Baby Stories - 58


Mini trooper Weston!
Jakaden is a very silly and active baby.He loves to smile and wave at everyone he encounters.
He loves to smile and talk and his favorite thing to do is play with mommy and daddy😊
Loves to roll over !! Loves to watch Mickey Mouse all day Is starting to love foods of all flavor Loves his mama and daddy Is the sweetest boy
Jaylin is 2yrs old he love to play with balls and he love to watch Mickey Mouse he is such an intelligent little boy .
Kimber is a little cuddle bug. She loves laughing and cooing at her brother and already so full of life. She was born with a genetic disorder Methylmalonic acidema. She starts her shot treatment this month. If you don’t vote for her please just say a little prayer for her. Thank you
Caden loves anything to do with outside , he enjoys splashing in the bath while throwing all the shampoo bottles out . I enjoys light up toys and riding his four wheeler . Daddy is his best friend and mommas whole world 💙
Willow was born 5 weeks premature however now is a milk monster ❤️❤️
Hi there! I’m Haigen Montgomery and I love to cuddle mommy and watch criminal minds with daddy. I like loud trucks and love to smile and laugh. When I grow up mommy says she wants me to follow my dreams be whoever I aspire to be. But she says I have to play baseball ⚾️😉
Aliza Grey is new to the world, but loving every second of it taking in everything she sees. She loves loves loves her daddy and her binki. She is such a sweet and happy soul already, I love watching her grow and learn everyday, and I love being her mom. 💕
Allison is half Chippewa a Native to Michigan. Like any other parent I like to think my child is special. She might not be the cutest kid out of a group, the most advanced intellectually, or any better than the next. But if there's one thing you are it is beautifully Unique. Allison doesn't color inside the lines. She paints the picture and turns things into her own. I've watched you grow into the beautiful little girl you're becoming. You Share without being told to, You love unconditionally without asking for anything in return, You are very well monored which is a rarity now a days. If there's anything I do as your father during these insane times it is to preserve as much of that as I can. You love to sing, You're a speed demon, and you are fearless. I can't wait to see where that brings you in life. So, this is Allison my gift to the world and this mad mad world should be very thankful. - Dad
Braxton is funny, happy and loves to give everyone a big smile. He thinks everything is funny and loves to give kisses and loves his stuffed animal tigger.
Kylington is 16 months old, she is rotten to the core and she loves her brother and sister so much!!❤️❤️
Icaak is the sweetest little boy for a love for monster trucks! A little boy with the biggest heart!
Lily is all smiles for her first Christmas!
Maverick is a very happy and calm 5 month old. baby. He loves to watch garfield and play with cars. He also loves to stare at lights for some reason and his love just lights up the whole room. I call him my angel baby cause i was going down the wrong path and he helped me change so much, i had him at 17 so he is my first
Olivia is 5 months she likes tummy time and playing in her jumparoo. She can almost fit her whole fist in her mouth and thinks its the tastiest thing in the world
Kamden has 9 sisters and a big brother in heaven watching over him, and 2 loving parents.
Loves Animals and loves people. He likes to be goofy and make people laugh. He is literally the happiest baby I have ever seen.
Miss paisley is a very happy baby she loves to crawl around and get into anything she can she is also 10 months old and momma and dadas world 🌍🥺
Kendra Andi
She’s sweet, loving and a mommas girl. She loves eating and making googoo noises to get our attention when she thinks we aren’t paying attention
Salvador identifies himself as Chava, his nickname. He loves everything a kid loves from reading, dancing, gaming as they call it. Picky eater but subject to change 😂 he’s taken on his new favorite role of being a big brother! Vote for my baby 🤍
Camilla made her appearance December 2020 at this current time she’s displayed tons of smiles and chuckles when mommy, daddy and big brother speak and baby babble. She displays her big beautiful eyes more hours of the day than I can count. Vote for my baby 🤍
Lillian is almost 2 years old and loves to talk up a storm, dance, & watch Cocomelon!
I’m almost 8 big brother to 6m brother and little brother to my 2 teen sister I have lots of energy love to run jump and climb and I love to draw.
Amalee is a little sister! She loves to eat , gab , and explore!
Grayson is a 13 month old who loves his mommy 💓 he loves to smile and give out the biggest hugs ever !!!! He loves riding in his car and playing with his puppy’s 💙
Zae Zae is a true definition of princess. Always looking out for others even when her brother is mean to her she is still oh so sweet to him. She has the biggest heart loves school family wants to be a Veterinarian Always wanting to help loves to cook. Just all around the sweetest little thing ever!!!
Archer is a 10 month old sweet loving little boy. His mama loves to put up props and take pictures of him❤️ He’s their pride and joy. And I’m the proud gramma!
My sweet baby boy atlas! He loves cuddles with mommy and daddy and loves mommy singing to him. He’s a sweet boy!
Dada is very outgoing. He speaks his mind very opinionated independent but yet such a mamas boy. 🧡 even though he is yhe little brother he protects his sister loves dogs. Let him tell it he came from s dinosaur egg! 🤣
Noah enjoys playing with cars and watching movies with mommy!
hunter loves dinosaurs and having adventures with mom and dad!
She a happy baby girl Always up and always have a smile 😊
she's the sweetest happy little girl. it's hard to look away from that face 💓
Braylon was born a preemie and had a very rough start when he was born. He is now a month old and is growing more and more every day. 💙 He loves to smile, make silly faces & most of all, sleep.
This is our lovely Lyla, at times she is a bit bossy, but loves to take care of her older brothers. She loves singing Frozen movie songs as loud as possible.
Jemma is 2.5 months old. Her favorite things are her twin brother Jett and naptime 🥰
Miss Charlotte was born 4 weeks early and has overcome having blood sugar problems and keeping up her weight! Finally got over her birthweight after 3 weeks! She loves to be cuddled and watch tv! She definitely lights up the room with her smile!
Jett is 2.5 months old and his favorite things are his twin sister Jemma and bathtime 🥰
Thea will be a month old on the 8th January 2021 💕 She loves to drink her milk and look at lights!
Dynamite comes in small packages..
Valery is a smart, beautiful and happy baby who has come to bless our lives. She loves to laugh and make you laugh. She can be a little crazy but we alive her crazy.
He loves to dance and to play peek a boo. 🙈 he can do pat a cake all on his own. And he such a prankster. 🤪