Baby Stories - 55


Abel is one year old. He has a very spunky personality. He has two wonderful siblings. He likes to annoy is big brother and he’s still trying to get used to having a little sister. I think food is what he likes the most. Abel is just now also learning how to walk.
King is a ray of sunshine his smile brightens up every moments he loves to snuggle and laugh from his belly tickles, he is always juicy...
Noah is 17 months old loves to laugh and play always has a smile on his face and is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet he’s a big ole sweetheart
Words can’t really describe my son Connor but he is two years old and he’s a very energetic and outgoing little boy. He’s a big brother to his two siblings a brother and sister which he loves dearly. Connor likes to dace while listening to music. His favorite show is cocomelon.
Hi, my name is Ellianna! I am 4 months old and probably the sassiest baby you’ll ever meet. I love my mommy and daddy, my jumper, blankets and anything on the tv.
She is such a happy, beautiful, funny baby who lights up our life! She loves to play with her sisters, eat, laugh, and give kisses and hugs. We are so blessed by her!
Parker is our precious 3 month old daughter! She’s the happiest babe, always smiling and babbling! She is the perfect final piece to our family and is so adored by her big brother!
Eleanor is a happy cutie
I like going on walks and doing laundry with dad. Making messes and hanging with mom.
Emma is a snuggly cuddly cutie
I’m a sweet mother princess 👑 Born to be happy ❤️
Nathaniel is a very sweet boy he has a lot of spunk and energy. He loves playing with his family and dog.
Jameson is a very smiley baby. He loves cuddles and tummy time.
Keloni is always smiling!! And always laughing!! She has to be one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met
Alex is a handsome amazing energetic little boy that loves sports trucks anything with sound and can bring a smile to anyone's face when you see him 😍🥰
Im 1 years old . My favorite word is "yea" i love to drink strawberry milk out my "big boy cup" , as mommy calls it and eat yougurt melts (mixed berry is my favorite) I also love to laugh and smile . I have the best parents any boy could ask for 💘
Kath-Ryn is a beautiful little girl. Shes so calm and never crys. Her faverite things are her soft blankets. She has changed my life for the better and filled apart of me that was missing. I love you sweet heart. You've made me sooo happy xxx
Jaxon is a 2 year old baby that is obsessed with his trucks and animals 🥺 He loves toy story and his favorite food is fries 🤣
Sassy, Sweet & Spunky lil girl🤍
Milo is 8 months old, loves to eat, crawls everywhere, he has 4 teeth and he’s learning how to walk currently. (:
Miss Ellie is 6 months old. She's learning to roll over. She loves her sweet potatoes, and her first tooth is popping through.
Matthew has a wonderful personality. He is so funny. He likes going to school and playing with his friend.
Kehlani is a beautiful happy baby. She brings so much joy to all of our lives. She has the most beautiful smile.
Melody And Marwa
Marwa is on the left and melody is on the right. They are fraternal twins, they both are super smiley and giggly. They are basically celebrities apparently cus we get stopped everywhere we go. Vote for us!
Gabriella enjoys playing at the park, and loves eating Goldfish and watermelon!
Nolan loves his high chair and eating good food. He enjoys ice cream and chasing his cat Tigger. Nolan favorite show is bubble gupies and he makes sure his mommy put it on daily
Evelyn is a sassy gal. Who enjoys her swing, watching bubble gupies, spending time with mom and dad and her nana and mimi. Her favorit hobby is dressing up and taking naps.
Cuteness overload with a pinch of crazy ❤️
This little man loves cuddles and realy loves eating. He has now learned he can make noise so hes making all kinds of noises!
She like music and when mommy sings to her. She loves to roll over and suck on her thumb 🥰
Jordan is a very charismatic and sensitive boy! He takes his job as older brother very seriously. He is very attentive to his little sister. He loves to spend his time learning about dinosaurs and sharks!
Kamari is a happy baby! He never really cries at all, either smiling or has a mad face. He weighs 12 lbs and hes very talkative!
Torrie is 2 years old she is a sweet intelligent girl that loves to make new friends and have play dates her favorite show is paw patrol and also doc mcstuffins
Juan Junior
Junior is a funny handsome creative outgoing little boy loves his siblings loves making friends just start kindergarten he’s a well mannered outspoken boy
Cuteeeeeee😍 Loveable 🥰 Adorable ☺️ Perfectness😌
Our beautiful little girl dressed in snuggly fall clothes with her fox friend pacifier holder,she's so beautiful and I'm such a proud momma❤️
Brayson is a very sweet young boy who loves his mommy, corn dogs, bikes, anything loud, and spiderman. He is very energetic and loves alone time with his momma. Not only is this little boy the cutest, but he also has a heart of gold and I can already see that at such a young age. He takes after his momma on looks, personality, and even attitude lol. ❤️ I couldn't have asked God for a better child, he definitely saved me 🥰
Annie is such a loveable baby, she loves to cuddle, watch Cocomelon and play with her toys…..❤️❤️
Waylon loves ice cream, playing with his puppy siblings, and roaring like a dinosaur!
He loves Cocomelon, he loves standing & trying to crawl, he loves doing things and never wants to be left out you always got to be doing something haha.
I am a mamas boy, love the water, and playing with my pups!
the happiest baby you’ll ever see 🤍 absolutely loves attention & laughs at everything 🤍
She has three teeth and loves to climb mommy and daddy.
This is kamdyn he loves cocomelon and paw patrol. He likes to be outside and play with his puppy. He loves eating Mac and cheese.
You’ll never have a dull moment with this funny guy.