Baby Stories - 50


Kylie is a smart and beautiful little girl loves to play and helps her mommy around the house. I love my granddaughter so much.
Harley is an 11yr old girl who loves being herself and likes making new friends. Harley loves helping people as well.
Felix V, born on Valentine’s Day❤️ His favorite thing ever is Mickey Mouse. He’s smiling 24/7 and always laughing. He loves to crawl everywhere and He loves to annoy his bestfriend Zahara😅I have never seen a happier baby!❤️
Aspen is a 6 month bright eyed smiley boy who loves to talk and giggle and everyone around him 💕
He’s learning to walk, loves nightmare before Christmas, paw patrol, going outside, and his fur big sister Maxi❤️
Abigail is 3 month old baby girl who is happy but also has sass. She loves cocomelon, her family, and cuddles. Please help us out by voting for her😌❤️
He was born 3 weeks early and had minor birth problems. He is tongue tied so he has a latching problem. But he is so funny. He loves to be talked to and he has learned how to 'blow raspberries' with just his spit. He loves Scooby-Doo and can't sleep unless swaddled. Definitely a mamas boy.
Rosie is a happy and sassy little girl. She loves waking up to her daddy and giving us big smiles. She is very loving and truly a blessing.
Ryan is a very active and happy little girl. She loves playing with her older brother and sharing snacks with her puppy’s 🥰
Meet my best catch Waylon!
He is such a happy baby willing to do silly stuff just to make you smile.
Delia Ann brings so much joy to our entire family and anyone who meets her! She loves to Eat lots of baby food, chew on toys, try to play with moms glasses! read books with mom and dad, going outside,looking at ceiling fans, loves bath time, talking and rolling over!! We cannot wait to see how smart she is going to be, she is very silly and loves smiling :) she is our world.
Lunafrey loves her baby brother, she loves to play outside and her favorite song since she was a year old is Senorita by Shawn Mendes and Camilia Cabello. She likes superheros, Blaze and the Monster Machines and she loves school and her friends. Her favorite color is yellow :)
Leo was born at 23 weeks and is currently 35! He’s almost 3 pounds and loves to smile at mommy. He loves his binky and his hands by his face! He’s a very stubborn baby and a very strong fighter!
Jack is the definition of a fighter with an incredible story behind him. But I’ll keep it short and sweet for now, Jack was born at 1lb 2.7oz, not expected to make it, needless to say, he beat the odds and continues to do so everyday. He is the happiest boy you will ever meet, he’s a man with a trach, and we love every minute of it.
Jaiden Bentley
Jaiden is our 2 month old healthy baby boy!♡ He loves his daddy & momma's attention! He's super curious about the world, he loves being walked around outside, and to be sat up so he can view everything. He also loves bedtime and bathtime! He is a very sweet, happy, easy going baby...except when it’s time to get a diaper change or when he's hungry....we think the world's ending then 😂
Layla is a sweet heart, she loves baby dolls and she likes sharing,she just turned 3 oct 3rd she growing up way to fast we all call her Layla bug❤️
She never fails to lighten up every room ! The sweetest baby around. She loves cuddles, smiling , making noises and gazing at fans
Aubriella is a beautiful souls with a big personality who will bring a smile to anyone’s day. Her favorite animal right now is a dog, her favorite person is her daddy, she loves her big brother, & despite her age, she loves to carry on conversations. 😉
Rylan Paul is the sweetest little boy. He loves giving mommy kisses & keeping me on my toes.❤
Becuz you can't tell me this isnt pure beauty 🥰. MY GIRL😘 Shes perfect in everyway. She loves her momma, her daddy& her sisters. Shes always smiling& eatting her hands😁
Kyzer is a 20 pound 5 month old who was born at home, on the bathroom floor! He was so ready to enter the world, he just couldn’t wait! He is such a happy boy and we are currently doing baby lead weaning. His favorite food so far is strawberry applesauce!
She’s very spontaneous for her age! She thinks it funny to laugh or hit me in the face. She loves all kinds of different food! She plays with her stuffys and loves to cuddle! Most importantly she loves to smile, laugh, go to the beach, and roll all over the place!
Hello my name is Aurora. One of my nicknames is Baby Roar. I love to talk all day! I can say mama, dada, hi, hello and im working on i love you😁 i love watching tv and listening to music! I cant wait to start walking and crawling!
Harrison loves being outside and can't get enough of Sesame Street! Harrison is rambunctious and always on the move!
Novah is a smart out going little girl she loves animals and her brothers and sisters she loves to sing and dance..
Happy go lucky little boy Liam Graham. Loves snuggling with mom and dad, loves the outdoors, likes watching paw patrol, and having laughs with the family.
Braunson is a bright baby boy he loves to eat and be loved on.. you should vote for him because he is cute 🥰
Oliver never fails to brighten your day with his little dimples, big smiles, and those long eyelashes!
Cicily Rayine. Loves her mommy and daddy. Loves to sleep on mommys chest❤️
Elvis has been a very sick baby with getting RSV multiple times but he is still a happy baby! He loves to smile and be outside.
She loves to laugh and she loves her nana and mommy and she loves to say "uh oh"
Ada Belle
She was a c section baby and she loves her daddy
Loves his family and being outside with his older brother and sister
Saniyah is out going love to play with friends love to play with her sister love baby bolls love make up love making tiktoks with her sister and cousin love music love dancing
Makiyah is 3 years old she out going love to watch YouTube love to listen to music love dancing playing with her sister going outside and going to school she love making tiktoks with her sister and cousins
Maeve is a smart, sassy and very cuddly little princess. She is a tiny little lady, still under 20lbs at 18 months. Maeve loves trying a large variety of food from different cultures. She loves reading books with mama and running around like a wild child outside. Maeve is a very independent lady and is not afraid to tell you when she is not a fan of something. She is a total goofball and most days are full of giggles and her non stop “talking”. She loves all of her stuffed animal “babies” and is constantly taking inventory and making sure they are all safe and accounted for. She is a sweet and social lady who loves meeting new friends. She also loves soaking up all of the attention from admirers when we go out because she always steals the show. Her tiny voice saying “hi” and her tiny wave are enough to melt any heart.
Layla is a very smart, very funny, loves to have fun little girl. Shes my world and is beautiful, She loves playing with her toys and all her older siblings ages ( 7, 11, 13, 14)
Look at that cute face & those baby blue eyes.. how could you not wanna vote for this handsome boy!!
She loves rolling over and she loves pinkfong and baby shark
Shes like her mama loves loud trucks. She adores her daddy and is his twin🥰
Ashley is a Happy and funny little girl. She loves spending time outdoors and going on new adventures! She's a blessing in my life and she steals me away with her beautiful smile ❤
He loves going out side. He loves bright colors like green and orange. He likes watching paw patrols and talking to me his mom.
Ramona Raejean Ann Osburn
She is a happy, fun loving 9 month old baby girl who loves water and the outdoors... She enjoys music and comericals!
My lil man is my nicu graduate he will steal your heart with his smile
Blake is my giggly sassy girl that will make you fall inlove
Bentlee loves his momma and daddy🥰🍯 for being 3 months, our boy has lots too say. Bentlee loves to rollover/turn around n show mommy how strong he’s becoming !!! My boy sure holds his head high,But his future is higher🥰🥰