Rocio is a really happy baby, she loves animals, she loves dancing and she also loves giving kisses, her favorite show is cocomelon.
Koralie is a sweet and full of personality baby who loves attention. She loves snuggles, animals, her food, and watching T.V. She will definitely have a sense of humor as she gets older, she loves to laugh and smile at just about anything.
Priscilla Michelle is the sweetest baby ever and full of smiles.
Kyrie Pink
Kyrie was born on January 24th, he was supposed to come on February 12th, but he wanted to make a grand entrance early. He was 8lbs 1oz. He is the youngest of the bunch out of his oldest sister and brother. Kyrie is a fun, cool, handsome baby.. He love eating on his hands and pulling his hair. He get all the attention from the ladies 😎. Kyrie is very ticklish and always hungry 😋. He also loves sleeping under mommy.
Korbin loves to eat! He loves to smile in every picture. The things he love the most is when the mother ( I ) tickle his cheek lol. Korbin loves to talk on the phone through video call, he love to see his self !! He was born a week early he weighed 6lbs’ 3oz .
Calum was born at 29 weeks, he was in NICU for 66 days! He is a strong-willed little boy beating all odds. Calum loves bathtime and having books read to him.
Ava is 6 years old and LOVES to dance and sing. She knows literally every song on the radio and is the only girl of 4 brothers. She also has an amazing attitude and is definitely a super star ⭐️
Maeva loves food, her dada, and to play in the bathtub. She has the most bright personality and is so loved!
Kai is currently 4 months old and the sweetest, happiest boy ever ❤️ He loves to baby blabber and laugh. He’s the youngest of 4 sibling and is stud for sure! :) Vote for baby Kai
Harlynn isn’t supposed to even be here yet her due date is May 6 we got to the hospital and her mommy delivered in nine minutes and Harlynn was delivered by the nurses Because the doctor was in a delivery! She holds her own pacifier in her mouth and can hold her own bottle at 13 days old :)
Logan is a very sweet boy he Loves playing video games and helping me with his little sisters.
Jensen is our happy, smiley little boy! He loves morning chats, playing on his mat and cuddles. His favourite toys is his black and white soft book about Australian animals, and his Baby Einstein piano, which he practises on every day.
Raelyn is a very happy baby, she smiles and coos all the time. She loves her mommy, daddy, and her entire family very much
Grayson-Albert is a ray of sunshine and brings smiles to everyone. Whoever he meets or sees, he will smile and laugh away. He loves to play and have lots of snuggles
Hello everyone, My name is Samuel i am almost 3years old, i like cars, motorcycles and chocolate, my mom doesn't allow me but i have a super daddy who eat together lots of chocolate 😋 😉
Sebastían's the happiest when he spends time with family. He loves when mommy and daddy read to him. He smiles and squeals with excitement the most when he's watching Mickey mouse club house and Baby shark. And LOVES the intro to cocomelon. He also loves to sit up and play with his little piano. At 4 months Sebastían is already so eager to learn and do everything on his own and we couldn't be more proud of him💚
Jesse Duxbury Loves to drink, sleep, repeat. Walks in the woods with his doggy sister Delilah and staring into the gorgeous world
Elsie Eve
Elsie was born 3 week and 1 day early weighing 6lb 2oz, she was a little piece of heaven sent to us at much needed times and has brighten everyone lives who ever she meets. She sleeps well, always smiley, laughing and bubbly. Her best friend is Bubba our white cat and she loves watching Masha and the Bear 👑💝
Emin is a very happy baby all the time. He has tried a variety of foods and loves them all! (Well except broccoli but we don’t hold that against him haha). His best buddies are his momma, daddy and our three dogs. He loves to growl like daddy taught him. His jumper is probably his favorite toy currently. He is my world!
Thomas is a bundle of fun and loves to play with his big sister Minnie the French Bulldog.
