Baby Stories - 61


Hi I’m Laura I love my mommy I love crawling around My favourite show is Sesame Street Cuddles are my favourite
Hi I’m Olivia! I love to eat and sleep and snuggle with my mama. Vote for me!!
He is the most precious and lovable little boy. This is my godbaby/cousin. He has so much personality, He is always in the business being alert and very advanced for his age. Plz vote for this awesome baby boy ❤️❤️. S/N ladies he only loves his bed and his momma(Brittany Wilson) I’m sorry 😂😂😂😂
Blessin is spunky, hilarious, caring little boy. He loves Pj Mask and his little sister so much!💙
Joi Is An Outgoing, Sweet, Smart little Girl That Will Bring A Smile To Anyone’s Face❤️
Caleb is the Sweetest Baby full of smiles all the time and a personality out of this world
Olivia And Isabella
Twins born on valentines day
This is Kye’s rendition of elf on the shelf. He mostly definitely drank Santa’s milk 😉
Mav is sweet as pie! He loves to jump, laugh, give hugs, and eat everything in sight!
Athena is very sassy and smart! She LOVES play time with Daddy and Mommy after work!
Hayden is the most loving, precious, cuddly little girl you’ll ever meet🥰
Skylar Kinsley Smith
I love being out doors, getting my pictures taken, and playing hide & seek with my mommy!
She likes to sing,dance and play dress up. She if full of energy and loves to play with her siblings.
Lvyeah Garza
She Loves Too Smile And Get People’s Attention She Is Awesome.!
Grayson is a loving little guy with his own little spunk! He enjoys eating bananas, long walks in the park and dancing with his Mickey Mouse toys. You should vote for Gray Gray just for the simple fact that he can make you melt with a simple glare 🤯🤫
Kingsten is a happy goofy baby he loves playing with toys that lights up or play music he also love to dance .. he was born almost 8 pounds 💪🏾
My name is Greyson. I love lights! And my daddy is my favorite guy. And boy do I love to eat!
Savannah Cooper
Hi my name is Savannah Cooper, I am 3 1/12 years old, I will be 4 next month. I am a very smart, beautiful little girl. I loves helping, singing & dancing with my sister. Can you please vote for me :)
Jackson is a very happy baby. He likes long walks around the kitchen in his Jeep Wrangler Walker. His favorite flavor of purée is Banana, & yes ladies he’s single. Please vote for this little heart breaker! :)
Beatrice is a happy baby, her smile is contagious😍. For me she is the sweetest girl in the world!🎀 ❤️
Jaylee Big Pretty Eyes
She is a lovable baby who loves to smile and be held...She loves for her brother to sing and talk to her...She starts to make spit bubbles and loves listening to lullaby music.
She loves her mommy soooo much!
5 month baby . Likes bouncing & laughing 🥰 . Loves Finding Nemo
Syncere is such a happy baby! He loves to be sang to and rocked.
Colt is our little Christmas baby that loves to cuddle and loves to watch cars shows with his daddy!!
Cody is a blessing from god he is 6 months with a great personality already and a great smile. He has the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen. He is my everything
Rylan is a sweet sleepy boy. He loves cuddles and eating! He also loves spending time with his family!
Raelynn is a beautiful little sassy girl who loves being outside and loves being active and talking alot
Dahlia has a big personality and she loves to smile! She loves watching her dad play video games and she loves pretty lights!
The Smartest 1 year old you’ll ever meet ‼️
Kind, sweet and most polite 2 year old, she very energetic and loves animals, thanks in advance for your votes, we appreciate it.
G'Niyah has placed 1044th World and 42nd South Carolina ranking in the Girl’s contest which ended a day ago. She is very photogenic 😍 and full of energy !! She loves to hear the alphabet and she learns super fast!!
She’s very inquisitive and has the most amazing smile with her two dimples. She loves to talk already, just like her Mother. We are Birthday twins
Amir is a goofy little boy. Who loves to smile and laugh. He loves his mommy and daddy, oh we can’t forget he loves his nonnie. Amir is the definition of unconditional love for me and his daddy🥰
I am a very active 2 year old boy that loves balls and dinosaurs. I know all my alphabets and can count to 20🤗.
little miss Honor Ray’Lynn smiles all the time, and gives the best sugars. She has a personality of her own with her momma and daddy’s attitude combined, and despises bath time.
Willow loves mummy cuddles and her baths She also loves sleeping She was born at 35 weeks gestation as there was hardly any blood flow in her cord
My name is DaNasia Joy Lynette Bassett!! Born 01/06/2021 💕I love to eat, smile and sleep 😌 My favorite is cuddling 🥰 Vote for me please 😇
Baby King is a happy baby, he loves his mommy very much.💙 He’s a very excited/playful baby for him only being 2 years old. We love you king baby.🥰😘
Braxton is such a happy boy who loves to be around family and play. He loves watching The Wiggles and dancing along!
Ellieanna is an always happy baby. She loves Moana! And she’s super sweet and loves to give cuddles! Always has a smile on her face when she sees new people.
Jackson is one happy baby and one that definitely doesn’t like to miss anything. He was literally my rainbow blessing from god. He’s one tough handsome little boy
Ryann loves to smile
Elizabeth is a happy healthy baby who appreciates everyones votes! 😊
Aj Thorpe
AJ loves to interact with people
Such a sweet beautiful baby girl😘 Loves to Talk and Roll her eyes 😂