Baby Stories - 49


Dominic is our rainbow baby. He is the most sweetest boy . Loves to help . Dance , draw , play. He likes to choose his outfits. He is really outgoing funny little fella. Loves animals and people.
Axel always has to be playing with something and fights his naps because he just doesnt want to miss a thing that goes on. Hes always smiling and has the cutest laugh as well as the sadest cry. Hes such a good baby and enjoys everything. Theres nothing he dislikes other than chicken broth baby food. He loves baths and his mommy. Cant let his mommy out of sight. ❤
Ryker is the happiest little guy, he loves to talk to mama, play with his big brother, and smile up a storm. His favorite people are his MiMi and his Mama. He loves being called Nugget or Nuggie man, and loves to play with the wipes packages.
Archer is my wild child and an absolute sweetheart, he was born almost 6 weeks early but has met and exceeded every milestone his Doctors said he would be delayed in. He LOVES to talk and eat. His favorite person on the Earth is his MiMi, and he loves to play outside.
Sassy Smart Kind Funny
He's lovable He loves to smile and play Loves to eat
Jaxton Ray is not only the cutest baby boy but is the biggest sweetheart! This boy has the biggest personality ever. He loves bath time, cooing, cuddles from mommy/daddy. His laugh and smile will make your heart skip a beat and light up the whole room!! VOTE for this cute little blue eyed boy💙💫
Leon is a social butterfly he loves to smile wave and say hi to everyone he sees. He is absolutely an amazing little man who I can't wait to watch grow into an amazing man.
Charlotte is full of spunk and has a mind of her own! She loves to make her family laugh and is such a sweet little girl.
Hi everyone! My name is Nathan Jacob, and I am 4 months old! I’m mommy’s ray of sunshine and best friend. I love to smile and laugh; and being with my mommy makes me the happiest. I love being talked too and any toy that rattles! I love trying to grab stuff and looking around! And boy oh boy do I love going to new places! The first 2 months of my life I spent at CHOP due to my CDH, so I always loved new scenery other than my hospital room! Here’s my story; After I was welcomed into the world, I was intubated and sent to the N/IICU at CHOP awaiting surgery due to my CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.) In the matter of almost 2 months after birth; I was intubated, had 2 surgeries, and experienced some minor bumps in the road that delayed my discharge home, BUT in all of that I always had a smile on my face because it always cheered my mommy up when she was down! You would never know by looking at me what I’ve been through except when I’m nakey and I get to show off my cool scars! But I’m healthy now, recovered, and reaching all my milestones!
Ahyden James Bailey Happy Healthy 10 Months Old Blue Eyes Mommas Boy Loves : Laughing Walking Eating Playing Dogs Water Being Outside Favorite Words : Momma && Bye-Bye Favorite Drink : Danimals && Ice Water Favorite Foods : Meat && Chicken Nuggets Favorite Shows Before Bed : DinoTrucks && Garfield
Brayden is such a kind and caring young man who is always looking out for others above himself.
She is a happy baby always smiling and is really good with everyone she’s very out going
Erika was born a fighter. Her birth mom is an addict and sadly Erika was born addicted. I have been with her since the moment she was born and we are trying to adopt her. She is the happiest, sweetest baby in the world. I am trying this contest as a way to help pay for the adoption attorney fees. #SheIsAFighter
James is a daddy's boy who loves playing with his 4 month old cousin.
Hi my name Ahavah Anne, I was born October 29, 2020. So that’s right ! I am going to be ONE coming up. So winning this contest would mean so much to me. Things I enjoy are spending time with family , especially with my big brother. I love to eat food , no matter what it is. My mom thinks I have the prettiest curls in the world . What do you guys think?
Payton Jane
Payton is a social butterfly who loves to make others smile and laugh! She is a total ham in front of the camera and knows how to get her way with that toothy grin!
Alex is my miracle baby. Had my tubes tied and found out a year later I was pregnant with a boy due in Christmas. He was actually born the week before. He’s the happiest little boy you’ll ever meet. He loves people watching and going for strolls. Always smiling and his current nickname is Two Teeth in celebration of his new bottom teeth he just got in.
She loves eating, Minnie Mouse, and playing with her brothers an sister. She is a daddy’s girl without a doubt! An she is the happiest baby ever! 💗
Caliah is three months old! He loves to smile and giggle every chance he gets. He loves to hear his daddy sing to him and loves to grab mommys hair and rip it out. 🥲😊
Hi! My name is Rosealine but everyone calls me Rosie. I am 1 month old :) I like to smile when mommy kisses me, listen to people talk and, take lots of naps <3
Hello my name is kavayah and i am 10 months old almost 1 already! My favorite thing to do is eating and I also love my fruits more than anything. I love playing with my uncles and mommy. I like getting books read to me they are so silly they make me laugh.
Arielle is 4 years old, shes in Pre-K. She likes to play outside. She's a daredevil, so she's not afraid of much. She is definitely a people person. Nobody is a stranger. She loves her bubba and sissy. And she is what some may call a daddy's girl.
He is an amazing baby boy who loves to play with his siblings and just full of love and energy
She’s a funny soul. Very energetic, sassy, and smiley.
So much personality!!!♥️♥️ Loves everyone & everything around him especially music 🎶
Kehlani is now 11 months old, her middle name is pretty and unique it is “Fox” ,her theme is indeed foxes!
She says she will be a future quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Let's show her girls can be anything they want.
Hayden loves food he loves swimming and being outside always smiling and having fun .
Shea was born on the smaller side but he enjoys to eat!! And his small size doesn’t stop him from it! He is starting to grab things, smile and coo and enjoys cuddles 🥰
She has a full of personality. Wild & sweet child. Talkative. Smart than her age supposed to be!
He loves to laugh and giggle and loves to play with toys that light up and sing and tries to mimic every move you do and he’s just an all around happy little boy😍😍
I love cuddles with mommy and long naps ♥️
Emmett Bursley
Emmett is smart for his age carzy and so cute you would love Emmett so much if you knew him you can never stop talking about him too
Maverick loves his cheese and is a huge Green Bay Packer fan
Ava is smart and loving ome year old. Shes full of weirdness and craziness.
Introducing Janiece! She is truly one of the most goofiest and loving girl, always very energetic and loves to play. She brings a very joyful vibe and has a smile that will bright up the room!✨💕💗
An Adoption dream come true! Came home at 4lbs 11 oz and 8 weeks later up to 8lbs. He loves sleeping/eating/diaper changes/ and sometime bathes. Just starting to smile.
Elliott is the sweetest little 6 month baby girl. She is such a funny and cheerful baby.
Tatum is our 2 month old sweet Angel baby. He absolutely loves taking baths and walks with momma and dada. His personality is really starting to show and we can’t get enough of his sweet sweet giggles.
James loves baths, watching tv, cuddles and being outside. He's got such a big personality and knows he's got his mama wrapped around his finger💙
Rhett is a happy baby boy! He loves tummy time , baby sensory music , and when mommy sings to him! Vote for Rhett 💙
Ayden loves to smile and sing along with mommy. He loves his toy panino and monkey. Ayden is our miracle baby. His sister prayed for him ever since she was 3 now she is 5.
Hadley loves being outside and loooooves her dog!
Omari is the most kind hearted, funnny, music loving, Football player! He deserves a day no matter what place he gets to see that he’s loved and it’s a bonus he’s so handsome! So Vote Vote Vote!!!
Kylani loves to smile and wiggle her toes!! She’s sassy 💁🏼‍♀️, spunky and smart! She loves taking pictures and telling a lot of stories. She always has to be in the middle of ever conversation!