Baby Stories - 52


Noah is 3 months who loves to laugh n baby talk he is the most adorable baby.... He gets mad wen he don't get his bottle fast enough 😂...
Jayden is an explorer, he loves seeing new things, doing new activities. He’s very active, he likes to do silly things to make people laugh. It was his first time seeing snow in Texas!
Helena is a super smart 3 month old baby girl. She holds her head and upper chest high already during tummy time. She loves to sit (she is to grown to be laying down you know lol). She loved talking and putting toys in her mouth.
My name is stella. I am 4 months old. I love my mommy and daddy. I can sit up with help. I'm learning to hold my own bottle also
Jonin, meaning highest ranking ninja, is a true sweetheart and absolute ham!
My Name Is Rainey i am 4 months Old. I love My Momma And Daddy. I can set up with a Little Support and Cutting my first tooth! I'm the best baby ever!!
Kai was born Jan 6th 2021 he is such a quiet and happy baby who loves snuggles with his mama. He is already trying to hold up his head and looks around the room.
She loves French fries and tea! Her favorites words to say are mama and dada. She will be one February 6th😭
Wyatt is his mommas precious miracle. His favorite thing to do is visit the zoo. He has a special fondness for giraffes and loves feeding them everytime we go.
Little baby Avery was born December 18, 2020 weighing 4lbs 6oz! Such a tiny little girl who’s still trying to adjust to this big world, she enjoys being close to her momma because that’s where she feels most comfortable at.
Amayah is a sweet baby girl who loves to babble all day long. Truly her mama’s twin !
He smiles in his sleep and sometimes laughes he makes the funniest faces he can light up your world and can put a smile on anyones face without even trying he is a good baby he kinda gotta little attitude though
John Cal Cox
If he is crying I can turn on supernatural and he stops he is also a mommy’s boy only because daddy isn’t here all the time and he giggles at fish
Isaac loves bright lights and his play mat. He has an amazing little giggle and is such a happy baby ❤️
Phoenix is outgoing loves crafts and loves her babydolls. She is sweet sassy and has attitude
Shawn Jr is into hotwheels dinosaurs and loves to be with his family
Adalynn Loves to get snuggles from her mom grandmother and grandfather she loves her dog and having stories read from her favourite book along with listening to the song over the rainbow
Flint loves to play, and give hugs and kisses. He deserves everyone’s vote. Vote for sweet little Flint!
Sugar on the top already unique with 03/13 DOB came as a rebirth of his legend grandpa. He steels the heart with a blink of an eye. Extremely smart and blessed. Unique curious and genius bundle of joy. Subductive eyes
Mila is a little firecracker! She just turned 8 months old and im my eyes shes the smartest little girl ever.
Leo is a very smiley little boy! He loves to play with his favorite light up cow toy. He loves to snuggle and is an awesome sleeper for naps and at night!
Colton is a very smart, intelligent, sweet loving 5 year old who loves his super heroes and helping with food shopping and brining them in the house and helping his daddy work on his pawpaws (thats in heaven) truck. He loves the outdoors and swimming in the summer time he loves his family and movie time too he also loves his service 3 legged dog Hulk (he named him)
He's the sweetest, happiest baby that ever lived.
Adrian is the most funny and cute baby that i love
Hello I’m Adrians mommy, he’s gotten soo big so fast it’s so sad he’s growing up to such a happy boy even while teething!! He learning how to balance while trying to sit up! He hates belly time , loves being in his walker. He just learned how to play with his toys on the walker and is so excited when he sees them :) He loves staring at the kitty and looking at the doggies running all over. He will tell you so many stories but you have to make sure to let him know you’re listening or he’ll just stare at you 😂. But this little boy deserves the best life and I’m gonna give it to him and hoping you guys can help him as well!!❤️❤️ He was born on September 9,2020 at 5:24am he was 6pounds 4oz 19” long. He now weighs 14 pounds at 4 months!
She’s so sweet, She loves cuddles the most! and music and to exercise. She’s the first baby I’ve seen that tries not to cry, she’s a good girl and my entire world ❤️❤️
Nevayh Marie
She was born November 10,2017 and she loves her family very much this would mean so much to her if she would win because all the money would go into her savings account so she would have something to look forward to when she gets older thank you to all who do vote for her. She’s one of a kind and I wouldn’t change being her mother for the world ❤️☺️
5 years old, sweet, kind and crazy creative. Ender is extremely smart, excelling in just about all he does. And oh, I can't forget to mention, he lovvves Star Wars!
I like to sleep and eat, also love cuddles with my mommy and daddy 🥰
Kosmas is a smart and kind little boy, he loves playing football, playstation and dancing. Take a minute and give him your vote🥰🥰.... Thank you in advance ❤
My Son Kaleb Is Amazing He’s Finna Be 4 Months On The 20th He Loves Watching Baby Rhymes And He Loves Talking He’s A Little Man In a Child’s Body Literally 😅
He is always smiling! He loves to crawl and explore things & he is the biggest mama’s boy🤍🤍
Barry loves to smile and chat with his big brother!
Sawyer loves all things tractors, dinosaurs and the outdoors. He never meets a stranger. His mommy and his Papaw are his best friends.
Bryleigh is two months old, she has a contagious laugh, adorable and has the cutest personality ever. ❤️
Christopher is such a fun loving baby. He loves Simba and Micky mouse. Christopher is always giving kisses and loves to be snuggled.
Mazie is a daddy’s girl, loves to sit up and talk to everyone, she always has a smile on her face🥰
Mauriannah is a ball of energy, she loves loves unicorns 🦄, loves to sing and dance, she loves playing mommy to all her dolls! She’s so kind hearted and very polite and to smart for a soon to be 3year old!! Very ornery if you couldn’t already tell by the many faces she makes! ☺️
Malachi is 2 and a half months he loves smiling, talking, and laughing.🧸🥰
Hunter is a happy go lucky baby, always! He loves his food and his family! He is always full of smiles and giggles! Vote for him and ill return the favor!
Lincoln loves music and her mommy and daddy! She’s been alert and ready for life the minute she came out of the womb! Lincoln is silly and full of life already!
He is a cute, always happy and honest baby
Hi!! My name is Christopher. I love both of my mommies and my daddy. I was a little early and spent a few days in NICU, but I'm happy and healthy now. My family would really love if you voted for me and asked your friends to also!
Kaitlyn is 10 years old. She loves to play basketball. She is very tall for her age. She a very spontaneous little girl. Shes bright, smart and very happy.