Baby Stories - 6


Kamden was born at 36 weeks 6 days. He’s mommy’s miracle baby
Carter was born at 38 weeks weighing 6 pounds 9 ounces. He’s now almost 7 weeks old! He loves watching tv and snuggling up with mommy!
Abram is very curious he loves his binky blanket named milo and loves him mommy and gram gram and grandpappy he was born a preemie at 6 pounds and has come so far he was a rainbow baby please vote for abram
Addy is a smiley little pumpkin! She loves unicorns and anyone who talks to her, her favorite things are traveling and here grandpa! She is sassy and loves anyone and everyone and everything! Her favorite shows are paw patrol and cocomelon, her favorite pets are our dogs and cat. She loves strolls through the park and napping with daddy and mommy, put a phone infront of her and her attention has been taken, addy was an emergency c section baby when I was 38 weeks pregnant, she was put on a iv and the last day it was removed bc she was healthy. She has a 7month old brother in heaven and loves smiling at the sky
Shell brighten anyone's day with her smile, she always smiling and happy she melts my heart everyday ❤️
Boy for Kameron, he’s a very sweet and happy little boy. He loves his monkey teether, and he can make anyone’s day better
Grayson loves walking and dancing, but he loves cuddling momma most.
She’s Almost 1 ! Raiin Loveeeeeees Minnie/Mickey Mouse . Dada is her favorite thing to say 🥰❤️. Growing so fast loves to crawl & play with her doggy 🐶.
Charlie like most babies loves eating and sleeping. He thoroughly enjoys bath time and diaper changes; if he’s not smiling that’s a tried and true way to get him smiling again.
Kylie was born at 32 weeks and spent the first weeks of her life in the NICU. Since she’s been home she’s been nothing but a happy girl! She loves her dolly toy “Susie” and she love snuggling up next to any soft cozy blanket! Her favorite napping spot is on daddy’s chest. She loves her older brother and love watching her doggy Tito and laughing at all the silly things he does!
He loves his video games! He is very smart and intelligent! He is an amazing son!
Ryker is the sweetest little boy! He came early at 34 weeks and is doing an excellent job catching up! He’s starting to coo and smile all the time! We absolutely adore our little dude and hope you do too! 🥰
Magnolia Pearl
Magnolia is the sweetest. She's my world. She has changed lives💕
Nova is a social butterfly. She loves people has a wonderful personality, uses manners, and is extremely smart.
Azariah is a beautiful intelligent strong baby. Her favorite movie is monsters inc and she loves her toys. She loves to take baths with mama and play war zone with daddy🧸
From the moment she was born she was alert and now her personality has sparked and now is filled with energy. She loves walks and playing with mirror toys.
This child is really amazing. She says excuse me, and is so smart! Nova is very social and loves people.
Chelsea is a happy baby. She loves to play, bite what ever she can lay her hands on, and loves bright colors
She loves cocomelon and Elmo! She’s the happiest baby I’ve ever met 💛
Mi'Amor is a beautiful baby girl with the brightest smile... She is a good baby who loves to see the world around her!!!
Austin is 14mnths old he loves his mom and dad.. he just was promoted to big brother...!! he really loves his dad cuz he is so funny. Our little boo makes us so happy!! And when he laughs he wrinkles his nose and makes the cutest laugh. He likes hot wheels and he likes his wagon and he loves baby shark.. He can be very shy but tends to open up after abit... Austin loves looking at the moon and at airplanes when they fly over his head.. he loves grandma's dogs expecially little penny!! He loves his uncle's and aunts very much they like to spoil him alot..
Annalise is the light of my life. Shes an amazing empathist. Loves all creatures and animals n wishes to save em all. She has a heart of gold. She learns so fast and has done abcs since 6 months. She a lil lady. And loves school and helping animals
Emerson is 3 weeks old and full of joy 💙
I am 3 months old and i love my mommy and my whole family. I am a chunky butt that likes to eat. I love to talk and coo and laugh at you. Im the cutest baby in the world or well at least to my mommy!! Please vote for me!
