He loves to laugh when one whistles, ❤️ jumpin’ and smiles at you while he’s got a bottle in his mouth, because he knows he is ruling the house! Eyes just like Ole Blue Eye’s Frank Sinatra! 👀💙
This is my daughter, Ivy. She loves peppa pig and playing on the swings. She’s 5 months old:)
Kyra loves to get dressed up and she loves going to school. Kyra likes to be around me and her dad and to talk all the time. She is the sweetest child you have ever met she will steal your heart and knows how to love.
Marzavion Jr
Marzavion is 6 months has two teeth ,he tries to crawl,he eats everything loves to play
Jackson is my little rainbow boy, He loves to be held and is starting to smile at his mummy and daddy. He has an older sister who just loves holding and kissing him
She's very smart intelligent in she loves to talk in play dress up
Hi I’m Elijah I’m 18 months old and My nickname is monkey man as I’m a monkey since I’ve started walking and I’m into everything! Especially everything I shouldn’t have! I am very cheeky and always makes everyone laugh with my cheekiness and cuteness!
Leilani is a happy & loving 1 year old 🙂 she loves to dance & loves to eat strawberries all the time 🍓
Daisee is a happy baby who loves eating baby food, playing with her big sister Preslee and drooling alll over mommy. She was the best surprise ever.
Rylee Mae
Rylee is our sunshine child! She loves Disney, singing, dancing and Art! Her favorite subject in school is Math. She loves horses, unicorns and everything rainbow!
Christopher will steal your heart,he's so lovable ,he's always been a good baby ,always happy and he loves his grandma
Comment for 10 daily exchanges💕Ariella is a happy beautiful little girl I’m so happy we get to watch her grow up ✨💕
Christopher came into the world 3 months early, weighing only 2 pounds he shows us everyday he is a fighter, growing like a weed and smiling like one happy little man, miracle indeed.
Kay'lani loves to play and dance and loves food she's a very happy baby and very much loved 🥰
K’Leigh is my first baby. She was born a month early at 5 lbs and 8 oz. She is such a happy baby. She loves hearing mommy and daddy’s voice. Her smile is so contagious. She is so sweet and loving. She just loves people anyone who give her attention and she will get the biggest smile for them. She loves her feet and anything you got she thinks she’s got to have some 😂💙
He’s a smart handsome mommy’s big boy he loves to play sports and learn new things
Baylee Dawn. Brown eyed girl. Quiet and Quirky. Collector of sunglasses. Trophy Child. Her Sisters Keeper. Show Watcher. Queen Of Humor. Sprinkle Of Sass. Don’t ask her what she wants because she will say a puppy every time. The apple of my eye and the piece that completed my heart. You can vote but don’t call because she will just hang up on you.
Journee is very smart. She's walking, jibber jabbers a mouth full, has the worlds most breathe taking smile and loves people. She's a very happy baby.
Kiara has been through so much and has come so far she is my rainbow baby and a true blessing to our family she is always so happy and her smile just makes the world go round! I love her so much! ♥️♥️♥️
Lil Jake
He is almost a month. And he is just so precious like his sisters azaylea and dominiqa.
Milton is the calmest most loving miracle baby. Milton loves Disneys CoCo and Encanto. He also loves dinosaurs. He recently has learned how to wave good bye. He loves his Mommy and Daddy and is a happy baby.
Aubree stands for AUBREY Who is her uncle ... Her uncle has passed and do to my Own struggles and life itself My big brother AUBREY was the name I Have chosen for my Daughter AUBREE because she's is most definitely the most outgoing baby I have met JUST LIKE HER UNCLE.
Adaline Grace. Mamas Girl. Lefty. Adventurer. Animal Lover. Proud Sister. Social butterfly. Sour patch kid. Old soul. My girl is beautiful inside and out. Handcrafted by God and placed in my arms to love and hold for the rest of my life. Vote to put a smile on her face because she deserves everything good the world has to offer!
Marie 4 months old she loves scooby doo an posing for pictures an loves to pull daddy’s beard an mamas hair an enjoys tummy time an car rides I would love your vote. That’s if u want to
Ari is our 3 almost 4 month old little bundle of joy! She is such a happy baby and brings a smile to everybody she is around. She is our greatest blessing in this world 💙!
Cecilia’s smile lights up every room she enters, and she’s ALWAYS smiling. She loves to dance, talk, and listen to music. She especially loves the song “Lollipop” by the Chordettes
My name is name I was nicu baby who devoloped hydrocephalus not long after I was born I had brain surgery at two weeks old born at 4lbs 11 oz
Rachel Ann Bumgarner
Rachel loves to say hey and dada and she loves to eat and play music with her radler toys now she can say duck
She loves elmo, and takes after her dad #twins
Khai is the happiest baby I know, he’s always smiling. If you’re ever having a bad day his smile will surely turn it around!
Axel loves to smile at everyone. He can now high-five and move backwards at just 6 months. He is a light in our world 💙
Alice is the happiest baby around! She loves being outside, her dog is her best friend & she is a major foodie!! ❤️🐾🍕
She's 4yrs old a very sweet little girl. She's mamas girl and loves babies!!
She is such a sweet loving girl. She brightens up the room with her smile. She really is an angel sent from above.
Jazlyn is my lil sunshine shes full of love&joy but also sassy shes just a big sweetheart
Georgia Lynn
Georgia Lynn was born February 24, 2022. She was 10lbs 14oz. 23in Georgia was born with a full head of hair and natural highlight! We are so blessed to have her in our lives! We would love a vote for our Peach🤍🍑🤍
Aurora is 9 months old and full of personality! She loves animals and being outside. Her laugh will light up a room. We are beyond proud of our baby girl!
Oakleigh is the sweetest baby girl in my world her smile light's up the room she is my Granddaughter please vote for her
He loves his family👩‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 He loves school 🏫🎒 Enjoys arts & crafts 🖍️🎨🖌️ &playing Minecraft & Fortnite🎮🕹️
Journey was born on may 2nd weighing in at 6 lbs 15 oz! Journey is my little rainbow baby!
Gianna is a very outgoing 2 year old . She loves everyone and everything around her ! She brings smiles to everyone’s faces that she sees and talks to . Gianna loves singing and dancing and loves loves loves her family inside and out .
Amethyst Rose
One month old and has small attitude and loves metal music
Bayley is an active 1 year old she love to run, talk and love’s her family .She love Cocomelon , Outside, and swimming ❤️