His name is lio nel lol he’s my sweet sweet baby lio was born premie had to stay in the nicu for almost a month after he was born but thank the lord he got to come home and he’s doing great he’s a strong boy and I’m so thankful for my lil man each and everyday please vote for my bby boy he deserves it just look at his face he’s so adorable
Connor is a climber! He climbs up and on everything! He is the happiest kid and has the sweetest smile!
His smile will delete the worries from your life. He has got a very natural smile. His smile is full of exuberance and joy
This is Aracely we call her chelly she’s the most sweetest baby girl ever her fav is cocomelon and loves to cuddle please help her win
This is oly she’s the most out going little girl I know I mean she’s not scared of any thing so brave very sassy she’s so beautiful oly deserves to win
Hogarth is a happy, curios, little guy who is growing like a weed everyday! He loves to talk, sing, and play peek-a-boo. He explores and is working his little brain constantly. He tried dirt for the first time last month and this month he’s meowing after our cat.
He loves to play. He loves to be OUTSIDE. He loves to be tickled.
Orion is a lovely mature strong loving child and loves to build and draw he makes everybody laugh and is so caring and kind, he loves his little sister so much..
BEN IS AN AMAZING CHILD!! He always finds a way too make everyone feel better. He loves baseball and his family! He lights up any room. He is my blessing from the Lord. He has had many trials and tribulations yet seems too always find a way too put on a big beautiful smile!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Celia is a very happy baby she enjoys baths, her dog Henry, being held, her daddy reading a book to her before bed, bubbles, tummy time, sweet potatoes and mango.
Clyde was born at 3 lb he was having problems with his umbilical cord when he was in my stomach I had to have a C-section with him he is now weighing 6 lb 10 oz he is such a good baby very happy big eater and mommy and daddy are so proud of him we've waited for so long to have our little miracle baby I have had seven open heart surgeries at birth and was told I wasn't going to be able to have kids and here I am a mom of a sweet beautiful baby boy.
Amelia-rose is a very talented artist who loves to draw and write stories, she wants to be a author/illustrator when she grows up. She has a beautiful smile and a vibrant personality with lots to talk about. She’s also an amazing big sister that helps with her baby brother all the time.
Im Salem! Im mommys little blue eyed wonder. I like to jump and play, make lots of noises. I love to cuddle and give kisses. Im already super smart! Walking holding on to stuff, pulling myself up onto my feet all by myself! I love to talk and babble! i love talking and playing with my big brother konnar, he always makes me smile!
Freddie is an amazing little boy with a big loving heart. He is an animated character with lots of imagination. He has the most beautiful big brown eyes and will make any body he meets laugh with his funny nature.
Hudson is a cheeky boy with lots of personality already. He lights up the room with his gorgeous gummy bear smiles,He has the most infectious giggle.
Sweetest baby boy Isaac is currently 6 weeks his favorite things to do so far is cuddling, cooing and bath time! He’s got a great smile and has the cutest little giggle especially when he gets what he wants!
Avaliegh is 7months old she loves pickles and bananas! She is very funny loves to make people smile and laugh! She loves her mommy and daddy and playing with her toys and loves trying to eat things and people she is starting to crawl and can sit up on her own! She is a very silly girl! She loves taking naps ‼️
Olivia is 1 year old, never stops walking and can say mama,dada,nana,baby and can even say her own name! She will be a big sister in less than 1 month as well!💗🌟
Sly is a baby who must be held and paid attention to at all times. He’s bright, curious and lights up every room. He loves music and dances to all genres. He enjoys studying his five year old brother and cuddles. He also enjoys banging on the computer and somehow printing everything Wikipedia had on “apostrophe.” These pandemic babies are something else! You gotta love ‘em.
