Baby Stories - 75


I’m 2 months old, I’m trying to roll over and crawl. I talk a lot and smile a lot!! And I’m super sweet and I love my mommy
Hi!! My name is Jackson and my favorite things to do are eat, yell at mommy and daddy and watch my big brother make me laugh. GO BILLS!!
Sophia is a 1 month old princess,who loves attention and cuddles in return she will give you the biggest smile that will melt your heart!
She is a very happy, playful baby, very friendly to new people! She just recently learned how to crawl & she loves boss baby!
Cameron says 'Wuv you Diiiiissss much' arms spread out as far possible. And in the pictures, he's saying 'chhheeeese'
Briella is fun loving and caring and always trying to help everyone and loves to play with her siblings and friends
Little Miss RubyJean is our rainbow baby after our loss in August of 2019 ❤ she has a big brother and big sisger that love her to pieces. She loves the crinkle noise of bags, her favorite food right now is bananas woth blueberries. Currently she has 2 teeth coming in :)
Ermias Zadkiel
Handsome smart baby loves to dance . Such a happy baby why not vote for him .
A’nilah is So loving Nd joyful☺️ she is bright☺️🥰show her sum luv🥰
AviLynn is a beautiful little girl with an amazing personality she is also very vary smart! Her favorite word is Hi everyone she meets leave with a big smile on their face ☺
Kamdyn is the funniest little boy ever his smile lights up the room like no other and he loves watching cocomelon with mommy❤️
Happy, loves to wobble her head and is always smiling. She loves her piano and her stuffed toys. Shes also a very fast roller.😍 She's a daddy's girl and loves her mama. Vote for this adorable face. 👶🍼
Loves dinosaurs, trains, cars and of course his skateboard.
DaKobra is an amazing little boy. At 3 he is so smart!
Elizabeth is a very cheeky little girl, she loves watching her Winnie the Pooh mobile and she has the most beautiful little smile first thing the morning when she sees mummy. Elizabeth loves taking naps on mummy or nanna and she can't wait to get up to all sorts of mischief with nanna while mummy is at work
Worlds happiest baby. Always smiling, laughing & having a good time. Oh how much I love her :)
Rj is almost 10 months old and full of personality!!
Soon to be 5 on the 15th of January give her a birthday vote 💓
She is super busy and loves to play. Her favorite animal is an Owl, and she has a bunch of beanie boos. Her favorite movie is Trolls World Tour. She loves to listen to music. She loves to ride in her Dad's car, she likes the sound of Turbo and the crackle Pop exhaust. She is a Daddy's Girl ❤
Isaias is my chunky, 25 pound 6 month old baby boy! He loves to blow raspberries, make people laugh, & give love to everyone. Vote for Isaias! ♥️
Ty Steven
Ty likes giggling and spending time with his mommy, brother, and sister. He likes watching baby Einstein and loves to play in his exersaucer.
Amiyah is 2 months old & LOVES to eat talk && dress up! She can even roll over on her own.
Nova Demoira
Our little love, Nova De’Moira is the sweetest little soul. She is tiny but fierce and has a heart of gold. Her smile & personality light up a room no matter the day and anybody who knows nova knows how much of a true character she really is! I I would appreciate your vote..Thank you for voting for me in advance.!♥️
My sweet Millie Belle entered the world in September 2020. She LOVES her puppy, kitties, talking, bathtime, and walking around the house (with Mommy's help of course). She is super funny and has earned the nickname 'Silly Millie'. She wins over the hearts of whoever she meets!!! Thank you for your votes♡♡
Ayva Lilly-jae
Ayva, 8 weeks old. She was born at 37+3 gestation, on 17.11.2020. There were a few complications through Ayvas birth that made her heart rate unfortunately drop below 40 bpm, it’s was chaos and 8 midwives were rushed in. We were so worried that we weren’t going to be able to hold our baby girl, but out came out healthy gorgeous 5.5pound bubba 🥳🥺✨. Ayva loves to smile,cuddle & sleep. When ayva isn’t sleeping you’d be sure to catch her smiling, or wanting your attention with cuddles 🥰 Ayvas smile is sure to make your day go from horrible to lighting your day up✨ Ayva also loves going for drives with daddy in his XR6 Please bless Ayva with a vote and show her how special and loved she is from everyone not just her mummy and daddy ❤️
Bayleighs personality is contagious. She loves to dance when music is on.
