Athena is an extremely happy, energetic & smart kid. She loves singing, being outside & reading time with momma. I am so blessed to have my rainbow baby 💓
Hailey is so special to my wife and I. She was born with down syndrome and is our little princess. She is full of energy and loves to kick her legs.
Baby zo is 2 months with a fast growing attitude,he loves things with bright colors and lights he also loves talking and making people laugh at his precious big gummy smiles.
Ryan is 3 years old and is the sweetest little free spirit you will ever meet. She loves animals, her family and school. She is also a diva and loves for her photo to be taken! Ryan shows her personality daily by being kind to others and knowing what she wants and when she wants it!
Hey I’m Vyvian, my family calls me Pretty girl! I get what I want and when I want! My favorite movie is Moana and Mickey Mouse. I love dancing to the hotdog song too.
Monty loves people , loves to smile and laugh and loves hugs ❤️
He loves to dance to music and he loves water and Outside 🥺🥰
Jaina is a very kind hearted, sweetly smart girl. She loves unicorns and any animal she can imagine. She has endless beauty. Shes strong hearted. And strong willed. Jaina especially LOVES her friends. Our Starwars Babygirl.
Jaxen is 11 months old and a total love bug. He loves having yelling contests, chasing his pet kitty cats through the house and going on walks, car rides and trips to the grocery store. He loves Ms. Rachel on youtube and loves playing "Where's the baby?" with his blanket. Soon to be 1 years old in May, go ahead and wish him a happy birthday by placing a vote!
Very smart and loving little girl that loves her family and to watch cocomelon😍
Laura is such a joy!! She loves to be sang to. She lights up any room shes in. Little Mama as we call her...shes a fiery, feisty baby with a big personality
"D" is what we call him...he's a very intelligent, caring, and respectful 8 year old. Everyone that knows him absolutely adores D!! He loves playing minecraft. He also loves snakes and lizards
Angus John is officially 10 months! He has his two front teeth! He loves all foods! His smile lights up the room. He is very aware of all the attention he gets. Angus is mommy and daddy’s whole world! 💙
She is a very happy baby. Loves the outdoors. She is almost 1 years old. She loves to play outside in the grass. She is a firecracker when she gets mad which isn’t often.
Likes playing outside and laughing and playing with her sister
This is Noland. He is soon to be 10 months and loves to play with stuffed animals as much as I like to eat. They make him happy. My sweet sweet baby is such a happy baby that loves to recieve love and give love. Can my love bug get your vote? :)
Kyler Zane
Kyler is a smart boy he has been going to the big boy potty he loves to play Minecraft action figures and loves to watch paw patrol
Isabella is 18 months old she was born at 38 weeks. After her 6 month appointment we found out she has a bunch of medical things wrong she has gotten diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has a rare gene called pik3r2 she doesn’t let any of this stop her from achieving goals. She is always happy except when she’s sick. She loves my little pony morphle and strawberry shortcake
Rosie is such a sweetheart she likes to play in her bouncer she loves to yell at her brothers she has learned to say her first word which is momma i wouldn't trade her or her brothers for nothing in this world my babies give me so much strength 🥰
Miss willow is our spunky, sweet, super smart little girl who loves everyone! Give us a vote. Shed be so excited😁
Hi everyone this is Noah. He just full of surprises, such a precious little boy, very smart and loving 🥰
Hi my name is Isabella❤️ My favorite things are Dancing and yelling at everyone who ignores me. I’m always happy and smiling. I love my family but Nana and Pops are probably my favorite aside from my daddy❤️
We call him T. T enjoys pretty much everything life has to offer. Him and his brother get so hyped up over each other and enjoy playing together. T is obsessed with all Italian food and gets mad at mom and dad when it's something he still can't eat. He's a total sweetheart.
Kairo is an entergetic 2 year old boy who loves bubbles being an overall jokester and he’s a very adventurous person with the most infectious smile :)
Londyn is a 6 year old Kindergartener and she loves the movie frozen and she’s all types of magical like unicorns and mermaids . Vote for my big girl
Nathaniel has autism but that doesnt stop him .. He is a very out going boy and loves cars and trucks
William Bentley is my name. I am 8 weeks old now. I love spending time with my siblings, sitting up in my parents arms, and going to my aunties house. I love to nurse and suck on my bink. Tummy time is super fun to me and i like to study everything around me. Im started to talk so much more. I have lots of conversations with mommy. I get super excited when daddy gets home from work. I love my family so much
Kaysen is a very smiley 6 month old baby who loves to chat up a storm and scream in happiness. He can roll over and is trying to crawl!!
Braydon is such a sweet baby with a bunch of personality 🥰
Aziel is a silly blue eyed little boy who loves dogs and his fuzzy blankets.🥰
Christopher is such a loving big brother and does everything to protect his baby brother. He's learning so much and tries so hard to be a good kid. Like every little boy he is crazy and completely wild.
I love being outside and i love bath time. My favorite person is my dada.
I’m my mommy’s girl and my daddys world just here to bring a smile currently potty training and doing amazing
Oakleigh Mae is a GO GO GO baby! She crawls everywhere, she loves to smile and giggle. She has the most beautiful eyes that can light up a room within seconds. She loves to grab everything but her toys !! She loves absolutely everyone!!!
Grayson loves baths, loves to laugh and be around people, and is always smiling.
Jaxson is such a happy, smiley baby boy. He loves his hands, his momma and daddy, and cousins. He is so observant and loves car rides.
He is a happy 3 month old who loves his 3 big sisters!
My girl is such a happy & content baby🥹 she’s so smart and I love watching her grow.
Janelle loves princess , playing with baby dolls ( acting like a mommy ) , she loves playing with her siblings . She has the biggest heart , but she can be really sassy 🤣🥰
Hello. Myles Jose is just 1month old. He was born bit earlier and was already very hairy. He was charming since day 1 as you can see in the picture.
Cassius is 7 months, loves taking pictures, laughing and talking. Says hi, mama and dada. He absolutely loves all the attention and definitely is spoiled. Holds his own baba, sits up entirely on his own and even rolls all over the place. The most happy and smiley baby you’ll ever see and has the absolute best smile in town 🤍🤍
Liam loves his lovey and pacifier , he loves when ever mommy makes him clap he gets the biggest smile . He loves his hey bear sensory dancing veggies and fruits videos . He also likes to stick his tongue out ALOT he’s my little lizard baby , he smiles anytime u do it back to him . He’s such a happy baby 💚🥰
She is the mlst giggly hapoy baby !! Never cries and always laughs and smiles ! Such a Joy to have around and always steals the spotlight
Houston likes dinosaurs and the color red, he rarely ever cries and is such a sweet flirty little guy
Hi my name is Nia I’m 7 months old and I’m extraordinary 😊