Chandler is adventurous and feisty just like his momma! He loves exploring and learning new things on the daily. He’s quite strong and very good at problem solving and figuring how things work! Chandler can also be charming and so sweet 💗
Delilah is the most cheekiest girl you will ever meet, she loves going out on walks and mummy’s singing😊
Jemma is a sweet baby girl who loves laughing, playing, and trying foods. She loves her mom, dad, and puppy Stella
Josie is the happiest little girl she loves to play with almost anything. Hair pulling is probably her favorite thing to do. She also has the sweetest little laugh that would make anyone smile.
Hello my name is Oakley! I’m almost 1 year old and I’m 34 lbs, I’m a big boy!!🥰 I enjoy trying new foods, and playing outside with my big sister. I’m learning how to crawl and talk, I love exploring places I shouldn’t but I’m definitely Mr.steal your girl! 😎
I am a special girl with a genetic disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. It’s tough but it doesn’t hold me back!
She loves her mommy and crawling everywhere and also smiling all the time!💜
Hi my name is mackson. Im 5.5 months old. My favorite food is bananas and mangoes. I love taking walks with my mommy in my stroller and sitting outside enjoying the weather. Im super sweet, cuddly and the best boy ever.
Sevynn Grace
Tooda Bug 🐛 is the sweetest & happiest baby ❤️ She is Sevynn Grace but the 6th sibling and the baby of the family
Smileys, happy boy with a passion for munching fingers, toes and drinking milk.
Kobe is will be a month old on the 4th! He is the most perfect baby & we just can’t get enough of his cuteness.
Madilyn loves bubbles , babbling and fresh air
Jon Hecxiel
Es un niño cariñoso, le gusta jugar y es feliz.
I was born on April 20th 2022! Making an appearance 2 1/2 weeks early I couldn’t wait to meet my mommy and daddy! I’m a cuddler! I love attention and to be held! Sometimes I just want my time alone. I’m super sweet, I love dressing up and I have a 10 year old big sister ❤️
Sweet baby girl that loves to smile!
Delilah is 8 months old, she always has the biggest smile on her face! She loves playing with her puppy, snuggles, and outside time!! 💕
Ada Grace💗
King Ahsan
My Son Name is KingAhsan (its all together).He's 4Months and 16lbs He love smiling and he's very playful I believe he's going to be a little comedian😁 He's so loving and growing up so fast he was already holding his up since a newborn. He very intelligent already. He is just a bundle of joy & will brighten up anyone's day & He is so handsome😍 My first son❤
8months old, loves her food😁
Xolani Lané is 5 months old! She is rolling over, talking, and learning to sit on her own. She is also now learning about foods.. she loves banana, apple, and pears! She has a family that loves her beyond and she will always be a winner to us! Thanks for voting!
Olive is the happiest baby, always smiling and babbling. She loves to run around and loves music. She’s a sassy lil thing, and the CUTEST!
Hi I’m Sebian and I like to be snuggled up with my mommy and daddy. I love taking my baths! I love listening to music and looking around and see what’s going on. I like to make silly faces. Everybody says im a cutie pie ❤️ When I’m older I wanna play football just like my father 🏈
This beautiful baby has so much personality at only 7 months old that it’s unreal! She is the happiest baby I’ve ever been around. She has everyone around her wrapped around her finger and she knows it! Her favorite thing to do is eat bananas, and snuggle with mommy. Awh!
Hey, my name is Elijah Leo ! I mostly like to spend time with mommy and nana 🥰 they were there for me the most throughout the hospital when I was diagnosed with jaundice . My body wasn’t reacting well with my mommy’s blood .. I love to be cuddled & having an blanket near my face ! I like to be rocked to sleep or in arms . I’m always an happy baby !💙 Vote for Elijah !!
Kiara Lynn Canney
My name is Kiara I have the silliest personality and the sassiest little attitude. I love tubby time, my big sister, and rolling around in the floor. I eat anything I can get my hands on and my smile is always contagious. Come vote for all this cuteness
This is my son Weston, he is currently 13 months old and is one of the happiest babies I know. He brings a smile to everyone's face he meets. He absolutely loves his brother and being outside. His absolute favorite is water play. He has one strong personality already and I can't wait to see what he brings to the world as he grows
My name is Jaliyah. Im a happy, silly, loving girl. I love school, swimming, and going to the park.
Atticus is the sweetest baby on earth! He loves animals, especially our dog, Loki. He loves being tickled and has the most adorable laugh. Atticus LOVES to eat! Anything he can get his hands on, he’s taking a taste. He brings a smile to the face of everyone who meets him. He loves bath time and playing in water whenever he can. Atticus is probably one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met…but then again maybe I’m biased ❤️
Journei is a very happy child, she’s always smiling and yes, always camera ready. She’s very smart and attentive. She loves when you talk and read to her…She also loves to eat.😊 She’s joyful and she melts everyone’s heart who comes into contact with her…..
11 months old, he likes to eat, his favorite movie is the cat in the hat and he is always so happy ❤️😁
Kaiden is the happiest little dude !! He loves to play with his stuffed animals , riding is Batman scooter and making a mess when he eats.! 😂😂
Kayla is a sassy little boss baby… she’s very alert and already keeping a close watch on everyone and everything. She has beautiful bright eyes and is mommy’s little angel 😇
Eleyna is an energetic sweetheart who you could hug all day and cuddle with. She has the most precious smile that brights up the world 🌎 and all it takes is one hug and kiss 😘 from her to make everything I’m that moment feel okay. She’s also a great big sister!!!!
Dantae is a bundle of joy that loves to get his rest and sleep 😴 for most of the day but just a look at him alone makes your heart melt❤️😍🥰
i am 5 months old, i am slowly learning how to crawl, i can roll over, i don’t like sandals , but i like foot massages.
Loves his cuddles, a happy smiley little boy with lots of personality.
Cheeky confident and a clever little boy who loves his cars and exploring outside.
I love to coo at wall art and i giggle at my chin being tickled.
Little Roman is only 2 months, on to three very soon. He’s loves laughing and giggling a whole lot and is very alert when he is awake. Loves to observe what people are doing and things around him! I lost my mother which is his Gigi, and we know she’s watching over him, he’ll always be staring at a specific spot in the house for a very long time and sometimes even start smiling at that empty space. Cutest little bean! ❤️
Waylen is an extremely happy boy and is always smiling! His best friend is his dog Oakley. He loves to eat, play and of course smile!!
Aurora Rose Harrell
My lil princess loves cuddles with her mummy and having dance partys with her daddy listening to his country music.
Matty-Terra is a unique little dude. Definitely his mothers son! Extremely kind & gentle but nonetheless extremely funny; can make anyone & everyone laugh with tonnes of positive energy! What a beautiful little boy he is, those big inquisitive eyes just make you melt. He is a shining star to all that have the pleasure of knowing him, as his mum I am extremely proud.
✨🌼Cemplazuchitl is a real life sleeping beauty who loves to laugh and giggle🌼✨
Sweet baby boy who loves to smile and laugh for everyone! He loves to show everyone how he likes to be a big boy! He also LOVES music and loves to dance to any music he hears! 🥰 He’s a Daddy’s boy, for sure! Daddy is his everything, and he’s his Daddy’s mini for SURE!! And.. he absolutely LOVES it when you tell him he has stinky feet.. 🤣🤣🥰🥰
Westen is our blessing babe! He absolutely loves animals, his family, toys, and music. His favorite thing to do is smile , scrunch his nose and show his teeth off and laugh!
Adam-Junior loves playing outside, he is such a happy and content boy. He is so Precious and such a blessing to us 💙