Baby Stories - 63


Alexandra is very brave, fighting and happy girl, spreading smiles to everyone. She love to spend the days out and to explore that new world for her. We will appreciate your vote. Thank you 🙏🏼 🥰
Harmon’e loves smiling and sang to, she also loves her hair brushed. She loves watching peppa pig and Elmo
Breckyn is baby of many giggles. She loves to play and roll over to her tummy because she wants to learn how to crawl. She is the most happy, smiling baby ever. She is a true joy to be around and is very smart. Currently she is working on holding her beloved baba all by her self and crawling. Breckyn will achieve the latter before 5 months of age.
Kensley is our sweet baby girl; the last of our 7 children. She loves listening to music; especially Morgan Wallen. Her smile lights up a room and she gives the best hugs 💗
I’m River and I am a very happy, content baby. I love nature and my mommy and daddy.
Londyn is like a mini super girl ❤️ She has sooo much personality and spunk! Her heart is made of gold! She loves gymnastics and tiktok 😂😍
She's precious and petite - everyone says she looks just like a perfect babydoll. She is 4lbs and 6ozs.
Victor Jr
Victor Jr is such a great, protective, loving big brother of Sister Nina. He loves cars, enjoys watching Cocomelon, he knows how to count to 20 both English and Spanish, and already puts full energy throughout the day.
Lilliana is 2 years old and loves getting up to mischief. She loves cheese and she loves her baby dolls. She also loves Blippi and Cocomelon
3 Month old bundle of joy🥰The happiest, cutest baby girl!
Theodore is a very energetic 6 month old. He loves his chewy mushroom, talks all day long, and rolls around all day!
Xander was born prematurely at 31w and 6 days at 2lb 14oz he is now 12lb 2oz and a bundle of joy
serenity loves to praise and worship the lord at church every week. she also loves all animals she is so much like her daddy and mama about loving animals. she loves to ride on four wheelers and she absolutely loves playing in the rain.
Jessie is very smart, strong and beautiful. She loves to laugh and loves to play with her brother and sister. Jessie is very affectionate loves to be around others.
This is Robert, We call him Jr. He was born 2 months early, and was in the nicu for 2 months, he loves to be in his bouncer and loves to eat carrots!! Please give him a vote!!!
Jaxton is a chunky 2 month old, He loves soft fuzzy blankets to cuddle up to at night. he also loves to smile and make laughing noises!
Ronan was born on august 11th 2021 due date was september 30th 2021 spen mth in the NICU youngest of 4
Kinsley was born January 5th of 2019, she is full of sass and energy! Kinsley is a born entertainer and loves to show off all of her tricks from gymnastics! She loves to sing and make up her own version of songs, her favorite show right now is the Wiggles her favorite foods are nuggets and anything pasta, she also loves her chocolate milk! If she’s not inside coloring, playing with playdoh or “cooking” you can find her outside or hanging with friends and family!
Paige is an very intelligent energetic little girl she loves to put on clothes she loves purses she speak very well and she loves pictures
Baby Khalil Jr Aquarius ♒️ 8 months OLD Foodie baby 🥰 Loves his toy giraffe Enjoys being with family 🖤 & following me around the house 😂🚼
Maggie loves playing with her feet and she is a total mommys girl..
Jordyn is very loving active and super smart. She love to run around with her older sister and brothers.
Kensington is almost three months old. He loves being talked to. He's the happiest little boy ever. His favorite thing is his mommy. ❤️
Zyair loves him nice long walks in the warm sun staring at his pet kitties and can tear him up some milk
Hi! I'm Christopher! I am 1 years old! I love trying to walk, eating food, and most of all cuddles with mommy and daddy! Every smile, has a story behind it!! Vote for me! ❤
Oaklie loves to eat, snuggle, and ride in the semi with her daddy. She hates headbands and bows. She has four big fluffy dogs who love her more than anything.
Hi my name is Ariella im a lil sister of my big sister Isabella. Love to cuddle with my family most of the time💕
Phoebe love to cheer, play with her little brother, she very silly
She loves to dance, every time you tell her to dance she’s just busting a move. She is always on the move and loves her mom and dad. ❤️💕
Hi, My name is Aiyaz Sheikh. I am 10 months old. I love to play with Cars and Keyboard.
Zkarye loves cocomelon , He likes Banana baby food , his family , and talking.
The absolute smiliest baby you’ll ever meet.
Please vote for our beautiful boy Louie 💙
Eryk loves his baby brother and little sisters. He loves his dog and other pets. He loves wrestling. He loves his grandparents.
Emma loves her baby brother, big sister and big brother. She loves her animals and her grandparents. She loves her mommy and daddy, shes a daddies girl.
Arianna loves her baby brother, her sister and older brother. She's a mommies girl and she LOVES her grandmom. She loves her cats and dogs, shes an animal lover.
Hi my name is Jamesy . I love science and dancing . I’m a little shy but I can light up a room with my smile .
Carson Blayke
Hi my names Carson but you can call me Carsey . I’m the most outgoing 4 year old you will ever meet . I have a personality out of this world . Everybody who meets me falls in love with me .
Mason is such a happy baby!!! Smiling all the time. Mason loves being outdoors and singing songs with mom
Caden is a gift from GOD!!! He is a happy handsome little baby
Adaleah loves to make everyone smile, and she is very photogenic 💖
Dakota is 3 years old, loves outdoors, animals, & spending time with his mommy!
Bentley loves to smile and hear his own voice. He enjoys watching Cocomelon and playing in his jumper. He loves to roll around and now we are working on sitting up.
Sweetest most thoughtfulness little Chucky munk there ever was!!!!
Jaxson Joe
Jaxson is a very pleasant little boy, hes always smiling and loves being silly ! He loves to play and learn! He is almost 1 year old and he has came so far over the last 11 months being a premature baby at 5 weeks early ! He has been full of surprises for mommy on accomplishing all his milestones plus more! Please give jaxson a vote , every vote helps and i just no he would be over the moon happy on his birthday in two weeks if he wins or comes close , Thanks everyone
Lincoln is just a little guy loved by his big siblings . He is a rainbow after a storm . He loves to sleep and loves to cuddle