Baby Stories - 56


Cuddle Bug 🤍 !
Hi!! My name is Tyson Theodore 🤍 I love smiling, snuggles on Mama + Daddy’s chest & making cute, funny faces! I’m Mama + Daddy’s first born & they thank the Lord for me everyday ♥️
Aiden is so swwet and special! He loves to sleep,but when hes awake he loves to look around him. He's so curious about the world!
Hes 7 months old.. He jst started crawling today.. Hes a very sweet baby veey loveable.. Hes always happy..
Gianna is the happiest baby! Such a beautiful blessing to us. She is the sweetest!
I’m my mommy and daddy’s first born! Have the most biggest smile!! Most of all I love to sleep!
Easton is a very talkative, ACTIVE, caring, smart, & FUNNY 1 year old. He learns very fast for his age. He loves mac & cheese, fries, and chicken nuggets! 😀 He is very expressive with his faces, boy does he have a personality. We are doing this just for fun . Vote my handsome red headed baby 😍❤
Adalynn loves talking and rolling around !! 💜
Forrest had a rough start, but he is loveable and adorable. Loves to be held and cuddled.
Delilah is an absolute joyful little girl always, she always has the biggest smiles and giggles for anyone around, loves animals and her mommy and daddy ❤️
Ted’lette is outstanding she loves to dance. She loves to do tiktoks. She loves to wear dresses she loves unicorns and most importantly she loves Ryan’s world!
Khalid is a joyful 8 month old! He loves to smile, explore and eat blueberries🫐 he’s always in a good mood! Having him brought so much light and awareness to my life that I didn’t even know I needed 💙
He will steal your heart with just one smile..
Mercedez Aurora
Hi I’m Mercedez I’m ONE ☝️ I love playing and being outside& Singing baby shark
🦋💜 she likes smiling, laughing, and being silly. she loves cuddles with mommy and daddy!
Luna Marie Bell Was born January 8, 2021 to Shana and Matthew Bell. She is clearly the most beautiful baby and looks just like a porcelain doll. She weighed 8 pounds and 4 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long. She is the jewel of her Daddys eye and her mommy’s heart.
Cain is 6months old and Loves food! He weighs 24pounds. He enjoys standing. Babbling and cooing. He LOVES to smile and giggle
Hunter survived RSV after being intibated and sedated at just 3 weeks old. He has made a full recovery and is now a healthy little 11 month old ❤️
Rowan is 6 months, he loves apples and bananas. He loves standing, he’s also trying to walk!! He was born as a twin, two months early. Him and his twin were both born at 3 lbs!! Please go vote for my perfect baby!
Karson has come so far along from been born he has been a strong baby from start as his start was 7 weeks before his due date but he fought in an incubator for 16days and is now over the average line for a premature kid he has come so far he is my lil miracle loves dancing cars & cuddles i got told would never have a baby but he came & he fought and changed my lofe for the better hes a miracle baby 💙
Jordan is 2 months old and is very out going and a huge suck ❤️ He loves music, and loves hearing his moms voice
Amelia "Mia" is a tough, just turned one year old. She's been fighting her GI issues since four months young but nonetheless, she is always happy! Super bright mind, and has hit all her milestones early! Thank you for voting for Mia!
Carson And Grayson
Carson is a five year old boy, who love being a big brother to his one year old little brother who was born premature so Carson is aways keeping sure that his brother is safe and sound they love playing cars and crawling around the house together.
Today is her birthday!! She loves to laugh and smile. She is very dramatic and a princess💕
Maverick is now crawling and standing on everything he can! Loves toys that make noise . Loves cuddles between mommy and daddy !
Hope is a month old she is a very happy baby she only cries when shes hungry
Tessa is a very outgoing 3 year old who loves to sing and dance, she is very smart and loves her baby sister Jaida
This little cutie’s name is Layliana Lourie Moorehouse. She is six weeks old and can already hold her head up,smile,giggle, and even push herself forward when she lays on her tummy. She is my rainbow baby she was born December 1, 2020 and she is mine and her daddy‘s whole world🥺🥰
Carson is out going little man. Very smart loves acting like a firefighter. Loves to be out doors.
Oliver is such a happy little boy, he faces growing up with a rare genetic syndrome called Di-George syndrome, but is not he will let it stand in his way !!!!
Dean loves to be outdoors, playing with cars, his drum set. He’s a very sweet boy who loves to give hugs!
Jayden loves to play around! He is friendly to the people he meets, He has so much energy.
Aliyanna is the sweetest little baby you will ever meet. How can you resist her beautiful face
Brayden loves to play outside, tractors & trucks. He is the sweetest baby boy. Always has a smile on his face.
Laura is 11 months old she loves
Leon loves his play mat, is beginning to love tummy time and is mastering holding his head up! He has found his voice and is always practicing his sounds❤️
Dawson is so sweet, hes very smart. Hes only 1 and he can talk alot. He's thank you and he says popsicle, those are just two things he says alot but for a one year old... Those are some big words.
Daria Georgiana
Daria has a beautiful face,she looks like an angel and has a beautiful face she is a sweet girl
Emerie is 2 years old. She loves her new baby brother to pieces. She feisty and wild, and loves adventure.
Kaison is 3 weeks old. Love's his momma, sleep and snuggles.
Bindi is our rainbow baby after two miscarriages. She may only be a month old but she is growing and showing us how strong she is. She was born at 37 weeks and was still considered a Preemie baby. She is her mommy and daddy’s world and already has daddy wrapped around her long fingers.
My strong little lady was born on the 24th of August 2020. She had a tough start to life born with the rare condition of congenital leukemia. Over the last few months she has amazed us with her tolerance and bravery. She still has a long way to go with upcoming treatments but she has achieved so much for a little 4 month old. She really is the light of her lives and her family are immensely proud and grateful.
Enegetic and innocent. Loves doggys and watching superheroe shows!! I smile takes my breath away
Kenzo loves when you smile at him, He loves playing peek a boo.He is the sweetest little thing.
Despina’s personality is really starting to come out now. She is not shy at all and full of energy ! She loves being outside and enjoyed her first swim at the beach with daddy just last week. She is not afraid to try new things, amuses herself and miss independent is already grabbing the bottle out of my hands !! good luck my hunny !! 💕
He loves watching the ceiling fan. Cuddling with mommy.. He loves his pa-pa
This is Leilani she is 11days old.
Sidney 5 Months But He Act Like He 5 Years Old This Is My Rainbow Baby 🌈He A Happy Baby He Love His Daddy The Most But He Love Food More 😂💙🤞🏾👨‍👦