Baby Stories - 82


Brynlee is so sweet and loves to smile and laugh. She is always a happy baby and is so full of energy. She lights up the room and brings so much joy. She is my angel baby after 2 miscarriages. She is all i could want and more.
Kohen loves to laugh and coo. He’s also enjoys cuddle time with momma
Andre is 7 months he loves to play with his toys and crawl around the house ❤️He such a happy baby
He's my rainbow baby he's spoiled rotten and a mess lol he loves his family animals and playing outside
Ellie is a gorgeous little girl full of sass and very energetic. She loves her brother. And loves horses and airplanes.
Just showing off her teeth!
Josie is a very calm and quiet baby. But when she is awake she loves to look around at her family and holds her head up.
Karlie is a very happy baby she loves to be talked to and smile
Alaiyaa is 3 months she’ll be 4 months on the 26th she is learning to roll she is teething and she can coo and she loves her family 😍
Kingsley loves to smile and giggle his just my pickle I love him so much 🥰
Payton is a super sassy red headed hot tempered yet loveable girl. She can sing, dance, and draw very well. Vote for Big Red!!! 💕
Tariq is a happy baby who always smiles and he just likes to have fun
MaKennah is a year old. She’s very outgoing and always happy. She loves dogs and blues clues. She’s the sweetest baby ever and loves to try new foods.
Fun, loving, sweet 7 year old boy. He loves to play with his cousins, ride bike, fourwheeler and loves his baby sister. He loves his family,friends, and animals
Lilliana is 1 soon to be 2. She likes watching movies, playing with her toys, and she loves her biv brother and the animals very much. Please vote for my sweet little girl.
I love being goofy, playing with my animal friends, and keeping it cool while wearing my sunglasses 😎 🥰
Noah is a year and half. Loves playing with his dogs. He can be a fuss butt but with some blueberries he calms down how it is his favorite fruit and he loves giving hugs and kiss to his little sister Amelia.
Airah Parker
ariah likes toy play with her toys mommy and daddys girl she likes to pose to the camera all the time lovely girl
Sam was born 9 weeks premature November 28, 2019. Being able to watch him thrive and grow in the last year has truly been a blessing! Sam is an animal lover just like his mommy. Him and Milo our kitty are the ultimate troublemakers. Sam loves any and all food & snacks especially his puffs.
Hi my name is A’Montae I’m a mommy boy i love to dance and clap i love to crawl and cry 🥺 and i love cocomelon .🤍 Turning one pretty soon and i can’t wait !!!🔥
Brixleigh is almost 4 months old! She loves to play, smile and laugh! She also loves watching trolls and bubble guppies and has a sibling on the way!
Everly enjoys eating and sleeping, she has extremely strong reflexes and loves cuddling with her mommy and daddy!
My name is Princess Harmony and I love to dance, sing,and play. My personality it’s everything you could ask for
Jocelyn is the happiest (almost) 4 month old i know. She always has a smile on her face. She loves when mommy sings happy and you know it and counting.
My blue eyed dimple baby is mixed with white /black / mexican & Native American 👣she's currently 3 months as of 1/7/2021 💖she can now roll from her stomach to her back she also is learning to use her hands more now she sucks both her thumbs at the same time 🥺 ! She's always super happy she loves to talk and make nosies and scream and she LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat 😂🤗she's super photogenic her favorite thing Is her swing and watching daniel tiger 🥰❤️
Jayce loves dinosaurs and food
Hi my name is brigston and I’m almost 2 months old and I love to cuddle up to mommy and daddy! I also love watching tv and looking at lights!
I love to roll from my back to my tummy and my tummy to my back! I don’t care which side my mama puts me on, I will always defy to the other side! I love staring at my handsome self in mirrors and sleep all through the night! I love kicking my leggings and tugging my mamas hair, I will grasp anything with all my might! I got rosy red cheeks and blue eyes! No teeth yet though! I am sure they’re coming though, at least my mama swears by my attitude they are..
Lilly is my beautiful lil girl and is my only girl out of five children she is very smart and loves to help anyone she can
Avery is a fun,smart, funny little girl, currently in head start. She loves being outside, jumping on her trampoline and swing set. She also enjoys taking baths and loves to paint her finger nail and toe nails. Averys favorite animals are dogs and horses. Avery likes going to Walmart, it’s one of her favorite places to go.
Jahliyah loves to sing and dance but mostly she loves too eat. She remembers almost everything I teach her because she loves to be rewarded for learning and she loves her parents🥰
She loves to dance and sing she’s the silliest Lil girl ever and she’s very smart !
Hi, my name is A’kahri I’m 6 months I’ll be 7 months in 2 days, I love to play with my toys and spend time with mommy and daddy, I’m really active I cannot wait to crawl ☺️🥰🥰
Da’Khi loves kisses. He is a cuddler and loves to grab your face to make a sure you are listening to him. He is a very happy baby and only cries when he is hungry. He loves being held very spoiled 😂💙
Ky’len loves watching cocomelon & eating just about any kind of food 😂
My name is Santi and I like sleeping, playing with my toys and taking baths!
Ayden frequently participates in pageants both in person and virtually. He has 2 siblings and loves happy meals!
Amelia is 4 months and loves taking pictures especially when daddy is making funny faces and showing off her new bows that I make her. Love attention and loves to talking to her big brother noah. ❤
Hi My Name Is Aloní Some People Call Me Loni For Short I Love My Toys An My Mommy An Dad Your Vote Will Be Appreciated Leave Me A Vote😘🥰
Ty'Rae is a very energetic & loving. She loves to eat, dance, & play with toys.
Harmony is such a happy lovable baby. She loves hugs and kisses. Her favorite thing to do is eat and cuddle
Z’haire loves to eat and play with all his toys he enjoys watching television too
Kristrian is 1 years old and he is the sweetest cutest baby you will ever met he love people and people love him 🥰💙