Baby Stories - 71


Sofie likes to cuddle with mama, sleep long hours, eats 6 oz at 2 months old, and has little baby rolls all over her body that everyone cant help but pinch! She is very loved and just recentky started smiling and melting the hearts of everyone around us.
Layla is my sweet but sassy 3 month old she has so much spunk for a 3 month old she loves her nan,papa, and her mommy and daddy. Her favorite movie is trolls and my little pony a new generation ♥️🥰
Oliver loves his mommy and dada and ofcourse food!
Braxton turned 1 on Sunday October 3,2021 he was born 3 months early was n Akron til December of 2020..he is doing great for bn born prematurely..he has a smile that lights up the room 🥰💙
Blake is the happiest boy around with the biggest blue eyes. He loves to smile and tell stories.
Ty Alexander
Ty is my sister's miracle baby! He loves his mommy and daddy! This picture shows just how he feels about his mommy, he just stares at her and smiles!
R’leighn was born Aug.15,2021.She came 3 weeks early she was due Sept.6,2021.She is a fiesty,sweet loving baby.She loves to eat and loves to get her head rub and cuddle with mommy while she sleep.
Ja’Khari lights up every room we go into. He honestly is the gold at the end of a rainbow 🌈 He loves his daddy and loves to smile at you💙Love to drink his milk. ❤️
Ryder is a happy silly baby he loves to eat and very curious about new things! He never meets a stranger and loves to try and talk!
Rendon is the sweetest little boy! He love his monster trucks and he is definitely a mama’s boy💙 He just turned two and is definitely living it up! Don’t hesitate to vote for our little man💙
Avery is a cute and sassy little girl that loves to snuggle. She is a master of facial expressions and loves going on walks with grandma.
Sam is a happy energetic and lovable 14 month old. He loves walking he loves fruit and most of all he loves playing.. He loves to be held and to hold hands while walking
Gabryial is a happy six-year-old who loves to play outside and he loves being helpful. He loves being a Big Brother. He's an amazung ball of energy you just can't help but love
Kyson loves going to rodeos, out on the boat, swimming, wearing hats & sunglasses. He is almost 2 years old. Such a funny & loving lil man. Will give you a smile, a funny face or a good ol’ mean mug. He loves meeting new people but especially loves his family & rodeo crew. His favorite show is currently Spongebob.
Braxton is a sweet loving lil boy he always has a smile on his face when braxton was just 7 months old we lost his father due to gun violence may 6 of 2019 and it has been really hard on the both of us But my baby couldn’t be more happier he loves to laugh scream and play with his cousins Love spending time with his papa and the rest of his family he’s goofy wild and loving.
Emery is a very happy/smart girl. She loves unicorns and scooby-doo. She also loves to sing with her unicorn toy and dance with her daddy.
Destin loves his siblings more than anything! He is such a selfless and sweet baby. He likes to take things apart and put them back together again. He is extremely curious about his surroundings and is always down to learn something new. He loves to be outside and give kisses. He smiles more than any child I’ve ever known!
Luxton loves to play with his brother, and his sister's. He loves playing with his toys, and he loves his snacks :)
Piper was born a small 6lb4oz and has grown into a proper little chunky monkey with the cheekiest smile that never leaves her face and already got a proper mischievous little personality (and attitude), she also loves hey duggee, her toy Narna and her big brother and sister.
Mia is 4 months old! & She loves her stuffed animal unicorn named rainbow!
She’s so energetic and talks so much! She loves rolling over to her belly! She also loves watching her brothers play
She goes by Li’i. She is 4 months. Li’i loves to watch football with her dad. She loves Sophia the First more than Cocomelon. She’s learning to sit up and slide everywhere. She is a calm baby and she’s very alert of surroundings. She is loved. So grateful for her and her bubbly personality 🥰 Li’i had covid when she was only 2 months but she beat it by taking my breast milk. I am grateful she here and get to share life with her! ♥️
Runa loves to smile, laugh and shake with her rattle❤
Hi I’m William, I am 16 months boss baby, & baby shark are my favorites. I love my mommy & daddy so very much, they are my best buds. I am the most beautiful, sweet, loving, little guy you’ll ever meet vote for me please ☺️
oakley is a happy , smiley little girl! she loves to smile and have conversations with everyone. she loves her dogs and her family. Her favorite movie is Monsters University.
My name is Sylas, I am 3 months old! I was born at 41 weeks as healthy as can be! I’m a red headed blue eyed boy. I love to laugh and play with my mommy and daddy. Please vote for me💕
Nyla loves her animals and is a very friendly kid. She loves to wave at people and and her favorite is saying “Have a good day!”
Hi, my name is Daxton but my mommy and sissy’s call me Bubba. I’m 3 months old and I just started to goo and gaw. I love watching tv and for someone to talk to me cause I love to smile…
My Name Is Ja’Mecia and I like to eat , play , and be under my mommy . Y’all should vote for me because I’m such an adorable and bright happy baby ! That’ll brighten anybody day with my smile . 🥰
Hi im Madalin. I will be 2 on the 12th. I love to be outside. I love movies and food and i love waiting for daddy to come home for work. Im a daddys girl. I talk a whole bunch and laugh even more. Im very playful and loving. I love to smile and laugh.
Baby Dax is a month old. His favorite song is apples and bananas. He is super alert and loves looking at all his toys!
A’Velia is the biggest blessing in my life she’s very smart and her personality is out of this world!!
At only 2 months old, Lyla is already quite the character! She is smiley and cheeky and LOVES warm snuggles 🥰
Hi this is Karson Marie, she loves her little brother, she loves playing with her friends, but most importantly this little girl loves God ❤️
Hi this is Kaydon Dominick, he loves ice cream, going to the park, and taking his sissy to school in the mornings ❤️
Sassy, Silly, And Superb 🥰. One of coolest 😎babies you will ever meet😘. My Other Half Laueryn Is My Twin. Vote For My Sissy And I.
Laueryn is a sweet smiley baby, the other half of her sister Londynn! They are fraternal twin sweethearts🥰😍.
Aria Ahyoka Hines
My little munchkin is a breath of fresh air she sings knows her ABCs 123s & sign language hopefully she’ll be on a screen near you in her future 😊
Hi, my name is Bentley! I love to sit in my swing & love being on my boat. I love when mommy and daddy tickle me! Please vote for me!
This is my miracle baby Madison Claire. My husband and I thought we couldn’t have anymore kids. Our oldest daughter is going to be 9 in November and we tried to conceive for a solid 5 years. We lost hope and shed lots of tears. God blessed us on his time. She is the perfect missing puzzle piece to our family 💜
Adley is a little over a month old and is just the sweetest baby! She is our first born, but she has 2 dog siblings and few cat siblings!
Connor Jon is 6 months old, he loves to nap, cuddle, and listen to music. He is our future fisher and is currently the greatest catch
I am so funny with such a BIG personality! I love to sing, dance, and paint.
She is 10 months old, she is a happy baby. She loves watching home, rio, & ice age dawn of the dinosaurs .
Ronan is such an expressive little guy who loves going for walks, laughing and talking, rolling around on the floor and snuggles with his mama!
This is my beautiful daughter Aneala (A-nay-la)! She’s 6 months old & has brought so much joy to my family. We love seeing all of you guys beautiful babies! 🤎
Malia is a happy baby girl who loves to wave and blow kisses❤️