Armani loves animals and loves playing! He enjoys his pets and family! He is a very happy boy!!! Always smiling ❤️❤️
Little Miss makes her own wonderland with how big her imagination is. Enjoys everything big an small.
Zakariya goes by Kari she’s 6mos ! Kari loves to eat smile & play ! She’s very active for her age she loves to watch TV anything with a lot of actions & singing ! She is now rolling over and getting into the crawling position ! Kari is the only child she is full of joy beautiful inside and out ! Everyday she’s learning something new and catching me by surprise!
He loves cuddling watch elmo and teletubbies he loves his bath time with his grandpa hes always happy
He’s a ham!! He loves all sports, balls, being a crazy whacko, and using his cuteness to his mischievous advantage. Don’t let it fool you. He’s up to no good 😂
So glad Dontae is finally home and out of NICU! He is so strong and loves to eat. Dontae already has such a sweet personality that you can’t help but fall in love with.
Emma loves to be cuddled while watching bluey! She enjoys walks outside and chewing on her hands! She has just started laughing!
Steven is a 8 year old young boy who loves playing with his baby sister. I've never seen siblings with so much love for each other it's the cutest. Steven is a smart, handsome, and kind young man who enjoys playing video games listening to music and helping his mom when ever he can. He loves to draw and read. He collects pop collectables and pokemon cards. He is my favorite little boy on this planet earth and I couldn't be happier to have him for a son. Vote for him he's worth your vote!!!
Arabella Leigh
Arabella Leigh Bell Gibson is a Bi- racially mixed beautiful girl! She came out a week late and is now 3 months old! She loves watching baby shark over and over, and don’t get me stared when it comes to putting on the powerpuff girls! She’s still learning how to crawl and roll over, but I can say she does have her first tooth growing in. She loves her stuffed animal elephants, she loves baby food, specifically anything with apple in it. She also loves to smile, and laugh with her mommy and daddy!
Justice loves to dance and sing . Loves to help mommy cook. She loves dressing up but doesn't mind getting dirty. She is aunt to 4 nephews and 1 niece. She is the youngest of 4. She is sassy and spoiled.
Mary is a very loveable little girl who loves to smile and play with her daddy.
Colton is a very busy boy! He is 1yr he walks everywhere. He loves to talk and meet new ppl. Very social to everyone. One happy boy.
Jon is a sweet, energetic boy who loves to cuddle and play with blankets.
My name is Dearalynn. I’m one month new to this world and I already love music, tummy time, and exploring with my eyes.
Sirena is my little mermaid. She has curly blonde hair, blue eyes. She is a smart, sassy, crazy little girl. She will let you know right away she's the boss or so she thinks. She isn't afraid to call you bad if you upset her. She is always on the move wether it's pushing her Dolls in her stroller or pushing our puppy in the stroller. She is a one of a kind little girl. With a personality that you shall never forget. She loves dancing and singing to any Disney princesses songs, and she enjoys drawling pictures. She enjoys taking walks at anytime of day, and if she loves outside her playset is her happy place. Her big brother is her best friend they love running around chasing each other till their blue in the face. Vote for her and make her the happiest little girl in the world.
Waylon is a big brother he loves baby shark trucks and tractor he is a big mommys boy and is a great big brother
Wrenleys has a big brother and loves Elmo and her daddy she is so happy all the time
Malaya is 13 months old !! LOVES food any type lol . Love’s to give hugs & kisses ! Can be sassy!😂 but is the sweetest little baby ever 💕 VOTE ! VOTE! VOTE! 😍
The silliest like boy you’ll ever meet. He loves to be a part of the conversation and his laugh is so contagious. He’s a sweetheart and loves everyone. He is funny and loves to give hugs.
Very bubbly and full of character, her laughter lits up the room
He loves watching tv, Barney! He smiles and laughs all day. He’s very smart