Baby Stories - 87


MyKah is 6 months old. She loves cocomelon and carebears cartoon. She loves to video call her Grandmothers.
Quinn is a very sweet, happy boy who always gives great gummy smiles! 🥰 x x
Tyler is a hyper, talkative toddler with lots of love for everyone! He loves toy story and monsters inc and is quiet a little monster himself❤️😂
The cutest smiley little boy with the silliest personality
Zyaire is 10 months old, and he loves to observe the world!🌍 Zy loves his fur brother,🐕 and his huge family!👨‍👩‍👦 He also loves the taste of 🍕.
Charlie is a sweet, spider-monkey 18 month old. He loves anything you give him regardless of what it is to eat!
We call her ladybug Iva loves Minnie Mouse and spending time with family and friends....
Journee Is A Loving Always Smiling Baby Girl , VERY Active an Aware
She loves to laugh and smile, she loves Music and her little chewing mittens.
Kamilah is a beautiful happy baby. She loves her mommy and daddy!
Sawyer is the most loving caring baby boy I know! He loves playing with cars and trucks, and loves his food.
Rylee is a sassy little baby who loves to smile and laugh.
Hey guys im Remell but you can call me butter... i was born November 1st nd im 9 weeks... i love to stand up with a little help of course
Jordan Jr
Jr was born a premie baby at 2 pounds, and his favorite thing to listen to is “Baby Shark” ❤️
Kaison is 3 months old 🥰 he loves to sit in his chair and play with his toys. He loves to coo and YELL at you :)
We call him LJ & he’s constantly smiling & talking to us & just all around a happy loving baby!!
Still being tested for Cystic Fibrosis. He is very happy and smiles at everyone, but he loves to eat the most.
Draylen is a very energetic child. He loves PJ masks and paw patrol. He is also a star student in his class
Mackenzie loves to give hugs, dance, be outside, and go on car rides
Khalia is a sweet bubbly loving baby who loves to smile and laugh
Hi my name is Irwin but I go by AJ. I was born December 27, 2020 and have had an eventful week of life!! I was diagnosed with Hirschsprungs Disease but I am a fighter!! I am so loved by my mommy and daddy and big sisters and everyone else in my family!
Siani Smith
One of the happiest kids u gone see, always energetic and ready to brighten a room❤️
Lylah is 13 months, loves to play, talk and laugh, she’s always a happy wild little girl💝
Onyx is 3 mo he's strong and spoiled.
Aliyah Grace is the sweetest papa/granny loving baby there is. She loves to color and take care of her “babies”.
She’s silly and loves books and her fav person is mommy
I love to give mommy kisses.
Baby angel is the happiest, sweetest little babe you’d ever meet. He loves his mama and his food as you can tell by all those scrumptious rolls. He’s extra silly, always smiling and laughing. We say he’s a mamas boy but I think he secretly likes dad more🥰
Giuliana is such a Happy Baby always smiling!
My name is Kamarion but everybody calls me kj. I’m goofy and I like talking to people they make me smile. I love playing with my mommy and daddy and being on FaceTime with my grandma.
Joel is a very happy 6 month old baby, He loves jumping in his jumper and loves eating carrots and sweet potatoes.
Olivia Mae is a sweet baby girl. She was truly a miracle!
Jaiden is so funny he thinks everything is something to laugh at he is a very happy baby
Hayden is 11 weeks old and is the sweetest, strongest, and smartest little boy.💙
Tamina loves playing, eating, and time with her family. Her favorite stuffy is a black and white cat named Betsy. Her favorite food is any type of fruits. Her favorite word is mama. She does not like when other people laugh it scares her 😭😂 She is 7 months old and is sitting up, laughing, grabbing her own toys, holding her bottle and rolling.
Mada’lyn is a very smart & adventurous baby. She loves to be outside & to climb on things. She can say a total of 18 words at the age 1.
he really likes mobiles and mirrors at this stage lifes all about milk but hes learning more things like how to get along with his fur brother licking him lol
She loves to eat , talk & scream
Hey you can vote EVERYDAY EVERY 10 MINS FOR FREE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT THANKS FOR VOTING 🤗 🤗 🤗 I love music sports and taking pictures of course 😎
Ashton is 1 year old , he very outgoing. Can brighten up your day with his smile! He’s a joy to be around ❤️
Hello everyone Ka’Recionna is 6months old. She a beautiful baby gir that’s loves to eat and laugh. Very joyful !
Amir is a 3 year old . He can brighten up your day just being around him . He’s very friendly and very knowledgeable ❤️
Jahnes loves to smile and put his fingers in his mouth! He was born September 12th,2020 weighing 6 pounds 10 ounces.
I love mommas milk
Hi! This is Amiria, she is a sassy but sweet 2 year old. She’s loves watching tik tok and playing with her toys.
Paisley is 5 months old and she loves sweet potatoes and minnie mouse
Maddox is the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet! He loves laughing and eating new foods.