Baby Stories - 59


He likes cartoons but prefers regular tv shows. He loves music.
Amelia has such a beautiful soul inside and out! She loves animals, but her favorite are dogs! She’s a daddy’s girl! She says “dada” and “mama”! She loves fruits! She walks around in her walker, but will not crawl she’d rather roll around to get to her destination! It truly is never a dull moment with her beautiful soul!
Liam is 4 months old. He is the smartest, sweetest, cutest most amazing baby that anyone could ever dream of! He is simply perfect!
Miles is 2 years old. He loves to read, loves his animals, and loves his family. He’s a very active smart young man already. And he is oh so very happy.
Isabelle, Izzy for short has two okder brothers and an older sister. She is a happy fun loving little mummy's girl who is always on the go.
Ellie is an energetic ball of energy that does not stop. She has two older brothers so she knows what she wants and stands her ground!
Matthias is our rainbow baby and has been nothing but sunshine since he was born. Today, his favorite thing is to watch Mickey Mouse and play with his toys.
Waverley is such a precious baby, I couldn’t be more blessed with such a sweet little girl. She loves car rides, walks around the park and milk. Please take the time out of your day and vote for Waverley, we’d really appreciate it. 💗
Her mom passed away. So she is wishing heaven had visiting hours.
This is lola my beautiful big girl and older sister of lucas. She is super independent and hates too much attention but when in the mood loves a good cuddle. She loves avocado's and farm animals ❤️
This is lucas, my little ball of sunshine. Always smiling and laughing. He loves lots of attention and is a huge mummy's boy 😂 Only thing he dislikes is being left alone for longer than 10 seconds but I think most babies don't like that so doesn't really count ❤️
She is a very sweet girl loves her twin brother and always happy and loves to help with everything and her father walked out and wants nothing to do with her
He is a very sweet boy who loves he's twin sister so much and loves to help with her and play with her and it's just me and him and he's sister he's father didn't want anything to do with him
Hello my name is Brock and Im three months old. I love snuggling with my mom, bath time, sleeping and eating. I can roll, hold my head up exceptionally well and I constantly have a smile on my face (except for when Im hungry).
JJ is a little guy with a big personality. He loves talking to anyone who will listen and loves balloons.
Steven Bradley
He is almost 2 and he love to run and play outside with his dogs. And he love to play hide and seek.
Adeline loves to smile and laugh. She is very alert and never gives us trouble (until she is hungry). She likes chewing on her hands a lot. She truly is a doll baby!
Jagger is 1 month old and loves to get milk drunk, watch tv, and listen to music. He loves his swing and his blankey and also car rides and bath time 💙💙💙
Waylon is almost 7 months old. Very tall/big for his age. He is ready to be on the move. The most smiley baby I've ever met 🥰
Loves to make us laugh and be the best big brother!
Sweet boy that's been smiling since the day he was born!
Oakley is a loveable happy girl. She’s always smiling and laughing she loves her mama.
She is a very happy baby she loves to smile and laugh and talk. ❤️
Eli Christian
Hello everyone! My name is Eli and I love to smile and laugh! I am 1 month old and I can roll onto my back! Vote for me!!!
Happy little girl!
Sammy is a VERY happy 3 month old baby! He smiles big all day! He loves everybody! Wherever I go and whoever he sees, he smiles at them. I’ve never seen a more happier baby before! I love the police officer onesie because with how kind and happy Sammy is now, I feel like he will be just as happy as an adult. Especially being around a big family that shows love, support and kindness to and for him. He will learn that from all of us (babies are “sponges” right? Lol) and maybe one day he will become a police officer when he grows up! He is already showing love and how much he cares for others at such a young age and we need more police officers like my baby Sam, lol .. who knows ? He could be!! 😍
When i was 3 months pregnant i lost my partner (lokis dad) to mental health, loki and my other 3 children have kept me going. Look at that face... how could it not bring you joy! Such a happy little boy. He loves sleep, walks with mummy, spending tine with his brother & sisters and getting boob milk drunk 🤪
Adalyn and her twin sister had a bit of a rough start at birth but are great now, look at that smile 😍
My little evie and her twin sister had a harder start at life but they are doing great❤️
This is Christian, he loves his family, doggos, cocomelon, and his bite bites 😂❤️
What can I say, My Lil Mama is Sugar & Spice & everything nice! A Blessing from up above ❤️🥰😇
Asher is 3 months old, he talks & smiles all the time. His favorite show is mickey mouse & can sleep in his crib like a big boy! He slobbers everywhere & loves to eat his hand.
Christian Izaiah is 2 years old and he is such a rotten boy already! He loves being outdoors, if he isn’t outdoors then he’s riding his dinosaur throughout the house! He is so smart and amazes me everyday and he is by far the biggest mommy’s boy i’ve ever seen!
Quinton is a hard headed little boy that’s been through a lot he is a rambunctious toddler that loves paw patrol baby shark Cocomelon Mickey Mouse he loves playing with his big brother and sister he also loves to beat his sister brother and cousins up
He is 2 months old and full of personality. Loves to sleep and eat
Mackyensie is 5 years her favorite thing to do is play outside with friends and loves school
Anurak loves cuddles and is always making angry faces in such cutest ways 😍 my baby boy knows he's so handsome 💙
Lynleigh is my beautiful granddaughter, she was born 2 months early but looking at her now you would never know it! She loves her paci, her bouncyand is rolling all over the place! She is such a happy baby!! She also likes it when Grammy (me) sings Jesus loves me!!she is one very special baby!! She loves bath time,she also loves spending time with her Daddy,( he works away from home), she loves new toys and she also LOVES to travel!! Lynleigh is seriously a true blessing from God from the very minute she was born, her momma had developed HELP syndrome and it could have been very fatal for the both of them. I will say this there was a lot of prayers that was said for the both of them in the hospital, I knelt to pray with my daughter, the nurse held our hands and she prayed and then the team of doctors, nurses, surgical staff also prayed over the two of them. God was in it all that’s why I say she’s our little angel! All you have to do is like her photo and vote - we appreciate each and everyone of you in advance
This is Kylo Jai , he loves to make raspberry sounds and dribble ...a lot !!! And gives lovely cuddles and kisses x
Carter loves: Watching coco melon When you talk to him and Bath time
Hayden has the strongest personality and can brighten someone's day just by smiling at them. He loves his momma, dada, and his doggy. He is so smart, and loves to make people laugh, he is such a fun boy to be around
She loves being read to. She loves spending time with her siblings. She had a ruff first week in of life in the nicu unit but has been growing stronger everyday. She is blessing and a ray of sunshine to her family amd every she meets.
Luna is 3 months and 2 weeks old. She is a very beautiful happy smiley baby. I love getting cuddles and going out for walks in my pram with mummy and daddy.