Baby Stories - 56


Kailani just knows when she’s getting her picture taken because she smiles once she looks at the camera. She loves cartoons like Tom and jerry. She’s also very jumpy and gets excited when someone carries her ❤️
Evelynn Rose is such a wonderful baby. She is 3 weeks old and has a giant personality. She loves her mommy and daddy and she only cries when she needs her butt changed or is hungry. It is a miracle she is here as during pregnancy, her mom was on in home health care for 29 weeks out of 39. Vote for this miracle child that is such a beautiful angel!
He is always a happy baby❤️ He loves to smile and to stand. He also loves laughing. He also loves eating ice cream 🍨
Kaden will be 2 in December and hes just the funniest little boy with the cutest personality ❤
Roman is a loving 4 month old baby. Always smiling, laughing and eating his momma💙👣😂
my beautiful Rosie, likes to smile a lot and cooing at her big brother
These are my beautiful nieces, they are the most beautiful twins that I'll always be blessed to have, but let me tell you....don't let those sweet faces fool you because when they get cranky they will give you the biggest attitude ever and all they will ever love more than anything is FOOD 🤣.
Michael is full of life at his very very young age. He LOVES family, snuggling, laughing, Outdoors, music and being read to.
Oakdyn is a silly little boy who loves apples and chewing on his toes. He didnt have an easy start as he had to be hospitalized for herpes at 3 months old.
He's spunky, funny, weird , corky, loves his bird cheaf , he loves being a big brother, he is very mouthy and loves to talk back, he loves playing basketball , he loves outdoors , animal lover
Hes a happy spunky baby, loves to cuddle with people
Hi my name is ella I will be 7 months the 22nd! I love bouncing in my bouncer, I love to talk to my sister and my doggie and my mommy and daddy, I love all my fruits and some veggies my favorite are mashed potatoes potatoes, I love to go for walks I can sit up all by myself I'm even starting to crawl! I love seeing Mama and baba and being crazy 💖
Kada is such a sweet little bean and has been Mommy’s little fighter from the start. Being born 5 weeks early at only 3lbs 9oz, surviving TWO car accidents while I was pregnant, and myself having gestational hypertention she made sure she was coming into this world! She is my gift from above, my rainbow baby, and my every prayer. Please vote for this little Leo Queen 💚
Tristan loves his blanket rattle and being talked to. When you talk to him, his entire face lights up, which is how his pumpkin image was made possible. He is a miracle baby.
She is sassy and smart! Full of energy! Crazy little monkey! Always happy and just loves hugging!
Hi I’m Raiden ☺️ I’m 5 months old. My birthday is may 1st, 2021 ! My favorite thing to do at the moment is blowing raspberries. I try to grab everything I can in sight but mommy always catches me before I can 😢. I love making a mess when I eat!
Charlie loves bouncing in his jumperoo&making everyone smile 😁💙
This is our sweet Carter. He will be 2 next month! He is the definition of a WILD CHILD. He loves stuffed animals & Masha and The Bear. He gives the best loves! We would love for Carter to win for his Birthday 💙
Autumn is a sweet baby girl. She loves to have all the attention in the room. She likes to watch tv, it doesn’t matter what’s on, she’ll watch it. Autumn will hold your fingers and try to suck on them at times. She’s overall the best daughter a mother could ask for and quite frankly an extremely easy baby girl
Harley was born at 37 weeks Only weighed 5lb 4oz She love having cuddles with her mummy and daddy and her big dog sister hazel ❤️
Easton loves smiling at his momma and daddy, watching paw patrol and dancing. He’s very loveable and can melt your heart with his little smile and his personality is to die for ❤️
Rebecca is our rainbow,she is so sweet and she is the best thing have ever waited for,she loves to play all day long and she is always in the kitchen “cooking”😂
Serenity is my happy 1 year old grand daughter! She had her first Birthday October10!!She loves to play and dance. Always happy and smiling..
She loves to laugh and smile
He loves to play with toy car's & has very nice manners he loves to be clean he is a loving & loves to take pictures ❤ please vote for his pic thanks
She Loves Cocomelon and animals 🥰
Raelynn was born September 21st of this year. She enjoys eating, naps & snuggles with her family.
Khaleesiana loves to snuggle and play in her baby bouncer! She loves to be around all her family... she also loves to sleep! (Haha)
Eleanor is the sweetest silliest little baby girl! Her smile can light up any room and warm the hearts of all her loved ones ❤️
My Charleigh Rose is the most sweetest energetic baby that I know! She loves her mommy but loves her brother even more, she loves her Minnie Mouse and her puppy Tippy. Charleigh also likes being outside and running in her walker, and she absolutely loves food! We don’t miss a meal around here! Charleigh Rose has completed our family and I think she knows it!
Layla is an incredibly happy, lovable 4 month old! She smiles and coos all of the time and is holding her head up perfectly.
Dominick is a smart,funny,caring 11 year old. He likes playing oculus, going to the beach and spending time with family.
My name is Julian, I love fortnite and riding my scooters and bikes with my friends! I love my baby brother and mommy is my bestfriend! Guitar is my favorite thing to do, and so is homework!
Maverick is my pride and joy. He loves his mommy 😍🥰 he likes to blow spit bubbles, laugh, smile loves his doggy diamond and is all around a happy healthy little boy.
He is a sweet boy who loves the water and sleeping all day long!! He will also show you how to wiggle your tongue!!
Savannah is a super happy cuddle bug❤️
Khloe Diana
Please vote for Khloe from Riverside, CA
Hi there! I love to smile and laugh. During playtime I dance with my mom and i also play with my minnie skateboard my dad gifted to me.
Everleys birthday is April 5th! She loves to eat, take naps, jump in her jumper & she loves her dog❤️
She’s a mamas girl . She loves to play with her toys her favorite song is baby shark . She’s starting to crawl . She is taking her first steps .
She is the sweetest baby and very full of joy. She is my everything And forever will be ❤
Kaleesia is the sweetest baby girl. She loves to cuddle and give kisses! She lights up the whole room. Kaleesia loves to sing in the car with mommy! She brings happiness to anyone that comes around her!
Theodore is a 3 month baby boy who loves his milk and his bubba.
Greyson is a sweet loving cuddly boy who loves his Mommy and Daddy and sisters plus his cousin who lives with us. He is a boy on a mission to move.... he is a little goof ball who can put a smile on anyones face.
Amani is 3 months loves to to smile and loves to be around lots of people she loves to be in most people's arms she loves when you talk to her n she loves when you make her stand up for a while she also like taking pictures
Octavia is a very happy baby