Caspian Blu
Baby Blu is 3 months old and full of smiles!
Beautiful Little Lady Very Alert and Loves Her Food.
Wyatt loves to be crazy, jump off dressers and beds and basically do anything that sounds fun and adrenaline infused. He is the spunkiest little boy I have ever met. But he loves his family like no other and makes his mama proud every day.
Kayson Andrew is such a lover. He loves to selfie as you can see❤️
Laianna is an angel that came into our family just a short 6 months ago. She loves her feet, hands and to blow bubbles with her mouth. Shes always happy smiles endlessly. She brings joy to every one around her with her contagious smile.
Jazzlynn absolutely loves to laugh and smile and do a happy scream when she’s excited and her favorite thing to do is suck on her hands and she loves to coo at you and just make you laugh
Braxton is 1.5 years old and he is a character. He’s super loving, and cuddly, but will definitely make you laugh and keep a smile on your face. His favorite things to do during the day is to swing on his Mickey Mouse swing, play on his play set his grandparents got him, and he absolutely loves riding in his jeep. He loves Starbucks, chick fil a, and he loves giving kisses. If he wins this contest, it will go into his savings account that we’ve started building him after I take him shopping with some of it.
Maeva is a funny sweet little girl and the light to my life she makes everyday a new adventure and puts a smile on the face of everyone she meets she is a true diamond
Esme is 5 months old and she has a very sassy personality; she likes Care Bears, greys anatomy, and food
This little ray of sunshine brings so much light love and happiness to any one he comes in contact with his infectious smile and laughter with melt your heart ❤️ He loves to dance and sing his favorite movie is Moana and finding Nemo and favorite song is you are my sunshine!
Kimauri is a smart bright young man.His favorite color is blue and he loves to sing dance.His favorite super hero is Batman.He also wanted me to add that he loves all of his family his daddy Kimauri Sr.,nieces,nephews,uncles,cousins,grandmas.Kimauri will love for those who loves him to vote for him.My handsome baby boy has a face and personality that will melt your heart.❤️😍
Brodie Allen was born with Covid and survived it twice now. He is 4 months old and now coos and says I good! He is starting to laugh more. He was on Simialac and had consumed a major portion of the recalled formula. Even though it made him sick he still never let that from stopping him for being a very good nature boy who never cries. He is always very happy!
Josephine is a very independent little girl. She loves Barbie’s and The Hobby Lobby you attends preschool every day and is the life of the party!
Praxidus loves cuddles and pulling mommy’s hair
Vote for Sladertot!
This is Paisley she loves saying mama dada baba but calls Bubby and said she claps her hands and says yay or pattycake she’s not walking yet she has no teeth yet but she will be a year old on the eighth
She loves her some milk ! A happy baby.
She likes little baby bum . And she always dances when they sing
Amelia is a very sweet and loving 7 month old. She loves playing with her toys. Amelia really likes her stuffed gnome named sweetie, and being outside is something she enjoys most.
Asher is the sweetest baby you will meet he has a great personality and can make anyone smile :) he is very silly! If we we win we will get Asher some much needed summer clothes!
D'Luna is our beautiful rainbow baby. She has such a comical personality that just lights up the rm. She loves cuddles and twinkle twinkle little star. She is our world.
Josiah is 1 years old, he’s very smart & he loves his cocomelon 💚 lol he loves to play outside on his swing! 💙he runs around everywhere, and is always getting into something 🤣 terrible 2s are approaching 😆
Stella loves smiling, blowing raspberries and petting her doggie Lola
This is Joshua! He loves to say mama, dada, Daisy, and baba. He has 5 teeth so far and loves to show them off😁 He is the sweetest little boy and is very attentive and full of happiness! He also loves posing to get his pictures taken!
Hi! My name is Frankie. I am only 3yrs old and thriving. By the looks of my contagious smile, you probably wouldn’t notice that I am suffering from a rare liver disease called biliary atresia. At birth, they had to do a surgical procedure called the kasai procedure. By the time I hit 10, I will need a liver transplant. It will cost $20,000 total but with the help of Cincinnati Children’s, we will only have to come up with the $10,000. I would be more than thankful for any type of help that comes my way!
Nickname: critter already trying to crawl super sweet, and bubbles baby
Chandler is adventurous and feisty just like his momma! He loves exploring and learning new things on the daily. He’s quite strong and very good at problem solving and figuring how things work! Chandler can also be charming and so sweet 💗
Delilah is the most cheekiest girl you will ever meet, she loves going out on walks and mummy’s singing😊
Jemma is a sweet baby girl who loves laughing, playing, and trying foods. She loves her mom, dad, and puppy Stella
Josie is the happiest little girl she loves to play with almost anything. Hair pulling is probably her favorite thing to do. She also has the sweetest little laugh that would make anyone smile.
Hello my name is Oakley! I’m almost 1 year old and I’m 34 lbs, I’m a big boy!!🥰 I enjoy trying new foods, and playing outside with my big sister. I’m learning how to crawl and talk, I love exploring places I shouldn’t but I’m definitely Mr.steal your girl! 😎
I am a special girl with a genetic disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. It’s tough but it doesn’t hold me back!
She loves her mommy and crawling everywhere and also smiling all the time!💜
Hi my name is mackson. Im 5.5 months old. My favorite food is bananas and mangoes. I love taking walks with my mommy in my stroller and sitting outside enjoying the weather. Im super sweet, cuddly and the best boy ever.
Sevynn Grace
Tooda Bug 🐛 is the sweetest & happiest baby ❤️ She is Sevynn Grace but the 6th sibling and the baby of the family
Smileys, happy boy with a passion for munching fingers, toes and drinking milk.
Kobe is will be a month old on the 4th! He is the most perfect baby & we just can’t get enough of his cuteness.
Madilyn loves bubbles , babbling and fresh air
Jon Hecxiel
Es un niño cariñoso, le gusta jugar y es feliz.
I was born on April 20th 2022! Making an appearance 2 1/2 weeks early I couldn’t wait to meet my mommy and daddy! I’m a cuddler! I love attention and to be held! Sometimes I just want my time alone. I’m super sweet, I love dressing up and I have a 10 year old big sister ❤️
Sweet baby girl that loves to smile!
Delilah is 8 months old, she always has the biggest smile on her face! She loves playing with her puppy, snuggles, and outside time!! 💕
Ada Grace💗
King Ahsan
My Son Name is KingAhsan (its all together).He's 4Months and 16lbs He love smiling and he's very playful I believe he's going to be a little comedian😁 He's so loving and growing up so fast he was already holding his up since a newborn. He very intelligent already. He is just a bundle of joy & will brighten up anyone's day & He is so handsome😍 My first son❤
8months old, loves her food😁
Xolani Lané is 5 months old! She is rolling over, talking, and learning to sit on her own. She is also now learning about foods.. she loves banana, apple, and pears! She has a family that loves her beyond and she will always be a winner to us! Thanks for voting!
Olive is the happiest baby, always smiling and babbling. She loves to run around and loves music. She’s a sassy lil thing, and the CUTEST!
Hi I’m Sebian and I like to be snuggled up with my mommy and daddy. I love taking my baths! I love listening to music and looking around and see what’s going on. I like to make silly faces. Everybody says im a cutie pie ❤️ When I’m older I wanna play football just like my father 🏈