Yusuf has HLHS and has already undergone his first open heart surgery at two days old. He’s our little survivor and brings joy to our lives everyday! He’s strong and loving, always wanting to cuddle up with his mommy and daddy 💙 We just wanted to share his beauty with the world!
Evie is a snuggle monster and loves nothing more than a cuddle. She has 2 older sisters who are always on hand to try help get her into mischief too. All votes will be returned xx
Julia Grace is the sweetest most lovable little girl. She never meets a stranger. She has had three surgeries since she was born. She was born with a Cleft lip/ palate. She is a survivor and very strong. She is my heart.
Scarlett has a firey passion for cooking and loves to put a smile on everyones face!
Meah is the most amazing person and has brought so much joy into my life! She’s so smart, she surprises me with something new each and every day. She gives the best hugs when you need them the most & I am the luckiest mother in the world to have her! I just want to give the life she deserves!
Shes the craziest, sweetest, funniest little girl. Favourite thing to do = blow raspberries and splash us when she is in the bath!!
My little girl born October ! She put me through a lot but she was so worth it ! Her smile makes me warm and her personality is already shining through ! Her favourite thing to do is watch clouds go past while I tickle her feet!
My son is 15 months mixed African American from me his dad and Italian on his mother’s side
Hello! My name is Kyrah! I’m a 11 month old baby girl. I love to talk. Although I can only say a select few words such as mama, dada, baba and papa, that doesn’t stop me from making random noises to show you my wonderful personality throughout my day. I’m always busy doing something. It helps me learn more and more each day, and help me blossom into the wonderful person I am. My first birthday is next month! My two all time favorite shows are Mickey Mouse and Peppa Pig. It would be much appreciated if you voted for me! Thank you in advance! ❤️
Paul loves to laugh and smile on a daily basis. He’s crawling everywhere! He’s just too cute not to share with the world.
Joseph is the first for his momma but his daddys second. Hes a happy baby that is loved by all espically his older brother. He loves music.
Autumn Rose
Autumn Rose is the happiest baby you’ll come across, she’s nothing but smiles ❤️ Autumn Rose loves hanging out with her Mommy + Daddy and watching the movie Soul 🥰
Mackenzie iS full of personality, she enjoys playing with her big brother, she is always happy, loves to clap and dance....she is always in a zone of happiness
Cameron is a very smart little boy. He nickname(s) is Phat, Phat Man, and Cam. He was born February 5,2019. He was born premature weighing only 3-4 pounds but if you look at him now he’s a big healthy baby and thats why i call him my Phat Man. My Phat man is very intelligent and catches on to things very quickly. There is never a dull moment when my Phat Man is around. He loves to laugh and play. He also loves to drive in his Mercedes Benz Jeep, i brought him for Christmas.
Ellie is a bright, relentless & caring 3 year old. Ellie has an endless love and passion for animals of all kind. She loves to ride her Arabian horse Jimmy, and play with her dogs Cali and Caca. Ellie is full of energy and loves to be outdoors. Ellie loves to dance and she is always wanting to party! Ellie loves to be with her family. Vote for Ellie you wont be disappointed!!!
Victoria is our family miracle baby. She is a Spina Bífida Fighter and had in utero surgery (at 25 weeks) she had surgery for Hydrocephalus and it’s a long story she has couple months trying to walk on her own ( that’s a miracle because doctors said she wouldn’t ) hasn’t been easy for her but with GOD everything is possible She is an amazing girl she is always happy
He’s one of the happiest, goofiest, strongest, babies I’ve ever laid my eyes on he’s has a personality outta this world!!!
Harper has a love for animals, including her new best friend for life....Albert. 🥰
My beautiful boy loves smiling, he loves his cat Boris, and loves his daddy very much💝💝
Jaxon loves to smile and giggle. He’s the sweetest little boy!