Baby Stories - 84


Khoben is now a whopping 11months old , an such a well behaved cheeky guy 😇🙃 he absolutely loves music An absolutely loves his veggies 🌽!!!
Aaliyah is such a happy baby! Always ready to smile and pose for the camera. Loves to watch her bubba play, loves outside and definitely loves her cuddles!
Ryker is a Leo & loves to play with his feet! He likes to watch our dogs do anything & Scooby Doo is his absolute favorite! Ryker is a happy, loud, squeaking Rollie Pollie Baby Boy! He babbles all the time & his favorite food is green beans so far!
My name is Cameron I love my early talks with mommy I like when my ya-ya plays with me i love her cuddles I love to sleep Vote for me !!
Carter is such a funny little boy with a great personality at such a young age, he is so strong and makes his mother proud everyday. He loves to scream now instead of talking and his mamas twin. Please vote for my little boy!
Hi, I’m Walker Fowler and I love eating food, rolling everywhere, and flirting with the ladies.
Ivie loves being outside! Her favorite thing to do is see her grandparent’s cows. She is the sweetest girl with a very spunky personality.
Kei’Mari is such a jolly baby. If he’s not bossing around his bigger brothers , he’s dancing are playing with his toy trucks.
Trenton has this biggest smile on his face when it comes to loving people, everyone adores him and he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me!! I thank god everyday for such a wonderful handsome baby boy!❤️🥺
Ryker is ticklish everywhere and loves to eat. He is 5months old and has the cutest laugh. He loves to snuggle. He also loves to have convos with people in the car.
My name is Titus and I am 1 year old! I love eating meatballs and carrot sticks, I love when my mommy reads to me, and I especially love walking around and opening cabinets. Follow me on IG: titusdrayton
Miss Peyton was brought into this world on 11/5/2020 @1:38am. She loves to smile and “talk” to anyone who will talk to her. She loves her mommy and daddy. She is loved by her big family!
Azalea is the happiest baby ever 😍 She loves watching Mickey Mouse club house. & playing with mommy and daddy. Please vote for my little angel baby 🤍
Chase is a 9 month old baby. Hes crawling and is so close to walking. He loves to eat. He loves his big brother and he's a daddy boy.
Brantley is 7 months old, loves bouncing. He also laughs at every thing 😆
Estevan Is A Big Loveable Bear. Definitely Enjoys The Attention & Always Has A Big Beautiful Smile. Please Vote For My Son , God Bless ✨
Silas Crew is 3 months old. He loves to talk, play with his big sissy, and roll all over the place!
Rhett is 1 month old and is full of smiles and giggles all the time. He is the most loving baby boy. And already has a personality you wouldn’t believe.
Tinzlee is such a visual leaner. She loves sliding down her slide and playing with her new toddler kitchen.
hi my name is ✨sophia grace✨ I am 2 months old.I love cuddles with mommy and taking warm baths. I enjoy soft blankets & being with my little family.
he like to play smiles vary advance for his age n vary bright young man
Jaquez loves to hold his own bottle, he watches anything that’s on tv but he prefers coco melon and he tries to repeat anything you say to him.
Clay is 4 months old he loves Mickey Mouse,laughing,smiling,spending time with his family.
Tyler is a very happy little boy and loves cuddles😍😍😍
Olivia loves to listen to music, spend time with family, swing outside. She watches just about any action movie with her Daddy (:
Emmaleigh is brand new to the world, and although she’s tiny she already has such a huge personality!
Joseph’s favorite word is CARS
Hes 2 months and currently not into much except the tot tots
I like playing with my uncles and pulling the cat fur. I love cuddles with mommy and daddy. I can hold my head up and stand with help. I am going to be a big brother coming August 15th 2021
Alaia likes to be with her mommy all the time, she loves cocomelon, and chewing on her hands!
My little ham loves everything edible just like her mama! She loves to be loud, and play with all things but mostly water bottles! 😂 Anything won will be saved for bella when shes old enough 💜
Levi James
Levi loves food and mummies milk, loves playing with all he’s toys especially he’s wiggles ball pit, loves to smile forever smiles and is very cheeky. Loves going out and about loves shopping and looking about, loves animals he laughs at the puppy dogs and cats 🐱
Miss Zacari is so sassy and cute and so smart she is full of energy and love 💘 💕 she loves baby shark 🦈 and being silly
Alyllah Lynn is our new little girl and she is already so sweet and so sassy. Her favorite song is “Grace” by Surfaces and she loves cuddles. She was the perfect Christmas present on the night of winter solstice. :)
Delilah is so alert to her surroundings and and loves to smile she’s not even a month old yet! She’s got such a personality and is learning so fast!
This girl won’t stop! 🥳
Tristan is quite the character, he is one funny little boy, He loves trucks, and playing with his sister
Xavier is a fun, loving baby. Xavier likes to spend his time eating baby food and watching Mickey Mouse!!
Delvin is a happy baby has the most adorable smile melts my heart and loves to watch coco melon
Hi I am Carter-Kylo and I was born on Valentine’s Day . I love looking at myself in the mirror, crawling really fast and I playing with my toys , especially ones that light up and play music! I am 11 months old just learning to walk and I love meeting new people , especially other children 💙
The sweetest lil peanut 🎀🥺 I love my daddy and my big brother I just started smiling and I’m always so happy🥰
Ezrien loves bath time and is very ticklish. He loves to laugh and play.
This is Camilla, she is 8 months, mixed and loves Coco Melon. Please take the time to vote for my beautiful daughter.
Vikktor is seriously the smartest boy 🥰 He’s 6 months old and already trying to walk 🖤 he’s sweet and loves food!
Patrick loves laughing. He loves standing with help. He still sleeps a lot.