Baby Stories - 75


Addisyn is such a smily happy baby girl! We are so blessed to have added her to our family!
My names oaklynn mae im 3 months old my favorite things to do are watch cocomelon and nap with mommy and daddy🥰
Happy,Smart,Beautiful Princess.💙 She loves Peppa Pig And Her bobo cant go anywhere without it 🤣 She loves to play with other kids and get into everything but thats Emmie for you💙
A sweet happy baby boy! He enjoys laughing at daddy and snuggling mommy!
Sweet and sassy 🖤 loves to play with her bubble machine 🥰
Liam is 2 months old, he loves taking baths and eating. He has blue/gray eyes. He's a silly baby and likes to pee every time we change his diaper.
Sebastian is a sweet, active, happy boy. He loves Blippi, tractors, trucks, and anything else boy. He spends his time playing outside, chasing his puppy around, and helping mommy. He is spoiled to the max and loves everyone 💙
She loves to laugh and smile. Shes such a happy baby! She loves to play with bubbles and have picnics. Her favorite cartoons are curious george and pj mask! her personality is so beautiful and hilarious 😂🥰❤
Layla Rae is a goof ball who loves to laugh, eat, and play with big sister Lucy.
Asher is a 2 month old happy baby that loves to coo and smile at everyone he knows
Hiii my name is Luke and I like cuddles and baths and my toys and I like to chitter chatter a lot to my mom and daddy and my grandma and mimi
Nevaeh is only a month old and she has the attitude of a 5 year old! She loves her milk, and won’t go a minute or to sleep without her pacifier! She is a strong little girl who has a heart murmur! God gave us the perfect Nevaeh 🦋💗
Cooper is 2 years old , He loves Boss Baby , Baby Shark , Peppa Pig and Pj Mask he loves playing with trucks and cars and he loves being outside he’s a active little boy definitely keeps me on my feet . He has a bright personality and the best smile he knows how to make your day that’s for sure
Olivia is a special girl she is a gastroschisis worrior she was born at 33 weeks. She loves to smile and blow razberrys and hates baths
Joseph Angel
My name is Joseph Angel diamond Garcia . I love snuggles hugs kisses 😘 . I love to eat and try new foods . Ice cream, bananas are my favorite . I love to get tickled Under my neck . Thank you for taking the time to read about me , Hugs and kisses from me !!! Yours truly J-A
Kyla loves to go to play outside. She enjoys eatting Mac n cheese and blackberries!! She’s so sweet and waves at everyone she meets.
Liam is 5 months old and already loves eat and play. He has an infectious smile and enjoys being around people.
EllaMae is a CDH warrior still working on going home from the hospital but she’s all smiles
She loves Tummy Time..and thee out doors !💕
Sloane McKinley is a rainbow baby with a beautiful smile & great personality. She loves to listen to her mommy read to her at night.
Ny’onna is very playful and full of joy, she loves to dance and sing her abc’s and she love to watch Cocomelon💕
Malaia is a baby with an attitude of a 5 year old! She loves kisses and little massages on her feet! She the biggest mamas girl you’ll ever meet! 💕
Liam loves smiling, laughing, and eating. He loves spending time with his daddy, mommy, pawpaw, and doggies.
Miss Blair was the first born baby of the new year in Wichita Falls! She’s always smiling, and laughing! She is always wanting people to talk to her and she smiles and talks back. She loves her mama and daddy! Loves being outside and loves to eat!
car’harii is 4months old he was born may17th2021 and he is the most active smart moving little baby he’s been trying to walk since he noticed he had 2legs he is very special to his older siblings he is the 6th of 6 so he is loved 🥰
Funny, outgoing, happy! Loves outdoors and her sister!!!
Journee is such a happy baby she loves to talk, laugh, smile, eat, play, dance, be tickled and just loved on.
She’s the happiest child on the planet!! Loves her sister, outdoors and finding dory!
Baylie is a 4yr old spitfire. She loves the outdoors, swimming, and minecraft!
Deklan is 3 months old and full of personality! He loves to play with his 2 older sisters and snuggles
Very talkative and happy
We’re so thankful baby juju won! Thank you to everyone who voted 💖
Baby Carl is 2 month's old. He loves to giggle and cuddle❤ Hes my first child and im so in love 🥰
She loves to look out the window and be held by momma
Im 6 months old i love to make a messes with baby food and army crawling on the floor
Marcelo is a happy lovely baby who is really chill loves to smile and play .
He is such a happy baby.. everyday he wakes up with a smile on his face.. he just wants for someone to talk to him so he can start yapping away
Such a happy content little girl 💗
Always full of huge smiles.
My gift from god, he loves to watch Elmo and eat his big boy food
Nova is almost 4 months old (October 17th) she is full of attitude and lovesss grabbing your hair. She gets milk drunk on formula all the time , and loves spending time with anyone who is willing to talk to her in a baby voice.
Olivia is my little blessing from above. I don’t know what I’d do without her in my life. She’s loves to smile and is such a happy baby. Her smile and her laugh are truly my favorite and they always fills my heart with so much joy 💗 Olivia overall just melts my heart every single day, but especially every morning when she wakes up with that beautiful smile on her face. She’s just the most adorable baby ever and I can’t get enough of her cuteness!! 🥰 Olivia is my little angel and always will be forever ❤️❤️❤️ Please vote for my sweet little girl!! She deserves this so much! 🙏🏼