Baby Stories - 74


Arabella was born on December 6th 2020. She loves to be held and is starting to interact with everyone. She is truly an angel
Please vote for my baby Amarian! He’s my 5 month old little boy, My Leo baby with a heart of a lion 🦁 . Very active and loves to smile . He will turn your frown upside down . 🤩
All of God’s grace in one tiny face.
3 weeks old 💗 Such a happy and good baby 🎀
My name is River Eli and I am the first born of two young parents! I am the chillest, happiest boy in the world!!
My names Elijah, I’m 3 months old, I like milk, kisses and cuddles! 🥰💙
Vanessa Layne is one of the sassiest babies I know! She is full of laughter & smiles, and can make ANYONE happy when they walk in the room. Nessie is a total fashionista who reps for headwraps & jewelry shops via social media. You cannot go wrong with voting for her! 💓.
Chray loves you to spend time with her big sister , and loves playing Pattycake and likes when you sing her ABC’S to her
Her name is iris Blakelee I wanted her name to be as unique as she is! She’s an extremely happy baby with lots of energy!
My little princess Everleigh-Marie, Where can I start, She's got absolutely gorgeous dark chocolate brown eyes, that will just melt your heart, She has the chubby cheeks and the cheeky smile that could make anyone fall in love with her! She is a very special, a little bit mad but a whole bundle of fun, love and laughs, Hopefully you see my stunning little face and place a vote! Thank you you lovely people 😊😘
Sweet and cuddly. Loves being close to mama any chance she gets and loves big brother
She has a smile like no other and is such a smart baby💕
He is a energetic, playful young king who loves to bounce, and eat. He enjoys watching cocomelon & baby shark. He also enjoys play with his drum set and playing with his older sister.
I love to talk , crawl & scream ❤️ Playing with mommy and daddy is my most favorite thing to do 🥺 I also love my doggie cedes
Sophia loves to cuddle, try new baby food, she’s trying to crawl. Her smile and laugh will melt your heart
My name is Gwen, im 1 1/2 years old. I turn 2 in July, i have a big brother who loves me. Mommy an daddy does so much for me an loves to play with my toya with me.💗
Jewel is a Baby Shark fanatic and loves her big sister Ruby. She loves to snack and her favorite word is "cookie"!
Myrical is 11 months walking and loved playing and laughing. She turns one year old on February 5th
Cooper loves cuddles He is full of giggles and smiles
Levii had a rough start to life due to having seizures starting at just 5 weeks old. Now he is here being a great big brother to 2 little sisters. He loves building things with legos, playing video games and anything science, especially stuff under the microscope.
This is Kover she is 3 months old. She is the sweetest baby you will ever meet she loves to laugh, play and cuddle with her mommy.
She loves to cuddle with her Mommy, eat, sleep, and make grumpy faces.
Kyrie is the sweetest little baby who loves watching Mickey Mouse, Boss Baby, and Octonauts. At just 4 months old he tries to sit himself up, talk, and crawl.
Nylah Ann, our little peach.
Giulia is 10 months old.She has the cutest smile in the world,she wakes up smiling all the time😍🌈She is a little model who loves the camera📸
He’s a smart caring little boy He likes music & dancing
Little Montgomery Ryan
Montgomery loves to laugh. He loves watching peppa pig and finding dory. He loves giving hugs to other people.
Arvizu Twins
My twins were born on fathers day. Bith gurls a energetic and sweet!. They smile all day and starting to crawl. They both love bananas and yogurt. They are the fist twins in my family.
Jayce is a super sweet and quiet baby. His favorite pastime is watching the ceiling fan or coco melon! His best friend is his dog Levi. They love to cuddle together.
Hey world my name is remmi!! I’m all fun and games I love my mommy and daddy!! I’m the happiest baby you’ll ever meet!
Jersey is 2 ❤️ She loves Blues Clues, Toy Story, Baby shark, baby dolls, you name it! She’s mixed with white black & Indian. She has blue/gray/green eyes! She loves to laugh & play! She’s just a happy spirit! 💓
Armoni love to draw dance and sing
She is 5 months and loves to chew on her fingers and grab her feet!
Aliannah loves to eat and play. She loves Tummy time and going for car rides and walks. She’s a mommy’s girl and she loves her big sister Savannah!
Charmaine is now 17 months old and is a very chatty and bubbly little girl. Wouldn't change her for the world. She is very confidant in walking round and walking un aided. She loves watching fireman Sam and interacting with her younger sister
Hi my name is Riley I am a preemie born at 28 weeks I’ve had a long and crazy road but Now I am a strong little girl that beat the odds please vote for me
Hi my name is Braylin! I love smiling and talking to my mommy and daddy😁 I am still in the process of learning how to roll over, but I am getting there! If you vote for me, thank you I appreciate it. My mommy will vote for you too in return💗
Jonluke is almost a big 3 months old!! I love my ma and pa the most. I enjoy time with my papaw and my crazy cousins. I love tummy time and watching tik toks with my mommy. I love to smile, laugh, eat & kick! I’m 11 pounds & 13 ounces!! I have been an awesome little boy so far and I’d love your vote!
Lily is the smartest, funniest, bravest, sweetest girl in the world. She loves playing outside, learning how to read, and making new friends!
Shawn Jr
So full of energy and full of personality
Jayce is such a good baby. He never cries for anything. He loves watching coco melon.
Olivia has been a fighter since birth. She was born at 29 weeks gestation and spent 69 days in the Nicu! She is now almost 7 months old actual and 5 months adjusted. Everyday she is thriving. She loves little baby bum, cocomelon, and pj mask. She is a mamas girl in her daddy’s world ! She has a smile that is contagious ❤️ Vote our girl
She loves to dance
Vote for my beautiful baby boy 😘
Katelynn is such an amazing little girl! She loves to laugh with her big sister, enjoys eating her yummy squash & bananas, she also loves her tummy time. She is sweet, sassy & chill all mixed together! She is a beautiful blessing ❤️
Kolton is 5 months old he loves to be held he loves kisses he loves giving kisses 😘 he loves his brothers he's chunky he's sweet he's got the sweetest little laugh and he likes his tummy time!