Baby Stories - 71


Miya likes to dance , take pictures shes 2 years old & sassy 🥰❤️
Noah is almost 4 months old. He is a nicu graduate. He was there for a month due to his kidneys not developing right. He is a happy baby. Loves to smile and talk. Love to play on his play mat and watch tv while kicking and hitting his toys on the play mat. He loves to sit up while being held and will try to stand while being held.
Jada loves her family as well as shopping!!
Hi, I’m Korbin! I love watching Cocomelon and Mickey Mouse. I love spending time with my grandparents. I love chewing on everything I can get my hands on. I’m learning my hand eye coordination finally. I also like to pull mommys hair. I’m a happy baby. Bright lights are also my favorite. Give me a vote. I’m a happy, healthy, smiling baby!
A’Legacy loves snuggling, and playing in bubble baths! She is the most happiest baby ever!
Lexi is 5 months almost 6 months she a happy little baby loves laughing and playing with her toys and big sister
NYE Baby💖
He a sweet baby
Nova is 1 month old. She is full of life and sassy already! She loves to be held and rocked! 💕
Only one month old but very intelligent. He loves to hear a variety of music and hear weird sounds .So far I’ve found (colors of the wind from Pocahontas is his favorite ) and what he loves more than anything to feel the warm sun on his tan little face. I believe even this young babies know a little bit about what going on , more than we think they do . I got blessed with such a good little boy. He pouts when he knows he is not getting the attention he wants and will smile ,sometimes full out giggle if you catch him at a good time of day. I can’t wait to see more of his personality show as he gets bigger and older.! If we were to win I’d either buy more weird , and in the end ,pointless baby gear or simply invest in a savings account for him which I plan to do before 6 months . Gerber baby has a great plan for simple penny saving for your kiddos. 💸
Milan loves to crawl , laugh, and have long conversations with her Gigi. Her favorite people is daddy and her older brother .
I’m a handsome 6 year old with green eyes, love playing with my siblings and my dinosaurs too! My favorite color is orange & I’m a big mommy’s boy.
She loves unicorns 🦄
Miyah Nicole may not understand how ugly her mom's pregnancy was but she graced her mom, dad, brother, and everyone around her with her beautiful life. Miyah Nicole is such a happy baby. She loves music and loves it when her mom dresses her up and sings to her. The only time you wont catch Miyah smiling or laughing is when she is sleeping (But she still laughs in her sleep so that doesn't really count) (insert the laughing emoji) and or hungry. Please vote for the dimple face, beautiful,and blessed princess Miyah Nicole.
Hi im a happy 5 month old girl who is full of smiles. She loves her puppies and her family.
The moon danced with the stars of the night Gianna was born . She A firecracker baby 🎉 she loves coco melon , cookies , and cuddling. Her smile will light the room up
Luka loves playing in bubble baths, snuggling with mama, and watching cartoons🥰
Alaiyah is a bubbly, smiley baby girl. She loves to laugh, eat, and watch her favorite tv show Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave. We call her Bunni and she is a bundle of cuteness.
He loves to eat 🥰
Mia is the most helpful,beautiful, intelligent,sweet lil girl shes alway happy and trying to make everyone as happy as she is.
I love my mommy and daddy and love being myself I am very independent but can be a flirt I love everybody and love cuddles 💋
Hi I’m Amelia! I am four months old. Nickname is Millie and I love Mickey Mouse club house hanging out with pap. And I love my fuzzy blankets and cuddling with oth my mommy
Zayden is 3 months and is a happy baby.. when he wakes up. He loves his baths, his hands in his mouth and being held 24/7.
Wynston is so full of joy! Loves The Lorax! He is a people person and thinks everyone is funny!
Full of joy 💙
He loves watching Mickey Mouse. Starting to roll over more now
He loves to sleep and eat and give cuddles 🥰
My son Aiden is 1 year old and is spoiled rotten he loves mickey mouse and baby shark he has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair and is 22 pounds.
Dallas was a 3 pound baby when he was born he has grown up so fast he’s standing and walking when we hold his hands and he crawls all over the place he shakes his head no when you tell him no hes amazing
Billie is 4 years old and loves being outside and playing with friends and animals she is a smart girl.
For Kaliah to be 4yr old she is very confident about how she loves to get her hair done and run to the mirror and be like mama I look cute.she loves Elsa and to play dress up and put makeup on her personality is a bang and she is shy at times but when you get to know her you would love to be around her hyper active self she is my broke best friend and I always wanted me a little girl you should Go Vote for my baby please Thanks
Deckard is almost 7 months old, loves to laugh, play, roll, and smile! He loves bath time and listening to baby shark 🦈
Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace loves to play with sissy and she loves to eat anything she can get her little hands on 😂 she can roll over, hold her own bottle, and scoot her walker 🥰 thank you for your vote!
Karina loves eating and blowing bubbles, she likes the sound of her own voice and 🎶 her laugh lights everyone up and her smile is well look 👀..........^^^
Mahaeylah is 4years old. Her favorite color is Blue. She loves to play with playdoh and get dirty.
Ryleigh is a spunky little girl who knows exactly what she wants when she wants it! She knows how to get her voice heard! Lover of cuddles and blower of raspberries, she’s the sweetest little girl on the block ❤️
Jordan likes to laugh and talk to his grandparents and sisters. He loves to eat. He also loves to be in his swing
This is my Gracie bug, she’s a sweet loving 4 year old. She’s autistic and is the smartest sweetestittle girl I know. ❤️
Brooklyn is our little bundle of joy.🎀 The best gift in the entire world to us. She is such a happy baby! She likes to talk a lot & loves her big brother.❤ We sure do love her. Show her some love & vote for her.💕
Brooklynn is 2 years old so sassy and loves doing makeup and nails her favorite movie is frozen ... her bright blue eyes and huge personality makes everyone in the room smile!!
Her favorite tv show is Jessie , she loves playing dress up and has the biggest heart ever ❤️
Ava will be 10 months January,12 she’s so full of life. She have a big personality, enjoy laughing, playing with toys. Her favorite cartoons are Blue’s clues & you, The Adventures of Paddington, Ryan. She loves to eat pretty much everything you put in front of her. She loves music tries to sing along with the songs and dance. She’s optimistic and very curious about everything and although she’s only 9 months she’s already independent she observe and tries to do everything on her own, she’s so smart.
Lillianna loves to run and jump and play all day long! She absolutely loves her baby brother and trys to help mommy and daddy take care of him in any way that her little self can! Lily is the sweetest little soul anyone comes across.
Hi! My name is Evelyn Jean, but you can just call me Evee J! My favorite cartoons are Pokémon and Masha and bear! I love to play with my instruments and sing along with the music. And cuddle my mommy and daddy! And i love to go on the biggest slides! I also love playing in the snow
Little Luka is a preemie baby who spent 2 months in the NICU and is trying his hardest to catch up to other babies his age!
Winter loves to play and eat❤️ Her favorite person is her DaDa,she can say hey,bye bye,mama,dada and can shake her head "nonono" she loves to watch The Croods😊Winter enjoys eating with mommy and daddy❤️She loves to giggle and smile every morning when she wakes up❤️🥰Winter is a very Happy baby😊 Behind all that love and happiness she hides her sass!