Adalynn loves to smile ,giggle and sleep!
Antonio (T3) for short, is a very happy and loving baby. He enjoys snacks and playing with his sister and family. He also gives the juiciest kisses and warmest hugs. He’s just all around the best baby to know 💙
The cutest little boy you ever will meet. And the sweetest! Our little miracle.
Mrs Ziva the Diva. Little squishy monster. She is a ball of energy always on the go. Waving hi and bye to anyone who waves back. A smile that lights up a room
Alaric loves playing with t trucks cars anything that make a car nosies he loves to play in water.
Melek is 2 years old now. Very happy toddler. He loves dancing to music, and dinosaurs toys, he has a very big heart for a toddler, super photogenic.
Khari is 1 years old about to be 2 in June he is outgoing and silly 😜 he loves outside and spending time with his cousins
Canaan is a happy playful baby who loves attention hugs and kisses
Avery is 3 1/2 years old! She absolutely loves to eat cheese and strawberries! Paw Patrol and Scooby Doo are her favorite shows! She is excited to start school this fall and loves to play pretend school already!! She has a baby brother that she absolutely adores, she is the best little helper!
Ahria is a spunky, cheerful and playful baby. She’s always laughing and smiling, especially at her big brother who she loves so so much! She’s the light of her whole families lives and makes everyone around her smile!
Ethan Jr
Ethan is just a happy kid, for a young age he's been through alot but he's always got a smile and put them on ever one he meets.
Jameson is a fun and loving boy! He loves to do everything active! He also loves his food. He has two puppies he enjoys spending time and playing with:)
Elaina was born 3 weeks early via c-section she was 5lbs 8oz and 18.5in long. Elaina was in the nicu for the 4 days we were they because she had low blood sugar. She is now a a beautiful preschool girl who is thriving
Brinley Rae
✨Brinley Rae✨ Our girl is full of sass, personality and attitude. We loves shopping, outside and sleeping. It would mean the world to us if we could win this contest! Give my girl your vote💕💕
Summer is 20 months old and she loves talking and playing up a storm
Bella is very cute and has to be the center of attention. She enjoys beating up her sisters 🤣. She's like a sour patch kid commercial she's sour then she's sweet. I love her and her sister to death.
Ja’Lanni is a goofy Talkative little girl that loves to play and watch her coco melon ❤️
Shes a sweet sassy girl that loves to smile and male make people laugh ♥️
Gracyn loves to be outside he is all giggles and a happy baby boy all around!
Willow was born into this world preterm due to preclampsia and gestational hypertension @ a whopping 4lbs 6oz. My little fighting machine didnt need any nicu time or anything!
Izabella B
Our 16 month old bundle joy loves taking pictures her favorite word is pup pup she loves being out side getting dirty any chance she can she will greet you with a smile and a wave. She may even blow you some kisses.🤍😊
BrantLee is such a giggling happy little man. Everywhere we go people are drawn to his cute little smile. He loves to play with his toys and watch kids play that really gets him laughing. His favorite foods are green beans and squash! Hes my little chunk munk!
Millie is sunshine on a rainy day! She’s one of the happiest babies you will ever meet! She loves ALL food, video games & her family!
Leda Bug!! 🐞 Our Leda is the most adventurous,risk taking, courageous, funny, sweet,kind, hard headed, stubborn, very blunt and honest child. She says what’s on her mind but will give you the most love. She cares for others and sticks up for the ones she loves only at 5 years old. She’s a Jokester. She so girly and loves sparkles and shines things but also loves getting down and dirty playing in the mud with her daddy.
Cheyenne Rae
Cheyenne is 6months old. She loves to be outside, loves playing with her doggy’s 🐶, and smiles about EVERYTHING. Her whole face lights up when she smiles. She loves to eat fudge pops and pickles because they soothe her mouth due to teething.
He loves to play with his toys and he absolutely loves to roll around everywhere! Once he starts rolling, he doesn’t stop. He is such a happy baby
Michelle Kelly is our little princess, named after her two beautiful late grandmothers, Nana Shelly and Gammy Kelly. Most don’t know this but she’s actually our rainbow baby, and we couldn’t be happier with the love and joy she always shares. She loves to smile at everyone and holding hands. She has so much fun taking baths, and loves story time. Her favorite thing is snuggling with Mommy and Daddy, and she really loves our cat too!!
Caroline is the sweetest baby you’ll meet. Her smile and energy will brighten your day. Vote for my pretty baby girl !
Kingsley loves to smile and play. She loves so snuggle and be the Center of attention.
Levi is such a happy sweet boy! Levi is very photogenic and loves being the center of attention 🤍
Aria is very happy and smiles all day long. Loves cuddles and playing. Loves attention!
Ariana Layla
Ari is the most loving baby ever, super happy and always smiling. She’s the best dancer ever and loves getting amped up! She’s besties with her big sister and follows her every move! ♥️
Yaretzi loves to be with her wuela, she’s all smiles 24/7! Mommy and daddy are her second and third favorite people😂
Tobias was born at just 33 weeks. He had pneumothorax in both lungs and had to be sent to the childrens hospital. He spent 5 weeks in the NICU. He shows us true strength every day! Hes our little preemie, our T-cup. 💙
Analiyah Everly
My big girl loves to get ready and look cute, super fun and outgoing little girl. Very smart! Loves to read books & play with her little sister ari💓 she’s full of energy and just a delight to be around!
Smart caring happy!! Olivia is a very smart girl who's also a amazing dancer!
Gianna is very energetic and loves being outside and playing with her brother and sister.
Aubree june is a happy smiley little baby! She loves to laugh eat & move around! She’s already sitting up & almost crawling!!
Maci is a funny and wild child! She loves playing outside, loves stuffed animals, and loves rubber ducks! She is always on the go, from the time she wakes up, to the time she lays down!
My little girl kamila she is the happiest baby always has a smile on her face no matter what she is special all the hair she has and she’s barely turning 8 months 💕
Kayana Gon
She the best lol girl ever she bring ever one joy vote for my baby
Hi im Kaia and i love to observe my surroundings, watch tv and i love my sound machine. Im a sassy little girl with the craziest facial expressions and i also have a twin brother named Kaiden! Go vote for him!