Baby Stories - 81


Londyn is a loveable and happy baby.😌☺️She can be sassy at times.She LOVES to EAT and play with her older Brother.
I'm a happy, loving, wild one! My mommy thinks I'm extra special cause I'm a miracle. I'm a CHD warrior. ❤💙
Harley has the most adorable smile, this picture was taken Christmas day with all his family around him!!! Xx
Bryan loves watching cartoons and playing with his toys or being in his bouncer. His smile just light's up the room. His favorite color is red. He melts everyone heart who meets him. He's a mommy boy and loves eating bananas.
Joseph is almost 6 months old. He loves light up toys, teething rings and trying new soft foods. In his spare time he enjoys tummy time and playing with his dog.
I love my cuddles very much, i love my tummy time and i have a big sister and a big brother who i love very much. I like to make my family smile with loads of cuddles
ATTN: PLEASE ALL VOTE EXCHANGE/ADVANCES TO !! Ara (pronounced Air-uh) Has green eyes, that one day, will melt hearts and has lashes that most ladies would kill for!! Loves chewing on anything he can get his little hands on (especially hair!) , and drooling! He sleeps through the night with his little tush in the air. Be prepared.. you gotta be able to hold a conversation with this little guy.. HE LOVES TO TALK! (He's a good listener too ☺️)He absolutely loves giving Mama kissys and looooves to eat! Sweet potatoes and bananas are his favorite❤️ Besides eating, his two favorite activities are jumping and swimming! He would live in his jumpy or the tub if he could! He loves it when Mama holds the back of his head when he's in the bath so he can float on his back and kick his feet and push off when he gets to the end. I might have an olympic swimmer on my hands one day!!😂 This guy is an all around UNICORN BABY!! He's as special and unique as they come 🥰 (Not to mention, he's absolutely gorgeous🥰) This little guy is perfect-The Whole Package-in every way!
Hadley Marie
Has her mommy’s attitude and her daddy’s stubbornness. Already striking poses 💖
Hi I’m Dalilah Lee, my parents are my best friends, one of my siblings has paws and loves to be in my face, I don’t love it so much though. You should vote for me, because look at that smileeeee.
A firecracker who loves to be independant and do things his way. Kind of like his mama .lol
My name is Magnolia Elouise and I just turned 4 months old!❤ I love to smile and laugh at my big brothers and I'm ALWAYS talking my mommy's ear off.
Christopher Jr
I love bath time, music, Mommy and Daddy.. and especially my big brother, Jaidyn!
Luke is being raised by his 18 year old mommy. He loves her more than life itself. Despite having that tough start in life, Luke is a very happy boy. He loves to crawl and use his voice.
Happy baby, loves to laugh, talk & play 🥰
Jasmine is kind and thoughtful big sister. loves dancing and singing and writing x
Born on the 24th of june. Hes got such a cheeky smile and never fails to make you smile. His giggle is to die for. Hes such a happy boy day in day out
Cooper was born at 24 weeks weighing 1 lb, 6.9 oz. and 13 in long. He has brought us so much joy in such a tough year and his contagious smile has kept us going day after day. He loves playing helicopter and snuggles.
Hes 19 months. And loves his northern cree pow wow music and loves the movie frozen 1&2. Loves playing outside and walks but hates snow
Nova is almost one and can talk stand up loves to eat loves watching bubble guppies and loves books .
Kaleb is a 11 month old boy who loves racing and Mickey Mouse loves to give kisses in ur hand or blow u them
Alivya was born December 3rd. She loves to eat and sleep and puts a smile on everyone’s face when they see her. 💗
Lamont Jr
Lamont jr goes by (MJ) MJ is a three year old dancing machine, he's so smart, Vote for MJ it won't hurt.🥰
Sonny LOVES her family, especially her Mama. She loves to hear herself talk and loves looking outside. She is super curious about everything and is figuring out her hands can do so many things. When she can't do something on her own, she growls in frustration.
