Baby Stories - 6


Zaine loves cars and action figure. Loves to try new things that’s is kids friendly. Loves story time with both mommy and daddy. And he believes he can actually do any and everything and that’s something I admire about him.
Saskia is 2 months old. Brown hair and blue eyes! Born on Halloween 2020 🎃 She loves listening to people sing and she loves being cuddled ❤️ She has an older brother and loves napping with him!
The sweetest boy in the world! He came into this world 2 months early and had a rough start to life, but now he's strong and perfect ♡
Maggie loves all things girl, pink, princesses, makeup, etc. She also loves to play in the mud and collect worms (which of whom she names)
Kayde loves carrot baby food, and to play with his sister. He has the cutest dimples and long eyelashes. He loves tummy time & kicking his feet
Hello Everyone. This is my baby girl E'layna she is 6 months old. She has a very beautiful and exciting personality she loves Angry Birds, and more importantly she loves her family
Alaina is all smiles and fun! She loves her mommy & daddy! She’s always a happy baby!!
A fun loving Rainbow baby 🌈 She loves unicorns and playing with her siblings 🥰
“And she loved a little boy very, very much, even more than she loved herself”
Addilyn is a firey redhead who has a personality to match. She is extremely outgoing and makes friends every where she goes! She loves to dance, has a vivid imagination and is obsessed with dinosaurs! Addilyn is an amazing big sister and loves to help and play with her little sister!
My name is A'Mariee im 5 months old I love to laugh, spend time with my mom and sisters, play wit my stuffed unicorn, and sleep with my fluffy blanket.I hold my bottle on on own and sit up too. I smile all the time because im a happy baby. I like when my family gives me lots of attention because i love being loved on by them😊😊😍 If you Won't give me a vote please at least leave a like.Thanks p.s She's very photogenic ya'll 😍😍😍🤞
Aria loves to sleep and watch cocomelon! She loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy! Baby talk is definitely her best language at the moment! She already knows how she can pull one over on grandma ( fake crying)! This little girl can light up a room even when she has a grumpy facial expression ❤️😊
Ivy love’s music, she like to learn , she is very smart & funny.
Malachi is a fun loving adventure boy all boy and always on the go loves to play!
Leland is a fun loving boy and always caring and kind and always helpful loves to play with his siblings and friends!
Emani is 6 years old and has an animated personality and she tells it like it is. She wants to be surgeon when she grows up.
Iyara is a 30 year old trapped in a 1 year old child. She has a bubbly yet strong personality and loves animals.
Bryan was born at 34 weeks old and has congenital heart disease. He had 2 heart procedures prior to turning 2 months old. He was 11 weeks old before he was able to come home from the hospital! We are over the moon in love with our little bundle of perfection!!
Ashton’s favorite thing to do is draw, color and build things. He’s a very creative kid. He has an open mind to the world around him! He’s a very intelligent kindergarten
I love Mickey Mouse, it makes me giggle every time it comes on! I recently discovered my fingers, and love to chew on them to sooth my teethers.
Logan was born 8 weeks early at just 3 pounds. At 6 months she weighs in at a 11 pounds. She may be tiny but she is strong. Her smile will melt even the hardest heart.
My name is A'Mariee im 5 months old I love to laugh, spend time with my mom and sisters, play wit my stuffed unicorn, and sleep with my fluffy blanket.I hold my bottle on on own and sit up too. I smile all the time because im a happy baby. Im also VERY PHOTOGENIC AND I LOVE LAUGHING AND GIGGLING 🤭🤭😊I like when my family gives me lots of attention because i love being loved on by them😊😊😍 If you Won't give me a vote please at least leave a like.Thanks
Everlyn is a bright blue eyed ray of sunshine! She has the sweetest laugh and loves to play with everyone around her, especially her big sister! She loves to gibber jabber and dance every time music comes on! She is truly a blessing to everyone around her!
Greyson is 4 months old and loves to talk❤️ he’s starting to crawl and loves spending time with mommy and daddy, he’s such a happy baby
Charlee is the smartest most independent and beautiful Diva and happy baby
Cameron is the most happiest baby and loves everything and everyone she is the future of great things to come
Elizabeth is a loving baby she likes to laugh and dance and she is very spoiled
Mai Lani
Mai’lani loves watching tv the colors and voices excite her . She loves snuggling with mommy. She also loves to eat . She also loves grabbing you and pulling you closer
She’s the most happiest person ever, it’s very rare that you’ll see her said also she has very big beautiful eyes ❤️ Loves cartoons and hanging with her Great great grandma
Annabella is a preemie born at 27 weeks. She was a fighter from day one. She loves cocomelon and any kind of music. She likes dancing and hanging out with her sissies.
Zayden is the funnest baby ever , he’s always smiling ❤️ Honestly this would help our family out so much ! Zaydens loves watching tv , playing with toys and giving love 💕
Robert is from Waynesboro Georgia. He will be turning 1 next month on Feb 23rd. Robert loves cuddling with his mommy and his favorite tv show is blues clues! His favorite thing to eat is bananas. Roberts favorite word to say is da-da! He is his mom and dads sweetest blessing! Please vote for our precious Robert!
Josiah loves food he can say mama and dada and groot he loves his dog Groots he can start pulling up on his crib now and he loves watching the movie cars
She loves to eat and watch tv and loves to play on the floor and she evens rolls over on her own and she likes to sit up and for someone to walk her around and she loves the outside and she is real friendly and she loves for people to talk to her and she even try’s to crawl at a early age and she love music and she full of happiness
My sweet boy is 2 1/2 months old. He is the goofiest lil thing; he will kick his little feet until he is completely out of energy (even in his sleep until he cant do it anymore!) He already has a little mouth on him and will talk back constantly! 😘 he absolutely loves trying to stand up, as well as "jump time", of course! Last but not least, the strongest lil baby around!! He cant stop a grown man from getting something out of his hand! 😂 i hope everybody loves my lil boy as much as i do!!
Our little laughs buddy likes to see camera as always 🥰😍
Hello Everyone! Our baby boy Christopher enjoy playing basketball with his four bothers and dad. He loves to go to the playground every morning and go down the slides. He also love worship music while taking nice bubbles bath!
Dakota was born on January 7th, 2021. He is a very happy and loving baby boy
Always smiling and watching cocomelon and boss baby, also lives being around his big brother Domanic.
Jackson Smith
Jackson is a fun loving little man! Hes a little fighter!
Malachi is almost 6 months old, and has the biggest personality already ❤
Samuel James is a big mamas boy! Loves to play, eat any and every kind of food, getting all the attention. He’s the happiest little baby
Ezekiel Ybarra
Ezekiel Ybarra is 10 months he loves to talk give kisses, he loves to play with his toys with his daddy, he loves taking baths, he can say mama ,dada nana ,Pawpaw, wave bye bye ,and eats by him self he is such a good baby we love him so much
Niah loves to color and go shopping with mommy. she likes to video game with her daddy occasionally. however this money would go to getting a new home for her mainly. we lost our home a few months ago. so i enrolled her in this. please bring joy and hope to our family that way we can have our own home again ❤️
Aaliyah is the happiest and sweetest little girl there is!
Emery is angelic and charming. She’s very observant and aware. Always playing with toys and smiling.
She loves to rock her natural hair and play with her unicorns and spend time with her mama