Baby Stories - 70


Evelyn Rose
Evelyn Rose is almost 4 months old, she’s a very active baby. She is already trying to talk and is so alert!! She loves watching movies and is such a sweet, loving baby. 🤩
Cole, AKA Monster, is our 3 year old energetic boy. He loves hockey, his big brother and Paw Patrol
Meet Bodhi, the one who made our family whole🥰
Kehlani Denae
Kehlani is our rainbow baby sent from heaven she’s gonna be 3 months on the 22nd 🤍 she’s already 10lbs getting big but babygirl slow down!!
DiCaprio loves to watch football, he is very photogenic and very friendly!
Hello,my name is Weston i will be 4 months old on Saturday! I have a smile that will light up a room, my mommy tells me im super cute and she wants to show me off♡ lets see if shes right 😍
Hi im sarah i love to cuddle with my mommy shes the best i am 4 months old i love to stand my grandparents are the best when my mommy leaves to the store to get some stuff i get upset my mommy is my best friend i love taking baths i love watching tv i also like taking selfies please vote for me
Lucas loves to play with his trucks and watch lion guard and he loves his mommy and daddy.
Jacqueline is the most sweetest baby girl ever! She loves to smile and chew on her hands. Shes so loved🥰
Rowan Alexander
Rowan is a smiley 5 month old boy! He loves his mommy! He also loves singing and dancing, talking, and the Beatles! Doesn’t that face make you want to vote? 😁
Harper was born at 34+1. She was in the nicu and was beating odds. She was born 12/15 and came home on Christmas! She’s continuing to win hearts and smash goals! We both had a rough start to her being world bound. She’s my fighter! Me her father and big sissy are so proud!
Leila is the only girl of 4! A Samoan and African BEAUTY! She does nothing but laugh and dance! We call her Fatty Patatty because she is full of rolls! The goofiest baby I’ve ever known 🌴
Brynlee And Rylin
Rylin and Brynlee are my twin first borns! They are wild little things but they are so funny and love to play and watch cartoons! They have the prettiest hair and best personalities I’ve ever seen!
Kaz'Myr is 3 months old and he love to smile, laugh and play. He also love to watch tv. Kaz'Myr is a Happy loving baby.
Azlynn is the sassiest , most girly girl there is but she’s the most loving and the kindest also
Amelia is the sweetest, happiest baby I’ve ever seen. She had blue eyes and red hair. She loves to bounce herself in her bouncer and laughs all day long! Brings joy to everyone around her ❤️
Baby girl is 2 months old she loves to smile and loves her daddy and has a dog names scooby.❤️
Marcel is the happiest most loving little guy who loves to learn new things and walk and play
I'm a happy go lucky little girl and my mommies special rainbow baby! I love to cuddle, eaf big girl food, watch disney movies and sesame street and play with toys!
Alieah is very sweet. She has such a beautiful silly personality. She loves her daddy so much. Her smile brightens everyones day.
Little Magnolia brought so much love and happiness to our family during the negativity of 2020 with the pandemic. She is a sweetheart who loves to cuddle, especially with Mommy and Daddy. She likes looking at faces and objects and is still working on finding her voice except when it takes too long to get her bottle ready, everyone hears her then! Magnolia is a blessing and we cherish every moment ❤️
Rey is 1month old👣! He is a lovable little king who loves his kisses, watching tv, and oh how he loves him some lights !!!💙
Chloe is a happy baby and very friendly
Braelyn Rayne is 5 months old but has so much personality and smarts already! She absolutely loves her big sister. And she loves to laugh and play! Braelyn is already trying to crawl and figure things out on her own.
Bexley is very smart and outgoing. She is always trying to make someone laugh. Her favorite color is pink and she loves to sing and dance.
Hi, my name is Arabella Rose! I love feeling cuddled up tight, warm, and snuggly like im still in my mommy's tummy!
Hadlee Rose
Hadlee is a whole lot of sass. She loves chocolate milk, doggies and bubble baths ! She's a diva and a tomboy, best kind of girls ! Your votes matter :)
This is Brooklynn she loves cuddling with mommy and daddy it keeps her happy
Waylon is 9 months old. He has blue eyes and light brown hair. His favorite person is his momma. He loves Mickey Mouse, Crawling, and playing with his older brother.
Ashton is a very happy little boy. He loves to laugh and play with his siblings and cuddle with mum and dad.
Jenna Sue
Jenna Is a angel that is so beautiful with a smile that will melt your heart. She is 2 months old so she is trying to figure out what she likes most in this world right now.. but for now her mommy,daddy, and 3 brothers!!! SHE WILL ALWAYS LIKE THEM MOST NO MATTER WHAT!!!
Sumijah Is A Happy 1 Year Old☀️ Loves Music🎶,Dancing💃🏽,Playing😁,Most Importantly Her FAMILY👨‍👩‍👧
Oaklynn loves her paci and is very interested in high end fashion. She is also a sweetheart that lights up any room she enters.
I might be small but I can tell you I’m mighty powerful. I have the best facial expressions and I definitely rule the house 🥰
Vote for my beautiful baby girl Addison she love to smile and is happy all the time 💕💘
Travis is dressed up in a traditional Hmong New Year outfit.
Our Chloe Bear is such a happy, smiley baby. We love the little personality she’s growing into. She loves to play and cruise after the puppies in her walker.
Malaní is such a people’s person. She has such a beautiful and bomb personality. She loves to eat and she loves to growl! Lol
Arialynn is almost 10 months old. She has a smile and a laugh that lights up mine and her daddies world, as well as other family and friends. Her favorite person is her daddie. She likes to listen to music and play with her two older siblings. She is such a happy baby!
Hi, I’m Evelyn, and I like to laugh and to eat 😌❤️
My baby girl hailey she was a month and a half early shes was 3 pound and shes is healthy had ever shes a blessing to me and my family and friends she will make your day with just a smile shes everything shes a blessing and im a proud father. What she most likes is kicking her feet and trying to move all over daddy and mommy love you hailey
Mini trooper Weston!
Jakaden is a very silly and active baby.He loves to smile and wave at everyone he encounters.