Baby Stories - 70


My names luka and I love my mommy💙, and chewing on everything but my toys, I love tubby time and I love my blanket.
Zhuri is 7 months & full of smiles, laughs & happiness! She enjoys hugs, kisses & Mickey Mouse. She’s learning how to crawl and is very busy. She’s a very happy, lovely baby!
Zion is a month old, loves to sleep, roll his eyes and grunt😀
Isla is a happy and content little girl who’s always full of smiles!🥰 please vote ❤️
8 weeks premature and already steals hearts. 💕
Very goofy and so much personality at 2 weeks with a beautiful smile and full of dreams she loves getting her hair combed through
She is the happiest baby. Born early at 34 weeks had to spend the first two weeks in the NICU since her lungs weren’t developed yet. She is now doing great and loves taking walks and pictures :)
Spencer is 10 months old! He loves his mama! He was born almost 4 weeks early weighing at 4lbs and 8oz but he was healthy, I had some complications but my baby is perfect and it was worth it!
Avielle is an adorable, almost 10 month old, who steals everyone’s heart with her big blue eyes🥰
Hello everyone Im Kerry just call me Trei. Im sweet, cute that’s what they said and of course handsome. I like to eat steam vege,sweet potato, and watermelon. Vote me guys as a duties baby. Thank you so much and God bless.
Roman is very active, he loves to play, he’s always smiling ☺️ always happy. So handsome.
Atlas And Lakeland
Atlas & Lakeland are fraternal twins! They love to smile & laugh and they are big mommas boys 💓💓
Hi, my name is landon i love paw patrol alot! My favorite food is frys and patatos. My mommy is my world. I have alot of aunts and uncles and cousins. Im a red head so im mean at times. My favorite color is red and black.
Hi, my name is meadow i am 2 months old and spoiled so much. I love my big brother and mommy so much. I like to be talked to and play on my play mat. Im picky when it comes to the way i lay down to sleep and my binkys. I look really good in pink and blue and big bows!!
Easton loves anything sports!!
He coos, he smiles, he’s a good baby, he’s a happy baby. He loves his bath time!! 😊 he’s loves his nana so much 💕
This is my beautiful son Roy. He is a 4th named after his father and his grandfather who has terminal cancer and won't be able to watch him grow up. He loves his papa very much and it shows. He loves baby shark, Blippi, and getting as dirty as possible. He loves the water and everything about the sea. He is very smart and kind and gives the best hugs you ever did have. He is very polite already with his manners and I'm hoping to raise him into a respectable young man💚
Ava loves to run and jump. She has a new found love for dancing. Her favorite word is NO.
I love to cuddle with momma and sleep and make faces
Everyone meet Sophia Elise! She was born on September 29th 2021. She is the sweetest as can be. Her favorite thing is cuddles! She loves being next to someone and nesting her head on your chest.
Hiiii!!! My name is Austin James! I love my older brother because he always makes me laugh the hardest, he’s the coolest big bro. I love to cuddle with my mama & give her kisses. I think dogs are pretty cool, & my favorite show is baby sign language. I don’t like my car seat much but every time I go out I make new friends so I’m trying hard on learning to wave. When I see people smile it makes me smile, I think I just love everyone.
Kai is the twin sister to Koi! Kai is 4 months old. She is super silly. She loves smiling and giggling! Kai is a very active baby, she enjoys rolling, kicking and bouncing.
David Emiliano
Hi, my name is David! I'm my mommy and daddy's whole world. David is always smiling and laughing and making other people laugh. I'm learning and growing everyday and his favorite word is dinosaur 🦖💙
Little buggerlugs 9months old, Hyperactive lockdown baby, When shes tired and rubbing her eyes, fights for the world not to sleep, gorges smile eyebrows like her dad🤦🏽‍♂️, Venturing the world in my house as she has started crawling( more like swimming) Lactose intolorent, protein intolerant ( hardlife) Loves to make werid freaking noises, ... Shes not my start shes my whole friggin sky!!
Annalise is less than a month old and already has such a big personality, she is the center of her mama and daddy’s whole world ❤️
Koi is a twin sister to Kai! She is 4 months and full of energy! She loves to sing (yell) and babble. She is skilled at rolling and holding her head high during tummy time. Her favorite toys are loud and chewy!
Hi my name is Benji👶🏻 I lovvvve to talk and smile! I have dimples which makes me so much cuter when I smile. I love watching t.v also.My favorite things to do is be outside and around my mommy.I hate loud noises especially my siblings yelling and play fighting.I am a mommas boy and loved to be carried to sleep 😴 Other then that I’m the most lovable baby boy around!
This little guy is my rainbow baby🥰, he’s about to be a month old soon! He’s so little so he really only likes being held, and he loves his little stuffy in his pacifier.
