Baby Stories - 87


Heidi is a twin, prem baby and is the easiest baby ever! Loves snuggles, kisses and food!
Hello everyone my name is Emilia i have been apart of this world for 2 months. Everytime i wake up and see or hear my mom and dad i get the biggest smile ever. I love my dogs sadie and dory and they also love me and love to fill me with kisses. Please vote for me so mom and dad can spoil me more than i already am. Thanks in advance.
Oliver loves his best friend, the English bulldog, Bonnie. He loves to rattle toys and see how far he can throw them. He loves trying to eat everything anyone is eating. Oliver is 6 months old and has almost mastered crawling. He is an adventurous little boy.
I’m 6 months old, love bananas, toys and anything I can chew on. Vote for me, so mom can buy me all the toys and bananas I want. ♥️
She is mix Asain & American.
Chester has a twin sister Heidi, prem baby and over come many obstacles. Chester is very smiley and cuddly koala!
Elijah loves to smile, loves to listen to music and cuddles from family he is so attentive and the best baby. Also loves his beauty rest and milk from mama ")
Briella Mae
Meet Miss Briella Mae. She’s mommy’s pride and joy. She is a heart warrior baby! She’s underwent one major open heart surgery at 5 months old & she’s just thriving away! She’s super active, hilarious and just the best girl EVER! Let’s vote for my girl and get her some money to go on an awesome vacation! 💜💜
Happiest little girl
Bentlee Jo
I am almost 4 months old! Since I was born I have nearly ALWAYS been a happy and content baby no matter where I am or what I’m doing! I am technically an only child right now, but momma and daddy will say I have 3 (fur) brothers. I love bath time, standing and sitting up, and babbling! I’m always told I’m spoiled, but I don’t think so, just really loved! Oh, and yes. Jo is part of my first name!😊💕
She loves to dance an loves being outside
Ethaniel is very CHARASMATIC ✨ He Loves to be Loved 🥰 He’s all laughs and happiness 🌈✨ His favorite part of the day is Bath time 🧼
Liam is a very happy child. He babbles if you talk to him. Loves people around him. He is a good baby.
Jaxx is such an enthusiastic little man with a big personality. Loves to be cuddled and always knows how to cheer everyone up!
Kayson is a very energetic, happy boy who loves spending time with his father. He started walking very soon after his first birthday and is very strong. His favorite movie is most definitely shrek an enjoys picking up and playing with anything that isn’t a toy and we love him to the stars. He currently has 4 teeth an loves the word daddy❤️
Karrius Kassius
What up peeps ! My name is Karrius (care-iss) (right) & my name is Kassius (cash-iss) (left). We are identical twins born on Friday, August 13th 2021 @ 6:20 & 6:21 a.m. We are about to be 7 weeks old. After spending 3 weeks in the nicu, we’ve been home for a couple weeks now & we love it ! We don’t do too much at the moment but eat, sleep & poop, but for fun we do like to spray out parents with precision aim 😂😂
Aurora or Rory as love ones call her is such a happy little babe. She loves her Mama and Daddy and she thinks her sister is the funniest. 🥰
Future model for Calvin Klein! William is a true joy! He smiles all the time and loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy!
Carter is very loving. He loves to make people smile and play peek a boo. He loves car rides and cartoons.
Stormie Is A Rainbow Baby 💕 as you can tell by her name (Stormie Rayne) After our son passed , the preacher made sure to remind us threw our darkest days to don’t loose hope after every storm there is always a rainbow .. so here she is !! she can light up a room filled with the saddest people with a smile 😊 & she likes pickles 😂
Rylah thrives on sillyness and is very energetic. She absolutely loves her fruits; mangos especially, most of all cuddles with Dada sense she's 100% a Dada's girl ❤️. Anything won will go into a savings for her future 😁.
Avyei loves to play, crawl and laugh. Super smart! Loves every toy and books. Growing so fast! Please support my super smart and happy baby boy!
I will be 1 on october 14th. I love mickey mouse. I have 3 older siblings and 6 pet siblings 9 if you include our birds outside. I love to dance and i can almost walk. Laughing and dancing are my favorite things and i love hanging out with everyone.
Nevaeh is always smiling and always happy. She loves her big brothers and sisters! Nevaeh likes to read books and color!
Hi, my name is Hunter! I’m new to this crazy world! I love my mommy and daddy dearly! Oh and can’t forget my dog dog Ava. She’s my best friend and my favorite protector♥️ I love hanging out at the ball park watching my daddy play. I hate bedtime but I love to play whether or not it’s on my tummy time mat or laughing at my parents or my aunts funny faces they make!
Sweet girl and smart
Sean is always so happy. So interested in everything he sees. Wants to touch an taste it all but what baby doesn't.
Elijah is a baby full of spirit! Elijah can bring a smile to anyone’s face! He is such a sweet boy, spend one minute with him and you’ll fall in love!
Sweetest and happiest baby! Loves talking and snuggling 🥰
Makhi is a very caring, smart and handsome little boy who enjoys being outside! He’s an AWESOME big brother to his little sister. He enjoys eating pizza and playing video games. He is full of personality and had become a social butterfly.
Avery is very energetic and she’s such a happy baby. She loves staring at her daddy, and she loves trying to stand. Avery is such a bright light in our lives and we are so blessed to have her.
Ecko Loves To laugh , she loves when People talk to her n play and most definitely Her big Sister
Im a beautiful hispanic little girl that’s brings love and joy in mamis and papis life. I enjoy sleeping, eating, bath time, and getting peoples attention with my smile☺️.
Hello everyone I’m Zayvien, I love hugging people and making people laugh! I like to play and go outdoors. I’m almost 2 and I can do a lot of things. I love my moms and they love me so much!
This blue eyed boy loves his trucks and airplanes. Loves running away from mom and climbing on everything. He also loves his hats and he must always wear them backwards!
Kyrie Love bright lights, colorful things ,he loves to play and loves to be played with he just make me so happy
Alex my mircale baby. He spent 15 days in the nicu right after birth. He can put a smile on anyonea face.
My sweet angel Milani is such a good girl, she loves elephants and sleep! Her smile is divine and she loves to stick her tongue out!
Hello everybody! My name is Laylani and I’m an energetic one year old who loves to eat, cry a little and cuddle with my mommy!
So far Tristan Loves all the soft things he can get his hands on and he loves cuddling chest to chest🥰
Steven is a really smart boy. He likes to learn about planets , trains and buildings.
David is a very happy baby, and even has a sense of humor at 5 months old! He loves to dance, so his nickname is Boogie. His smile will melt your heart!
She is the happiest baby, she loves to pull daddy's beard and her smile lights up the room
Liona is kind, strong and loves to smile. Her favorite song is you're my sunshine. She loved tummy time and loves a cuddles. She's a military brat and first born❤️