Baby Stories - 5


Owen loves to play with his baby sister and he loves dinosaurs
Aniyah loves to laugh and smile - she loves being around her siblings and loves when they sing baby shark to her
Carter is a very active little boy. He loves to crawl around and yell DaDa. His favorite thing to drink is apple juice and his favorite snack is baby cheetos.
Shaelynn was the first born twin sister. She is a gentle and sweet baby who doesn't mind being a little independent, which helps when your a twin that has to share the spotlight!
Dominic has a passion for Maths and dinosaurs; he has an impressive collection of 130 dinosaurs.
💙 Wyatt is a very loveable happy baby boy!! Loves to roll over and giggle at just about anything. 💙
Just an 11 month old with a heart of gold! He loves snuggling and getting into everything he shouldnt! He is a miracle, because the day I found out I was pregnant was the exact day I had him! I wouldn’t trade him for anything!
Little George loves bananas 🍌 His favorite super hero is Spider Man & Batman. He also loves Blippi! He just turned 2 and can count his numbers 🤍
Hes a sweet boy! Loves being called cute and loves looking good 😎
Elaina is such a (Mini Queen) I like to call her. She is already so smart,silly, and has such a great personality. She absolutely adores her daddy, and has so much love for food!!! Her smile, and beautiful big eyes will make everyone and anyone into a much better mood❤️❤️
Looking at the Ceiling fan is definitely my favorite entrainment.
Aubree is chunky ball of sweetness!! She loves puppies and babies and she loves her family!!! She gives the tightest sweetest little hugs and she loves watching puppy videos on tik tok with mommy!
she has a wonderful, personality and is very smart for her age
Austyn is my miracle baby and saving grace. He loves to laugh, play with any toy you give him, and he loves his pittie babies.
Egypt Is 1 years old, he's the sweetiest funniest little boy, full of joy and happiness. Egypt have a big personality, he loves to dance, sing and play. He's just the perfect little guy💙
Robbie Is A Paw Patrol Loving, Sweet, Big Brother!
Cameron just turned four and loves to read and sing his ABCs! He is very bright and has the biggest heart!
Frances Mecelia
Hi, I’m baby Frances! Some of my favorite things to do is eat and sleep🥰. Also, I love to watch my big sis dance.
Brianna is a sweet, and caring sister. She is wise beyond her years. She loves playing with her sibilings and playing with babies and ponies and she says her best friends are mommy and daddy!
A Little Girl With Big Plans ❤️
Together we can save Denis! 🙏🙏🙏Denis was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA-1), he needs to undergo a treatment with ZOLGENSMA that will enable him to survive and have a normal life.
Raylynn is a very sweet baby...
Dakoda is a happy but shy baby! He loves to talk and make funny noises, and loves to eat!! He will be 4 months soon!!
Laynah’s favorite thing to do is eat my whole kitchen up. She also a very smart beautiful girl!
This sweet little guy LOVES bananas and strawberries, he enjoys bath time and tummy time, he likes to play with his toes and talks all the time. He loves when people smile at him as he’s always such a happy baby!
21 month old rockstar, 1 of 5 siblings 💙
Hi, my name is Jezalene Jesaria🤗 Im 13 months old🥰 I have 4 teeth🦷and love food🤤 especially when its not mine. My favorite is chicken🍗and butternut squash plus banana🍌 puffs of course. I enjoy cuddling with mommy🤱🏼and doing airplane✈ with daddy. I cant walk yet but i am working on it so i can get into more things than i do now. Throwing temper tantrums to try getting my way is my specialty. I also love smiling😊 to show off my dimples and hear more of how beautiful i am😍
Theo is a happy little man, very impatient which is why he arrived 10 weeks early.
Nolan is an outgoing and adventurous little boy. He makes everyone smile who comes in contact with him. He loves playing with his cars , trucks and balls. Place a vote & you won’t be disappointed.
Johnny is an outdoor kind of boy for sure but he also loves going to church every chance he can. He loves to go fishing, hunting, ride his four wheeler and especially his dirt bike! He is a huge animal lover and will help or take in any and all animals.
Miss Lily! An avocado lover, water baby, and a ray of sunshine! Everything puts a smile on her face. She’s the life of the party wherever she goes!
Brielle is a nicu warrior. She came 10 weeks early. She loves when her head is rubbed.
Aurora is a sassy 2 and a half month old. She loves watching tv, making baby noises, trying to eat everything, and looking at colorful lights. She is super sweet but she's also a diva. She's very friendly, and loves everyone she meets.
Dillan is a lovely, bubbly happy little man. He is so loving and shows this through all the cuddles and kisses he showers you with through out the day. He is so clever for his age and has come on in leaps and bounds. Show this little prince charming some love by giving him a vote. Love Dillan and family x
My name is Willow & I'm the HAPPIEST Baby EVER! I LOVE to SMILE. I LOVE to play with My Big Sissy. I ESPECIALLY LOVE My LONG talks with My Daddy & Mommy.
Clarence is 3 months old he loves to cuddle. He loves to laugh and talk. He brings so much laughter and joy to my life.
Sofia Miruna Sma
Hi. I’m Sofia. Me and mommy want to save Miruna's life. Please help us with a vote, she need 2.1 milion dollars just for one vaccine, she was been diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy SMA1 . FB: Save Miruna Sma-1 . Thank you for your help ♥️
Janaya is a sassy 2 y/o princess who loves to cuddle and play with her stuffed animals. She is the most sassy/loveable 2 y/o you’ll ever meet and every time she walks into a room she lights up everyone’s world! With her colorful eyes and cheeky smile she’ll get you wrapped around her finger and trapped in her spell.
Gianna was born 25 days early on January 1st of this year 2021! She’s a beautiful healthy little premi 💕 and she’s biracial💕 she loves laying on her mommies chest it’s her favorite place! She’s the most beautiful sweetest baby girl born on January 1st ! Please vote for my little one! 💕
She‘a sugar, spice, and everything nice. You can call me CoCo💁🏼‍♀️
Hey my name is Steven! I’m a Premie baby born 2 months early. I have a big sister who is 3. I love to watch Spongebob & Paw Patrol. I love to smile , talk, play and make a lot of different faces .
Leah Harper
Leah is a happy and smiling baby all the time! She just lights up our whole world! The youngest of 3. Leah has two big brother’s who adore her. She truly is such a special girl with a kind kind spirit.
Hi my name is Thomas. I like to sleep and eat. I also like to act like Superman 😁
Hi my name is Ayden, I’m 19 months old. I love to watch Bluey, Puppy Dog Pals and TOTS! I love to play outside. Im loving, caring, and outgoing. Vote for me to help start my college fund!
She loves her animals! Cuddling with her kitten and hugging penguin statues. She such a happy little girl!