Baby Stories - 74


Makiyah is 3 years old she out going love to watch YouTube love to listen to music love dancing playing with her sister going outside and going to school she love making tiktoks with her sister and cousins
Maeve is a smart, sassy and very cuddly little princess. She is a tiny little lady, still under 20lbs at 18 months. Maeve loves trying a large variety of food from different cultures. She loves reading books with mama and running around like a wild child outside. Maeve is a very independent lady and is not afraid to tell you when she is not a fan of something. She is a total goofball and most days are full of giggles and her non stop “talking”. She loves all of her stuffed animal “babies” and is constantly taking inventory and making sure they are all safe and accounted for. She is a sweet and social lady who loves meeting new friends. She also loves soaking up all of the attention from admirers when we go out because she always steals the show. Her tiny voice saying “hi” and her tiny wave are enough to melt any heart.
Layla is a very smart, very funny, loves to have fun little girl. Shes my world and is beautiful, She loves playing with her toys and all her older siblings ages ( 7, 11, 13, 14)
Look at that cute face & those baby blue eyes.. how could you not wanna vote for this handsome boy!!
She loves rolling over and she loves pinkfong and baby shark
Shes like her mama loves loud trucks. She adores her daddy and is his twin🥰
Ashley is a Happy and funny little girl. She loves spending time outdoors and going on new adventures! She's a blessing in my life and she steals me away with her beautiful smile ❤
He loves going out side. He loves bright colors like green and orange. He likes watching paw patrols and talking to me his mom.
Ramona Raejean Ann Osburn
She is a happy, fun loving 9 month old baby girl who loves water and the outdoors... She enjoys music and comericals!
My lil man is my nicu graduate he will steal your heart with his smile
Blake is my giggly sassy girl that will make you fall inlove
Bentlee loves his momma and daddy🥰🍯 for being 3 months, our boy has lots too say. Bentlee loves to rollover/turn around n show mommy how strong he’s becoming !!! My boy sure holds his head high,But his future is higher🥰🥰
This is yasy she is 14 months and loves dogs 🍓❤️ She’s a happy child
Jonathan Santiago
People call me Jon Jon. I am a jr. my favorite color is blue. My favorite toy is Dinosaurs and Cars.
Emma it’s a girl with long eyelashes, Emma has been in NICU for more than two months she is a very strong and brave baby; my sweet honey!!!
Tyler likes helping his papaw work on vehicles, riding his John Deere tractor, loves horses, dogs, camping, & spending time with family.
Levi is growing to quickly lemme tell you. This boy loves bananas and absolutely loves the water, he also pulls himself up but doesn’t crawl or walk just yet. He would love for y’all to vote for him 😁
Beckham loves his daddy and going outside !!
Hello my name is Marvin Thomas, I am a super happy and smiley 1 year old! I enjoy being outside playing with my “big boy toys,” like daddy. I love to play with my older sisters, anything they do I do. I like listening to music and dancing! I am always interested in what mom is cooking in the kitchen and eat like a grown man.
Freya is a sweet littlw chunk who loves uer daddy more than anything in the world 💖
Azalea Santiago
Azalea knows 3 languages. My favorite color is Red. My favorite food is pizza and fries. My favorite show is Peppa Pig.
Amelia Santiago
Amelia knows 3 languages. Her favorite color is pink. Favorite food is pizza and fries. Loves playing dress up.
Hudson is just she of a month old. He loves his mama and when his dad gets home from work. He loves his bottles but can’t stand getting changed (diaper or clothes). He’s a sweetheart and already had such a personality!❤️
Blakely Paige is 4 months old. She loves being outside, spending time with mama, and watching tv. 🖤
Landen likes team oomi zoomi and running around like a wild child! He loves spaghetti and french fries!
He’s the sweetest little boy ever his laugh/smile can light up a whole room, he loves his mommy and daddy he’s very outgoing and so lovable
ANY VOTES ARE ACCEPTABLE, WE VOTE BACK ‼️💕 Gianna is mommy and daddys first baby. She is our rainbow baby. She is two months old. She holds her head up, talks and laughs with us. She loves her bottle, pacifier, and bath time. We love our beautiful baby girl so much, she give us so much life 😍😍😍
My son has the sweetest smile one looks and he wins you over! He saved me and is a miracle baby for me . Nothing is like when he comes up for kisses and chases me around crawling !! He’s so bubbly has the most personality I’ve ever seen in a baby!!!
Kinlee May is 3 months old, rolling, gooing & learning soo much on the daily! ❤️
He loves to eat 😊 of course, he is the best cuddle baby ever bubbly and all smiles.
Hello my name is Masie Rae, I am a sassy spunky 3 year old. I enjoying being outside and fishing with daddy. I love playing with my baby brother and big sister. Being in the water is my favorite, bath, pool or helping mom with the dishes.
Roman is a happy baby he likes to eat , he likes to make noises , tummy time , his abcs and 123s , loves to be tickled 💙. He likes to give kisses he’s the most loveable baby ever. My biggest blessing 🙏🏼💙 please vote for my babyboy he deserves to win
Hi my name is Grayson Sawyer and I am a rainbow baby. Last year on July 24, 2020 my mom and dad had a baby boy, Colston Drake. But with his conditions he wouldn’t make it after the umbilical cord was cut. On December 11, 2020 they found out they were expecting another. On almost a year later from my brothers birthday. I’m just the happiest baby there could be and I never really fuss or cry.
Happy Girl with A Big Personality! Sweetest Little Thing there is ❤ Loves to be outside & Play, Loves Ice Cream! Always makes Everyone's day a little brighter ☀️
This is Knighton! He is almost 2 months old, he loves to cuddle and be around his big sister and his mommy and daddy. He loves his swing and to listen to soft music. He can hold his head up and likes to smile at us.
Hello there, my name is MarShawn and I am so full of life. I enjoy crawling to catch up to my big sister, talk, and attempting to stand up to walk someday soon. My energy fills the room and my smile creates joy on those around me. Please send me a vote or two!
Delilah is almost 4 months old! She loves yelling at mommy, when daddy gets home from work and rolling over! 🥰
Alanna ., sweetest little girl you will ever meet., always has a smile and ready to make friends we’re ever she go ! She loves playing with her toys and laughing with friends ! Her favorite color is brown . Her favorite hobbies playing at the park ., making cookies ., coloring ., favorite food pizza and burgers., favorite movie Trolls 💕 Vote for Alanna
Jaylei is loving. Jaylei has so much personality and gives great hugs. She loves to dance and sing. Her favorite food is spaghetti . Jaylei’s smile lights up the room.
She is a VERY HAPPY girl, always has a smile on her face. She loves laughing and playing with her big sister! LOVES ATTENTION!
Tucker is the biggest ham and loves to make everyone smile. He is a 100% momma’s boy.
He is a smart boy and he like's to play sports baseball and football and basectball
Emberlyn is a funny beautiful determined little girl❤️
She is crazy about food, but she is the sweetest girl ever
Maverick is a loving, playful little young man. He loves to play, football, baseball and many other sports. He loves to play with his siblings. He loves to smile and sing.
Kyleigh is a lovable girl who loves Minnie Mouse! We thank you for all your votes and support 💜