Lily is an artist! She loves painting, drawing, and creating. She also has a tougher side and plays 1st base in baseball with the boys.
Noah is a very happy baby, especially when he just wakes up. He loves blowing raspberries constantly when he gets tired. He lights up and gets so excited looking in the mirror and will sometimes kiss himself in the mirror.
Mary is a very smiley girl!! She’s very observant and loves looking at the world around her!
A little ball of joy 🥹
Rhiley has a big heart for animals and kids. Shes always looking for ways to help.
This is Brinleigh, she is 7 months old and LOVES to smile and laugh, she is very outgoing and loves to talk! She is the sweetest little girl ever! ❤️
Ayden is a happy, lovable, bright eyes, big smile handsome little fella that you would love 💙
Sarai is 3 years old and loves to play, laugh, go fishing, and just be outside! She is very energetic and loves people! She is the sweetest little girl
Roselia is a happy and fun loving 6 week old baby girl that is the apple of her mommy and daddy's eye . She loves to be in her swing and likes when her mommy sings to her
Waylon is our adventurous baby boy. He loves to pull up on things, play with his trucks, and love on mama and dada! His Dada and Bubba are his BEST FRIENDS! He loves to laugh and smile but most of all cuddle 💙
Ryleigh June
Hi there I’m Ryleigh. I love to take naps, be outside, and listen to all sorts of music with mommy ❤️
Leo is a very happy baby always smiling and has the most cheekiest laugh, the most caring little boy. He is very nosey loves to see what everyone’s getting up to and loves dinner time
This is Kyhlani,she is very beautiful, shes 11 months old. She loves to play and laugh. She loves walking around and getting into everything.
Jeriel is amazing kid real humble and loving 🥰 personality and cares about ppl needs
Ann'Elysse likes the beach, she loves water and meeting new people. She is a very good happy baby that loves everyone. She learns new things everyday. She is such a blessing.
Nylah is the most sweetest loving little girl. Her aura will always have you in a great mood. She loves making people laugh and is very affectionate.
My ginger blue eyed boy with a cheeky grin the most happy little tigger any one could ask for 🤍
Joao is only 2 months, he loves seating and laid down on his playground set and listening to his baby music 🎶 his favorite thing is his swing 💙
Hi I’m Millie I was born A little bit sick but I’m getting bigger and stronger everyday 💪💖
Hi my name is Kairo but everyone calls me Peanut . I like the sound of drums , I love my mommies , and most of all I love my bottles on time and warm 🤤
My name is laynie, mum and dad call me Laynie lou. I’m a happy smiley little girl who loves bathtime and being nosey watching the world go by.
8month old, happy, handsome, baby brother. Loves cartoons, snuggles, him adores his big brother ,and loves to make faces, fart noises and spit bubbles
Nhayelli is 7 months old she is such a happy baby always smiling and laughing. She will light up the whole room with just her smile. She loves playing with her brother.
Sara is a very smart and happy 2 year old girl and loves being a big sister she loves baby shark and singing all the time and loves to play and eat chicken and sweets and pineapples
Andrew is a very happy baby, always smiling and joyful. Loves to hear story times.
My nick name is Ben Ben and I love watching my dad play the game I even try to help him I’m full of laughter but I don’t like getting wet
Miss Damiana is a very adventurous outgoing smart amazing 2-year-old who is love dearly!!!
Xzander 2yrs old & loves to be outside, spending time with his brother & his parents.LOVES to listen to his music & cant forget his dancing!
He loves to eat and go outside he also is a very Smart 1 year old
Brayden is a very happy baby, he loves being talked to and his smile can light up a room. He has many expressions and likes to be very active for his age. He loves to be held and loves his bath time. His parents love him dearly and we think he knows that.
Little miss kota is 6 months old, she Loves colors,lights and music. She loves to be at the bowling alley with her mom and dad. Also she’s the best cuddle buddy 🥰
Mia is outgoing funny always smiling and laughing she so bubbly
Owen is a outgoing boy who loves Spider-Man and being a big brother. He wants to do and be everything daddy does!!💕 He’s silly and always Happy!!
Miss Madeline loves to blow bubbles!! She is a happy go lucky girl and doesn’t play around when she hears that bottle shaking!!💕
Remi is my first little sweet chicken nugget she loves her some baba & is still learning how to coo & smile. 💗She loves long walks in her stroller & any kind of light up toy you can find . 😌 She will be 2 months on the 7th & is growing like a weed . 🥺💞 She is the cutest chunky monkey I’ve ever seen . 😍🙈
Aydrien is the MOST loving kind hearted baby i know he loves gives hugs and playing with his cousins. He loves watching cocomelon and much more. He loves dinosaurs and trucks and loves to explore. Most importantly hes mommies big joy
Gael is 7 months old, he loves giving hugs and kisses, since he was born he has always had the biggest smile and biggest eyes.
Averie Amara enjoys running around playing, shes super helpful and sweet but her wild side is full of fire, being a daredevil and ready for anything!!
The first thing this baby boy does when he wakes up is smile. Hes always so happy and hes such a talker already. He also loves his bouncer.
Olivia is 7 months old & is the happiest little girl you will ever meet! She loves to dress up & knows when she’s in a beautiful dress. She loves her Bubba more than anything & loves everyone she lays eyes on 💙
Violet is 7 months old and is already trying to take her first steps while holding on to the couch she is crawling and even saying dada mama and yay!! She also can sit up like a big girl.. she loves puppies and her mama which is my sister lol
Anna is the happiest baby there ever was! Her smile is contagious and she loves making new friends! She is such a bright light with a big personality!
She love smiling, cuddles, mommy and being able to see the world.
Mackenzie loves to crawl, eat, and bath time. She is such a sweet little girl. She always has a smile on her face.