Baby Stories - 66


Ella is a smart and beautiful ray of sunshine that will brighten anyones day.
She’s super sassy loves taking pictures & blowing kisses she absolutely loves to share & make new friends
Natural from Puerto Rico; Already have his first tooth coming out, enjoys to crawl, make high pitched sounds, laugh, explore and Play with everything but his toys 🧸
Talk about personality!!! She’s full of it 💙😩
Cooper loves spending time with him mama & in the bath tub! He is such a happy baby!
Layla Rayne
My Pretty Princess Lay! Who loves her Barney. Already says I LOVE YOU! ❤️
Bella loves to shop. Loves to sing and hum. Loves daddy time. And most of all, she is the most beautiful little lady ever.
Eastyn Grey
eastyn grey is the most sweet lovin four month old i have ever met. he loves to laugh, eat and overall he loves his momma💗
Lukas Robert Marroletti just turned 5 this September very sweet and loving brother ❤ and loves Spiderman and the outdoors .
Braxxleigh is a sassy, strong willed, beautiful little girl. She’s been through so much in her little life and I know she’s going to do so much more. Everyone that meets her falls in love instantly. She goes through many struggles everyday from being on blood thinners and having a stroke which has weakened her right side, but no matter what she’s happy and loving her best life.
Myles is very vocal and loves to see how loud he can scream! ❤️ He loves his high chair because he knows he is getting baby food! His very favorite thing to do is kick his feet! He’s learning how to roll over and trying to sit up!
Coby-George loves listening to Ed-Sheeran an likes. Flashing lights an loves lots of snuggles 💙
Blakely is the sweetest baby, she loves her mama and her food 😂
Emiliana Mae
A silly, sassy, spunky, orange haired, blue eyed ball of cuteness that always brings joy to everyone she meets🧡
Is Cartier Lewis Brown is the three-year-old little handsome is a handsome smart boy. He loves to read and watch his videos if chizvideos he knows every color every shape he knows his numbers 1-100 he knows his whole ABC's front words and backwards he knows a Apple b-boy throughout the whole alphabet he can say Each letter like that. He knows every dinosaur's real name. He is a very smart and intelligent little boy. Hes Very friendly he catches on very fast hes just learning how to talk. His favorite thing to do is play with farm animals his favorite thing to watch is pokyo and Wally-e. He loves meeting new people and learning new things I wish everybody could see the talent that he has hes amazing I couldn't ask for a better son.
Jacob is our rainbow incredible ivf baby boy truly a gift he is so strong and has such a lovely personality already showing smiling, laughing and brings so much joy to us
Dior chanel, the sweetest soul u will ever meet . she will light up your day with jus her smile … take 2 seconds out of your time and vote for my princess 🥺💕
Hi, my name is Cecilia but everyone calls me Cece. I was born 10/1/21 at 6:30am weighing 7lbs and 21 inches long. I love my family and they love me❤️I enjoy cuddling, eating and sleeping. 🥰
I love my mommy & daddy! Always smiling:)
Kadyn Kingsley Wright 🤎🤍 going on 4 months old weighing 17lb of cuteness 😍 love all the attention he can get please vote for this big man .
Cristian loves to play and laugh he’s always having fun!!
She's such a happy wild child. She loves kitty's, the outdoors and eating.
Kane is a happy talkative baby who loves sitting up and looking at the world. He’s mommy’s saving grace 💙
Loves to cuddle, tick his tongue out, and is super bubbly💙
Kayden Kanai
Hello Beautiful people ! My baby girls are two months old and are identical twins ! They are very much alike but also very so much different they are original Georgia peaches they love to eat and smile at their mommy so far ! We appreciate all the love and support !!
Smiley Rylee loves to smile. She is such a happy baby. She loves her papaws crazy hats and snuggling with mommy .
Mithos was born 4 weeks preemie at 4lbs 14oz. So far, he loves his paci and having his hands on his face! He doesnt cry much and he enjoys stretching out as long as he can. He is definitely mamas miracle baby 💙
We tried to test-tube the baby many years. We lost twins babies 2times. It was such a very hard time. She was born a test-baby and came into our life. Thank God. She is such a precious and make us happy. Elena is our first baby our family. We are so happy for her. She is lovely and smiling all the time.*^^*
We tried to test-tube the baby many years. We lost twins babies 2times. It was such a very hard time. She was born a test-baby and came into our life. Thank God. She is such a precious and make us happy. Elena is our first baby our family. We are so happy for her. She is lovely and smiling all the time.*^^*
Maya Jones
Maya loves to play princess dress up. Loves Macaroni and she’s really goofy
Little Talia -Anna is 1 of 4, the sweetest little girl “, always smiling
Keon Joshua Dodou Sosseh Born 25th September 2021 20.33 6lb3oz Please vote for my gorgeous boy Keon 💙
Reuben is 4 months old and is a content and happy wee baby. He loves his big brother and tries to copy him which is really sweet. He loves boxing with his little gym toys and rolling into his side x
Leo is the brightest little girl. She’s the smile princess loves to giggle and smile! She loves cocomelon and snuggling her mommy! She’s mommy’s little snuggle butt!
Jordan, 2 Year Old… has a happy going personality and a heart of gold! Let not forget to mention how handsome he is! He loves to be playing outside no matter what the weather is! His baby sister is his pride and joy! 💙 GO VOTE for Jordan!!
Literally the sweetest little boy ever. Beyond perfect!
This is Phoenix! He is almost 3 weeks old! This handsome boy loves music. Anytime he’s crying I turn on music by Lewis Capaldi or James Arther he immediately stops and is a very happy boy!
He is a very happy baby loves music and loves his older sisters
Mason is the most beautiful boy with a gorgeous smile. He’s tried peanut butter and lilt and loves them!
Maeve is such a happy, bubbly baby who loves to give everyone smiles! Trying her best to have a conversation with people, she'll give the best facial expressions and a few shouts along the way!
Elayna, 2 Month Old… is the happiest baby of all times! She loves to smile big and laugh loud! The thing’s she enjoy’s is being outside, swinging in a swing, and lastly watch everything her big brother does!💖 She tries to be the most independent girl but get’s mad when she needs a little bit of help! GO VOTE for Sweet Baby Elayna🥰
Emerald Rose is my name! I love to play, laugh, sing, read, color, dance, be with family, learn at school, and try new things! Vote for me! I am adorable!💕
He loves his big brother and watches his every move. He’s definitely a mommas boy but says “dada” and is wrapped around his daddy’s finger. Sweetest boy ever