Baby Stories - 79


She loves her mommy soooo much!
5 month baby . Likes bouncing & laughing 🥰 . Loves Finding Nemo
Syncere is such a happy baby! He loves to be sang to and rocked.
Colt is our little Christmas baby that loves to cuddle and loves to watch cars shows with his daddy!!
Rylan is a sweet sleepy boy. He loves cuddles and eating! He also loves spending time with his family!
Raelynn is a beautiful little sassy girl who loves being outside and loves being active and talking alot
Dahlia has a big personality and she loves to smile! She loves watching her dad play video games and she loves pretty lights!
The Smartest 1 year old you’ll ever meet ‼️
Kind, sweet and most polite 2 year old, she very energetic and loves animals, thanks in advance for your votes, we appreciate it.
G'Niyah has placed 1044th World and 42nd South Carolina ranking in the Girl’s contest which ended a day ago. She is very photogenic 😍 and full of energy !! She loves to hear the alphabet and she learns super fast!!
She’s very inquisitive and has the most amazing smile with her two dimples. She loves to talk already, just like her Mother. We are Birthday twins
Amir is a goofy little boy. Who loves to smile and laugh. He loves his mommy and daddy, oh we can’t forget he loves his nonnie. Amir is the definition of unconditional love for me and his daddy🥰
I am a very active 2 year old boy that loves balls and dinosaurs. I know all my alphabets and can count to 20🤗.
little miss Honor Ray’Lynn smiles all the time, and gives the best sugars. She has a personality of her own with her momma and daddy’s attitude combined, and despises bath time.
Willow loves mummy cuddles and her baths She also loves sleeping She was born at 35 weeks gestation as there was hardly any blood flow in her cord
My name is DaNasia Joy Lynette Bassett!! Born 01/06/2021 💕I love to eat, smile and sleep 😌 My favorite is cuddling 🥰 Vote for me please 😇
Baby King is a happy baby, he loves his mommy very much.💙 He’s a very excited/playful baby for him only being 2 years old. We love you king baby.🥰😘
Braxton is such a happy boy who loves to be around family and play. He loves watching The Wiggles and dancing along!
Ellieanna is an always happy baby. She loves Moana! And she’s super sweet and loves to give cuddles! Always has a smile on her face when she sees new people.
Jackson is one happy baby and one that definitely doesn’t like to miss anything. He was literally my rainbow blessing from god. He’s one tough handsome little boy
Ryann loves to smile
Elizabeth is a happy healthy baby who appreciates everyones votes! 😊
Aj Thorpe
AJ loves to interact with people
Such a sweet beautiful baby girl😘 Loves to Talk and Roll her eyes 😂
Hi I am Colt! I love to dance and sing to my favorite songs. I love letters and counting. Hide and seek, chasing daddy and peek-a-boo are my favorite games.
Mylah is a funny sweet sassy little girl who loves to make everyone laugh and smile
Hey my is caleb I love to laugh my favorite tv show is Mickey Mouse clubhouse I love my nana in mom but what I love most is my bottle
Jaxon is fully of personality at a very young age. He enjoys cereal bottles and long naps. His gummy smile will brighten up anyone’s day.
LaNyla is a 8 month old ball of joy and laughter. She loves to play peekaboo, French fries are now her favorite food, the abcs and clap your hands are her favorite songs ❤️
She loves babies 👶
Hi my name is kyia i like to smile all day and laugh all night. I love my momma and daddy. I like to dance to music and watch my toons in the morning.
He loves trucks 🛻
Clara has a loving father who doesnt care about this app at all but mummy is very proud of her :)))
Happiest newborn you’ll ever meet!
Hayden Winter
Hello my name is Hayden Winter. i was born August 5th, 2020. I like to eat bananas, say mama all the time, i can almost sit up by myself, i’m just starting to roll around, i’m chunky kid, my smile is so contagious, and can make anyone’s day. I love my mom and dad soooo much! I like to play with toys, moms phone, basically anything i can get my hands on. My papa is also one of my favorite people to see. I love to bounce around when mom holds me up or puts me on my jungle gym. i love to swing and listen to lullaby’s to fall asleep.
Braion is a funny baby he make people happy and he loves to play a lot he plays with his sister and his dog he love his dog he gets in the dog cage and gabs her tail
Mya Lashea
Mya LaShea Is outgoing, Sweet , loving babygirl she does have sas to her domt get me wrong please vote for her she will appriciate every vote thank you
Adrianna is the happiest wild child❤️ She has the biggest, loving personality and loves to play🥳
Ezrah Violet Michelle
Ezrah is 18 months old! She was born 4 weeks early weighing 7lb 7oz! Her favorite things to do is eat,sleep and play with her big brother💜💙
Gabriel Abd Darius
Hello these adorable little guys are my Twin grandsons who were a blessing because doctors said it their mom couldn’t have anymore but God blessed us with 2 they were born premature and went home the following week and have been growing so fast and healthy vote for our little blessings
Wrenleigh Rose is such a sweet bundle of joy! She loves to sleep, snuggle, dance, listen to her daddy sing and play guitar. Give this precious a vote ❤️
Rylan is 2. She loves Bluey, unicorns & Minnie Mouse! She loves eating gummy’s & chips!
Ceelo Hollister Lloyd
Ceelo he’s a very out going little boy who loves to talk, and play with all different super heroes, he is also amazing with his baby sister!
Very smart he seem like he has been here before ❤️