Baby Stories - 51


Londynn just celebrated her 1st birthday 🎂🎉December 3rd. She is the youngest of 3 🤱🏾🤱🏾🤱🏾children. Her older siblings (brothers) are 18 and 13 years old. She is the only girl and princess 👸🏾of the house. Londynn wakes up with a smile🤪😁 on her face everyday. She has a smile😁 that is contagious & can brighten up any darkness. She may be small 🤱🏾but she has a huge personality. Her facial expressions 😜🤪are telling..Londynn loves food🍕🍟🥞🍗 (foodie). She loves dancing, taking walks🚶🏾‍♀️, singing🎤, playing🥁 & listening to music🎶. Londynn's favorite shows are sesame street (elmo), Mickey Mouse club house & Nursery rhyme video's. Her favorite movies are Princess & The 🐸 Frog & Moana to name a few. Londynn can say Dada, mama, nana, stop, yes, no Za' (her brother's name)
Beautiful little princess 💕
Scarlett is the sweetest, most calmest baby ever! She always has a smile on her face! She loves when people talk to her, she can’t help to smile so big!
A clever little girl, who knows sign language her alphabet and how to count! Beautiful inside and out 🥰
Hello my name is Aaron Michael Herrera, I was born in El Paso Texas, I love music as you could tell by my shirt and I love my mommy and daddy.
Vivan loves his daddy. He can roll over both ways and blow raspberries.
Krystal Rose
Krystal is a big sister who loves to help and she loves babies.
Royal is a happy very loving baby boy. His smile will light up anyone’s would and he loves cuddles.
Bailey loves to giggle, laugh and loves to cuddle!! She also likes curling up with daddy with a warm bottle and watching a movie. She loves country music and car rides❤️
Charleigh is almost 3 weeks old, had a rough start with being in the nicu for 6 days, but coming out with the happiest and best personality❤️
Here's my blue eye baby he's a happy baby most of the time he's so active for his age he's always smiling i just love him to pieces
This is little Ema, She loves being talked to and coos back to you with a big smile! She loves getting her picture taken (when you hold the phone up to her, she gives a great big smile) Ema also enjoys listening to music (her favorite is country!!)
Roman is a 2 Months old baby full of life and happy.
Dominic is 9month old baby in a 3 month old body to say the least! He is so full of life and loves to express himself vibrantly through his “words”. 💛
Alberto is very cheeky and is always up to mischief. He’s very loving and is just such a lovely little baby.
Im a beautiful happy ball of sonshine! ♡i enjoy chewing on anything i can get my hands on. I loves peas and bananas! & most of all I love to smile, and to brighten everyone im arounds day. OH Lets not forget i am such a mama's boy ♡
Santiago loves to try new sports , play video games. His thing right now are legos. He has always loved puzzles. He has a baby brother that he defends against anyone and loves him so incredibly much. Like any 8 year old he has his days but he is so loving and and silly.
Daniel is such a fun loving baby. Hes a big cuddler and loves smiling at everyone he sees.
Lisa is very outgoing, and love helping others. Her hobbies are dancing and singing, and playing with baby dolls
D’Everaron is a very happy baby. He is very active and alert . He enjoys the outdoor. He doesn’t shy away from anyone. He’s an old soul who babbles his language in a deep conversations.
Jaida is a very sweet little girl, she was an NICU baby❤️❤️ she is 2 months old, full of smiles and very vocal lately!! She loves books and music and loves her big sister Tessa :)
My name is Rosalie~Clover and my favourite thing to do is eat chicken and chase kitties ❤️🤣
She has been the biggest blessing to our family! She is very smart for being only nine months. She loves her older sister.
Hudson is Mr. Personality. His favorite toy in the world is his newspaper (he reads it in his swing every morning). He’s little and mighty at a whopping 14 lbs. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you though. His favorite game to play is to growl and see if he can scare anyone.
Legend is a big brother.he’s really energetic.he’s really loving and also caring
Eva is a fun loving inspirational child who loves everybody.She takes up for those being picked on and enjoys giving stuff that she no longer needs or uses to the less fortunate.
He’s a cuddly little boy who love rockin roll and long car drives, his favorite thing to do is talk and coo at us,he love to giggle when ppl are dancing
Raigan Symone
Raigan is a very sweet baby girl, who loves to laugh at times. She enjoys watching cartoons and she loves long car rides. She’s definitely a daddy’s girl for sure.
Miss Aria was born December 1st, 2020. She loves lots of snuggles with mommy but especially bath time (as you can see) 🥰 We appreciate every vote!!
Lisa is very outgoing, she is very funny. She enjoys dancing and singing. She is very loving, and enjoys helping others.
Jonte Jr
Hi My Name Is Jonte An I’m Just A Happy Baby I Just Like To Smile At Everybody An I’m Very Playful
Cuddle Bug 🤍 !
Hi!! My name is Tyson Theodore 🤍 I love smiling, snuggles on Mama + Daddy’s chest & making cute, funny faces! I’m Mama + Daddy’s first born & they thank the Lord for me everyday ♥️
Aiden is so swwet and special! He loves to sleep,but when hes awake he loves to look around him. He's so curious about the world!
Hes 7 months old.. He jst started crawling today.. Hes a very sweet baby veey loveable.. Hes always happy..
Gianna is the happiest baby! Such a beautiful blessing to us. She is the sweetest!
I’m my mommy and daddy’s first born! Have the most biggest smile!! Most of all I love to sleep!
Easton is a very talkative, ACTIVE, caring, smart, & FUNNY 1 year old. He learns very fast for his age. He loves mac & cheese, fries, and chicken nuggets! 😀 He is very expressive with his faces, boy does he have a personality. We are doing this just for fun . Vote my handsome red headed baby 😍❤
Adalynn loves talking and rolling around !! 💜
Forrest had a rough start, but he is loveable and adorable. Loves to be held and cuddled.
Delilah is an absolute joyful little girl always, she always has the biggest smiles and giggles for anyone around, loves animals and her mommy and daddy ❤️
Ted’lette is outstanding she loves to dance. She loves to do tiktoks. She loves to wear dresses she loves unicorns and most importantly she loves Ryan’s world!
Khalid is a joyful 8 month old! He loves to smile, explore and eat blueberries🫐 he’s always in a good mood! Having him brought so much light and awareness to my life that I didn’t even know I needed 💙
He will steal your heart with just one smile..
Mercedez Aurora
Hi I’m Mercedez I’m ONE ☝️ I love playing and being outside& Singing baby shark
🦋💜 she likes smiling, laughing, and being silly. she loves cuddles with mommy and daddy!
Luna Marie Bell Was born January 8, 2021 to Shana and Matthew Bell. She is clearly the most beautiful baby and looks just like a porcelain doll. She weighed 8 pounds and 4 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long. She is the jewel of her Daddys eye and her mommy’s heart.
Cain is 6months old and Loves food! He weighs 24pounds. He enjoys standing. Babbling and cooing. He LOVES to smile and giggle