Baby Stories - 55


Declan Brooks
Mommy's miracle baby & Daddy's best buddy! Our sweet D-Man just turned 3 months old! ☺️ He is the snuggliest, happiest & sweetest little blue eyed boy. We love you Dec 😍💕
She loves to dance , rock & smile ... oh & eat her hands as you can see but what she likes the most is MOMMY ❤️ such a loveable sweet baby
Our angel is a miracle. After years of tears trying to start a family, we finally got a positive. It was not an easy pregnancy but this little one is a fighter. Mom almost didn't make it but God had a different plan for her and baby. She is super sweet and bright.
Skylars wakes up every morning with a smile. Her favorite way to pass the time is to enjoy some boobie snacks. Tubby time is her favorite part of the day. When she isn’t napping she enjoys tummy time and staring at lights.
Hello, my name is Jonathan Anthony Arn, I have a big brother that is in heaven and he sent me to help heal our momma's heart. I like to watch octonauts and my daddy play video games. I love my dinosaur blanky and my stuffed bunny, I sleep with them every night.
He loves baths & loves to laugh.
Drew is 1 month old, and hes the sweetest, smartest little man ever. He is already rolling over from his tummy to his back and has been since 19 days old! He amazes me every single day ❣
Jazmine sassy sweet and a major cuddle bug❤️
James love to smile and he plays with his hand and his toys. He loves to talk. He loves to cuddled and He likes tummy time.
She is our rollie pollie and full of lovings and giggles... She is trying to get into everything and is a bundle of joy.. She loves her food and her daddy... She loves to laugh with her mama...
Israel was born October 12th 2020 ! He is such a happy baby and he loves to smile and spend time with family. He likes to watching tv and playing with his linkable toy.
Meliah is a sweet 6 month old who loves to sit up, play with big brother, taking pictures and smiling
She’s Very Active And Alert 💗
Daniel is my great nephew, but he is so loving and sweet, he loves hotwheels and any types of cars just like his daddy. He's a joy to have around especially if your having a sad day he will definitely brighten it up. Give him some love and click the vote button! 🙏🏼❤️
Kennedi smile and laugh is contagious and she so sweet and sharing.
Alias is always smiling and loves his pictures taken. He just started playing with toys and is now trying to roll over. His favorite people are his big sister and big brother!
This is Isaac. He’s a very happy little boy who likes playing with his toys and chatting away to his mummy, daddy and big brother Noah.
Alfie is a very happy boy and loves talking and blowing bubbles. His favourite things are to stand up and animal noises especially the pig🐷
Alfie is a very happy boy and loves to smile. His favourite things are to stand up and animal noises.
This is Noah. He’s a very cheeky but loving little boy who loves anything paw patrol or trains related.
I am Octavia, i like to sleep, eat, and look at everything! Mommy and daddy were blessed to meet me 5 1/2 weeks early. I came home 8 days later😁 our family is struggling because mommy doesn't want to go back to work till im ready! Thank you for your support!
Emma is the sweetest most smiley baby you’ll ever meet.
Lil Miss Aria is the best lil sweet pea. She’s got such a strong personality already. She loves cuddles, always, and is finally starting to give mommy and daddy big smiles and giggles.
New Year’s Eve baby with a spunky personality and the sweetest little girl ever we are so in love
Theodore enjoys mommy cuddles, trying to crawl, and laughing and smiling at daddy’s silly faces.
My name is Ariana! I am big hearted and always go above and beyond to help everyone.
Oliver is a happy, energetic 16 month old baby boy. He loves to play with cars, read books, color, watch cartoons, play with tools and puzzles, and he loves to play with animals 💙
She is a talented baby very smart beautiful💕
King is just full of excitement enjoys eating & likes yelling at mommy I mean talking lol lately has been really enjoying his feet talking rolling snuggling wit his mom he loves to talk and laugh
Abriella is such a sweetheart with a calming personality. She loves to eat so much and is getting bigger and smarter everyday! She is heaven sent! ♥️
Aurora loves evening bottles and long naps .. she is named after sleeping beauty for good reason. Thank you for your time 😚💖
Sophia loves to EAT, loves to hear her momma sing, and she loves to play with big sister!
Remington RayLynn is a mommas girl she enjoys watching coco melon and cuddling with her momma!
He is a pandemic baby boy ❤️ And loves to smile 😃😃
Travel bug! Super excited about discovering new things and feels. I really love meeting new people..helping me stand up is my FAVE! I’m Very alert about my surroundings. Won’t give up on my next big steps (crawling,turning in circle!) with mommy and daddy being my cheerleaders wow! hahah!! Very friendly and loves to act like a grown up
My handsome little man loves his big sisters, smiling, and rolling around.
Grayson is a very sweet and loving little boy he is crawling and pulling up on everything he will probably be walking before long Grayson was a premature baby but he’s caught up right where he needs to be he’s very smart and a very happy baby he brings joy to everyone around him he loves singing and dancing and playing with his older brother
I loveeee crawling around and being a wild child! Im not a big fan of nap time, Mickey Mouse clubhouse is my favorite show, and I’m getting a ton of teeth right now!!
Enzo Kylo
Hi my name is Enzo Kylo and I’m almost 2 months old. I love to scream and talk to mommy. I’m sooo vocal! (: I’m always full of smiles and my giggles are never far behind! It would mean the world to us if you vote for Enzo! God bless ❤️
Ma’Lani is 7 months 😊. She’s an joyful baby .
Loves cuddles and tummy time
Hi my name is Reggie and i am a very serious baby that smiles once in a blue moon😂😁 I have got my first two teeth and I am only 6 months🦷💪🏻 I love all my family and they all love me🥰 I love watching nursery rhymes on YouTube and sing wind the bobbing up with my mummy😊 and I am a pandemic baby!😷👶🏻💙
Castiel is an angel sent from above🥰 He’s almost 9 months, knows how to crawl so WELL, walks so well in his walker, laughs and giggles up a storm, there’s just never a dull moment with him🥺🥰 he’s my little green bean😍. He is a very active Mobil baby🥺🥰
Jolon loves music. It doesn't matter what genre either, because he will dance to anything and he dances correctly to the music. Hes an old soul. He has such a big personality.
Faithlynn Rose, I like to eat snacks all day and play with my sissy, my favorite movie is despicable me. I’m a mommy’s girl for sure. 💜
The sweetest chunky mommas boy that loves to kick his legs all around and stare at himself in the mirror ❤️
Archer is a very loving boy he loves his cuddles with mum and dad and loves playing in his playroom with his toys and watching his tv also love chasing the cat