Baby Stories - 50


Jordan is the sweetest boy that loves to smile and cuddle all day ❤️
Louie Luciano
Louie is a sweet loveable boy who loves to play and give big smiles and kisses. His smile will melt your heart especially when his dimples show. Louie turned one in December. If he wins it would be cool but this is one small step into his portfolio! Thanks so much!!
Hi my name is Parker! i love bananas and my play mat! I’m my daddy’s biggest fan and can’t wait to see him again!!
Jenson is my first boy and what a character he is! Such a happy little boy with two big sisters who adore him 😍
Summer is a cheeky and funny and adorable little girl who loves her cuddles and playtime with mummy and daddy and loves laughing at the doggy please vote for her to win as to me she will always be beautiful and always be my princess
Shes Fighter Has Been Fighting Since Shes Beem Born.. Shes a Transplant Survivor .. She loves trolls..
Greyson is my 2 month old miracle baby, 7 years of trying and god finally blessed me with this amazing handsome boy. He loves to smile and laugh all day long. He's a mommy's boy all the way never lets me out of his sight. Vote for my handsome little guy!!
Savior Syncere Terriill Nieves
He is our rainbow baby our 1st son Jadennpassed from sids at a month &3 weeks . he loves putting his toys in his mouth he such a happy baby ALWAYS SMILING AND LAUGHING. He loves to eat eat. Pls vote for our baby boy
Esie has Down syndrome but he dont let it get to him. He loves to smile and play with his toys
Kenzley Dale
Kenzley is a preemie she was 6 weeks early, Kenzley loves to play with her toys, animals, watching people eat & loves to eat, an of course love on mommy an daddy, She is the sweetest baby in the world! She barely hardly cries! She thinks everything is funny & she’s also very ticklish!
We asked for a daughter and we were blessed with a Princess. Youngest out of three big brothers that love and protect her already. Our precious little girl has filled our lives with joy and our hearts with love.
Hey, I’m Penelope. I’m a very strong, beautiful girl! I have cebereal posy, distonic stiffening, seizures, and brain damage. I’m 2 years old and I won’t give up fighting to become stronger. I see a neurologist once a year for an mri to see how my brain is. I like unicorns and princesses. My favorite movie is frozen and I love to dance and play with stick❤️
Mayah is the best little girl in the world she’s such a sweetheart! And always happy! Please give her a vote 🥰❤️
Norah Lee
spoiled rotten little sweetheart! she loves her toys and her granny oh so much! couldn’t be more grateful for this little girl
😊❤🌷she is my first girl is very intelligent and she loves pictures she loves to paint and she loves to sing and dance although she does it sitting down because she has difficulty walking with help She may be standing she did not have her first birthday due to the pandemic everything was ready in March but everything was canceled the most important thing for us is everyone's health without a doubt she loves her dad and is smart she tries to repeat everything she hears😊❤🌷
Issac is a very happy and content little boy. Likes to play and be apart of every if not all convosation. Loves people and is a smiley boy. ❤
We call him shark because of how he attacks his bottle during feedings. :) He loves music and he laughs at everything.
Please vote for my beautiful girl x
Phoenix is 6 months old he loves to poot and laugh . He’s the sweetest baby and I’m the luckiest mommy
Octavia is the sweetest little baby she loves to cuddle and drink momma milk, and smile all day long.
Violet is a very smart little girl she loves counting, abcs, and shapes. She is a great big and little sister.She was born on her due date, her great great grandma violets 90th birthday.
Delilah Rose
Delilah is nonverbal she is very sweet, smart and talented. She has a big personality and you would fall in love with her the moment you meet
James-Edward is absolutely amazing in every single way possible!
Nami Lynn, my precious grey eyed baby, so lovely and happy
Delilah-Rae is a funny cute little girl who is the youngest of 3 girls. She is so clever and very cheeky very advanced.
Dawson is going on 5 months,any animal he sees fascinates him, he loves to talk,jump and trying to scoot himself around, he thinks loud noises are funny& his favorite person is mommy
Marisol is 2 month old she is the most happiest and smiley baby. She has a smile that will light the whole entire room and put a smile on everyones face around her. Shes an amazing baby, she loves her kitten Tiger
Hi, My name is Zier! I’m a very busy and funny one year old. I love baby shark and being a big brother ! Vote for me❤️
Hi, My name is Zakari! I love eating, sleeping , and smiling at you until you get enough baby fever to have a best friend for me! Vote for me ❤️
Arya Rose is such a sweet soul, she loves on you when you need it, but will attack you with kisses of slobber 🤗 she loves finding dory, and playing with toys that makes any sound! She’s an adventurous girl, she will explore any place or room the moment she can! Let’s not forget she’s a total momma’s girl ❤️❤️
Hoshtay loves to smile and show off his 3 pearly whites all day :)
My name is charlie. I love buttered toast and dinosaurs
hi my name is aubree , i love the outdoors an my sister an mommy and daddy. i love helping my mommy clean up , i always have a smile on my face , i’m very out going an sweet ❤️/ and of corse i love paw patrol an pappy dog pals ❤️❤️
Ricky Jae
Ricky Jae is almost 3 months and he is talkative, loves to be silly, makes funny faces, he has spontaneous attitude.
He loves to sleep. He always loves playing and tummy time.
Xaiden love’s to run around. trying to break out of the playpen we say he is tommy pickles we have yet to find a screwdriver yet
Jae Jazlyn
Jae Jazlyn short for JJ is a very playful baby who likes for you to sing and dance with her.
Ember love reading books cuddling and being cute
Hi! My name is Morgan! I just started walking all on my own! My favorite thing to do is play! Im always on the go, keeping mommy and daddy on their toes! My favorite time of day is dinner time! I love time with the whole family!
Baby fable is a sweet 1 month old. She loves her momma, cuddles, and any soft blanket you got. 😊. She loves kisses and boooyyyy does she love her food 😄😅
Nathaniel Jaxson
Nathaniel loves to play peekaboo he also loves when you talk to him
Hi everyone!😍 My name is Rynlee. I am 7 month's old. I was born in May two months early weighing 2lbs 6oz. I am now 12lbs. I love my jumperoo, and to eat babyfood. I can semi sit up on my own, I can roll over both ways, i can hold my bottle and I love being outside!!💗 Give me a vote. I would really appreciate it💓
Aria loves to sleep and watch cocomelon! She loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy! Baby talk is definitely her best language at the moment! She already knows how she can pull one over on grandma ( fake crying)! This little girl can light up a room even when she has a grumpy facial expression ❤️😊
This is my first baby boy my miracle child... he’s very smart, alert and loves smiling.... he’ll make your day with just his smile
This is savann he is mixed with black and Cambodian. He is very happy and energetic. His favorite show is lilo and stitch. He likes to crawl and be active