Lucas is such a happy boy and always smiles, his blue eyes light up the room. I feel so blessed to have a good outcome last year while in such a crazy world 🌎 ❤️
Aubree loves her cuddles from mama & daddy, playing in her walker all over the house, going for walks in her stroller, & she is a neonatal stroke survivor! Our little miracle baby ❤️
Ayden Simmons
Hi, I'm Ayden! I love playing with mommy and daddy, I love watching cartoons, and I love riding in the car!
Hello my name is Eva I’m 15 weeks old love going for walks in the pram with her sister she is a very happy baby always smiling and loves being on her belly
This is Dakota my little warrior. She was born with a brain hemorrhage and a chromosome disorder so she had to spend almost 3 months in the nicu. She been beating all the odds although she’s not quite like other one year olds she’s making progress every day!!
Sebastian is 14months old. He is obsessed with cars, loves eating Cheeto puffs and is always laughing. He even wakes up with a smile on his face!
Jye is the most beautiful little rangar out hes alwasy so happy and smiling just loves to explore and do different things hes loves the outdoors and balls and cars are his biggest passion at the moment he just loves being a typical boy love everything aboit cars and motorbikes anyyjinh with a engine or makes noise haha 🥰❤️👶 please vote for this cutie
Jaida is a bright, bubbly 6 month old baby with a powerful personality. She loves tummy time and cartoons, loves to play with her puppy and enjoys strolls in the park with her parents. You should vote for my beautiful girl because she is adorable and such a lovable little girl ❤️
Kazmir Ryder Thomas
Mr. Kazmir Ryder Thomas was born November 29th,2020 at 1:32 a.m. he weighed 6.1 pounds and was 18 inches long. He is the more relaxed and goes with the flow kind of baby unlike his little brother. Healso doesnt like being to far Way from his other half. He is always smiling & laughing and always has to pay attention to what is going on around him. He just turned a month old 4 days ago & is growing so fast, its unbelievable!
Ariah Parker
she very smart little girl she likes to play with her toys likes to poses for her picture
Jazlynn Jaia is the sweetest babygirl. ❤️ She enjoys talking to her mommy and daddy and is always making funny faces! Her personality is shining through at just 4 months: happy, silly, and so loving!
Hi my name is Greyson I am 2 years old I am a messy boy who loves sweet treats , I love beating up my daddy and cuddles I hate nap time and going to bed I love going on car rides and playing outside , I could play with toy cars and watch paw patrol all day !
He loves cuddles and to hangout with his mama and daddy. He is a premie born 15 weeks early but so full of energy. He enjoys taking very long naps and the outdoors. He eats lots and now weighing 25lbs and is now walking.
Alivia showed up alittle bit early! As her mother I got induced early November 15th and late November 16th she was here! I had to have a emergency c section because the doctors believe alivias heart rate was dropping very fast as I was getting ready to give birth. She was born happy and healthy. I’m so very blessed!
Bentlee is my only son and last baby and he makes my world worth living in ! He makes the worst day seem okay !! He loves playing and eating!
I’m 5 yrs Old, beautiful, smart. ❤️ VOTE FOR ME ‼️❤️
Arvo Garrison is almost 5 months old!! He is so smart and so strong! loves his hands and cocomelon for a fact❤️ vote for my sweet boy
Gabriel is a very happy baby. He is excited about mastering rolling all over the house and loves to go on walks in his stroller and baby pack. He is very alert and curious about everything around him but he doesn't care much for strangers. His favorite word is dada , and he is currently cutting his second tooth. One of his favorite things to do is jump in his jumparoo!!!
draycee loves being held she’s very big on cuddling and kisses. She’s a sweet baby and she’s a daddies girl he’s watching her from the sky making her smile and laugh
Matt Frank Garland Jr.
Matt Frank Jr. Is a very happy baby. He loves to makr bubble sounds with his mouth. And he loves to smile.