Hi, I am William I love to smile & laugh! I love my mommy and my daddy and my big brother! My favorite animal is a fox 🦊 and I love to move! Weather it’s someone holding me or me crawling away!
Catherine is 4 almost 5 months old! She loves yelling(talking), sitting up and seeing what’s going on. She loves her formula but would rather have mashed potatoes. She is a VERY happy baby.
She is such a happy baby! She loves to be outside and loves to kick alot! She is just starting to almost scoot like she wants to crawl already!
Happiest smiliest baby you’ll ever meet. Despite his rough start in life spending quite a bit of time in NICU and having surgery, he is a sweet and happy boy. 😁
Loves to dance Sing Disney songs Chuck e cheese is her favorite place Princess/diva
Malaki is two weeks old today! He already loves the idea of rolling over, holding his head up, listening to music, and keeping mommy up all night long💕
Baby Rozanna holds her head up very well for barely being almost 2 months very smart little girl
Aaliyah is a adorable strong baby who loves her mommy and daddy. She enjoys walks and absolutely loves tummy time so she can play with her toys. 💜 she is such an amazing baby that brings love and joy to anyone’s life that is blessed to know her ❤️🙏🏽
Hi ! I’m Oceanna and I am 4 months old , I love talking , going on adventures and vacations with mommy and daddy, swimming and putting everything in my mouth
Kolsyn Rilley
Baby Kolsyn loves to cuddles, his bottles && most of all smiling♥️
Adalia also know as Yaya is a wonderful little one. Loves to pay and watch Cocomelon. She might be shy but once she knows your nice she'll be comfortable. She might have bad days but that will never stop her from having a smile on her face♥️
Evelyn is such a character already, our cheeky little monkey! Hope her smile brings you some joy🥰Likes: Hey Bear Sensory, sucking mummy’s chin/nose and the hairdryer😂 Dislikes: Being burped and being woken up.
Addyson Drew
💕MamaSquad💕🌻👑REGARDLESS OF THE DARKNESS IN THIS WORLD WE WILL FOREVER BE A LIGHT! WE STRAIGHTEN CROWNS, AND WE DONT GET JEALOUS! THIS IS ABOUT OUR BABIES, AND EVERY BABY IS BEAUTIFUL!🌻👑TREAT OTHERS HOW YOU WANT TO BE TREATED!🌻👑 THANKYOU SO MUCH TO OUR VOTERS!!🥰Addyson(Sonnyflower) (also known as Baby Z(she thinks shes a zombie lol), is a super sweetheart, and so smart! She is an old soul, with a wild spirit, that loves animals especially her puppies Beaux, Cotton, and Sasha. She is her mommy's girl and she's daddy's world! She talks so well and is so sophisticated for her age! She loves riding her bike, building things, fishing, dancing, and singing(like alot)(about everything )😅 she even makes up little songs for Daddy and I with her little guitar, just strumming away, with the wildest imagination 🦄👑💫 She is so outgoing, she has to give EVERYONE a hug 💛(recently highfives), she loves playing with friends, coloring, making mommy and daddy ice cream with playdough, and swimming! She wants to be like the mermaids!🧜‍♀️ Some of her favorite bigs include, of course mommy and daddy, her bubby, her Honey, and her Pappy! She loves paw patrol, cocomelon, and especially SCOOBY, and ANYTHING WITH ZOMBIES!🧟‍♀️JOJO Siwa 🌈🦄is her idol! 🦄🥰👑She is a little diva but would go out of her way to help anyone! She wants to be a carpenter just like daddy when she grows up! (You should see her mega block collection) Her laugh will melt your heart and her smile makes the moon jealous! She may love her quads and dirt,but she also loves her dresses and tiaras! She is the sunshine of our life! She is literally the sweetest dream I could ever have and the biggest blessing we could ever ask for! Our entire galaxy in one star!🌟 🥰 We love you, through the stars, over the moon, across galaxies, to infinity and beyond Boogie!👑🌻🌟 "She be but little, but she is Fierce!" Please vote for our beautiful Princess Sonnyflower! Dont forget to like and share!!🌻
Sofia loves to eat and loves for mommy and daddy to hold her, loves car rides, sleeps really good and isn’t fussy unless she’s hungry or wet. She’s the perfect Angel baby and we are blessed beyond measure.💗🎀
Acadia Genevieve
Acadia loves make up and shoes, she is a girly girl! ❤
Harlow-jay is a beautiful blue eyed baby, whos very content.. he loves his milk (thats for sure!).. he has recently turned 1 month old and is the happiest baby ever
Hank is a little go-getter who loves Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. He loves to smile, laugh and just be happy!💙
Gary Jr
Gary Jr is just a few weeks old, he has been such a joy to our lifes. After waiting for 13 years for him we are beyond blessed to have him in our lifes. He loves to eat, snuggle, listen to music and have lovings from his sisters & pup-sublings.
He is a very sweet energetic coco melon loving sweet little boy.