Bailey loves playing with her siblings, and watching octonauts with them! Loves trying to crawl and use her walker and is just the happiest baby ever. She always has a smile on her face and laughing loud as ever at everything🥰
McKinley is a 6 year old wild child . She loves playing baseball and getting dirty , but she also likes to be girlie at times . She’s energetic and loving and loves to the fullest . Never a dull moment with her ! 💗
Gunner is such a happy smiley boy who loves to smile and coo at anyone and anything. He adores having people talk to him and being thr center of attention. He loves to look at bright lights in the ceiling. He loves his momma and gives the best snuggles.
Hi! I’m Niko! I love being outdoors and going swimming, I’m also very passionate about my food and snacks😁 I’m definitely a rough and tough little baby boy already and can’t wait to get on the move.
Amelia is a happy little active girl who loves to sit in our picture window and watch the cars go by. If she’s lucky and it’s warm enough she will sit on a tree stump by the road and wave to drivers. She loves watching the wiggles and loves to eat her nenas meatballs.
Jaxon loves talking and staring at everybody! Jaxon doesn’t like his diaper changed and watching people walk by him without talking to him.😊
Kahmari is 14 months old he loves playing in water , loves to laugh and play with his trucks
Eloise is the sweetest little babe! She lights up any room she enters and has the most adorable smile! She loves anything that makes music, shadows, her lovey and of course her favorite thing is milk!
Zy’aire is a fun, energetic, loving 1 year old. He loves to give out warm hugs and kisses. His favorite tv show is Sesame Street and his favorite food is everything! His smile brightens up any room that he’s in and that’s what makes him so special. Thanks for taking the time to view his profile, vote for this cutie 🥰
Our little Sammy is a prince in our eyes 🧿💙👣 he is so loved and so adored by us and his 2 big sissys 🥰❤️
Jax loves to eat, Tummy time, cuddle and most of all be around his brother
Lincoln is smart and kind and loving. He will do anything and everything that you ask him to except for eat broccoli!
GiGi is a spicy girl with a cute little face. Always up for adventures and shows up all the boys all while wearing her bows!
My handsome, smart, fearless 4 year old.
Zaven is super sweet and loves attention.
Jo Ann
Jo Ann is such a happy baby... Other than when she's hungry. She loves going on walks and rides in the car.
This angle just stares into your intrigued, atleast by his momma. At that wonderful stage of making the loud squeal, and the different noises. Loves his music. Can't forget trying to grab his head when I'm trying to Keep his curls in to mess them up!! Just a bundle of joy.
Novella Ashby, First of Her Name, Daughter of King Weso and Queen Nahtaeya. There’s too much to say about my Princess, but to keep it short and sweet like Her… She is constantly excelling. CocoMelon is her drug of choice. Giving hugs and giving kisses goodbye is her new “Uh Oh’s”. Her Superhuman power is making you fall in love with her ☺️ When the camera comes out she loves getting into Diva mode.
A cheeky little chap, with lots of hair and a lot to say! Aaron also loves his baby piano, feeding, rolling about and is about to start swimming lessons ❤️
Olivia is a CODA (Child of Deaf Parent). She loves listening to music, always smiling when meeting people, baby talking, looking around, and making cute bubbles. She is also learning American sign language.
He has a big personality already ! ❤️ Loves being outside, or looking out the window and seeing all the beautiful things out there. He also has such an adorable smile we have recently got to see ! SO CONTAGIOUS 😍
I love to laugh and be with my family. 💜
Silas is 2 months old now and is the sweetest baby boy, and has the biggest personality already! He LOVES to listen mommy and daddy talk, cuddles, look at lights, listen to music, and he loves to talk (cooing, babbling) 🤍
He s simply the best ! His smile is everything. The funniest and most cheecky boy I ve met. He s only 6 months old and i sometimes ( most of the time ) think he already understood everything life is about !
Brianna-Rose is a loving happy baby. She loves to sing to others and play pick a boo. She is always down for quality cuddle time !<3
Callen is the calmest little ham ever. He's always smiling and giggling. 100% could win his heart with food especially bananas or avocados.hes got sass for days, can sleep like theres no tomorrow and thinks its hilarious to pretend to cry (it's quite funny). Hes my chunky boy. Loves watching his brothers play.
She's a loving baby, everyone loves holding on to her and tell us there keeping her, she loves smiling and playing, in this picture she's looking like a true Model, she's loves talking her baby language to us, ect.
Jackson is the happiest baby in the world, it’s very rare that he cries and he is always smiling. He loves watching Moana and Encanto, he loves having dance parties with his mommy! His favorite thing in the whole world is to smile and laugh, especially when mom and dad are playing with All my toys.
He’s a spunky boy who loves everyone ❤️
He’s a fun, sweet caring little boy and a mommas boy
Baby Rey is 5 months old and loves to play with our cat Hannibal.
Junior is a loving 4 year old! He loves his dinosaurs and loves to explore everything! Outside is where he is most happy. Jumps off anything he can climb on, he is such an adventurous little boy and is always keeping me on my toes. Literally doesn't fear anything! Mama is always the scared one. He has been ready to take on the world 🌎 since the moment he was born!
He’s a smiley boy, absolutely loves to giggle and loves to cuddle. He is the center of many peoples worlds and I hope that only continues. He loves to have his picture taken and watch his big doggy sisters play. He’s my little miracle, my whole world. He loves food, which is not a bad thing because he was born two weeks early and had a low birthweight. But above all else, Oliver is a GOOD boy.
I love this photo because it shows her natural beauty as well as her natural propensity to be shy lol
Ollie Ollie Oliver😍😍 He absolutely loves to cuddle and have his feet held. He will side eye and give you dirty looks as you feed him and then head butt you when you try to burp him. Oliver has so much personality and will take the world by storm.💕💕
“My mommy says I need to learn something new every day…” *looks over & smiles*👋🏼👶🏻 Hi there, my names Carlos, named after my dad, and my mommy’s twin. I love jamming out to music & watching Garfield all day. I’m a peoples person and I love when mommy has guests over or we go on an adventure. I love trying new foods…I actually love peas. I love animals. I love swimming and water so much. As much as I love to be entertained, I love entertaining my friends and family. My mom says I’m a really funny baby and have sucha huge personality already! I spend a lot of timing laughing and talking in mommy’s “creepy” voice 😅
Ruth is my hero. I survived an ectopic two years ago and was told I couldn’t get pregnant. But then my daughter was the biggest and best surprise. She was born prematurely with gastroschisis, a rare abdominal wall defect. Her insides were on the outside and she was only 4 pounds. She had 2 surgeries in her first 5 days of life and spent 43 days in the NICU. She is now perfect and the most happy and special of babies. She loves to eat, be outside, and be with her family ❤️
My sweetgirl is the sweetest babygirl she loves the sounds of waves an loves to smile an giggle ❤️ I can roll over an hold my head up for just a few seconds.
She love smiling and she loves sleeping alot and she loves when mommy talks to her and sings to her
Henry is a smiley little baby who loves big laughs and lot of cuddles!
My blue eyed Hispanic, black and Irish baby. Axel is 5 months old. He is such a happy baby and loves to pet animals and grab peoples face. He has a sister a brother and another to be determined.
Jonathan Jr
Jonathan Jr is a smart lil baby boy who is always happy and smiling. Hes very adventurous in my eyes but also very alart. He sees and hears everything but most of all he will melt your heart ❤️
Hi my names Kinzlee Mae. I’m a big flirt and the funniest baby! I love going outside and playing on the trampoline. I give kisses and hugs!