Baby Stories - 80


She loves to snuggle her big brother and mommy sometimes daddy she has a smile that can light up a whole room😍
Raylann Grayce loves her momma and her daddy, her milk , and sleep 💗
He loves trying new foods. Very happy baby smiling all the time. He loves socializing with everyone he meets.
Atlas is 5 months old weighing 17lbs! He’s the most bubbly baby boy! His big blue eyes and his big gummy smile takes the spotlight in every room!!
One happy lil fella. Loves to smile and laugh. 😊😊 and loves his big sister. ♡
Zane Is A very Smart Young Man For His Age & He Loves To Play With his Puppy ( Beethoven ). I Have Seen the Most Incredible Little boy in The World Until I Seen What My Smart man Can do
He's the sweetest baby ever and smart as a whip and so loveable
Kayden just turned 8 months, he loves playing with colorful light up toys & his first word is dada! He is crawling, sitting up, & pulling himself up on things🖤
Shes a little miracle... Decided to be a little kreeper! Found out i was pregnant at 31 weeks.. 6 weeks later here she was..😍😍
Audrie turned 4 years old on the 9th of January! She loves her family, especially her baby brother. She’s obsessed with Frozen and barbies. She loves going to school, and is always learning something new ☺️
Nikolas is such a sweet, happy boy and loves to cuddle ♥️
Russell was born on December 13, 2020 weighing in at 7 pounds 9.7 ounces. He sleeps through the night. And he loves to smile when he’s awake.
RaeLynn is going strong for an almost 4 month old. She has found her beautifully sweet voice and talks nonstop. She is trying to be a big girl, by sitting up by herself and tryin hard to roll over. She loves mornings, naps, and eating. I absolutely adore this little blessing of mine.
She Is So Adorable Loves High Energy Have The Most Prettiest Smile & Laugh Vote For Qha’Mani 🤍
Hello my name is Alonzo and I just turned 3 years old. I can count to 6, say a couple sentences. I’m still learning my colors. I’m in the middle being potty trained. I love cars and have a lot of toy cars to play with. I like pretend I’m Spider-Man and save my siblings when they’re in trouble.
Mai’Jour is a big bundle of joy. He’s very smart for his age. He enjoys rolling over, pushing up lifting his head and smiling while playing.
Roy'al love to watch blues clues , sing and dance (abc song is his favorite).
My name is Kairi. I am 4 months old. I love to laugh and play. I love Winnie-the-Pooh(tigger is my favorite)!
Kingsley love to get milk wasted and sleep so far , oh and he loves when you talk to him .
So much joy in this little boy💙
Tristen is a very funny little baby who loves to eat, and he loves to share things. Cuddling and giving kisses is a must for him! ♥️
Adrián is the most lovable child you will every meet! He likes Marvel superhero’s, blues clues, Scooby doo and anything that’s edible.
Mason was born 8lbs 15.6 oz. Mason is now 5 months old. He loves cuddles and tummy time. He’s learning to crawl and enjoys bouncing and playing with his cousin.
Amazing big sister
Hes a noisy boy. Enjoys tickles and blowing raspberries. Always happy and chilled.
oh this wild child is something else. he loves to play with other kids. his favorite word is mom as well as no no no no. if you make a noise he will mok that same exact noise. He absolutely loves music and dances to the songs. His favorite song is Got what i got by jason aldean. He likes to rip off his socks and shoes. he will make you laugh and make your day so much more brighter. I can go on and on about this handsome lil guy.
Kyree is a curious, enthusiastic, loveable ball of sonshine. He’s super photogenic and gives you the biggest smiles ❤️
Jaydah Jo
Jaydah is 3! She loves being outside and playing with her sister. And of course our puppies! Shes full of energy and always doing something crazy. She loves minnie mouse, Trolls & Blippi!
Braylon Eliyjah Ar'Mon Medious
He's 1handsome little juicy, goofy he loves to play and dance very shy around someone he just met get to know him you will love him he's everybody juicy jaws
Loving, smiley, happy 4 year old who loves trains, dinosaurs & most importantly ice cream ♥️
Gracelyn loves to be hold and loves to eat, she a very snuggly happy baby💕
Acelynn is such a happy baby. She can repeat almost anything you say back to you and she has dimples you could just eat soup out of!
Aleia is 3 months old. She loves watching her brother play and sleeping her days away.
Myles loves to eat He’s a happy 1 yr old He and his dog run back and forth in the house. He watches Elmo, blue, pj mask. Myles favorite food would be Potatoes He love to give kisses as well
Declan is 10 months old. His smile lights up the whole room! He is constantly talking baby nonsense but can say dada, mama, my boy, I like dada, uh-oh and baba! He loves his dog and all others! Mickey Mouse is his favorite thing to watch. He is so smart and is always observing everything. Declan has such a big lovable personality and wears his heart on his sleeve!
Amazin love riding her hoverboard playing wit her friends and learning mew stuff
Elijah loves to put a smile on ur face
Brooklynn Fox
Im a super happy baby I love playing in the pool and outside. My favorite food is pears. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I’m super sassy but my cuteness makes up for it ! Everyone I’m around has smiles on their face the second I walk into the room !
Malakai is funny, sweet, and all around such an amazing boy. He loves his mommy and daddy. But is a sucker for his grandparents❤️
Hi, my name is Makinley 🌸 I love my mommy and daddy. I’m a happy girl, and always have a smile on my face.
She loves snuggling with her mom and dad. And loves getting into everything now
Christopher is definitely an outside boy, he loves to ride his quad and get muddy!
This is Ka’Mani she is sweet,funny, and loves others she loves her dogs just as much as they love her. She loves to eat.
Nixon Dean 💙 our fun and spunky little guy!