Baby Stories - 57


Ryker is a month old. He is a mommas boy! He likes have his butt pat until he falls asleep. He may be little but he plays a big part in all of our lives.
Kason was in the NICU for 7 weeks! Came home with a gtube and is stronger than ever! His favorite things are cocomelon, his mommy, his daddy and especially his dog Yota!
McKenzie is a loving little girl that loves to help mommy with her baby brother.
Nahir is a good baby. He is always smiling and laughing. Happy happy baby. He is loved by his 4 older sister. He is vary spoiled since he is the only boy
One of the sweetest babies, she loves to laugh, smile coo just an all around gorgeous baby girl
Asher is the sweetest boy with his big beautiful eyes he brightens up everyday for our family. He loves to have gibberish conversations with everyone.
Loves tummy time and snuggles with mommy and daddy. He also loves bath time and splashing in the water. Brett love talking and telling stories to everyone he meets.
Hy everyone, my name is Maria .
Ezekiel was born September 17th via emergency c-section after the induction process. He wasn’t breathing when born so was rushed to the NICU. He later showed signs of seizures and we found out shortly after that my little man had a blood clot that caused a stroke that was causing the seizures. He takes phenobarbital for the seizures and He is doing much much better now and we have been seizure free since September 20, 2020.
Sarah is such a happy baby and loves the water! She also loves her kitty brother and sister and has quite the personality! 💕
Nathan, is a silly little boy, theres never a dull moment watching him. He loves to play but his favorite is mickey, he is momma and daddy's silly baby. Nathan is very out going, always smiling as well he is brave and up for anything!!!
Archie Oliver
He likes most to smile
He loves race cars, monster trucks, and practicing his letters and numbers. He loves watching Monster Jam!
Laylah is the best baby thats so bright and always smileing
My beautiful first born, loves to be snuggled
Noah is my sweet rainbow baby that loves to swing cuddle and play all day long
Joey is a very energetic 3 year old, he’s Loves Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol the most, who also loves his stinky toes as he calls them. He has the best smile that can brighten up your day..
James Alexander
Smartfunny, thoughtful, helpful, caring, energetic,loving, easy going and love to laugh.he love to wear neat and dress up cloths.and he love to sing like bruno is a great big brother.💞💞💞
Michael J & a wonderful loving five-year-old outgoing very smart and love the world
Banning is our July 4th baby who is constantly smiling!
Hi I’m Leyton Brent Lee I’m 5 months old and I love to laugh 😀 and I’m a handsome little fella Vote for me please! 🥰
Hope likes to eat a lot. She is a very happy baby with a stunning smile.
Please share and vote for my sweet little Liam 💙
We had a rough road starting out but this boy pushed through and he is happier than ever! He loves the Winnie the Pooh theme song (especially when his Mama sings it) and loves to "Run, Run, Jump" with Grandma. The more he learns to love the more he smiles! You can't tell from the picture but he's just the cutest little red headed boy!!
Samir is the best child you can ask for. He does anything for anyone, very loving, smart and athletic.
Samir is athletic, musically inclined and the sweetest little helper you can find.
Aliyah loves to talk to everyone she meets, mostly “bye-bye” 😂 Her favorite song is patty-cake & she’s got some pretty mean dance moves.
Zamiyah is a spunky 14 month old princess! She loves watching doras and spending time with her sisters !
Born on Bonfire Night.. My Son and my Stars Phoenix Lyons
She loves food and play time she is a happy go lucky baby she loves smiles and laughs and u should vote for her bc she is just a fun baby to be around
She is a Very Smart 3 year old that loves being outside, loves animals, Lion Guard and her name she answers to is “Baby Duck”❤️ That’s her nickname and she sometimes only answers to it😊
Liam is the definition of eat, sleep, poop. When he isn’t sleeping you can sometimes catch him looking at around at the world he will one day dream to explore. But for now that world consist of eating, pooping, and going back to sleep.
Billy is very active he loves outdoors and finding bugs and playing in the dirt He has to have everything mickey mouse His favorite food is pizza
Smile Smile Smile💙
Eli loves spiderman and pretending he is spiderman He also loves being outdoors His favorite food is pizza and nuggies
Baby Theo, so Perfectly perfect!
Samir loves to play sports and be with his family.
Samir is a great little helper, a sweet and loving little boy. He excels in school as well as sports.
My handsome BubZ is such a happy baby. Loves to eat, play, dance, and crawl everywhere lol Just a happy soul 🥰
River Rose
Hello this is my sweet little River Rose she loves to cuddle, nurse, and suck her thumb, she loves her books, and her animal toys, she is talkative and such a happy playful girl!
Ana Nohemi
My Beautiful Little Mermaid Ana Nohemi. Pretty Mawma loves to smile especially in her sleep and Love to be gels by Mawma💕 Please Vote for her 🙏
Milyn Dawn
Milyn is a very sweet and happy baby. She loves to play and most of all she loves eating😘😊😘
He's the sweetest baby boy, who loves our morning routine of reading Where the sidewalk ends!
This is my beautiful daughter Avery Jayde. She’s 2 months old. She loves noises and doing tummy time , she smiles everytime someone talks to her , loves to kick around & she’s cooing at everyone that talks to her, but most importantly she always has to have her nap time!! Vote for my sweet Avery❤️🥰
I love to play football
Bryce is my miracle baby changed my whole life❣️❣️
She loves her brothers, and spending time wifh dad, being told she is pretty and looking in the mirror