will cuddle for food 🧸
Nora is a happy 3 mos. old baby girl! She loves snuggles and bath time & enjoys cooing to Mommy & Daddy! Please vote for Nora!
She’s amazing adorable my first girl my angel my world Miss Rileyy
sweet and sassy
My Dream Is A Happy and loving child. She's been through so much. From being born at 26 weeks weighing at 1lb and 11oz, to being in the nicu for 5 whole months. We've had so many scares. But she kept fighting, kept going. There was times my baby almost loss her life. But, she kept fighting. Now shes a wild, laughable, and active 17 month old, she is always smiling and always brighten up the room with her beautiful soul. We would really love for yall to Vote ! Vote ! Vote !
Aria love to eat and spend time with her daddy she is a daddy girl
He loves to smile and laugh. He’s a silly boy most of the time.
Miss hazy likes to play outside and climb like a champ. She is wild spirted and a undercover sweetheart
Colton is a 4 month old miracle. He had a rough few months medically. But he never stops smiling and cooing. He loves everyone he sees. He is truly the light of the life of anyone who meets him! ♡
He is one month old and loves to be held and cuddled. Especially loves taking naps on mom and dad’s chest 🥰
My little preemie love has been through so much in her eight years. She is such a sweet an independent girl and she is such an amazing big sister and she loves life to the fullest! She changed my life and she’s my best friend!
Hi I’m Liam! I am an adventurous one year old. I like to play outside, take naps and eat food. I am a happy boy with lots of energy.
Haddox is a sweet, loving 7 month old little boy. He loves to watch Mickey Mouse and loves to talk. He overall just loves everyone that talks to him and pays him attention. He is full of spirit and has such a big personality for a little guy.
Shes growing so fast she loves to smile an she is learning to sit up she loves music an loves when her deddy throws her into the air shes the sweetest an smartest baby girl shes just so full of sunshine ive never seen a baby so happy
Lilyann loves her food & her toes. She lights up the whole room with her smile. She has her own personality and loves to meet new people
Russ is the happiest baby ever! He loves to be read to, swinging outside, veggies, & fruits. He loves to be a flit in public and he knows how to get everyone’s attention
Zuri is the most lovable newborn that you will ever meet 🥰 She enjoys long conversations, tummy time, Cocomelon , her dogs and she absolutely loves snack time lol 🎀
Alayna is a wild child. She loves Peppa Pig and Minnie Mouse. She loves helping her disabled older sister. ☺️☺️
AnnaShae is a spunky 5 year old who loves Spider man and Jojo Siwa. AnnShae is recently disabled due to her illness NF1. It caused an optic nerve glioma and caused her to go blind. But she doesn’t let that stop her! ☺️
Colt is a very happy baby that loves interacting and being around people. He loves momma the most 😂🥰❤️
I have a twin brother I'm a very happy baby when awake I'm a daddy's gurl
I like to sleep an eat I'm a very happy baby I have a twin sister
Ashlyn was born four months early at a whopping 1 lb 2 oz in 10 inches long. She is now 7 months old and has come very long way. Might be little but she doesn't let that stopper. She might have a long way to go but she's one tough cookie
Jojo loves YouTube, playing with her siblings, her bestfriend is her cousin hendrix, she loves her daddy she loves going to the park an going to papas house.
LaSiah is full of energy and LOVES to eat!! Definitely a mama's boy.
Nova’Skye is the most perfect, happiest babygirl. She wakes up everyday with a smile and giggles. Shes an amazing baby who absolutely loves her snacks 😉❤️
Ryder loves playing with his older siblings, watching coco melon, laughing and smiling
Bentley is the sweetest little guy ever. He’s always smiling and he’s a bundle of joy ❤️ Thank you for voting
Ridley has just started solid foods, and so far hates broccoli. He loves bananas, and his new favorite as of this week is mac and cheese :)
My name is Azaylee im going to be 2 years old. I love Disney princesses! My favorite is Frozen I love to sing along to the movie!
Aleyna is a very smart very outgoing little 2 year old girl. She can be very sassy at times. She loves to sing and dance and play with her older brothers.
He is a big ball of laughter.he loves to cuddle and watch movies! He also loves to take walks and play during bathtime💓
Hezekylee loves tik tok, Fortnite, and being a great role model for her younger siblings.
Karsyn is Two years old going on 3 she’s very smart she loves to read books and attend school she has a very great vocabulary for two she loves pictures and being the life of the party
Khai is such smart boy. He loves everything and anything to do with all animals. Khai is autistic but he doesn’t let that get in the way. He works so hard and he loves his sisters more than anything.
Leighton loves Fortnite, hanging out with his friends & family, He loves riding bikes, taking walks an teaching his little brother an sister new things.
Quinn is such a happy girl. She always has a smile on her face and is always up for new adventures. She loves to talk and to eat snacks
Braxten decided to help his parents out with rent & enter the contest. He is 6 months old, with the best personality, and so energetic!!
Hudson is just a little over two months old, loves cuddles with mommy and spending time with all of his family and just has the cutest chunky face!
Melody loves her big brother and sister she’s the youngest of three. She enjoys watching Mickey Mouse and Bluey. Melody came at the right time in our lives. She brightens everyone’s day with her smile and her sassy self. I never entered any of my children any kind of contest before so I said hey why not she’s beautiful.
Benjamin is the most loving boy, and his favorite thing to do is be playing outside and searching for worms. 😍😍
Mason was born January 3rd 2022, he was born a preme and spent his first month in the N.I.C.U at albany med. Mason is now 3 months and doing so much better, he weighs 13lbs and is 25inches long.
Mason is a happy 3 year old little boy, he LOVES DINOSAURS & outdoors. He’s always singing & playing around. He’s very creative & loves to tell his colors , draw & mostly color with chalk out front. He’s very talkative when it comes to animals & places we’ve visited❤️
Adorable Princess Aurora
Bentley is all boy! He loves to be outside, climb, play, go to the park, and is overall such a lovable, outgoing, sassy, sweet boy. He is currently obsessed with ducks, and loves baths, and his puppies.