Baby Stories - 72


Baby Azhon 🥺 he 3 weeks old. He was 5 pounds & 15 ounces , he likes music & rain sounds. He loves to look at lights.
Hey ladies how you doin lol jp Clayton is definitely a ladys baby. Loves the girls
Clayton is such a joy and a happy Harry Potter baby lol
Hes such a fun loving baby. So blessed to have this beautiful boy in my life.
Jesslin is a year old. She has started walking and is now running like the wind! She has big brown eyes like her momma and adores her big sister more than anything in the world. She gives kisses to her puppy and her sister all the time but holds kisses away from mommy and daddy. She is a super happy baby with lots of love to give. ❤️
She is such an angel 👼 when I see her smiling this is the only thing that make my day!🙂🙂🙂
Smartest little girl ever. She has the brightest smile you'll ever see. Loves to talk and talk. Never gives up whats shes doing.
My name is Antalya. I am 8 years old. I love to play with my little brother, read books, play games, and play with makeup. I am very sassy but so lovable. I care about others and like helping out.
Jaravea is a happy one month old baby boy!! He like for you to sit and talk to him, play and dance to music!!He is a cutie, why not vote!!! Thanks in advance!!!
Ella is a 1 year old girl who has an amazing personality. Her favorite thing to do is sit in her daddy’s gaming chair and pretend to be him 💓 if you vote for her thank you so much ❤️
Hadley is our perfect Christmas gift! She is so sweet and sure does love to eat already! She already knows what she wants and when she wants it. Help us vote for this sweet little girl
The sweetest child i have ever laid my eyes on she is the most precious little love of my life she truly fell from heaven
Lyla Rose-Marie is 4 months old. Lyla loves to stand and walk around, (with assistance of course) She is curious and loves to explore new toys and places. Lyla loves to talk and giggle, her smiles are endless, and she lights up the room the moment she enters ❤️
My name is isaiah, i Love to make people laugh! Im full of life! A true miracle baby. I survived severe rsv and pneumonia! My family said im an old soul but i like to think im just very smart. Im the life of the party at just 3 years old! I love to sing and cause trouble! My favorite food is everybody else's food but mine 🥰
Grace-Roma loves kitties, walks, dancing and so much more. She loves her family, loves giving kisses and hugs, she is a smart little cookie and I’m blessed to watch her grow and accomplish so much so far🥰
My name is Noah . I love hanging out with my mommy and playing outside .
Malakai is 9 months old! He loves food, standing up and saying Mama!
Ezra is an outgoing child who loves to play outdoors in the dirt! He loves interacting with all his friends and enjoys relaxing with a bit of TV
Kenzlee was 2 weeks early weighed 6 pounds and was 19 1/2 inches long. Her favorite movie is cocomelon.Her favorite person is her grandma.
She is a strong and very intelligent girl. She love Elsa and all the princess. She wants to be a doctor some day.
Haisley Rayne
Hi! My name is Haisley, I love when my mommy sings to me and when my dada makes funny faces. Bath time is my favorite, I could stay in the water all day long!
She’s so smart so sassy so beautiful 💗
I love to suck my fingers, yell for attention, and crawl all over the place. I’m an extremely happy and smiley baby❤️
Alayna is a loving baby girl who loves to play with PlayStation controllers and phones and has fun with her close relatives
Mary is 5 years old. Shes in school. She loves to play outside and play with her two younger siblings. She has a laugh that is contagious and a very open personality.
7 months of happiness. Daniel loves hugs and kisses he’s such a sweetheart with an amazing personality. He is overall a very happy baby!
I’m a ball full of energy, but i’m the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet.
I’m Journey Nicole Johnson B.K.A. Jo’Ni’Jo Born Fearless & Ready To Conquer The World 🌎 I love Listening To Music And Playing Tag( I make sure you’re IT!) I enjoy Short Naps and Sipping On Smoothies To Stay Healthy .. Let’s Play PEEEK A BOOOOOOOOOO
Jovanni is 1 years..he loves playing with his food but mostly his grandpa. Please vote for my nephew ❤️😊😊
This is my little green eyed monster who climbs like a monkey with no fear. She is silly by nature.
Arabella Ross
My daughter is 2 she likes to sing and loves to dance. She loves to pose as you see. She likes pictures.
Alex is a super sweet 2 year boy. He definitely knows how to use his pretty eyes to get what he wants!
hey, i’m Evan & i’m 6 months old. i love you eat & chew on everything. i also love to smile at everyone i see!
He’s my 4 year old baby. The best big brother to his baby brother jakob.. loves to play with playdoh, his dinkeys and loves to teach his little bro how to do new things. Vote for my baby James
This is Lydia. She loves musical toys and loves watching country music videos. She enjoys naps and loves her belly. She babbles and laughs. Sucks on her hands and loves to be walked.
Kingston is a joy to have around he loves to play and have fun .always smiling and loves you more if you share your cell phone lol.
Aerolynn is my youngest child. She is a very sweet and happy baby. Her most favorite activities are dancing and follow both me and her father around
Bella was in such a hurry to come into this world that she was born premature. She was only in the hospital a little over three weeks thank god. When she was born she had an infection in her blood, she had a hard time breathing on her own which only lasted a day and she had a hard time feeding on her own so she had a feeding tube but now she is a beautiful, healthy little angel and she is home and fixing to turn 5 months old. We have been blessed with the best baby ever and she is the smartest little thing ever. The last three pictures that i added is when she was still in the hospital. TIA to everyone who voted for our baby girl.
This little guys name is Bryson he’s Constantly giggling and eating! Overall a happy baby and is a mamas boy <3
Hazel loves to play with her toys and loved ones and always have a smile on her face!!
Emmett is my little rainbow baby. His older brother John watches over him from heaven due to a car accident in 2018. I waited a year after losing John to have Emmett. I felt like it was time. Due to the car accident I had to have little Emmett c-section. He was born at 10:10am 7 lbs 5oz 21 in long and he is perfect reminds me of his brother every day.
She will be a year old January 28 she loves the outside playing an making a mess
Adira is a miracle baby ! She was born 3 months early at 25weeks and 2 days weighing 1lb 7.5oz she is now 4 1/2 months old weighing 11lbs .
Baby reigns favorite things to do is eat and cause mischief!🎊 In his spare time he watches Mickey Mouse and baby shark☺️
Novalynn Grace
Novalynn loves to dance with her daddy, wave bye bye, say no to everything, and has a bad shopping addiction
Jax just turned 2 months. He’s our lil pandemic miracle with a magic birthday of 11/11/2020