Baby Stories - 67


Lai’Lani is the most adorable baby ever she is a happy baby laughing all day and wanting your attention 24/7
Jay loves playing Lego and loves to draw and he wears his heart on his sleeve.
George loves to play football ⚽️ He is a great help and has a heart of gold
Mikequan Jr.
Mikequan jr. is a 4 year old boy that likes to play football basketball etc he loves YouTube & wants to become a YouTube an Potentially get his own toy made just like his favorite YouTuber Ryan
Baby dax loves to look around he’s a smiley lil boy he’s such a good baby he loves his daddy and his baths
Elijah is 3 years old , he loves to take pictures, he really loves paw patrol ❤️
Zi is the most precious, adorable, and loving baby.. he loves to kiss you once you kiss him he just melts my heart .. 🥺💙
Lacey is such happy funny wee girl love dancing and being a real wee diva
Coden is such a happy adorable wee boy loves to watch peppa pig
Emerson is a spunky, loving, caring, and beautiful 5 year old with a heart of gold. She loves to play and watch tv. She also loves to take care of her baby brother and loves to do everything for him. She’s the best big sister and girl you could ever ask for! Thanks for voting! We truly appreciate it! ❤️
Myles is the most amazing, handsome, and loving little boy there ever has been. He LOVES to eat and be held! He also loves to be talked to and to talk back and smile at you! There’s never a dull moment as his big sister keeps us just as busy! Thanks for coming to vote for him! We appreciate it! ❤️
Oliver is a handsome little boy with the sweetest heart. He’s 5th generation to grow up on a farm that has been in his fathers family since 1906! His great grandfather was an Oliver Tractor dealer. We are sure he’ll love driving tractors, horseback riding, helping with the cattle and enjoy growing up being a happy and caring farm kid! 💚
Charlie is a little ray of sunshine who loves everyone she meets. She’s always looking positive at things and just wants to play and have fun.
My name is kaisyn lindley, i'm 3 months old , i love chewing on my fingers, i LOVE smiling, and i love sleeping. i am a mommy's boy at heart!
Emery is little sassy babe with infectious smile. She eats anything which probably why she wears 12 month clothing lol. Loves her puppy! Loves to chew people out especially her daddy!
Jaxon is 5 months , he loves to smile and laugh at everything , he’s such a happy baby. And he loves to eat !
Esme-Leigh was a born on the 17th of august 2020. She has grown into such a little cheeky baby, always smiling shes is such a beautiful little soul. My best achievement in life 🥰
Daxton loves Mickey Mouse, food, and anything that has to do with water! He makes everyone laugh and his smile is so contagious! Please vote for him!
Aprillynn is 3 months. She loves cuddling with her mommy and daddy and grandparents. She loves her puppy duke they will be thick as thieves he already protects her. She loves stars and rainbows.
Daxton is a very happy laid back baby.
Bennett is such a sweet, happy little guy! He’s loves “talkin” to his Daddy & Momma and smiling ☺️
The Eyes & That Smile Of His Can Brighten Anybody's Day 🥲. Just Take A Look For Yourself 😍. He's Only Two But Gives Mommy The Run Around Like He's Five 😅 Busy Body.
Blake loves to laugh at everything! He loves his puppy and trying to pop bubbles! He will eat any jar food you give him or any kind of puffs! He is such a snuggle bug!
My name is Keylan . I’m 8 months old . I like to talk . I like to smile . I recognize my name . I like to eat . I love meeting new people .
Miko is a very kind hearted, lovable and clever baby!!! He loves to play and loves to listen to his mama sing to him❤️❤️He enjoys people’s presence and always seem to put a smile on everyone’s face😁!!! Definitely quite the charmer ! 👑👑😉
Alayah is a month and four days old she loves cuddles and loves her swing she is very alert and she has the cutest little smiles.❤️💕
Jarred is always happy an smiling no matter what unless he is hungry❤️ & his favorite thing to watch is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse❤️ And chewing on his hands cause he is teething badly he also loves playing in his activity saucer!!
This is Charlotte Aka Charlie, she is a beautiful 3 almost 4 year old girl who loves the outdoors and animals! She is always full of smiles and sass!
Rayne loves morning snuggles with mommy. She also likes to suck on her toes and loves to laugh with daddy. ❤️
Tynzlie is the main character in every aspect. She is high functioning Autistic. Shes so full of love and laughter.
Journie is so compationate, strong willed, and full of life.
Cohen is the only son, of 4 kids. He is so energetic and full of laughter. Hes such a little jokster, and always the main Character.
He loves his paci, his giraffe and his most favorite thing is his looney tunes show!
Emberlie is the 3rd girl, out of 4 kids. She is Low functioning autistic, low muscle tone, with eating problems. She is so fun and full of life.
Harmonie Jhene'
Loves helping people, is giving and empathetic. She has an old soul, and LOVESSSS animals. Singing and dancing are some of her favorites, and has a beautiful voice!
Ellayna likes to look outside while swinging in her and hanging out with her fur brothers.
She loves to smile and wave hi and bye.
Blaire is a very happy girl who loves showing off for the camera! She loves listening to music and cuddling with her mama.
Ashton is a very happy little boy. He loves to laugh and play with his siblings and cuddle with mum and dad.
Coleson loves cars & trucks & loves cuddling with mama❤️
6 days old