Baby Stories - 54


Mommies girl
My miracle baby love to smile favorite word to say "dada." Favorite song what a wonderful world by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole. She loves bananas and favorite color is pink.
A’Journee Is A Happy Baby 💙 She Loves Cocomelon 🤦🏾‍♀️ Very Goofy 🤣 Loves Oatmeal ☺️
My big blue eyed baby with a lot of personality 😇
Leighton just turned ONE! He learned how to walk a month ago so he loves to get into everything he can. He loves his new puppy and they’re best friends. He learns new things everyday and is growing up way too fast.
Hannah Grace loves to sing and dance. Loves to play with her big sister.
Caylin is 2 months old, also goes by chonkers or chickens. Loves cuddles with mommy and hugs from daddy 💗! Spends her days smiling, eating, listening to books, trying new outfits & singing with mommy.
Ronni loves her baby dolls and loves to wear dresses! This one in the photo is her favorite. She requests to wear it frequently. She also loves Elsa and watching videos on youtube.
This is Jaylen. He’s very energetic at 10 months old he love to run around and always has the biggest smile on his face, he absolutely loves watching paw patrol, playing with mommy and daddy, and especially his kitty🤗🥰
Analeigh loves walking talking and dancing! She’s the most amazing little girl! And I’m just so proud of her little personality ❤️
He’s a very happy little blessing to the family. He likes music, dancing with mommy, bath time, & being talked to while cuddling.
Mr. man is 5 months old, had a rough start but has been thriving ever since. He loves daddy’s guitar, mommy’s kisses, and lots of attention.
Bentley is a very smart baby that stays camera ready, he’s very observant and stays alert , and he loves to smile and play peekaboo🥰
Levi is 4 months old. Loves snuggles and his sloth stuffed animal. Loves his mommy and daddy and getting his picture taken. Likes bath time and loves to try and talk. Please vote
He is a very happy and chunky baby
Brantley Kaelum Steed
He has a unique personality
Jasiah is a happy busy baby! He loves cocomelon and hugs!☺️
hi this is kalyn 💕she’s definitely a mommas girl 😬 she loves to cuddle and give kisses .. her favorite shows are peppa pig , cocomelon and , pj masks ❤️
Mydnyte is the most loving girl and she loves her momma ! Mydnyte is 7 and is in the 1 st grade she is very smart and entertaining!
My name is Alayah, I am 2 yrs old. I love driving my power wheel & going on walks with my mommy & brother. Cocmelom is my favorite. Vote for me 🤍
Hi my names Finn and my favourite things to do are getting snuggles from mommy and going for car rides. My favourite stuffed animals name is Steve the Sloth, and i absolutely love bananas!
Vada Mae
Hi, my name is Vada Mae I am such a sweet smiley girl! I love listening to the Tragically hip.. they are my daddy’s favorite! And am the best little snuggler. I love bath time, and tummy time... i sometimes think I can crawl already🙊 I LOVE watching everything my big sister and big brother do, they are the best, I also LOVE snuggles with my Mommy and Daddy❤️❤️ Please please vote for me 🥰
Alayah is a very strong spirited happy little girl. She likes Mickey mouse and the baby shark song! Her nickname is baby shark. She loves her family very much!
Jhazèl is as sweet and happy as she can be & she loves to take pictures !!! 💕
My name is Alyna and I love watching Cocomelon and swinging in my rocker. I love to laugh and smile all the time and I look up to my big brothers.
natalie was born December 19,2020 . she loves to sleep but most of all she loves eating lol . please vote for little natalie 💞
Jonia loves to play with you she will see a stranger and bust out with a smile she will make you feel so warm when she around this girl changed my life she talks to me she know what I want 😩 that’s why she is the little version of me
Gracelyn likes her fisherprice jumperoo and snuggling with her mommy. She can sit on her own and can stand while holding onto something
This is little Ryder he is the sweetest little boy that made our 2020 a special year! He loves to look at lights and keep momma up all night! Vote for me!!
DANIEL IS SUCH A HAPPY BABY NO MATTER WHAT HE BRINGS HOPE,in your darkest times,Love into your Hard 😓 and Faith to Carry you on with his unconditional Affection to anyone crossing his path thru his biggest attribute his SMILE.
She a happy go lucky little girl who is always smiling and has a goofy little personality to match.
She loves to do hair and draw. She is a very loving child.
Flint is my hero
Maria loves to eat and then sleeps for about 4 hours uninterruptedly. So easy to care for her!
Leo is the sweetest little boy. He's always smiling and laughing! He loves cuddles, bouncing in his jumper, dancing with Mommy and Daddy, and playing peek-a-boo with his Great Grandma (who just passed away this week and he misses her). His smile and antics are infectious and everyone who meets him can't help but be in a good mood. His Great Grandma would have loved him in this contest, so this is for her!
Brexlee loves to smile and laugh Constantly! She loves watching The Bee movie and enjoys looking at the fans and blinds in the house!
She's so Adorable and such a pleasure to have always smiling 🤗❤️
Koi is a sweet, playful, happy and very ticklish baby boy! He loves to smile for the camera and show off those pearly gums. His favorite thing to do is read books and go outside for walks.
Henry is a sweet loving little boy. He loves dogs and cats. He especially loves his mommy❤️
Angel is the happiest baby, he loves when you talk to him, or sing. He loves looking at everything especially lights.
Konner is the oldest of 3 girls so he is very out numbered. But he gets by. Lol he is super sweet and kind hearted!
My name is Jazlynn, I love dressing up in my princess dresses and I love unicorns and horses. I love all animals don’t matter what they are. I also like to play in the mud and ride anything like a 4 wheeler❤️ I love to laugh and be silly but I’m also very polite. I’m a big sister And I love my sissy very much.
Kieara is sweet, smart and shy. But has the biggest heart!
Julia Ann
Julia loves to smile and talk with her momma and papa. She also enjoys cuddling, going in her swing, taking car rides, and loves to ride in her stroller.