Baby Stories - 66


Very energetic and loves to play and laugh 3 months down and a journey to go
Richard Killoran
Richie is a fun and loving boy! He has beautiful long eyelashes! He loves to watch babyshark.
Hello! My name is Lucas. I am about 2 months old and I'm starting to get a hang of things. Mommy and daddy says I am so it must be true! My favorite part of the day is waking and snuggling with them. Everyday gets more fun, because I get to hang out with them from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. What I really can't get enough of though is bath time. Wow, I love bath time SOOO much. So much so that I tell mommy over and over again to not take me out but I don't think she gets it when I tell her.
I’m a very happy five month old baby. I love to play with my toes and watch Mickey Mouse. I love to talk to mommy and daddy. I love being tickled and mommy says my giggle is the cutest! I love to go shopping and looking at all the new toys, daddy lets me pick out my own toys. OH, and I love BIG bows!
Hello everyone this is Ethan. Ethan loves to play with others, he loves cars and dinosaurs aswell! Ethan is a caring and loving little boy.
She is such a happy baby & is always smiling. She is so kind, smart & loving. She loves her mommy, daddy & baby dolls.
This handsome boy likes smile and play.
Elliana is such a happy loving baby girl, and everything you could expect from the baby of the the household.
What can i say about my joyful,silly,beautiful baby girl who we call DERRI QUEEN shes the baby of the bunch and is loved by everyone you cant help but love her sweet self she deserve your votes thanks
Kasziiya is 7 years old she loves going to school and being a big sister. She like doing gymnastics and ice skating. She also like learning new things.
Kha’Leaya is a very smart girl she loves going to school and playing with dolls.
Jayce loves Mickey Mouse a lot. He also loves his puppy dog that he can’t sleep without. He always has to take him everywhere he goes. 💙 I love my beautiful baby boy. He deserves lots of love, laughter and smiles. I can never get enough of his cute dimples. 😊
Meet Arabella, a bright eyed cheerful baby who gives the biggest grin whenever she hears “I love you”. She loves to be rocked to sleep by her daddy and enjoys lots of cuddles, milk, & sleep. She loves attention & giggling when mommy plays with her.
Our beautiful granddaughter is 10 weeks old and is so precious.
My sweet boy is a loving and happy baby. He loves to eat, pray, dance, and talk already at 2 months. He spreads so much joy and I’m so blessed to be his mother.
Gracelynn is full of laughter and always has a smile on her face. She has one dimple just as unique as her personality.
Hi!! My name is Raven skyy i am 6 months old and i love to play and roll around i I especially love my rockin horse
Harlei Lee
Cleaver little boy ❤️He always knows how to make you laugh 🙂loves dancing to dance money and singing wheels on the bus and baby shark ❤️
Myrah is five months old and her favorite thing to do is smile! Myrah loves mashed sweet potatoes and playing! Her favorite person is her papa!! 🥰🥰🥰 Please don’t forget to vote for Myrah and all her cuteness!! 🌙✨💫
He is just a happy little guy
Sky is one of the happiest babies! She loves cocomelon and snuggles with mommy!
Da’Kari Was September 21 , 2020 , Da’Kari is a my miracle baby because I had him 5 days after my mother birthday . He a little guy with a HUGE ATTITUDE 🤣🤣 he has this beautiful smile & also a funny cute mug that everyone’s loves 🥰 he is a really good baby DOES CRY LIKE MOST BABIES 🤷🏽‍♀️ I love it
I am a 🌈 Baby and a NICU graduate . My mommy had me at 33weeks and I was born 3lbs6oz 💕 I love cuddles, music, colors and lights .
Taidynn is a 5 month ball of joy!
Elena is the sweetest baby girl. She gives the best hugs ❤❤❤
He loves music. From dancing to beating on his drums he rocks to the beat!
Paisley is a happy girl all the time, loves to talk and is all about nap time.
Ady is 5 months old! She brings so much joy into my life! She’s literally the sweetest baby ever! She’s such a people person & loves everyone! Always smiling 💗
Wyatt is such a strong and special boy! He’s been in the NICU since he was born on December 3rd and has been fighting so hard to get better! He loves listening to his sound machine, getting to taste breast milk from pacifier dips, and mommy snuggles!
Eljah just 3 months, he's full of joy and everything else you can imagine. Despite the fact that he was born during this pandemic, he's the happiest little baby youll ever see 💙
TinaRay a very funny, sweet, little girl. She is a girly girl loves make up and nail polish. But also loves being rough with the boys. She talks a lot and has a very big personality. She very smart. She a big girl in a little girls body.
Harper loves playing with her barbie dream house. She loves to dance to frozen song with her brother. She loves horse and unicorns.
He is the happiest baby who loves to talk LOUDLY lol
My Name Is Cruzito , But Mommy & Daddy Call Me Papas. I Have Been Trying To Speak More , But No One Understands Me 🤪 I Like My Ice Cream (When Mama Sneaks It To Me), I Love Watching Football (Except When Tata Yells Real Loud). My Favorite Thing I Love About Now Are My Hands , They Taste Real Yummy. Im Only 3 Months Old & Already Trying To Take Steps. Im Determined To Crawl But I Love Being On My Feet More. I Love L O V E , Hugs & Kisses . Compliment Me & Ill Smile 🥰💙
Miila likes oldie music example would be Marvin Gaye & Aretha Franklin. She loves looking outside. Is a tooting machine. Has one of the most beautiful smiles around. Full of sass 💁🏾‍♀️ 😂
7 months old. Loves to play with her three older sisters. First word dada but always wants mommy.
Jaliyah is a 4month old little girl who loves Sofia the first and baby bum, she is so strong from being born a premie in the Nicu at 4 lbs to now being home 13 lbs. she’s a true fighter we love you baby girl💜😩🥺
Amelio is our sweetheart! He is such a caring and loving boy for a one year old! Loves to watch cocomelon and dance along! He puts a smile on everyone’s face ❤️
Jason is a loving happy little guy he loves to drink his juice and eat his fruits and vegetables he has a smile that will light up your world.
Reign is very energetic, smart, sweet, and sassy. She loves to sing, dance, and play dress up but also loves to make her baby sister Bellamy smile and laugh. She has the prettiest curly hair and can bring happiness to anyone she meets.
Kaylyn is 4 years old and is the sweetest girl you’d ever meet! She has a spunky attitude and loves to be a big sister and also loves to dance!
Hi I’m Mia ... I just turn 3 months 🥰❤️
Bellamy is probably the calmest and happiest baby you will ever meet and has the longest eyelashes you’ve ever seen. She’s a thumb sucker and loves to laugh, talk, and play with her big sister Reign. When she’s not sleeping or eating she’s rolling around or trying to crawl.
Kiin likes to play she nice she’s good she likes to talk and play with her sisters and brother