Baby Stories - 8


My handsome little guy
Santino has down syndrome and autism and he knos that will never define who he is Santino loves playing the ipad and playing in the yard with the biggest heart ane imagination
Caison LOVES bath time and being outdoors. He’s all the boy things you could imagine. He loves to go hunting with daddy and playing outside with mommy. We love you so big boogie!
John is very loving, has a great personality and loves cars and trucks.
Charity is such a playful, sweet, and silly little girl who loves her family and friends and loves saying hi to everyone she comes in contact with and never meets a stranger in her eyes.
Dakota is 8 months old! He can hold his own bottle, says dada and is almost starting to crawl ☺️ He also loves his baby shark!!
Loyal was born November 13,2020. He is very active, he enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Club House & he loves puppies. He so young but so full of life.
Andrew is my first born and first son. He was made from love and experiences unforeseen. He likes to cuddle, he loves the TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR song, and Sid the Science Kid.
She is a very sweet loving and smart little girl. She loves dogs and babies soo much it is too cute .she also loves her whole family and lets them know by hugging and telling them i love you .
A'Layah was born Jan. 18th at 6:24 she had good head control when she first came out. She very pretty & adorable❤️
Karrina is the perfect baby and has such an amazing personality already.
A very sweet boy that loves to be kissed and cuddled. To young to say something but big enough to roll over. He gives the best smiles even at the immunisations.
Hey ,My Name Is Dakotah. I enjoy Watching Anybody Race Atv’s and Cars. I’m 2 Years Of Age . Very Active With a Bright Personality.
Oaklyn is a sweet, loving, and adorable baby. She is always smiling and a ball of sass!
Maryah is 18 months old. She loves her puppies and jumping in her bounce house. She’s a sweet friendly and amazing little girl! She deserves to win!
Embrayah Pearson
Hey My name is Embryah Pearson💜 I'm is 7 months
He is very friendly and loves to smile. His laugh is very contagious.
I love watching the tv with mom and playing with dad.
I am 5 months I love to laugh and play and I love my mommy and daddy 🥰 and I also like to bite .
I am fun loving little boy. I love coco melon and Motown magic. I spend most of my time sleeping, eating and playing with my brothers.
Aaronjoseph Prince Boy
Aaron Prince Cheeky toddler loves being silly🤎 Autism Prince💙 He is in preschool and get lots of love from family members🖤 Él pone alegría en el corazón de todas (He puts joy in everyone's heart)💜 He knows how to say his name "Aaronjoseph Prince" He loves saying hi to himself. This prince will melt your heart 💙💙💙❤️ He loves making people smile and also loves having fun! He loves watching peppa pig and thomas the tank engine. He loves to making people laugh❤️
Hi! My name is Savannah. I love to blow raspberries and to play with mommy and daddy. Also play with my giraffe!
Hello! My name is Lainie Rose, my mama likes to dress me up and take way too many pictures. My favorite thing is boobies! You should vote for me because it would totally make my mamas day! And it would be a super cool thing to put in my baby book!
Sinatra is sweet , loving , outgoing , and always smiling!
Charlotte is a young spunky child, she loves reading and building with blocks but nothing comes close to her love for other babies. At daycare she’s been recognized to help with the newborns. Please give us your vote
My son Jaevy had it rough from the moment he was made from love. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with Jacobsens Syndrome a very rare genetic disorder which docotrs hardly have research for! BUT when he was born he did not let it stop him! Hes the happiest baby from the time he wakes up til the time hes sleep for the night. None of his issues gets in his way of smiling and giving you the warmest loving feeling while in his presence. He loves to hear the vibrations of someone humming, he loves his older brothers dearly. He loves to hear people laugh he kicks his feet with excitement! Hes my blessing and we wanted to share his beautiful smile with you guys and hope it puts you in good spirits, bless all of you from us to you! #JacbonsenSyndromeStrong!
She loves talking to her daddy n I. Smiles when her dad n I talk to her. She’s also love all the hugs n kisses for her cousins n aunts
My name is Amelia Mae I love makeup and gardening!I love mashed potatoes and mac n cheese!Im a very happy little girl please vote for me!
Calvin loves his pacifier, snuggles with mom and dad, and swinging in his swing
I am a loving and sweet baby boy. I love playing with my toys and being around my family and friends! Please vote for me!
My name is Kaidyn and I’m almost one and a half years old. I love my family and being a willllddd boy! I keep everyone on their toes because I am so adventurous. I’m very outgoing and as cute as a button with a silly personality. Please vote for me! ❤️
Hi My Name Is Journii 👶🏼😊 i’m 7 months old , i am very unique🎁💖 I was born At 11:11 ✨ , On june 23rd So iam a summer baby 🌻☀️ but i do not like the heat 👐🏼🔥but rather much perfer being cool 😎 ❄️I love to laugh and play and even sing when i’m in a cheerful mood 😊
Hi this is Liam. Liam is A bright and funny 5 year old kid who loves to explore and learn new things. Liam loves sports and hes a great big brother.
Very smart very handsome and has great hair!he lives the color blue and all his brothers and sisters!vote for dimitri!❤
My Name Ty’Asia Hunter , I Will Be 1 Years Old April 10 , My Brother Is Tyrese Jr .. LONGLIVE MY FATHER
Jack loves to smile, clap, and laugh at his fur-brothers! He is a very happy boy who loves everyone he meets!
Lilliánna aka LK is just 3months old, she has beautiful eyes, and cheeks that you’ll just want to grab! LK is full of life she has a look to kill, but a face to warm any heart!
Kovah Raine
I am 10 months old and I am a super happy baby!I love cheetos and my mom and dad are my favorite!When I get super happy I make a funny face and snort like a pig❤😊Please vote for me!❤
She is beautiful and smart little girl! She loves to draw and she loves doing school work!
Yuri loves to be goofy. She has a bright smile with her 2 dimples
Welcome everyone I am London Amari, but many call me Lo’ or Lola I am made of pure LOVE🧸 optimism,❤️ and try. triumph✨ I enjoy the sound of music & love grooving to the beat 🎶I have a thing for food so if you have it; I have it😂 I have a HUGE heart and love to share my laughter w/ my family👩‍👧
Audrina is a spunky pre teen with a whole lot of personality! She loves her family, and her pets. She loves to help out her mom with her baby sister. This little girl, is her mommas world! 😍💖
Ezra is super cute and bubbly. He loves to smile and coo. Also loves his big brother. 🥰🙏🏻
I’m 7 months old. I love my mommy, daddy, and sissy. I love to roll around, try to crawl forwards but I scoot backwards, I also love to sit up. My sissy is my best friend. I was born on father day of 2020. I love to flirt with women/girls and I love to laugh at people that do funny stuff. I love to listen to music and to my momma sing to me.
Elginn Jackson also known as Jr is an amazing child. Since December 15 a smile has never left. He has a crazy sense of humor that could make anyone feel better. Jr enjoys basketball 🏀 and football 🏈 and being outdoors. He is the little brother of 2 big brothers, but he is convinced he is the big brother. This guy gives you so much love and energy he deserves all the blessings coming his way.