Calliopey is stubborn, silly, independent, and so much more! This girl is full of personality in all of the best ways. She loves to laugh, show off her two bottom teeth, play with animals, and to eat alllll the food! We are truly so blessed with the happiest baby! 🤍
He is 7 months old but fits a 2t lol was over 10 lbs when born. He has the most special laugh
Billy loves baths, bottles and poo explosions. He hates daytime sleep but loves nighttime sleep. Billy has a dog called Kobe and they are best friends
Oliver, although he is only 4 and a half months old and was 7 weeks premature, can still demolish a fruit pouch quicker than you can drink a cup of tea! Loves his play at and being outdoors. ❤️
Khory loves to smile and giggle and try different foods
Khloe Kamille
Khloe is a sweet, fun and sassy little 2 month old. Her smile is infectious and blues clues is her current favorite show, and moms breast milk is her favorite meal 🤍
Kaizen loves to play with his twin brother & make loud noises! Being only 4 pounds when born Kaizen has now taken off & thriving!!!
Malachi loves playing with his twin brother! Born only 3 pounds at 32 weeks, Malachi is now thriving!!!!
Little miss oakleigh loves being out in the sun and loves to keep mommy and daddy awake at night! She was born with breathing problems and was med flighted to Arkansas childrens hospital and was there for about 2 weeks or more. To this day she is doing amazing!
Octavia loves to talk, stand, an play with her big sissy. She loves her snack time an smiles/laughs all the time.
Jumaris is a happy baby that loves to smile and giggle! She loves fresh avocados and red peppers! She loves books and enjoys looking at different color toys. She was born a little early but is a very strong princess slowly reaching her milestones. She began challenging herself with crawling and we feel she will master the skill very soon!! Jumaris would really appreciate your vote!! Thank you!!
Oakley loves music talking an smiling she is jus a really happy baby
Jace loves to play outside in the dirt get into anything he wants. He loves helping his dad with tools. You should vote for Jace he loves to make you smile and laugh with him he love when you play pick a boo or itsy-bitsy spider
Rexton is charming and very loving and by far the chillest baby I’ve ever met. He’s super photogenic and and has stunning red hair that neither his mother or father have! He’s goofy and very VERY smart and ahead of his age. He loves music and not baby music he likes REAL music. He loves and he loves BIG!❤️ He likes movies and he LOVEEEEES BATHTIME!! 🛀 He’s already said “hello” “daddy” “ya!” And “hi” as well as “help me” please vote for Rexton ❤️❤️❤️ He is also a big brother /Irish twin!!!! His sibling will be born December 10th of 2022! We need as many votes as we can get come on and like Rexton❤️ Please
She loves to be breast fed
Jehlani is an actress he said he’s a genuine an astronaut spider man and he’s also brothers with the ninja kids
Alaysia is a very happy child she loves to smile and play with you she me very advanced for her to only be 3 months
Jerry Garcia the 3rd, loves to watch Shrek, and loves to talk about his day. He’s never met his great grandpa but his great grandpa is famous!
Henley is a sweet baby and she already has a personality just being 3 weeks old.
Skyla is the happiest baby ever! Her smiles & big bright eyes make everyones day 💕 She's such a smart, happy, & silly little girl.
Liam is very energetic he loves to play outside,he loves video games and to spend time with his family he loves to learn and hes so smart.
My baby girl ❤️🤞🏽 Almost two months old the 1st of may full of smiles.. my precious baby ❤️
Lincoln's first phrases were, "I did it!" And, "Belly Button," both at 5 months old! He loves waving to all the neighborhood cars on their way to & from work! Even blows them kisses and shouts, "BYE!"
Desiray is a very happy and sweet babygirl. Family and friends call her LuLu.She the only sister of 6 brothers and she loves fashion and dancing. VERY SASSY
Onyx was born 3 months early and spent the first 85 days of his life in the NICU. He has come such a long way and we've been blessed at home now with a perfect healthy baby boy🥰 he deserves all the love ❤