She loves her snuggles from mommy and daddy and She has 3 older brothers who just adore her.
Mason is a happy loving little boy . Hes autistic. But that dont stop him from doing anything . Mason loves riding his side by side ride in toy .
Eva is very funny she loves people and she loves school she laughs alot and gets along with other and shes a wonderful big sister
Paisley is the most smiley girl around 💛 Her current favorites are teething toys & rolling around!
Iam very cute iam a happy baby iam 6 months and I have 2 teeth and iam starting to walk
Rylee Mae came into the world a little early but she made one heck of an entrance. She was born in the comfort of our home and what a magical experience that was. Sadly, we found out our insurance doesn’t cover midwives. Winning will help cover the cost of her birth and help me stay home with her and her sister longer. Our bundle of joy has the sweetest coos and the brightest eyes! She is the best little sister and her Daddy and I are over the moon we are the ones to watch her grow ❤️
•Nickname - Cobean, Pookie, CoCo •Loves - Eating his hands, pulling hair/beards, snuggling •Hates - Being put down, waiting on his food
Spencer is such a happy and playful baby, he never fails to put a smile on anyones face! He also has the best hair out there 😉
Elliana is almost 3 months old she loves being happy 😊
She has a variety of personalities. She is very laid back for the most part but loves a conversation. She's all about attention. She just lights up a room when she enters.
My greatest accomplishment! Maddox loves his 3 sisters, food, and playing outside.
Avion is an amazing lil man, he is soo advanced in everything and such a happy baby,
Heavenlee is a smart, curious & loving child. She loves meeting new people and spreading love. She enjoys church & her grandparents a lot!
JASHER is partially blind & was born with a rare syndrome that caused his retina to be detached from his eyes! He’s been a little fighter since! He loves to snuggle,likes when I (Grammy) sings “you are my sunshine” & loves his big brother Liam! He’s a very SPECIAL little boy!💙
Miss Kalypso is a super sweet and funny girl. She always brightens up my day with her big smile and her kind heart. Shes an amazing big sister to her two younger siblings and an awesome friend. 🤍
Alex Arthus Jr
My Alex Junior was born at 27 weeks weighing 1 pound and 7 ounces after 69 days in the nicu he’s home and doing wonderful. Alex is a little fighter and a blessing to say the least. He brings so much happiness to our families.
Very sweet,loving, and goofy bot he lovess animals and is very outstanding and smart! Loves watching cocomelon and learns quick❤️
Willow decided that she was going to come a month and 3 days early. She was born April 13th, 2022 at 9:18 pm weighing only 4 pounds and 2.2 ounces, measuring 17 inches long. She has a fisty and cute little personality already. She loves to be swaddled. She's my little fighter and she has her daddy wrapped.
She is a very adventurous sassy smart 3 years old. She loves Minnie Mouse and Gabby Cat and loves the outdoors!
Dekland loves playing with his kitty cats and his two big sisters. He loves the outdoors and playing in the dirt with his trucks.
Thank you for voting for us. Michael is a very happy baby! Loves to play with his big sister. He enjoys laying with mommy and staying up all night!
Sweet, sassy, fun, Letti Spaghetti❤️
His name is spelled Ka’Syn…He brings joy when he comes into any room…He loves Bob the train has lots of energy, his smile is everything
Paloma is the happiest baby. She loves to eat, share her food with her puppies and give kisses!
Gracelynn is a spunky, full of energy, has a heart of gold little girl. She loves unicorns and princesses! Shes the best little girl. She is a surving twin and loves life. Vote for her please ♥
Serenity is a sassy, sweet, crazy little girl who loves unicorns and mermaids. She had a very slim chance of surviving to be here but shes here and thriving. Vote for her you wont regret it ♥
She is my Rainbow baby 🥰
Nova is a silly and smart girl , we love chicken nuggets and playing with her doggies , we love to go the park and jam out to music - we love animals and playing with our baby dolls
Over the past 11 months, Karmyn has so much so much more in life! All the laughs and giggles, and late night cuddles are what I love for 🤍
She only have 3 months old. She was a premature baby, she es really sweet. She loves to be with mommy and daddy, loves to sleep with us. She is a amazing girl. She also love to sit in a fluffy chair and see de tv.
Ella Rose is a spunky little peanut! Even though she loves her naps, she also loves laying on her play mat and playing with her toys! She also makes the cutest faces that can brighten up anyones day!
Reyan likes to play and listening to music.
Bentley is the most cutest and loving sweet baby ❤️ he loves his cocomelon and loves to play outside! he loves to snuggle with his mommy and daddy🥰
Azriel Such a Sweet Boy loves to Smile and lives for Any Photo Moment He loves being around other Children and Babies his age he Glows every time ♥️
Avah loves to watch tv,cuddle mommy&daddy,sleep,and take pictures 💞
Olivia is a very active child. Jumping, running and playing never stops. And when told to smile for a picture, well she will always show of her beautiful smile.
Grayson is a happy go lucky little man he loves to giggle and always lights up the room with his sweet smile
Stevie Rey makes my day. She’s got eyes as blue as the sky and a smile that will make your heart melt. She loves all the attention, her brother, and all the food. Please vote for her, you know shes cute.
Zkknow name is pronounced snow and she is just like it! She so sweet and calm and loves outdoors. Shes a character though and just like snow she in unpredictable lol
Evee fills every room with joy. She loves when mom takes photos of her so she can show off her million dollar smile! Her smile will for sure light up your world.
Cute and happy baby girl 🥰
He is very smart and loves alot people and always fun good kid to be around also makes alot of people's day
Amelia is a sweet little lady that loves to snuggle♥️