Baby Stories - 57


Kanon is the sweetest little boy, he never meets a stranger and always has a smile!
Noah loves his big brothers. He loves when mommy laughs, he laughs with me. He loves his toys. He loves mickey mouse in the mornings, and bluey in the afternoon.
He is our rainbow baby, he loves his mom and dad and is such a wonderful blessing.
Very Sweetie baby . She loves her big sister.
Emma Sioux
She loves her bites and babies. Loves to “cheese” in pictures. She is the youngest of 8. Our littlest native baby of the Kaw, Ponca , Osage, and Oglala Sioux tribes.
Anakyn is a loving and sweet boy that is absolutely spoiled by his aunts and grandparents. He loves the Muppets and Mickey Mouse. He is a very happy boy and he is always smiling.
Jayce has been such a happy baby since birth! He loves smiling bath time stuffed animals and books!
Kymiaa loves to eat and she love smiling she like watching tv and other people ❤️
Preston loves anything hands on currently he love to play with monster trucks and dressing up in his Halloween costumes.
Waylon James, named after the infamous country music legend Waylon Jennings. Born on Halloween he's the iconic "Boo Baby"! He loves everything music and has a love for the drums, especially. Nearly 2 years old and already a drop-dead knockout with his luscious blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes Waylon Couch is the poster child for 'Merica! Let's let him know!
This is my son Karter, he is a full on boy who loves to be outside and eat any type of taters. He loves his mommy and daddy very much!
She’s a smart little girl who doesn’t let being little stop her !
Tylee Ann
Tylee Ann is 5 months old and some of her favorite things to do is tummy time, play in her jumperoo, eat(of course), spend time with her mommy, daddy and her big sisters and brother, and she absolutely loves long walks in her stroller!!!!.. Her smile is contagious and she is just an all around happy baby!!! Please vote for our baby girl ***TYLEE ANN***
When I found out I was pregnant with her, I really didn’t want another child. I already had 2. But she made me see it what feels like to be loved at my lowest and for that I’ll forever be greatful to her 🤍
Babygirl is beyond beautiful❤️ Loves sleeping all day perfect little girl😊
My name is Rayden
Hi , this is Amina! She is 2 years old she’s very outgoing , goofy and sassy 💜 With Beautiful hazel eyes and a bright smile 🥺
Sophia is a very caring young lady who likes to ride her dirt bike, Dancing, she loves animals, she also likes to hang out with her friends and talk on the phone Sophia loves school and learning new things like DIY crafts etc. she is a sweetheart that loves life.
Aliya loves to smile and cuddle with her mommy and daddy. She loves to rock in her little chair and watch her favorite shows! She is such a sweet little girl❤
Chapman is a sweet, giggly 4 month old! He loves playing, gazing at bright colors and watching his siblings run around the house and of course he loves to eat!
Mia loves ice cream. She’s a dog
vote for my precious baby girl🥰 she loves to play with her little toy rocket, its her favorite.
Hey, I'm Lincoln Knox this picture was taken of me on my first BIRTHDAY! I am now 2 and into everything mama will let me! I love to watch the sandlot and play baseball! My favorite thing to do is ride the 4 wheeler and play on the farm with all the moo cows.
Adalyn Evelyn
This is adalyn and Evelyn both girls are so sweet and amazing babies! ❤️❤️
Dezirhae is 4 in half, she loves to dance, take pictures, and she absolutely loves watching frozen. Her favorite color is pink and she's a princess!!!
Harlyn is a complete ray of sunshine! Loves her mommy & her sissy and her good ole pal Tito who is a French bulldog! She is always smiling and is full of happiness ♥️
He is perfect to me! He is sweet. Loves his siblings!!!
Leia loves chewing on her hand lol She totally enjoys smiles and hugs. Always Camera ready.
Colt loves his Cheetos, cartoons, his sleep, and is always happy
She loves to laugh and scrunch her nose. She loves her brothers!!! To me she is perfect!
Derek is a joy with the brightest smile and personality that lights up any room. He loves his family and to play with his many cousins. He has the most infectious laugh that keeps everyone laughing.
I’m Everleigh Rose!🌹♥️ I was born on Aug 29,2021 at 12:32am. I weighed 5’8. My height was 19 1/2 inches long🦵🏼😂🥺 My mommy was very ready to have me in the world now!♥️ But my daddy on the other hand he was ready but he was also very very nervous because of how tiny I am. I’m now going on2 months old I like tummy time and I love butt pats🍑 😭 I kick my legs like crazy an squirm all around. I don’t keep my mom to busy at night just a couple times. I love my mimis voice it makes me sooooo happy🥰❤️☺️ I also like to surprise my momma with laughs every so often, but can I tell u HER hair 💇🏼‍♀️ Is my abustle favorite thing to pull an tug at! Everyone body says I look my daddy and that I sleep like him. I usually give so mean an upset faces then🥺😭 But for the grand finale my most Favorite is being at home with my mommy and daddy in bed just cuddling an giving smiles an watching movies an listening to my surroundings I love to look at everything 👀 But sincerely everyone pretttyyy please give me a vote it would make me even more smiley and happy for u all!❤️
He loves his little sister and little brother!! He is the sweetest little boy! Paw Patrol and dinosaurs are his favorite
I love to watch Jerry Springer and alien shows. My favorite foods are apples, mangoes and potatoes. Being in nature keeps me calm!
Loves his sisters and brother and Nonna's sauce ❤️
Emerson is a fun, smart, and caring 4 year old. He loves Tball, soccer, and spending time with his older siblings.
Ella Alora
This is the sweetest pea you’ll ever see! Ella Alora is a smiley, giggly, and energetic baby girl. She’s got biggest eyes that’ll melt your heart the moment you look at her. A lot of people describe her as “dainty” as she knows the looks to give that’ll turn you into putty in her hands. She loves bright colors, and watches videos such as hey bear sensory, super simple songs and story bots! She loves just about every fruit and vegetable you could think of.
Sayora enjoys bath time and lots of playing. She smiles 99% of the day and loves her Granny! ❤️
Thomas is the most important person for my husband and I. He is learning us every day how to be fearless, creative and friendly. He is melting our hearts when he is giving us kisses. He is a tiny little man that makes sure to take to the bin all the waste found on the floor or into the park.
Oaklynn loves her swing, she loves listening to country music, cuddling with her dad, and bath time
Liam Wesley is literally my best friend! His first and only word right now is “mama” and he loves music and loves to laugh at everything.
His loving, caring little boy he brings joy to my life he loves playing with other children and toy story is he favourite film
she is the most understanding, outgoing 3 yo i’ve ever met . she loves helping mommy and daddy take care of her little sister along with making sure she makes everyone happy around her . she lights up every room she walks into , as well as having good manners when it comes to having them . she’s the sweetest little girl , and she’ll let you know it too .
Niko is a loving sweet boy who loves food!
Hello my name is Elijah & i am 7 months, i love to play, laugh & smile! I love warm hugs & i love to eat a variety of things including my toys! I roll around & try to sit down tho i havent gotten it down just yet! Im learning to crawl & my favorite cartoon is cocomelon!