Baby Stories - 60


I’m Journey Nicole Johnson B.K.A. Jo’Ni’Jo Born Fearless & Ready To Conquer The World 🌎 I love Listening To Music And Playing Tag( I make sure you’re IT!) I enjoy Short Naps and Sipping On Smoothies To Stay Healthy .. Let’s Play PEEEK A BOOOOOOOOOO
Jovanni is 1 years..he loves playing with his food but mostly his grandpa. Please vote for my nephew ❤️😊😊
This is my little green eyed monster who climbs like a monkey with no fear. She is silly by nature.
Arabella Ross
My daughter is 2 she likes to sing and loves to dance. She loves to pose as you see. She likes pictures.
Alex is a super sweet 2 year boy. He definitely knows how to use his pretty eyes to get what he wants!
hey, i’m Evan & i’m 6 months old. i love you eat & chew on everything. i also love to smile at everyone i see!
He’s my 4 year old baby. The best big brother to his baby brother jakob.. loves to play with playdoh, his dinkeys and loves to teach his little bro how to do new things. Vote for my baby James
This is Lydia. She loves musical toys and loves watching country music videos. She enjoys naps and loves her belly. She babbles and laughs. Sucks on her hands and loves to be walked.
Kingston is a joy to have around he loves to play and have fun .always smiling and loves you more if you share your cell phone lol.
Aerolynn is my youngest child. She is a very sweet and happy baby. Her most favorite activities are dancing and follow both me and her father around
Bella was in such a hurry to come into this world that she was born premature. She was only in the hospital a little over three weeks thank god. When she was born she had an infection in her blood, she had a hard time breathing on her own which only lasted a day and she had a hard time feeding on her own so she had a feeding tube but now she is a beautiful, healthy little angel and she is home and fixing to turn 5 months old. We have been blessed with the best baby ever and she is the smartest little thing ever. The last three pictures that i added is when she was still in the hospital. TIA to everyone who voted for our baby girl.
This little guys name is Bryson he’s Constantly giggling and eating! Overall a happy baby and is a mamas boy <3
Hazel loves to play with her toys and loved ones and always have a smile on her face!!
Emmett is my little rainbow baby. His older brother John watches over him from heaven due to a car accident in 2018. I waited a year after losing John to have Emmett. I felt like it was time. Due to the car accident I had to have little Emmett c-section. He was born at 10:10am 7 lbs 5oz 21 in long and he is perfect reminds me of his brother every day.
She will be a year old January 28 she loves the outside playing an making a mess
Adira is a miracle baby ! She was born 3 months early at 25weeks and 2 days weighing 1lb 7.5oz she is now 4 1/2 months old weighing 11lbs .
Baby reigns favorite things to do is eat and cause mischief!🎊 In his spare time he watches Mickey Mouse and baby shark☺️
Novalynn Grace
Novalynn loves to dance with her daddy, wave bye bye, say no to everything, and has a bad shopping addiction
Jax just turned 2 months. He’s our lil pandemic miracle with a magic birthday of 11/11/2020
George is a curious monkey at heart. He loves to dance cheek to cheek and sing romantic songs from the heart. But he loves to make people smile and will do anything to get your attention to do so. He’s a goofy, energetic and adventurous little daredevil with a contagious smile.
Hi my name is Amiri (Ah-Mer-Re). I was born 2 days before my mommy’s birthday! I’m a mommy’s girl ☺️ I love smiling, giggling, and playing 💗
Ezra, My sweet Boy Loves to Smile so much! And boy does this little man Love to eat eat eat! My phat boy says Thank you all in advance ❤️
Her nick name is riri 💗 two words to describe her is DANCING and FOOD
Hello Everyone I’m KJ, and I’ll be 1 years old on February 10th. I Love Music🎶👶🏽, Playing 🙈Hide & Seek👀 with Mommy🙋🏽‍♀️, watching Paw Patrol on my iPad📱, I love taking 💙📸Pictures📸💙and I’m an overall HAPPY, HEALTHY, & LOVEABLE cuddle Buddy!👶🏽🥰🤩
Lincoln is 3 years old he loves to box play zombies he loves to dress up as his fave marvel characters. He loves a cuddle and chill time ❤️💙
This is Alaric. He is 5 months old. He is my rainbow baby. We had a rough start when he was born and he spent his first week in the picu in the hospital and every week he has to go to physical therapy. But other than that he is a very strong/healthy boy! He loves to talk, fake cry, and scream 😂. He is one very sassy little boy. But he loves his mommy and daddy very much.
Michael Angelo
He’s is an amazing baby very smart advanced for his age He’s always happy not really a cry baby and he loves to make everyone laugh he’s such a character it’s amazing
Mia is 2 years old cheeky little monkey,she love to play with mud kitchen and jumping in the muddy puddles 🐷 Also love Sweet and argue with mommy 💜
Harlie is a 9 month old sassy girl. She likes anything that she can eat and loves her mommy and daddy
Keanu is a lively little boy, he loves cuddle time and has the cutest laugh and smile. His favorite food is butternut squash and baby oatmeal. His favorite book is a split between I Stink and Hondo and Fabian (2 of my favorite books growing up)
Play full, happy, loves to associate with other kids
Da’Karii is my precious grandson❤️
Amileah I a very happy baby and loves everyone !
She is 5 months ! She’s very active 🥰 , crawls ; never stays still , she’s a very happy baby !
Kingston loves bottle time, cuddling, giving kisses, warm bathes, watching tv, he is a very happy n smart baby who loves everybody
Khalil Stanfield
Baby khalil loves food and loves to watch mickey mouse. He also loves to laugh and play.
Nova-Dream is her name 😊 and it describes her so very much ! She is two months old . Born on November 4th 2020 .. from the moment she was born she melted my heart I thought to myself wow how could I be blessed with a daughter so beautiful ... so happy ... so out going and not to mention a step ahead of time ... her personality let alone its self is everything ... she smiles so much everyday .. I can’t wait to hear her giggle ... if u ever have a bad day look at a picture of her she won’t let u down, I PROMISE! MEANING OF NOVA : nova is a star that suddenly releases a huge burst of energy, temporarily becoming extraordinarily bright. What an exciting name for baby girl! Dream fit her perfectly all she does is sleep most the time 😊 my rainbow baby🌈
Like her picture shows, she loves to smile and giggle and sit up all the time
Felix is a mommas boy who loves to play with crinkle paper toys and enjoys trying new things!
Corbin is a sweet and cuddly baby! He loves smiling at mommy and daddy when he’s not snoozing the day away ❤️
Mason is 6 months, He is always so so happy he can light up any room with his smile! He’s super playful, loves to be held, loves kisses and giving slobbery ones, loves playing with toys, trying to crawl! He loves Mickey Mouse, PJ masks, and action movies. Vote for Mason ❤️
Stephen is a one year and 2 month old boy. He is very outgoing as well as lively. He loves to watch Trolls & Hotel Transylvania. He loves playing with his cousins as well as his mommy and daddy. He is a very smart young boy, and he loves to pose for the camera anytime mommy is taking photos or videos. ❤️
Weston is one of the happiest babies! He loves his mommy but is DEFINITELY a daddy’s boy ❤️
Jackson Thomas
Hello. This is Jackson, he likes splashing in the bath, bedtime stories, and tasting new food. His favorite so far is bananas with peanut butter! He is currently growing his first two teeth. They popped through last week!
Smart,funny and loves giving hugs.💓💓
Charlotte is my little preemie baby who is my world she loves to find her hands and talk to her parents when she sees us. Shes absolutely adores her big brother