This is our baby Theo 💙 He is currently 7 weeks old and loves to cuddle, do tummy time and smile at us 😊
June Shrestha
June loves to chitchat with me and her dad, smile at us all the time. She took her little nap now and then and sneak peak when sleeping. She smiles alot, which make us do nothing but look at her all the time. She play with her Unicorn and baby panda at daytime and love reading book with mumma in the evening. She is such a happy child. We are blessed to have her. Lots of love from mumma qnd papa❤️❤️
Zakai’s smile and aura is super contagious! Strangers in airports love to try to interact with him (I don’t let them obviously). He’s starting to say words. He recently started standing on the side of things. His smile brightens up the room & his aura sets everyone in a good mood. 🤍
This is Amira, she is 8 months and enjoying life to the fullest! She’s a crawler at her finest. She’s a big eater and always loves to laugh and smile. She definitely puts a smile on peoples faces.
Leesandro is only 4 months old he likes to eat and be held. He enjoys being rocked and kissed. He has already discovered he can yell. He is my rainbow baby as well as a little brother
Jazzmin Nikole such a bright bubbly happy girl. She's learning to hold her head up by herself more and getting stronger day by day
Eleanor is a sweet and smiley 4 month old who loves to eat food and her toes and absolutely adores her mommy and daddy please vote for her today :)
Aylin is a happy and funny baby, and quite the personality on her especially her facial expressions. Loves coco melon, she will dance to music, gives the cutest Eskimo kisses, really loves bath time, and loves to babble to you!
This is Zechariah he's 1 1/2 years old, he loves playing with cars 🚗, dinosaurs 🦖, reading and jumping around....he has 4 sisters that spoil him like crazy, he is such a funny, caring and happy little boy, he steals everyones heart that meets him. Vote for him and we will gladly return the favor!!!!
She is a very sweet and loving kid loves to smile and make sounds as she moves her hands and feet all over the place.
Elliegh Mae
She loves her naps! Her little laugh is so contagious, along with the biggest smile you’ll be greeted with!
Cynah is so strong & smart and over all beautiful. She was born at 36 weeks & 6 days. She loves carrots🥰& loves to roll around just a little more and she’s crawling 🥺 she copies almost every face expression I do 😭🥰 I appreciate all the votes my baby girl gets. Thank you guys & have a blessed day ❤️
He’s the sweetest most smiley baby in the world! He loves modeling for his momma so she can capture the cutest memories! His big gummy smile could light up any room he’s in. ❤️ His favorite thing to watch is Elmo’s World and he loves to play his many musical toys, especially the piano!
Carter has a heart of gold. He is such a sweet and happy baby. He is always laughing and giving hugs.
He is the sweetest boy you could ever meet! He loves watching football with his dad & snuggles with mom ❤️ He has a big sister named Kieara who is almost 9 💓
Im a 3 week old baby boy who loves cuddles and my mama. 💙
Roman is a a very happy baby he loves being outdoors, and he loves people and animals
Isaiah loves sports, friends, family, and fishing! He’s a very energetic and sweet boy.
Adalynn LOVES dinosaurs, the color green and could eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday!
Hi I’m Bentley and I’m two months ! Right now i don’t do much but I love my mommy and dada .
Brentyn is 2 months old! He loves talking to mommy and daddy and loves to smile :)
Normani-Faith loves to eat and sleep throughout the day. She is a very calm and cool beautiful baby. Please take the time to vote for her! We greatly appreciate it☺️
Bella is our entire world! She was the Christmas present our family has needed our entire lives. We love you Bella and thank God for you daily. Bella is very intelligent, she loves banana baby food, bright colors, and lots of hugs and snuggling.
Maddie is one month old. She loves to smile. She had some rough patches but she’s now a beautiful healthy babygirl.
Charlie is sweet and ready to run around. He loves his brothers and sisters and is so smart. Ty
will cuddle for food 🧸
Nora is a happy 3 mos. old baby girl! She loves snuggles and bath time & enjoys cooing to Mommy & Daddy! Please vote for Nora!
She’s amazing adorable my first girl my angel my world Miss Rileyy