Hello! I’m Kayden Oaklee. My favorite show is Dragon Tales. I love taking warm baths and going shopping. Thank you for voting for me!
Elliot loves Math and Spelling and games.
Vivian is full of laughs and giggles. She loves trying to sing and talk. She just started eating her 1st foods and she’s in love with sweet potatoes. I mean who can blame her? She loves being tickled and loves to snuggle. She definitely has an attitude already at almost 5 months. So daddy and I are in bigggg trouble!😂❤️
Camden loves to color and draw.
Jasper was born 10 weeks early and weighed 3lbs and 2ozs. He is still in the nicu today but we are hoping he gets to come home soon! So far he has accomplished every milestone thrown at him he really is a fighter thats for sure! He loves being snuggled and his pacifier is his favorite he loves when i sing and talk to him and he definitely can fill a dirty diaper lol! He started using a bottle and has been doing so well no more feeding tube yay!! He is just so cute and keeps getting cuter the more he grows❤️
Penelope is the sweetest happiest baby. She loves running around the house and climbing on anything she can. She loves smiling and saying mama 🥰
This is Alizabeth. But, if you ask her it is Izzy. She is smart and sassy. Animal loving princess. She gonna jump in the mud but not break a nail doing it. She's loves to dress up and have a good ole dance party. She also loves singing.
Alex is my miracle baby and I’m blessed we are both here today after his rough entrance into this world. He loves snuggles with momma and swinging in his swing.
Kingston is a very brilliant little boy who lights up a room with his bright blue eyes and his smile! He loves his brother and his daddy and mommy! His favorite fruit is bananas! He is such a joy
Hadlee loves to smile and stick her tongue out. She will try to mimic any face you make at her!
Hadlee Hamner
Hadlee is a sweet and gentle soul. She loves playing with her dinosaurs, watching Scooby Doo, and riding her four wheeler outside. She's sweet, shy, and onrey all wrapped in one!
Angelina was born 12 weeks early at a whopping 1 pound 10 onces and has been thriving ever since. She will be 6 in a few months. She absolutely loves going to school, she'sin kindergarten. She loves Frozen, Trolls, and babydolls. She loves to help me do certain things around the house that "don't make her tired" her exact words.. lol She keeps me on my toes everyday!
She’s so goofy and smart and LOVES any and all new toys! She is easily entertained even with the smallest thing. She has short brown wavy hair and blue/grey eyes. She’s always so very happy and playful!!
Mia loves to go outside and play. She loves playing with our dog Simba and blowing bubbles.
Rylee Grace is always smiling, she loves pictures being taken, she my little movie star ❤️
Piper loves JJ of Cocomelon and her baby dolls.
Ezekiel loves Dinosaurs and JJ on Cocomelon.
Jayce is one of the happiest babies you will ever meet. He has a smile that is 100% contagious and could brighten any room. When not spending time in mommy's arms Jayce enjoys watching shrek, playing with his brother, and dancing. Voting for Jayce would show just how contagious a happy smile can be. Thank you!!!
Ryker loves to sleep and eat. When he’s awake he’s nothing short of chatty and always must be the center of attention.
Jaxon is the happiest boy you will ever meet! He loves his momma & daddy almost as much as he loves food and being outside!
Rosie Love
Hello y’all! This is ROSIE LOVE 🌹. She loves to share her dimply smiles on a daily.She just thinks everyone so funny. She loves to jump to the beats of 🎵! Rosie actually has a favorite movie (Back to the outback)and hogs the tv always.And that’s what makes her one of a kind 🥰. Please feel free to vote for this super baby yall. Many thanks in advance . Good luck 🍀
Willow Esme
Willow loves to snuggle , be talked to and eat all day .
Abel Odin
Abel Odin is our baby soldier. He was born after 4 days of labor with a pneumothorax(air pocket in lungs). I was only able to hold my son for 5 minutes before they had him transferred out of town to see a specialist. He was in the NICU for 6 days before he fully recovered. We finally were able to bring home our baby boy on the 6th day. Abel is almost a year now and a perfectly healthy and extremely happy baby boy who loves music, a lot of food, and most of all his daddy. 💙
Briar loves dinosaurs, trucks, loud cars , motorcycles and his animals . Briar has a heart of gold and sense of humor that reminds me of robin williams .
Maggie is a very happy baby with a side of sassy. She loves to giggle and babble. Her favorite toy right now is a yellow dinosaur but loves playing on her little piano. She loves her bath time ; well water in general. She is defiantly a water baby (: She’s always pulling herself up and trying to stand and insists to be held standing up. Vote for my sissybutt and I'll vote for your littles
Ryder is an absolute cute, funny kiddo. He loves to growl, and scream for no reason. He loves the sound of different trucks, and cars.
Josiah is 5 months old!! He loves cocomelon and stuff animals he also loves his apples and sweet potatoes!!❤️
Kingston is a very joyful baby, he has such an amazing personality and loves to laugh! he loves car rides, eating, crawling and playing with his toys. his favorite foods are bananas and strawberries and he loves animals!
If you having a bad day he loves doing a scrunchy face
He has had a hard start to life he was born with Down Syndrome he loves to smile
I love bananas, apples and potatoes! I'm always smiling unless I'm sticking my tongue out. Show me some love! 💙
Alice Marie 💕
Matthew loves to play outside and loves playing with his friends at daycare. He enjoys spending time with mommy and daddy at the firehouse. He’s a little wild boy who loves to explore and get into anything he can but is also the sweetest little boy who loves giving hugs and kisses.
Emily like to play outside and likes to watch Cocomelon and play with her brother and likes to holler for her pawpaw and coco and momma she love her aunt Irene and Allie Anna and carson
Gunnar loves riding his bike and watching YouTube! Ifhe’s out side he’s ethir playing in the dirt or playing with bugs!
Loves animals, and watching encanto with mommy and daddy, loves cars and trucks and absolutely loves being outside and his favorite person in the world (other than mommy and daddy) is his uncle buddy💗
Harvey, the sweetest boy ever! He loves baths, laying on his changing pad, and his binky! He loves playing all day, listening to another one bites the dust, and reading lots of books!
Baby bird enjoys Apples and snuggles
Kharri is a girly girl! She loves her attention loves to play and has a personality that would put a smile on anybody’s face
Dustin Jr
I love cars, soccer balls, & love playing with family as well as being outdoors! Dinosaurs 🦕 are the best!! ❤️ I adore my mommy & daddy, and they cant resist adoring me! Happiness is my game, being mean is LAME! 🙃😇
Elijah Angelo
Hi, I’m Elijah Angelo. Your cute asian baby boy.
Axel is one of a kind. He loves to play, go outside and feel the breeze on his face, and soak up the attention. He’s very charismatic and loves to put a smile on your face. What he loves most is to bathe or have mama read him and book. He is smart, sweet, charming and my whole world.
Zane Rayden
Zane Rayden is smiling happy loving boy. He laughs all the time. He is happy all the time. He just a happy boy. We spoiling him all the time.