Baby Stories - 65


He's name is Nylan Grey . He's such a sweet baby he love to laugh since he finally figure out how to. he likes to stare and smile at everything especially at his big sissy .
My baby is one of the kindness person she said to tell y'all I don't have to win just vote she is doing it with her sister so they have something they done together
Gracelyns name was inspired by the unmerited grace of God. In her tiny three months, she has already inspired gentleness, love and new beginnings. My Amazing Grace, you are beautiful inside and out. ❤️
Adalynn is a 7 year old girl who loves the color pink. She likes to play with barbies, watch princess movies and playing outside. She loves hot cocoa and popcorn. But he favorite this is cuddling her family and stuffed animals.
Jonah is a very happy 3 month old baby boy! He loves Mickey Mouse, cuddling mommy, walks with daddy and playing with his big sister. He like to spit his tongue out and to make spit bubbles when he gets excited.
Dax loves foxes. He is currently all about The Beetles and Tom Petty. He love his mommy and daddy and loves snowmobiles!
Josiah love to eat and wake up at 3am and play until he falls back to sleep
Jackson loves to smile, and likes to stare at ceiling fans. He also loves his mommy very much.
Emily loves tummy time, kisses and dancing with mummy and daddy!
Abiy. loves to watch video games and dance he is so funny and has a beautiful smile ..he is joy and harmony in our life
Jamison loves all people he is a happy smiley baby and loves attention
Gracie'Lyn is a very outgoing little girl.She loves to dance and cheer. When she isn't dressing up to put on a show ,you can find her with her "boys" (her brother's) playing football.
Baby Eli was born 2 weeks before his due date. He is the youngest out of 3 brothers. He loves to be carried by his oldest brother and just loves to cuddle. We all are enjoying our last baby.💙🥰
The happiest baby I know! Mommy and daddy's rainbow baby🌈
Lee is such an outstanding big brother to his little sister! He loves to play outside, loves his toys! He is such a gentleman when it comes to opening your door, car door, even gets your shoes ready when we go bye-bye without even asking him too! He's So sweet and fun to be around!
Ella Brooklyn
Wen Ella was 3-4 months old she had open heart surgery and now she 5 years old and healthy n beautiful as ever she has been through a lot in her life and she bounces back she a fighter and keeps going and never gives up on anything She loves dance and sing She loves her kittens bubbies & chole She very active loves run outside she loves to dress up n put make up on and dance around like a little princess
Everett is silly & smiley all day long! He is discovering his toys, loves to babble and have a conversation with you, and shows off his dimples any chance he can get :)
Hello everyone. I'd like to introduce you to Miss Alyja. Alyja is 14 months old. She can walk, talk, and LOVES to shake her booty! She is such a joyful little girl who is ALWAYS smiling and laughing. She absolutely loves music an hardly ever turns down a snack. Lol. She enjoys the company of others but is totally satisfied just hanging with daddy, getting to check out all the tools and help "build stuff"! Or hanging around, folding laundry, painting nails, and fixing her hair with mommy!💓
Miss Pudding Pop. Always smiling, and such an angel. Everyone says she should of been named China Doll because she truly is a doll ❤❤
Harlan James
I’m Harlan James, i love cooing, and i love eating mommy’s milk and bath time! I say Hiiiiii a lot and I love mommy and daddy giving me kisses and talking to me.
Nazier loves to coo, smile, get his hair washed, watch cocomelon and most importantly he loves his mommy.
He absolutely loves Batman. When he smiles it just lights up our hearts.
Watson is a happy baby boy who loves his family and to explore his home
He loves to sleep a lot but most importantly he loves his mama 💙
You won’t ever meet a more joyful baby with the smile to stop traffic. She is just pure joy and love.
She likes to wash dishes loves being with her grandma loves to play at the park and talks alot
I like to coo , laugh and smile when someone talks to me .
Daniel is so smart. He is very loving and kind. He likes to play with cars,fire trucks, and trains. He loves to watch blippi. Mostly he loves to hang out with mom and dad. His big brown eyes will steal your heart!
Kailyn is just shy of having a 3rd birthday. Kailyn is very advanced for her age, she’s been fully potty trained since she turned 2. She loves learning, reading, writing, singing. Her vocabulary is impeccable, she loves construction vehicles especially excavators.
Dominic just turned 6 months, he is our 🌈 👶. Born june 30th. He Is A very busy baby💙 just learned to crawl & started pulling himself up on things🤦‍♀️He hates to 😴 He Loves Cocomelon & octonauts❤ Loves his food 😋
My name is Saylor Lee Garrett Hall i was born 12-18-2020 in parkersburg wv. I live in newport Tennessee my mommy is a stay at home mommy and my daddy is a pipeline heavy equipment operator i love to eat poop smile and repeat🥰
He loves to laugh and he also loves to watch tv
Hi everybody, Im Amara Jae❤️ I’m 6 months old. I love Peek-a-boo and cuddles with my mommy !
Rico is a fun loving baby laughs and smiles more than he crys Boss baby is his favorite show so getting baby love is his favorite past time
Handsome 👦🏽Sweet Educated 😘have a loving Personality
She’s the smartest & strongest & cutest baby girl ever❤️
Our little daddy’s girl loves cuddles, and is already grabbing her bottle and putting her head up. She was so excited to meet us that she decided to come almost a month early on Christmas Day making her the best Christmas present❤️
Braylynn is two months old and full of smiles. She loves to babble and cuddle with mommy and daddy.
Amberose is the happiest baby ever!!! She’s always smiling and Amber loves to eat!!! Look at those ham legs!!!!
Legaci Is a 1 yr old.. she loves to play has a bright smile🥰 she is my beautiful little babygirl❤️
Hello my name is Tyson, I love my mommy and daddy, and my best friend Eddie the elephant! My favourite thing is to splash in the bath and giggle, I love jumping up and down and I’m Currently practicing saying mama and dada, this money will be used to go into my RESP account so I can have a good future
My sweet Ilisapesi loves to smile, talk and crawl! She loves to be around her family and enjoys to observe everything around her!
He love cocomelon and he is very calm cute and loves cuddling
Kingstyn Leigh is a year old on Jan. 17 and is the goofiest, happiest baby in the world. She loves all food and her favorite toy is the Dish remote. Her favorite thing to do is to be with her older brother Remington.