Marrian loves to talk and tummy time. She loves her mommy and daddy so much. She has everyone wrapped around her finger❤️ She is my first baby and my everything
she is the sweetest thing ever and is obsessed with her mommy and her big brother
This sweet little boy has the smile and the laugh that will melt your heart. He loves his family and his dog. He is so smart and learning so quickly! He is our biggest blessing. ♥️
Paisley Lyn is almost 4 months old, she’s is so happy and loves her big sister. She has the cutest chunky cheeks and pretty blue eyes.
Tucker loves sports and Jesus! He brings so much joy to anyone he meets and his smiles are very contagious! He’s a very sweet baby!
Carson Ray is 8 months old and loves to spend his time outdoors playing with his puppy Rexx!
Angel is outgoing loves to talk even though she is only two months she's such a sweet girl loo over to smile and such a daddy's girl
Autumn is a loving, caring, funny 4 year that loves to play with kids (younger or older). Very sweet & well-mannered , anyone she meets absolutely loves her🥰
Trace has the funniest and most bubbly personality at 8 months. He’s almost ready to start walking! His favorite foods are bananas and chicken 😁
❤️Beautiful little Pisces ♓ She loves trying to stand up, hold her head up, smile, etc . (We were not in the car in this picture)
Kingston loves to watch cartoon, play with his feet, play with his sister and brother, talk and laugh!! Kingston is a silly little boy full of life and he amazes his mommy and daddy everyday!!
Ellie is so bright and always smiling likes to be moving around. Loves to play and talk.
Lindsey is outgoing, smart, constantly hungry and just growing growing growing! She loves bath time and enjoys car rides and she’s just the most sweetest Angel I could’ve ever asked for!❤️❤️
Lukas loves to play with his toys and he loves his family and friends He was born 2 days after Christmas🥰😊
My name is Hassan Zaire, which means “Handsome King”. I love to eat, and play with my toys. My mommy and daddy also love to make me smile, so i always laugh at them so they can see all my gums! My arch nemesis is… SLEEP TIME!
Isabella is a 10 month old ball of fire ☄️ She loves to watch Toy Story, her favorite toys are buzz & woody❤️ Isabella is sassy just like her mama but she is a daddy’s girl💕she loves adventures & figuring out how things work, her favorite thing to do is to look at her self in the mirror and give herself kisses all day. She also loves cuddling mommy after a long day of being a sassy princess, She is mommy’s miracle🦋🤍
Viviana love watching tv look 👀 at books play with her toys 🧸 she love to eat she’s amazing girl I love her so much she gets shy went she see you at first but she’s a lovely beautiful girl
hi My name is ALISHA - ANISIA I like cycling .. playing the piano playing football ... helping the elderly of the children ... pets are part of my family ... I like vocal singing..running ... reading. ..ballet..
Mykenna is 11 months old. She’s a happy girl all the time and is 100% sassy. She loves to talk, play, and eats like a champ. Her favorite characters are Bluey and Minnie Mouse!
good My name is Caitlyn -Evelin Dragan I like to help old people children ,, I like animals very much I love them are like members of my family...
Novah is a very happy baby. Did I mention cute?
Danielle is a very social, inquisitve, and smart baby. She loves everything in nature and loves the outdoors.
Eli loves to sit up, play with his feet, talk and laugh!! Eli is a silly little boy full of life and he amazes his mommy and daddy everyday!
Baby J aka Julian is always smiling and giggling such a happy baby! He loves mickey mouse and his bestfriend, our loyal mini dachshund, Oscar
Austin is the most lovable 7 month old I know! He loves pick a boo and he is always a happy baby!!
This is little Wyatt, he's only a month old and already wanting to take on the world. He's a superhero on his off time and loves to melt the hearts of all that see him. He enjoys music, bottles, his toy dinosaur, and smiling for the ladies.
Myles is almost four months, he loves seeing all the colors on veggie tails, he loves being talked, sung and read too during all times of the day!! he loves being rocked during feed times and while falling asleep. he’s such a wide eyed happy boy. his smile lights up a room, especially in the mornings. he sleeps all night and eats all day lol. most of all he’s a life saver, my life saver! he’s changed my world for the best! the most amazing gift from my angels when they knew i needed to feel loved !!
Amira loves to smile and has such a tickly chin! With long brown hair and bright blue eyes she is my perfect little girl! I hope her smile brings you as much happiness as it does me and my family x
Miss Vichara is an adorable little girl that enjoys exploring the outdoor like fishing 🎣 and camping 🏕 out even when it’s only in the living room her imagination has many wonderful creations. She also loves to go shopping at Target.
Adonis baby so lovable playful little chunky butt boy loves to giggle and freaking cute I swears
Esai loves to cuddle, and talk ! he loves bath time🤍 he has a big personality already, he is a happy baby boy with the cutest smile🤍
This little boy is our super hero! He was born with a heart defect and other medical issues. In May of 2021, he under went open heart surgery to repair a valve. Today, he is doing amazingly well! He has a smile that lights up the room and was enrolled in an Early Headstart program, which he started this month. I am so proud of this sweet boy!
Cohen is a very happy and loving premie babe that loves naps! He has the sweetest soul and the biggest smile.
Hi, my name is Azael Sebastian. I love sleeping and eating 😁 Mommy is my best friend. I have 1 big brother and 1 big sister. ❤️
My name is Ella Lynne Baehr. I love to go to the park to meet new friends and pick flowers for mommy & daddy. I also love playing with my dollhouse, watching Disney movies, and taking care of our garden❤️
Madalynn is such a happy baby!! Her Favorite Thing To Do Is Watch Cocomelon👶🏼!! She Is Such A Blessing And I Can’t Wait To Spend The Rest Of My Life Her🥰😘😍💕
Hello! Bellamy is my little heartbreaker ! Born on Valentine’s Day, 2-14-2022. He absolutely LOVES to smile. He’s such a happy baby. He loves his mommy and daddy and also his two fur siblings 🐾 He’s learning things super fast, and is already teething at 2 months old!! ☺️
Jordan has the biggest smile and laugh and can brighten up anyone’s day
Dre loves sitting up and talking.he also really loves bath time lol. He is one happy baby🤍 oh and let’s not forget when he was 3 weeks old he fought off covid he’s one strong baby boy.🥺
Big Ball of energy and making mess this little Tasmanian devil finds a way to get into everything and bring it to every corner of the house like forget bath time if you leave to toilet paper out cause it’s no longer going to roll, but he sure does love his stickers have to keep them in stock
Kai is a sweet loving 3 year old boy who is obsessed with mario it is his whole life. He loves his kitty cats and loves being silly.
Kristopher ll aka K2, was born 2-2-22… He loves watching Toy Story, cuddles smiling at anyone talking to him. You should vote for him because despite being a 4 pound 13 ounce premie, he still smiles through everything since 2 days old. Plus he’s our special lucky number 7 baby and my husband’s first son who will continue his family’s legacy. Vote for K2!!🥰🥰😀😀
A big bundle of joy and growing like a weed fill the day up with the smile he gives and what he likes most is sleeping and and exploring with his big brown eyes
Dezire is a firecracker! She is extremely outgoing and often hilarious. She is truly a daredevil and a very resilient. She loves to eat, read books, and take baths.
Kenzo Kyng
Kenz’o is an amazing happy baby ☺️❤️ He loves his snacks and he loves to crawl around now that he knows how 💗I can’t explain how much he loves his family but the smile on his face can 😇