The most cheekiest, sassiest little 8 month old you’d ever meet.. look at that face.. cuteness overload!! Her smile brightens up the room 💕
My baby boy is 4 months old. He loves to talk, laugh, take baths and be outside. He has such an energetic personality and is starting to mimic people now. He laughs uncontrollably when others laugh, he sticks his toungue out, and he's discovering his feet! We would very much appreciate your vote or even a like!❤️
Brantley loves to talk and laugh he loves to eat
Payton loves to sit and talk and play with her hands. She has bright smile that can turn a bad day into a good one
Asher is so sweet his mommy and mimi are his favorite people. Noodles and sausage are his favorite foods. He likes to play outside and beat his daddy up lol.
Our little miracle boy. Always got a smile for everyone!
Hello my name is Khalon, khalon means “strong warrior”. I am 5 months old I am very photogenic i love taking pictures and looking at the camera. I also love attention and playing with my toys I am such a loving and happy baby.
Jasper is a very sweet , funny and outgoing little boy, he loves toy story and loves to play outdoors
Mateo Danger
Mateo is 6 months old and loves to laugh, eat, and play all day long!!
Francesca Rose is our miracle baby! She suffered from a birth injury that led to a diagnosis of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) which is a form of brain damage. She is doing extremely well though! She does everything she’s supposed to and is an extremely happy baby. She was very close to succumbing to her injury and now she’s making her first-time parents laugh every day. She’s our beacon of sunshine and laughs all the time.
Izabell is very friendly and out going she loves to be outside loves her food and absolutely loves the movie encanto please vote for my cutie batoodie
My name Is Diego Santiago and I love cuddles and food ❤️ I love fruit , Strawberries are my favorite! 🍓 I love music and I love talking (tho nobody understands me yet 😂) please vote for me 🥺
Rowan is our precious little blue eyed boy. 💙 He LOVES to laugh and smile, and playing with his friends. Rowan has such a sweet personality, and he can also be such a trouble maker. His favorite thing right now is saying dada while mommy says momma. He’s working on crawling and pulling himself up on everything. Mommy and daddy love watching him explore his surroundings and learn new things. Rowan is the biggest ray of sunshine in our lives. ☀️🤍
Hi my names Niulea. I’m turning one this week . I like to play toys and watch movies with my older cousins. I love to eat, sleep and dance. I also love giving my parents headaches. 😌 Please don’t forget to vote 💙 Thank you to everyone who voted
Calie Rae
Calie Rae is the little smiley princess that stole all our hearts.
Clayton Reid is such a sweet and smart baby and loves his mommy and daddy almost as much as he loves Mickey Mouse.
Lacey Smith Iv
Ace just turned 4month and is already eating purée fruits, veggies and peanut butter! His favorites are blueberry or strawberries with bananas and peanut butter with bananas. He is also rolling over, rocking front to back, on all 4’s and walking in his F150 walker! He loves to stand with assistance and be outside taking in all the nature or looking at big trucks! He is a brand ambassador for He Loves watching cartoons like the magic school bus and Mickey Mouse club house! Loves his doggies, scoobie doobie and Gucci girl! Vote for ace! We would love to start his College fund!
Amyra is a sweet baby, love to dance, sing , reading books . She loves baby and I think she’s ready for a baby brother/sister 🤗🫣🤭
Vote for Baby Bailee she is such a strong and beautiful little girl. She got moved out of NICU today!! God is so good! She just needs to gain some weight so she can come home!!
Aurora was born October 7th. She is the sweetest most happy baby I’ve ever met. She is 6 months, and her favorite thing in the world is Minnie Mouse.
Zeke is a very happy baby! He love the water! He very loved by all his family!
She is full of love and spice. She loves makeup and gymnastics. She is our “mother Hen” and loves playing with all the babies and helping.
Kingston Gambler
Kingston loves to play outside with his family, He is the happiest baby you will ever meet & he loves giving people hugs and kisses. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR SUPPORTING KING AND VOTING FOR HIM.
Marrian loves to talk and tummy time. She loves her mommy and daddy so much. She has everyone wrapped around her finger❤️ She is my first baby and my everything
she is the sweetest thing ever and is obsessed with her mommy and her big brother
This sweet little boy has the smile and the laugh that will melt your heart. He loves his family and his dog. He is so smart and learning so quickly! He is our biggest blessing. ♥️
Paisley Lyn is almost 4 months old, she’s is so happy and loves her big sister. She has the cutest chunky cheeks and pretty blue eyes.
Tucker loves sports and Jesus! He brings so much joy to anyone he meets and his smiles are very contagious! He’s a very sweet baby!
Carson Ray is 8 months old and loves to spend his time outdoors playing with his puppy Rexx!
Angel is outgoing loves to talk even though she is only two months she's such a sweet girl loo over to smile and such a daddy's girl
Autumn is a loving, caring, funny 4 year that loves to play with kids (younger or older). Very sweet & well-mannered , anyone she meets absolutely loves her🥰
Trace has the funniest and most bubbly personality at 8 months. He’s almost ready to start walking! His favorite foods are bananas and chicken 😁
❤️Beautiful little Pisces ♓ She loves trying to stand up, hold her head up, smile, etc . (We were not in the car in this picture)
Kingston loves to watch cartoon, play with his feet, play with his sister and brother, talk and laugh!! Kingston is a silly little boy full of life and he amazes his mommy and daddy everyday!!
Ellie is so bright and always smiling likes to be moving around. Loves to play and talk.
Lindsey is outgoing, smart, constantly hungry and just growing growing growing! She loves bath time and enjoys car rides and she’s just the most sweetest Angel I could’ve ever asked for!❤️❤️
Lukas loves to play with his toys and he loves his family and friends He was born 2 days after Christmas🥰😊
My name is Hassan Zaire, which means “Handsome King”. I love to eat, and play with my toys. My mommy and daddy also love to make me smile, so i always laugh at them so they can see all my gums! My arch nemesis is… SLEEP TIME!
Isabella is a 10 month old ball of fire ☄️ She loves to watch Toy Story, her favorite toys are buzz & woody❤️ Isabella is sassy just like her mama but she is a daddy’s girl💕she loves adventures & figuring out how things work, her favorite thing to do is to look at her self in the mirror and give herself kisses all day. She also loves cuddling mommy after a long day of being a sassy princess, She is mommy’s miracle🦋🤍
Viviana love watching tv look 👀 at books play with her toys 🧸 she love to eat she’s amazing girl I love her so much she gets shy went she see you at first but she’s a lovely beautiful girl
hi My name is ALISHA - ANISIA I like cycling .. playing the piano playing football ... helping the elderly of the children ... pets are part of my family ... I like vocal singing..running ... reading. ..ballet..
Mykenna is 11 months old. She’s a happy girl all the time and is 100% sassy. She loves to talk, play, and eats like a champ. Her favorite characters are Bluey and Minnie Mouse!
good My name is Caitlyn -Evelin Dragan I like to help old people children ,, I like animals very much I love them are like members of my family...