Baby Stories - 88


Sebastian loves Elmo and peekaboo. He is always making noise and babbling. He always has a smile on his face and he loves his big sister and thinks she's the funniest thing he's seen.
This little girl has quite the personality already. she loves music and doc McStuffins
Loves to smile and look at ceiling fans 🥰
Elsi Ann ! The sweets little girl ! She Loves to listen to lavender blue and cuddle with mommy and daddy. She also loves to cuddle with her sweet 4 legged sisters!
Aubrey-Lynn is 14 months old with enough personality to go around. She wakes up happy and goes to sleep happy. Aubrey loves music and dancing, she loves anything outdoors especially when there’s water around. Aubrey-Lynn loves when we read book and she loves her flash cards.
Luci loves to laugh & smile & to try & eat her toes any chance she gets! 😅🥰💜🎀
Joseph Jr
Joseph jr loves the lion king, bath time, and his daddy and mommy 🥰
Henry Shine
Henry Shine, don't let his good looks fool ya he's strong willed and hell on wheels. Loves animals, blippi, and cookies. Hates thunder storms, a hair brush and being told no. His toothy grin will steal your heart!
Kamden likes taking long walks around the pond with Mimi making him a happy boy giving out smiles like it’s candy. As he flashes you a fast smile you can’t help but to fall in love 🥰 Kamden also likes spending time with mommy and daddy while playing on his play mat! Kamden is a sweet happy boy that could steal your heart away💙 Kamden spend some of his free time listen to his aunt Karli read books to him 📚 and he enjoys spending time with his cousins Easton, Gideon, Gryfin, and Jamison
Wyatt likes to explore and get into anything he can. He is fearless and has so much personality for his age, kind, and loves his family.
Ava Grace Meetze is so full of life and all smiles! She’s so beautiful just like her twin sister!
Everly Grey
Sweet pageant baby Everly Grey is already 9 months of pure joy. She loves life, and everyone in it! She is the sweetest little love ever. Please help her win by clicking to vote for her! Thank you. 👑💕✨
Annabelle is is 5 months old and she loves to laugh and smile. She loves cuddling and playing with her brothers. She truly is such a sweet girl.
My daughter is the happiest baby and already at least than 2 months old has such an amazing personality. Everytime she smiles my heart melts.
Loves smiling, talking and snuggling with his mama and daddy 💙
Sweet smiley baby
Freddy loves to smile and his big sister. Freddy's nickname is Lizard because he is always sticking his tongue out like one. He steals hearts with every smile, because you can't help but smile every time he smiles at you.
This face says it all. Just the happiest baby boy I know! Happy one year loving you 💗
Jaivauni is 1 year old! He LOVES music!!! Loves to watch Cocomelon & Bluey! He loves to run around and laugh and smile! He is such a happy baby!! He is so funny and handsome! Best thing of all, he is extremely LOVABLE!! He gives the best hugs.
Amiah Lee
Hi, my name is Amiah Lee.
Alyssa is a 14-month-old who loves animals, especially “Dog” (her name for one of our dogs), taking walks, and pushing toy lawnmowers.
Love to smile , very active and sweet
AvaClaire is 4 years old! She loves tumble, watching Fancy Nancy, going fishing, and playing outside!
Ivy is sweet and energetic. She has the best laugh ever and loves peas.
Mica is a happy pretty baby girl who loves to play on the floor with her toys and laugh at anyone who will talk w her! She loves her mommy and daddy and loves making new friends!
Say hello to Valentina! She’s a happy 5 month old who loves baths and taking in the world around her!
Amelia is so loving an smiles all the time, she loves he daddy so much an her uncle more then words can say. Amelia loves to play
Elouise is a little ball of sunshine! Always smiling and giggling but dada is her favorite ☹️😂❤️
My baby love to hear herself scream she does it all day it’s really funny she loves bananas and being held in her mommy arms
Baby Hazel is a sweet and loving girl. She loves to smile and stare around! She never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face<3
Juliana was born 15 weeks before her due date and has been a strong fighter ever since! Her favorite thing to do is to play patty cake with her brother. She loves laughing at his silly jokes and she has started grabbing everything she can reach.
Grayleigh is 5 1/2months old and a big bundle of joy. She enjoys her milk and sucking her thumb🤍 she always has a smile on her face and she just makes your heart melt 🤍
Karri is such a sweet, happy, and energetic baby. Although she is not crawling juat yet she ia not letting that stop her, she is getting all over the place with her big brother and sister. She loves to smile and and has a big laugh already. We just love our little Karri Rose 🥰
Scarlett is my only sweet girl of 3 children! She is very outgoing, loves to play outside and has such a sense of humor!
Nolan is 3 months old. Loving,Calm,Always smiling! I love Mickey Mouse!
Joey is such a sweet, sassy, smiley, ball of energy.
Emma loves to read books. She loves to play with her squishies. She loves her siblings. She also loves chewing gum.
Just a good old boy
Zariah is so loving and kind. Her favorite show is Minnie Mouse.
My sweet boy is so smart for his age. He loves to play. Hes so funny. He standing all by him self yall please vote for my baby!
Isaiah is a smiley babyboy , he enjoys being outside, tummy time &’ cocomelon!
Tristan Radjpaul Jr.
Tristan is 2 months old, has had laser surgery on 4 different parts of the inside of his mouth, however still is the happiest baby in the world! Loves to giggle, laugh, tummy time, and of course to eat! Has the most handsome eyes ever!
Hi, I love to ride my bike and tell people “hi while passing by!
Sadie and her family lost everything in a hurricane, through faith, God and her daddy being a Marine and their country they weathered the storm!!