Genesis was born on july14,2020 she the best little girl anyone can have she's really funny and just like me
Ethan is very smart happy baby love family watching his cartoons outdoors
Jett is the oldest of 3 under 3 and he enjoys every moment of being the big brother! If you were to take a glimpse into who Jett is - he loves to sing and play ball with a pure heart for people.
Zayde loves to make every room he “rolls” into light up! He makes us laugh constantly and is a true entertainer for the camera
Hi, my name is Addilynn. Some of my favorite things are Swimming, playing outside, and visiting the animals on Gammies Farm! I love all animals especially dogs and my favorite movie is Shrek!
Weston loves to be outside ALL THE TIME, he loves his momma, he loves fishing and being in the water! Weston has the most gorgeous blue eyes that will take anyones breath away😍
He likes to watch spiderman and friends with his pa
In addition to being beautiful, she is a very good girl, she loves her mom and dad, she laughs a lot with her brother and her grandmother, she really likes to eat carrot puree and drink milk from mommy's breast, she is entertained watching TV, she is a fan of the song “la vaca lola” if she is crying and she hears that song she calms down, she likes selfies just like her mother, she does not like to wear headdresses. she is a very sweet girl and she already knows how to give kisses
Everleigh is my little rolly polly, loves to say mama, loves to laugh with you, and knows how to make people around her smile. She also thinks its funny to toot!
Piper is 8 months old and loves attention from everyone. She’s a VERY nosey little girl with the biggest blue eyes.
Im always full of smiles and my favorite toy is a car
Amiyah loves to learn, go to the park, and spend time with her family!
Loves to smile with everyone😁 If she can talk she would probably have a whole conversation. Favorite food is Gerber's Sweet Potato 🥰 Likes to play with her toes 😊 and she does the cutest faces 🤪
Ivan is a smart 2 year old.loves to talk.He is a very friendly happy little boy.He likes to watch baby shark play with his tablet
Little Jax had a bit of a rough start to life. He was born with bilateral club feet and after many months of casting, surgery, and braces he is finally nearing normalcy. Jax loves music, his mommy, and lasagna!
Liam And Luca
DOUBLE TROUBLE 💙💙 My baby twin boys! They are the sweetest babies, already have there own little personalities! I appreciate every vote and thank you! 💕
Shaun Patrick
Shaun Junior is a fun loving baby. He loves to ride on his car and play with his toys. He loves music and dancing. He has a big heart and is kind. Instagram: shaunjr61
Taylin is a 2 year old boy who loves the outside .. he love the beach and also love balls.. his favorite show is baby shark and cocomelon .. he enjoy playing with others and dirt haha..
I'm Emsley and I started my life as a preemie princess 1lbs 11oz at birth. Spent 101 days away from my parents before I got to come home. Now I'm 11 months old and living my best wildest life. I love to talk and sit up, i love my grandparents and my dogs. Dad is my favorite person. Mom is my super hero. I'm going to be a big sister pretty soon and can't wait to have a sister. I'm excited for my first birthday in 2 weeks.
Bo is one of the kindest yet sassy little ones you'd ever meet. He's the light of our life and puts a smile on everyones face he meets. He is loud, he is wild, he is thoughtful and generous for such a little guy. I thought I knew what love was until I had my little fire crack. He has me wrapped around his finger no doubt about it.
Ronald Williams
His name is Ronald but go by RJ he is 6 months boutta be 7 on the 12th Hes the sweetest baby love to smile and play crawling now sitting up on his own 💙
Zyaire was born June 12,2020 he loves watching Mickey Mouse,story bots & his all time favorite shriek he loves playing outdoors zyaire will lighten up your day just by his smile 💙😊
I’m 3 months old and I love to smile at mama and daddy when they say “ I love you “. I love playing in my swing and I like to eat my nummy fingers , do you want some? 🤤💙
Kanna is always a happy little thing and absolutely loves her hands. She makes some of the silliest faces
Oliver Ray
Oliver Ray was born in January and loves to smile, giggle, and talk like he’s on cloud9. His middle-name is in honor of his great-grandfather who passed in 2021. He has been the biggest “ray” of light in a very challenging time for our family.
Raphael is 21 Months old and a very happy baby, always smiling and laughing, and he loves cuddles he is a very loving baby.
He Was Born A Preemie At 34 Weeks 4 Days, Weighing 4 lbs 12 Ounces, 18 1/2 inches long , He Loves To Eat Alot And Be Held. And He Loves Getting Dressed.
Brynnlee has the sweetest heart and makes friends wherever she goes.
Very happy baby , loves the camera & smiles at every one. She Loves to watch her big brother play. Her Favorite food - momma breast milk and bananas .
i love to talk all day long, i love tummy time and i love everybody who gives me attention. my favorite part of the day is taking a bath!
Hola! My name is Ryker Falkor Pate. I love adventure and empty boxes. I’m the most energetic goof ball you’ll ever meet. Elmo is my best friend!
She is such a smiley baby! She loves being held hates tummy time! Red is her color!
Jeremiah was born in March, loves to be held and too eat! he likes the sound of music and he is the Sweetest baby boy ❤️
This is Camilla, she is 2 years old mixed and loves to swim. Please take the time to vote for my beautiful daughter.
Jaydyn loves being outside, meeting new people. He loves music and riding his strider bike. He’s always a happy little boy.
My name is Haileigh and I am 4 months old. I love tummy time, I love tv time, an I love my momma and daddy...
Malachi loves to watch Mickey Mouse and loves to try to sing along with mama when she sings. The happiest baby ever! Always smiling and giggling!
My little princess is the bravest girl I know she is always trying to be as independent as possible she’s got a personality like I’ve never seen before and every day she shows me what it is to be strong and brave
Noah was born March 11th 2021 he was born at 29 weeks 2 lbs 5 ounces he was born a Tef baby and had a chunk of dead intestines. Noah has fought so hard for us and now we need to fight for him! he is now 13 months old. He has just learned to crawl and is sitting up by himself. He is the happiest boy! Always has a smile! God sure blessed us Noah Emerson❤️
She is smart,beautiful ,she loves hot sauce .She is trying to walk . She has a baby brother on the way
He is a very sweet guy. He loves to watch cartoons with his big brother
Sweet Ella is a month old. Miss Ella loves water and being outside, Ella loves to laugh and smile and definitely loves swinging in her swing.💕
Oaklynn is the happiest baby in the whole world! She’s always smiling and giggling! She loves anyone she comes into contact with!
Roland is a sweet boy. He loves to give kisses, snuggle, and coo. He also loves tummy time and rolling around. Since he loves rolling around sooo much, we decided to nickname him Rollie:)
Da'Von likes to smile, loves to talk and be talked to. He also loves to play with his toys! He's such a happy baby!
He’s a month old almost two months he enjoys his bath time and loves tummy time