Baby Stories - 82


Darcie is 1 and a half. She has a wicked sense of humour and the most contagious laugh. She loves singing songs and playing with her German Shepard!
He active 1 yr who loves chasing his pupoy around, always seems to be happy and having fun!
Jackson is almost 2 months old! He’s such a snuggle bug and loves being held! He loves standing and he’s getting super strong at holding his head! He’s a super easy baby, he only cries when he needs anything! Please vote for my handsome baby boy! ❤️
Madalyn is a very smart, loving, and beautiful baby girl! She loves to play with her puppy remi and watch pj masks and cocomelon. Her favorite words are dada, mama, apple, and Remi. Please vote for my beautiful girl💗
She's such a beautiful and wonderful little girl already. She's so quiet and so happy. She's Mommy and Daddy's miracle baby ❤
Peyton is my big sweatheart, despite her mean mug in the pic. She loves all animals and making people laugh! She loves the attention!
Grayson loves paw patrol and spider man and hates to be wet or dirty while playing outside!
Magnolia Rae our adorable little red head , she already has a spunky attitude and adorable smile . She is little sister to the best big brother ! Vote for our adorable girl ❤️
My Princess! ADVANCED VOTES ARE WELCOMED 💞 THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS IT MEANS SO MUCH She loves boobie milk! Lol and cocomelon!! Very smart and skipping the crawl stage! Sharp nails and likes to scratch like a cat! 😂 but soooo sweet! Contagious smile! And her eyes are enough to brighten your day alone!!! Finally sharing my bundle of joy with the cyber world. Plans to be able to get her modeling gigs! Support us along the way! Thanks in advance!!!
Mazi is 5 month old Super Packer Fan From Wisconsin. He loves playing with his toys and cooing and laughing with mom and dad. Also enjoys watching sports. A True Wisconsin Fan. 🥰
Ameliarna has been such an amazing little baby since she was born, only ever cried when she needed something! Always smiling constantly specially in the mornings! She loves standing and holding her head up now she is 11 weeks old! She loves her milk even more! Our tiny little girl and still in first size clothes! Wouldn’t change her for the world! Please vote
Jordan is 1 years old & is the happiest baby he’s all smiles 💙
Baby boy Klayston has a big name. Klayston drenning depyatic-Williams. Nickname KD or Turtle.
josiah is my little boy and he always will be. they say if you have a baby boy for your first baby, you arent getting as much love as you need. this little boy is giving me all the love i need. he may not be able to talk but everytime he smiles it makes my day. he loves his mommy and daddy. he loves to smile. he loves his bouncer and swing. and he absolutely loves his baths when its bath time.♥️
God gifted us with the most handsome perfect little boy! Owen helped mama a lot when entering the world on July 23rd, 2021 @ 12:59 am weighing 7 pounds 6 oz! He came out so perfect and beautiful! Owen Gabriel Plepler loves to smile, eat and sleep just like his mama. He is blue eyed just like his daddy!
Indy is an 11 month old NICU graduate! He has blue eyes, and red hair just like daddy! His favorite cartoon character is Captain Hook. He has big gorgeous lips, and the sweetest personality!
Hi my name is Roman. My favorite show is Bluey. I have two fur brothers whom I love dearly, we even chase the vacuum together. I love to eat lots of food and get lots of snuggles.❤️
Tyler is 4.5 months old. He loves getting cuddles and loves smiling at everyone. He has recently found out he has toes and now spends most of his time playing with his toes.
Hazel is the kindest little girl you will ever meet. She loves “working” on things and playing outside the most. Her smile brightens anyone’s day!
Zoey is a rainbow baby,she was born at 37w+2days. She’s a ball of sunshine, her little smile can brighten up a room. Zoeys a little sassy girl that loves to laugh and smile if she’s not being sassy.
PLEASE DO NOT RETURN ADVANCE VOTES TILL DECEMBER, DO NOT VOTE,ONLY DOING ACHIEVEMENTS TY Please help and Like/Share..Thank You Everyone For Supporting Aurora/ 🥰Very Gratefull 🥰Aurora is such loving /Adorable child, very happy bubbly bubba,she is the most PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE little girl very intelligent,cheeky to, 😊(Aurora is my grandaughter)
Sarah Kate
Sarah Kate is 8 months old and completely obsessed with Cocomelon
Hudson is such a happy boy, loves looking at trees, smiling at his older sisters and think his daddy is the funniest person ever! Loves to coo especially when hes getting tired, and loves his blankey. This super cuddley boy is his big sisters light and his parents world
Thiago is 10months old and is a very curious little man. He loves trying all different types of food, being outside, having bath time and watching coco melon.
Oakley is a happy little boy and loves to tell storys.
Miss Olivia is only 9 days old, loves cuddles, and to sit and observe. Had a tough delivery but mom and Olivia are doing great.
Alexi lovess dancing on tiktok she has 15k likes and loves singing
I'm a cute and sweet 2 months old baby. Texas born mixed caucasian and Puerto Rican.
Our little Maddie loves when mommy talks to her, she’s all smiles. And giggles at her daddy when she catches him snoring. She’s truely a light in our little world 🌎
Dean loves smiling, laughing at daddy, and rolling all over the place! 💙
He is a wild sprint he is wiggle worm and his smile will brighten your whole day with just one
Je’Siah is a model baby cute happy and full of love Je’Siah loves people he likes feeding time and being held by mommy he also loves playtime VOTE for Je’Siah!!
He is almost 6 months old and is the happiest baby all the time, he loves to eat everything, and is almost crawling!
Happiest sleepy baby ever! She adores her big brother and enjoys snuggles.
Charley has now mastered the art of escape, and is a babbleing ball of energy! He loves dancing and singing songs of his toddler people.
Kaiden is my little man born 9/3/21 He makes the cutest little facial expressions and he is full of personality already. We are so blessed to have him in our lives
Selena is 2 months old. She’s a very happy baby. You should vote for her because look at her little Smile 💗
Kato is 4 months old. He loves to chew on just about anything, rolls over & is all smiles!!
She loves pictures and she’s very loving and outgoing
Declan loves to snuggle and laugh. He also likes to fly around the house while dad holds him singing “SUPER BABY TO THE RESCUE”
This is Alayna Rose, she was born August 15th, 2021. She is an incredibly happy baby, full of smiles and tons of squeals! She loves to eat, loves when it’s tubby time and loves to watch SpongeBob while in her swing!!
Avy is a smiling happy baby. She is truly a miracle! I was told I'd never come to full term! And here we are! She is a gift! Miraculous! Beautiful! The cutest baby I have ever seen!
Blaiklyn is a year and a half. She absolutely adores playing with her brother and her puppies. Blaiklyn also enjoys spending time outside, she is a bundle of energy.
A’Mari is a very happy baby she smiles and laughs all the time she enjoys doing pat a cake
He loves cars and playing outside, blues clues his favorite show
Cash is the sweetest little boy. He absolutely loves snuggles, the outdoors and spending time with all his family. He was born May 1st, weighing 8Ibs 7oz. He has already been on a boat with mom and dad and loves watching us fish. He’s loves country music so much that he kicks his feet whenever country music is playing. He smiles at everyone he meets! This little boy is a gift from God.
Bean is one of the sweetest little girls you will ever see or talk to. She knows no stranger and loves life!
Karma loves to dance and loves to dress up She loves to learn new words 🥰