bristol Ann is the sweetest little girl! She has a sassy little personality and mean mugs. She loves to squeal/scream, read books, listen to music, watch Baby Bum, tummy time and cuddling with her mommy. Her smile with those dimples can brighten anyone’s day!
he one he loves to play and he is the joy life
He’s a big brother to two little sisters that he loves so much. He has the biggest heart and is so caring.
I love playing with toys and watching tv with mommy and daddy
A’Niyah is a very loving and caring little girl with a personality out of this world ❤️
Meet Aysia a loving humble little girl who would give the shirt off her back and would do anything to Make anyone smile she loves to learn and has a passion for animals! The idea of getting recognized for being nothing less than amazing would just bring joy to my heart ❤️! I love this girl With every ounce of air that I breathe ! #vote🥰💜
Liam is 5 weeks old he loves- •Bath time •skin to skin •his binky!
Lily Rae has been the best baby since her first breath. She loves tummy time and cuddles with mommy and daddy. She loves listening to 90s music while mommy cleans the house and always takes the best naps with daddy. She is as sweet as she looks ❤️
She just looks so adorable
Angelina loves her mommmy, car rides,watching t.v & Disney Pandora 💖
Lyric is the most lovable little ball of chunk! His smile and laugh light up anyone’s day ❤️
Emera just loves to giggle and talk now! Her favorite person happens to be her big sissy!
Hi! I’m Cody Jr. :)) I love to smile and laugh and be super loud! I enjoy playing with my toys and listening and dancing to music. Cartoons are fun for a little bit but I prefer real life:)) I’m a huge cuddle bug and loveeee warm soft hugs 🤗