Baby Stories - 68


Hi I’m Stephen. I’m 2 months old and a real mommy’s boy. I love cartoon and movies. My favorite movie is cars and my favorite cartoon is Mickey Mouse. I love to cuddle with my mommy and daddy. I enjoy trying to talk although I can’t yet. I have a big personality for being only 2 months.
Noah is the youngest of 3 boys. He absolutely adores his older brothers. His favorite thing to do is eat, eat, eat! Nothing can stop this little guy, he's so adventurous and is always ready to explore!
This little beauty right here likes her dollies but also loves cars and dinosaurs 😌❤️
Hi I’m Jaxson and dinosaurs are my favorite (rawr) I love my mommy and my little brothers
Hi I’m Jason and I love dinosaurs and sharks. I love to spend time with my big and little brother
Hello..Her name is Toniya. She so spoil. She is a very energetic child. She love to do things on her own, and I like that about her. However, I wouldn’t trade my baby girl for nothing in the world. Thanks..Vote Vote Vote For Toniya❤️
Loves to dance and her favorite food is bananas
Brayden is a wonderful little boy. He is extremely happy and smiley for his age. And of course he is so cute and chunky how could you not vote for him!!!
Tucker is a 10 month old blue eyed boy who is full of energy. He loves to laugh and make silly noises. He loves to play outside, eat everything, and bath time.
Alivia loves to paint and draw.. she loves to write short stories as well... She loves animals and everything nature ❤️
Cailani is a happy, active little baby. She loves to nibble on her hands. She loves to play with her daddy. She is rolling everywhere.
Alina is a smiley baby and loves watching her older brother and the dog run around the house. She just started taking some solid foods and is loving it!
He is a sweet boy who loves to eat carrots, squash,peas, and sweet potato’s. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and playing with his toys.
Roland is the cutest curly hair Ginger you will ever lay your eyes on! His favorite things are -playing with his basketball hoop his aunt got him for Christmas - eating anything that has chocolate on it - playing with his cousins all day - loves chasing our cat sugar around the house - watching movies with mom - loves sharing his toys
Raelyn can make anybody happy with her brightened smile and happy personality. She is a smart little girl who loves to play in water, cuddle time and her dogs.
Kyrie is the most happiest & active baby ever. Aside from that he love loves rattles, tummy time & coco melon. He reaches well & sits on his own.
Sweet and sassy! Very happy baby, LOVES SELFIES, eating and dancing ❤️😻
Autumn is 21mo, she loves being sassy, playing in the snow, watching tv. She’s obsessed with Minnie Mouse, Kane Brown and the song Dance Monkey. Autumns favorite people are her Mama and Daddy.
He loves watching The Garfield Show and Spongebo, he is very active and moving way to fast. Barely cry’s and he loves to eat a lot
Joi is loveable happy baby. She loves the outdoors the nice shiny and the rainy sky is her favorites she loves them the most because she loves her rain boots and her rain coat and she loves to dress.she loves playing with toys and in her sand box. So if you love sweet beautiful kids plz vote for Joi she love taking pictures so she picture perfect already .she want to be a model!!
A little bit about Lillian, she loves music! She loves to play piano, sing, and dance!
He is a loving playfull lil boy he really smart and he love his family
Hi, my name is Trinsten im 9 months and im full of love and happiness. I enjoy reading i love cars and cartoons. I love eating fruits and veggies it makes my day and keeps me active☺
Isabella is outgoing, sweet,smart and caring. She is a princess, motorcross rider, teacher, mommy and whatever she wants to be that day 💖 Always dressing up in princess attire and playing the part. We would love to win so she can buy more dressup and pretend play dresses and attire. Thank you for the vote.
Emmett is 5 months old and loves his older brother Luke 💙his favorite thing is rolling over and learning to crawl 🥰this baby boy is a chunky hunk 💙
Travis loves cuddling and kissing on mommy and daddy 😍
Ramear Wheatley
Ra’Mear loves to watch baby bump. He’s a very joyful baby always smiling . He never cry that’s a bonus 🥰 he’s very chunky and handsome
My son is amazing I love him
Little Lainey is 8 months old. She loves cruising around in her walker and watching every move anyone makes around her. She loves to play and is all around a happy little lady.
Walker Ray is the happiest little boy!! He loves his big brothers so much!! He likes to watch and sing baby shark and Winnie the Pooh. He never stops smiling and cuddling and making his family proud of how smart he is already at almost five months!! He loves to play and can already roll over from his back to his tummy and his tummy to his back!! Please vote !!!
Hi, im whitley and i was born in october. I love to laugh and smile at my mommy.
Yamireliz is a super happy baby, She is always smiling and laughing I never seen a baby like her ! She loooooves to dance , dance and dance! She is very active and silly she is a very silly baby! Super smart and very wise .
My name is Isabella I’m very happy,loveable and outgoing . I can keep a conversation going at 2 and I’m very funny and I have the brightest smile that would light up a room
Van loves eating fruits and vegetables, adventures of Paddington bear and blues clues and you. Outside adventures are a favorite of his. He never stops going. He loves people watching and waving to all his new friends. He will break a move anytime one of his favorite songs come on and sometimes the music is just in his head and he’ll start dancing.
Avianna loves attention like every child deserves. She is very smart for her age and is a little cuddle bug.
My name is Jo’Raya I’m a month old. I’m very smart I hold my own head up and try to hold my own bottle. My favorite things is to watch rugrats and I love music. I’m a very happy baby.
She is so such a happy baby, she loves Mickey Mouse and smiling at people and her favorite song is Cruise.She is my little Princess and I love her so much , she loves learning new things and she is growing up so much 💕
Carmani is a joyful baby she loves laughing and interacting with her family. Shes only 3 months but with each day that goes by she is becoming one in a million
Kyson is 4 months old and loves cocomelon, cuddles with mommy and his groceries!
Prince Charles
Prince Charles is a smart and sweet baby boy he is such a happy baby even though he was born with a birth injury he still strive to do his best
Logan loves to explore the world! From yelling at the cat to feeling grass for the first time, he's out to see, do, and experience everything life has to offer.
Ava loves to watch Cocomelon. Her favorite thing to do is to cuddle Mommy and laugh at her best friend Journey 🐶
Hello my name is Devonte Jr. I'm 2 months old. I'm such a happy baby I love to sleep all day and play at night. I'm a sweetheart.
Maxxton is my first boy out of 4 :) he's such a happy bubbly baby ❤️
Cetorre Howard
As you can see from her picture she’s a very happy baby and advanced she’s only 3 months and tries to sit up by herself she really hate laying down 😂 if you get very happy in her face she will give you the biggest smile and loudest laugh ever ❤️