Baby Stories - 48


Lincoln loves music and her mommy and daddy! She’s been alert and ready for life the minute she came out of the womb! Lincoln is silly and full of life already!
He is a cute, always happy and honest baby
Hi!! My name is Christopher. I love both of my mommies and my daddy. I was a little early and spent a few days in NICU, but I'm happy and healthy now. My family would really love if you voted for me and asked your friends to also!
Kaitlyn is 10 years old. She loves to play basketball. She is very tall for her age. She a very spontaneous little girl. Shes bright, smart and very happy.
Dominic loves to sit up by himself and play with his toys! His favorite is the blues clues drum set! He also loves to laugh and smile at everything and everyone!
Kobe is almost 2 years old He’s so smart loving and full of energy He’s polite and crazy at the same time lol He loves his brother’s and mommy’s phone He continues to grow and get smarter every day
I’m Kinsley. I love to clap, play with my toys, & say dada dada. I’m a very wonderful baby & I’m loved so much by my parents. I talk all day long unless I’m napping. I’m my daddy’s girl & my mommas world. Please vote for me!
Hello, Thank Everyone for the votes and support on Sequan's contest.!!!🙏🏽 We are now doing ADVANCE VOTING TO BE RETURNED TO SEQUAN'S CONTEST IN MARCH. WRITE ON HIS WALL IF INTERSTED. SERIOUS CONTESTANTS ONLY PLEASE. WE TAKE PRIDE AND SO MUCH TIME WITH OUR VOTING. THANK YOU TO ALL. 💚💙💚💙💚💙💚 Sequan is a gray eyed, curly light brown haired 8 month old boy. He is a super happy baby that enjoys smiling, and laughing. He is loved by so many already. He captures people's hearts with his lovable face, captivating smile, hypnotizing eyes and energetic personality. He loves nature, taking strolls in his stroller, baths and being in the swimming pool. Sequan has a beautiful 10 year old sister that he loves playing the piano, and dancing with. He looks forward to spending his time with her. 😍 Vote for this handsome lil guy and he will keep the smiles coming!!!!!😊💙
Levi was born December 9 He’s already developing a sweet personality His smile will light up a room
Jedidiah loves his mom and dad but on this day he was ready for their family pictures to be over with!
Born January 2nd Hayden haze is a bright eyed loving little boy who loves to snuggle with his mommy.
Terrible twos is a understatement with this girl, but we love her anyway, gabby is such a outgoing and happy little girl, will always put a smile on your face!!
Remington loves smiling at his mommy and cooing. He loves watching tv/TikTok, and talking about hunting with daddy. He loves music and car rides. He is already so smart, holds his head up and try’s to sit up and roll. Remington is a sweet, happy baby
She very happy in funny she loves playing loves to hug in care a lot
Bella loves to talk now. Her favorite word is “dada”❤️
Lilly is 14 months she loves to play with her big brother
Travis Noah likes to play with his dummy, he also finds Christmas lights very interesting. He loves to talk baby language and laugh so loud. He is a very happy smiling baby always ❤️
Very smart fun loving little girl.
Such a happy baby
Macy is one of the biggest personalities I’ve seen for an 8 month old! She loves her walker, dancing, saying mama and dada❤️ She yells at me when she’s mad and she follows me everywhere in her walker! She loves lil crunchies & green bean baby food 😂❤️
She’s such a Happy and lovable little baby 😇.
He was born at 9lbs 8oz, was a rough delivery!! He has Erb's palsy, from being so big in womb!! He loves cuddling, being talked to and eating!!
Very smart an helpful love to do just about anything he’s a dream come true learns an knows just about anything you ask him vote for caden
Benjamin is a very alert newborn. He loves to just listen and look around. He smiles at mommy and daddy constantly.
Jayden Lewis
My son is a amazing baby 👶🏽 he loves talking🥰 my son is Smart and loves attention from people ☺️my Son is handsome and Adorable 🥰 so plz take the time to vote for my handsome son 💙
This is Haisley she loves playing with her toys, her paci, and her big sister. She is a Happy baby and loves to laugh! Please gives her some love!
Hello. I'm Alexandru, I like to ride my bike , walk through the woods and play with my friends. When I compete with my friends I like to win, please vote for me to be the winner here too. Thank you 😊😊
This fun sized baby loves naps, yogurt melts, and dinosaurs!
Camila is my everything she was born a premie and spent 10 days in the Nicu it broke my heart getting discharged without my baby girl.I would visit her daily and spent hours holding her we had a special connection. The day she came home till know I thank God for giving me strength and a healthy baby. She likesfor mommy to sing to her, She just discovered her hands and loves themand loves to take a shower lets not forget watching tv with her dad. Pretends to be sleeping and when you lay her down she’s smiling.What is there not to love about our baby girl she is what we dreamed for. So wishes do come true✨
Soraya is a 2 month old baby girl, She loves cuddles, loves eating, she has a great personality, she is the sweetest, happiest little human 💕💗
Baby G
Baby g is 1 of a kind!! He will make you laugh and turn bad day into good day he loves music and fav food is pizza!!!
Lila is still so new but she smiles all the time and loves to have her little feet kissed.
She loves her daddy and mommy, snuggles, playing, watching tv, rolling over on her belly, kisses, and smiling
Loves playing with balls, talks up a storm, loves his pa Ellis and nana and Mamaw
Maya Nicole
Princess with lovely blue eyes, likes playing with her toys and gurgling with mommy and daddy. She enjoys listening to latino music and loves falling asleep in mommy's arms.
He loves football, and he loves being held💟 he loves to smile and laugh , he loves when you sing to him
This little boy is my wild child! He is 100% boy!! He was born with a club foot. Endured months of weekly castings, a tenotimy (where they clip the Achilles tendon to allow for mobility) and months of 24/7 braces to keep his foot straight. He never let any of that stop him. He always on the go! He thinks hes a superhero! Hes so fun!! And very loved!! His father passed away 4 days before Christmas in 2020. So any winnings will help this single momma give this boy the best 3rd birthday a boy could ask for!!
My handsome baby boy Aamir loves to snuggle and is truly a blessing from god
She is the prettiest thing i ever saw loves to stick out her tounge and laugh. So sweet.
Our Linc arrived a little earlier than expected weighing 4.2 lbs on May 8th (not quite a quarantine baby). His little giggle is infectious and loves being tickled.