Scarlett Joy is such a happy, sweet little girl. She loves to play and watch other kids, following her kitties at home and can always be found laughing and smiling away.
Amelia is such a spunky happy girl! She loves dress up and her bows!
She wakes up happy and is a joy to everyone!
Oakley is the happiest 6 month old you will ever meet! She has 1 tooth & loves to laugh and yell.
Cash love to be outside. He is ready to run wild. Cash loves spending time with his cousins and snacks!
Jio is sassy and silly just like his grandpa who passed away a few months before his birth. Here he is with papas hat representing the U.S. Navy
Absolutely got so lucky with my little buddy! The happiest baby and such a sweet soul! We're learning sign language together and he is so close to crawling I constantly have my phone on standby in hopes of getting a video!!
Miracle Yvette
this is miracle she is the happiest 3 months old she loves to smile
Kalea is a beautiful soul she loves to giggle and loves to play with her puppy.
Guinevere's birthday is April 17th, this year is just happened to be easter as well. She loves nature/outdoors, baths. She loves to dance and laugh. She's happy 90% of the time. We are teaching her ASL. Her favourite show is fisher price little people.
Future pop star!
Nevaeh is a such a happy baby she loves getting kisses and big hugs ! She’s smiles so much and giggles she’s just a lovable baby that loves attention 💜
Declan is 7 months old and he’s growing faster than we can imagine. He’s very independent already and enjoys to learn on his own. He’s beginning to learn how to crawl and he sits up all by himself. His favorite foods are chicken, veggies and of course cupcakes. Please vote for our outgoing lovable boy and thank you in advance for voting🥰🥺
She loves music and is a Valentine's day baby
Ryder is a little over a month old & is such a happy baby boy! He is very sweet & absolutely loves cuddles! 💙
He is very happy, loves playing outside, keeps us on our toes always, loves his big brother and moo cows
Phoenix loves people, books and making messes!
Samuel Scott
Samuel Scott is a happy cheeky little boy, for every waking second with him he is constantly smiling and laughing. His favorite thing to do is blow raspberries and watch Peppa Pig. Samuel surly knows how to brighten anyone's day xx
He’s a wild child and just the most Handsome baby boy… To me at least. Loves Dinos, cars, monster trucks and most of all his mama and dad 💗
Carter is an easy going boy… loves to cuddle and is a daddy’s boy. Red hair and blue eyes and sure to make your heart skip a beat!
Hi, my name is Le’Vaeha! I’m almost TWO years old! I absolutely love my family, especially my mama & daddy💗
Amaree is 8 months old,he likes rolling over and playing with phones. He’s a happy baby even when he’s upset.. his smiles makes anyone smile he laughesay anything
My princess who loves to eat with her two little teeth.
Hunter is a fun loving vocal bubba! He loves his puppy Chester and his family. Currently he is babbaling, sitting up, and trying new foods. Each milestone brings such excitement to mumma and dada. Hunter you are so loved.
Elleri Rennette is so full of personality and life 💚 her infectious smile and laugh will warm any heart! She loves her 3 dogs, going outside and being in water! Please show her some love and give her a vote💚
Austin is a very happy little fellow. He has beautiful bright blue eyes and is a curious little monkey. Which is why he is nicknamed monkey! He is a rainbow baby and has managed to shoulder the grief of all the family after his great grandpa passed 3 days after his birth. He has brought so much joy to our world.
She is my preemie miracle baby. She is 13 months old. She has an older brother in heaven that she loves dearly. She finds humor in the littlest things. She loves trying to make people laugh.
Weston is a Blue eyed 1 year old! Fixing to have surgery within the next month, 4 in 1.
Layla is the light of our lives. She loves playing with her big brothers and her sister and she loves to eat 😂 she loves her snuggles and kisses from mommy and rub a nose lol she’s a m in our lives; she’s our lil HoneyBee 🐝❤️
Willow is 17 months old! She is very energetic, always smiling, and incredibly smart for her age!
He loves to laugh he like to walk around and be outside and eat
Gustavo loves his older brother. Gustavo loves to play outside he’s a soccer fanatic.
Our little bundle of joy turned 3 months a few days ago! He loves to talk and play with his mommy and daddy ♥️ He’s the smartest little man ever!
Mason is a happy loving little boy . Hes autistic. But that dont stop him from doing anything . Mason loves riding his side by side ride in toy .
Eva is very funny she loves people and she loves school she laughs alot and gets along with other and shes a wonderful big sister
Paisley is the most smiley girl around 💛 Her current favorites are teething toys & rolling around!
Iam very cute iam a happy baby iam 6 months and I have 2 teeth and iam starting to walk
•Nickname - Cobean, Pookie, CoCo •Loves - Eating his hands, pulling hair/beards, snuggling •Hates - Being put down, waiting on his food
Spencer is such a happy and playful baby, he never fails to put a smile on anyones face! He also has the best hair out there 😉
Elliana is almost 3 months old she loves being happy 😊
She has a variety of personalities. She is very laid back for the most part but loves a conversation. She's all about attention. She just lights up a room when she enters.
My greatest accomplishment! Maddox loves his 3 sisters, food, and playing outside.
Avion is an amazing lil man, he is soo advanced in everything and such a happy baby,
Heavenlee is a smart, curious & loving child. She loves meeting new people and spreading love. She enjoys church & her grandparents a lot!