Baby Stories - 85


Mickey Mouse loving sweet heart 💗
He has five other siblings a 16 year old sister 2 15 year old brothers a 14 year old sister and a 3 year old sister. He is a very happy and entertained baby. He loves to stare at the ceiling and watch the fan. He lays in his brothers room and loves to watch them play the game. He loves to watch the tv (well look at movement on it.)
She has five other siblings a 16 year old sister 2 15 year old brothers a 14 year old sister and a 2 month old brother. She is a very happy and loving little girl. She loves to help with her little brother. She loves going places with her sisters. She loves Barbie dolls and LOL dolls..
Alyza loves tummy time ,her swing and her mermaid rattle ❤️
Kasidy is funny, cute and amazing. She like to listen to music and watch doc mcstuffins and loves to eat oatmeal.
She’s a free spirited baby loves to dance smile and loves to play with mommy and love hugs and kisses.
This is Aalayah &’ and she is 2 months old, she is a very happy and healthy baby, she love bath time, mickey mouse &’ a good nap here there with her daddy💓
Kehlani Lynn is the light of her mommy and daddys life! She LOVES cuddles with mommy, and has the biggest smile for the ones she loves. She is truly mommy and daddys biggest miracle.
Layen loves CocoMelon and loves to smile and is the sweetest most lovable little girl you could meet . She brightens up your day even when the sun doesn’t shine & she deserves a chance to win like every other little girl . So please VOTE FOR LAYEN
Aubree is full of sass but is the sweetest little girl! She adores her brother & wants to teach him things daily! She loves helping out in the kitchen & is a total daddy’s girl and loves her momma to pieces!🖤 She is one tough cookie, a cute “tookie” as she would say!
Kainen is 2yo. He loves to watch Baby shark and cocomelon on his iPad and love on his baby sister Kylen.
She loves to laugh and play with her older siblings! Definitely enjoys her food, a wonder light to the room!
Kason is 2 and loves to play catch and playing with his brother and sisters. He also loves his fur bestie Sophia!
Adearia Is a one year old very active A very smart baby her hobbies would most definitely be eating couldn’t ask for a better one year old❤️❤️🤞
Zendaya is loving and filled with joy. She loves Moana and cocomelon.
Laihney is 10 months old & loves baths, sleeping, crawling, talking & likes to take pics & loves fruit & meat!
Marley is a beautiful blue-eyed baby girl she is the light of her mommy and daddy’s life and The selfie queen. She would love a chance to try to win this competition
I am the 6th child of mommy and daddy. I like my swing and and anything pink! My nick name is Charlie and I love my family.
Jeremiah is a smart, sweet, funny 1 year old who loves baby sharks and dancing. Music is life for this happy baby . Show him some love ❤️
Aksel is such a fun little boy! He’s always smiling! He has the best personality!
Naleah Rose is 4, she’s her nationality is Mixed w/ Mexican, Caucasian, & 2 Different types of Native American.(Pomo&Colville) She loves anything that involves animals, she’s a very high spirited 4year old. She is not scared to use her voice when she needs to. She said she wants to Win so she can help The animals have A home & food.😭🖤
Aiylah loves to talk(coo) and smile. She also always wants to be in the business...she’s very alert!
Mia enjoys Elmo, reading with mommy and hanging out at her grandparents
My'onna is a happy baby she enjoys looking at things because the world is still so new and exciting to her and playing during her tummy time
Loves to take baths and enjoys eating 😂
Brycen Lee is 7 months old! He loves to laugh! He says dada & mama. His first two teeth has came in so he loves to try and put EVERYTHING in his mouth. He loves when you sing to him & he knows how to wave bye bye 💙 The prize winnings would be put in Brycen savings account!
She is an awesome little girl she is very kind and sweet. She love anything with princesses
Willow is so happy all she does is smile and laugh, I’m a single your parent just trying to give her the world because she absolutely deserves it
He’s smart, loving, & handsome. Mickey Mouse🐭❤️is his favorite.
The picture says it all the boy is life and would light up any room he loves to dance the only child so he has a huge imagination and I love it vote for master
Avianna loves to smile and cuddle with mommy and daddy. She loves seeing her grandparents.
This little guy here was a surprise that’s for sure but wouldn’t change him for the world. He loves his mommy like crazy but doesn’t let her sleep lol.
Myla Hope
My Beautiful Granddaughter Myla Hope, I was born December 21st and I’m grandma’s pride and joy
Hi my name is Nova i like to cuddle with my mommy and daddy! I like to swing in my swing play on my play mat and hang out with my big brother! I also like to talk and laugh especially at my brother!
Alivya has been walking since 10 months old, she is a brilliant child, says roughly 10-15 words! She is such a happy soul & loves to laugh!
Zoe is a very sassy girl who loves her mommy and her paci. Please vote for my angel.
Benson is a true miracle and a fighter from the get go. Hes a happy, smiley, sweet, lovable baby boy.
Kaison loves to laugh smile and crawl ❣️
He’s 9 Months ‼️ His Nickname Is Liqqi , He Loves Mickey Mouse & Listening To Music .
Jazlyn Rose is 4 months and love bananas and mangos. She loves to smile at people and laugh.
Amira is a happy babygirl with 2 of the happiest most helpful big sisters.❤️ She loves to eat and lay with her daddy.
Easton loves to help with his sister, play with his trucks and remote control cars. He loves ice cream and his mommy, daddy, and sissy
I love to roll over, tell stories, eat & dance to baby shark. 💞
Mina Bree
Mina was born at 32 weeks.. she is a strong minded, quiet, little sweetheart.. we love our precious girl with all our hearts..