Maeve Pearl🤍 (Mavis) The most beautiful, cheeky & loving little soul… Her smile makes you melt and her little giggle is contagious. She is so confident and loves to smile & wave at everyone and anyone she sees out in her pram. She adores dogs.
Sweet as pie. Eager to learn. Starved every 2 hours! ❤
She is Happy she loves to laugh play with her toys she joyful and fun to be around
baby serenity is a loving baby who was born on april 30th 2022 she love to smile and make faces alot .. she love to cuddle with mommy always my baby girl
Dakayla is full of life she’s very smart in learns really quick she loves cocomelon in being a one year old she picks of very quickly she’s learning abc in her numbers loves stuffed animals in outside
Sweet , adventurous, outgoing , independent, sassy. Alayah is always a light in the room , she gives love to everyone around her and makes it known she loves you. She loves to do anything out doors , and loves to dance !
Everleigh Jean is almost 2 years old she is a very happy girl her smile lights up the room she is a little sister and a big sister she is her mommas twin and her personality is so unique please vote for my baby girl
She’s has a pretty amazing personality already!! She’s super silly and she’s love to watch tv while she eats your finger as a snack lol. She’s extremely observant and photogenic its almost like she’s actually posing for pictures.
Very happy blue eyed two year old . She loves music and God . This is my granddaughter
Such a happy baby and so smart! 🫶
Kanan is a sweet boy who was born March 27th, 2022. He loves when mommy sings to him/plays 90s r&b, he loves bright lights, loves going on walks, & also loves snuggles with mommy🥰
Lily is very playful always a happy baby. She loves to stand up and when moms does my hair. She is also very playful with other babies.
Elliott is a sweet little boy! He loves to talk and squeak his little voice. He smiles all the time. He is truly such a good and happy baby❤️
Forrest is a total HAM! The sweetest boy with the BIGGEST personality. This little stud is a total people pleaser and LOVES to give you the largest smile he’s got. ❤️
Keith 3.0 is the sweetest sour patch ever. He is obsessed with water and throwing any thing into whatever looks like a bowl, cup, etc. He builds master pieces, and can destroy them just as good. He us definitely a momma's baby but loves tackling his daddy.
Hi I’m ivoree I’m 7 months Im a sweet smiley little premie dynamite. I love to bounce and play with my toys. I am learning to sit-up. l also enjoy watching Elmo and having snuggling time. My favorite food is strawberry and bananas. Please vote for me❣️
Alana Raine is an incredible, adventurous, fearless, intelligent 5 year old. She loves to get dirty like boys and wants to play football. She's been singing her ABCS and counting backwards from 10 since 3 years old. Loves animals , painting, building with her daddy and baking with mommy.
Hope loves to paint play outside full of joy. She’s a big sister and loves to take care of her siblings really smart little girl.
She loves to laugh.
Zyrihanna loves singing her ABC’s and loves to greet new people with a “hi my name is Zyrihanna ” and a huge smile.🥰🤎
Jazzelle is a vibrant ray of sunshine. She's a Pisces and definitely is a mermaid. She loves the water, outdoors, sitting by the fire and she loves her some cocomelon. Vote for my girl y'all! Peace and blessings 😊
Izabella is a sweet soft spoken liitle princess. As the first born she is spoiled rotten and knows it. She loves being a big sister to her little sister Daniella and love you run around together. They are 2 peas in a pod and do everything together ❤️
Kolton loves to smile and eat and he loves to laugh and make people smile and he loves to go on walks and he loves outside and i love to sleep
Daniella is a firecracker with a personality to back it up. She loves her older sister Izabella andbher dog Duchess. She is hell on wheel now being able to walk and independent as well. But don't let the smile foul you she will turn in a second. She's our sourpatch kid 💜
Alex is the sweetest baby ever. We had a Rocky start and almost lost baby Alex and his mommy. Thankfully both are good today. He loves bananas, pears and squash. Loves cuddling with his mommy and his Grammy and his big kitty brother. We were told from the beginning Alex should have never been. Let’s show this cutie some love
Silas loves going on walks and loves swinging at the park he loves Mickey Mouse and he’s the happiest baby ever!
Willow loves to laugh and smile she is just a happy baby
McCoy is a fun filled little boy who enjoys doing just about anything, his smile can brighten anyone’s day ❤️ He is super smart📚 McCoy has a very big interest in dinosaurs; can tell you every single one & everything about them 🦕
Kylin loves to be around family & friends 🥰 he is very laid back, he’s very loving an very protected over his twin sisters 💙
My sweet boy was born April 13th at 5.7lbs! Hazel eyes, and the heart of a lion already 😍
Leo is always happy! His absolute favorite thing is food🤣 He has the most contagious laugh! There isn’t a time when he doesn’t have something to say, whether it’s having a full blown conversation in gibberish or random words.
Lukas is a very vivacious , loving boy who enjoys climbing everything, babbling away and screeching 😆 he knows how to say dada and loves to yell dada at everything when he’s happy 🥰😂
King is such a people person his always happy 😊
Born on winter solstice this baby brings light to everyone’s day!
Amara loves to talk and chew on her hands and she absolutely loves trying to eat her little feet!!
He loves his brothers he loves to say dada he loves to crawl and loves his food!
Loves being a big brother, loves animals and playing Xbox
Carson loves being outside, music and his momma ❤️
Vahlee is the happiest baby ever!! She loves playing with her daddy & her bunny. Vahlee is very talkative and can already say mama and dada. Her favorite foods are bananas and sweet potatoes ❤️❤️
Addy Grace is a sweet six year old who loves her family, her dogs, and participating in gymnastics!
Oaklynn is absolutely our little bundle of happiness! Loves to smile & loves to be outside.
Isabella loves hugs and gives the best kisses. She loves to sing and praise the Lord. She loves getting into everything with a smile and a sweet eye wink.
Davina is a sweet baby nothing but smiles! she loves making noises and kicking her little feet!
She loves talking and smiling, she loves being outside but doesn’t like the sun. She loves being held and swinging in her swing, and watching baby shark ❤️