Anastasia Star ✨ is a shooting star shining bright and happy. She'll be turning three years old very soon and can't wait for her birthday 🥳🎉 She's a very intelligent babygirl, who loves to play and make everyone laugh.
Red head baby on the Rosebud reservation!
Val loves chillin with mommy and daddy and loveeessss to eat as well
Kole is a very happy baby! Mr. Kole loves his milk, his snuggles with mommy, and of course he loves his sleepy time.
Tiarra was born on August 18, 2021! Her named was inspired by the Disney movie, Princess and the frog; Fun fact, her middle name is Tiana’Everli ! It doesn’t get any better than that ! 🥰 Tiarra is an overall ball of sunshine that radiates happiness and joy wherever she goes. She always has the biggest smile on her face and is constantly laughing. She’s loving, caring, silly, and a bit of a drama queen who loves and adores family and is obsessed with her older brother and daddy. She loves to crawl, kick her feet, play with her brother and her stuffed unicorn, Corny and nibble on anything in sight. Vote Tiarra ! 👑🥰
Mateo is born on January 12, 2022. He loves looking at lights, his favorite is his mama, loves playtime. His smile will shine the whole room if he’s in it! Big on the ladies. Who wouldn’t love mateo?
Cj is the most handsome, happy boy. He enjoys spending all of his time with his mommy and daddy. Sydney and Chloe (his two sisters) couldn't have wished for a better brother. I mean really what's not perfect about him?
Stunner is a rambunctious little boy who likes playing with his two sisters. He likes playing dressup just as much as he likes playing in the mud and being a little dare devil. His energy level is just as unmatched as his cuteness.
⭐️ Age 1 y.o. Size 6-9m 👕 👖 6-18m 🧦 ⭐️ The hearty baby belly-laughs continue! When Johnathan isn't reading a book, stealing a game controller or beating on his drum, this little foodie baby enjoys cruising his way to each persons' plate to "share" a tasty treat. Once he's devoured his spoils he moves on to his own container of baby food. Sometimes Peas, sometimes peaches; always with a sense of wonder and delight. His leapfrogging across the floor has grown into excited games of catch and shaky independent standing 👏 Please vote and share! #spreadtheeyebrows
Luciana is a funny, silly, sassy, happy little girl. 💕She loves watching her dad with race cars and helping while he works on building his own. 🌸 She is little race car princess 🏎👑 who likes to play by her own rules.
Orrin Keith loves his toys, food, and his doggies. Hates peas, green beans, and recently mashed potatoes 🥔
This is my Wyatt. He is 5 yrs old and the youngest of my three boys. Wyatt loves playing outside. He has the best little personality but is also a little fire cracker🤣 He has faced many obstacles in his short time due to being born with Infantile Scoliosis, but he doesn't let that hold him back one bit!
Cooper in one work would be PROTECTOR. He protects all the people he loves and cares for the most. He's adventurous and will try anything. He was our first born and will always be our baby! He enjoys staying at his Ma'ama and Papa's riding the tractors and checking the cows.
Jessa loves to be outside and loves to crawl around all over the house. She is the happiest baby all the time (especially when she gets food)! She can make anyones day with that smile she has!
Kylen is a smart, outgoing, loving little boy! He loves spending time outside, his favorite person is his daddy, and he loves bath time!! He lights up any room he is in! ❤️
Brynlee in one word would be a FIRECRACKER. She has been one since the day she was born. She loves her brother more than anyone and will make sure everyone knows that. Her favorite things to do consist of eating or drinking anything you have, singing Pat-a-cake and playing Peek-A-Boo.
Osias is a smart, handsome, playful little boy . Loves to be outside in the yard and dancing to baby shark theme song. Loves saying mama and daddy. A little character and lover.
Solo estamos aqui para divertirnos y mostrar a nuestros niños 👦 Haganos saber en nuestros muro para todos los votos 👉 para intercambiar ♥ Mi niño es tierno y divertido
Pres loves the water, her Gigi and pops and drinking out of a straw. We love our growing girl so much. This past year has flown by
Caoimhe-bleu is a very smiley and sweet baby .... 👣
Luis is fun baby, smiling and energetic, get to know him! 😇
This is Emberlynn, she is 6 months old and loves meeting new people and being in group settings. She is always smiling and laughing! Emberlynn likes watching Mickey Mouse and colorful lights. She loves splashing in the tub and reading stories before bed.
Jayani is so full of personality, love, & laughter. He’s the sweetest happiest baby you’ll ever see. He loves to eat and watch tv, and he also enjoys sleeping of course. He reminds me of a little old man because he’s so chill and laid back. In my opinion he’s the best, but why would i think otherwise? Show my baby some love❤️
Jayden is a miracle baby…he came into the world when God said it was time this bubbly curious little character was supposed too…a little chunk full of love to us all when we needed it the most! He brung us all joy and belief how beautiful is to have unconditional love.
My nephew Eli is one of the biggest rays of sunshine out there! He continues to bring smiles and laughter to my family. Show the little guy some love 🥰
Laylay loves her family and is an amazing big sister! She is so smart for a four year old and will be going into Pre-K this August!
Go go power rangers !!! Strong willed smart talkative social butterfly !!! He’s a Disney singer turning red kareokee
My little boy has such a personality already and only about to be three months old!
Odin Ares
Odin Ares is already loving the camera, he is the happiest of babies who has the most captivating smile. One of his features is his eyebrows and the ability to show such expression on his face. He loves to be talked to and wins the hearts of everyone that meets him. For that reason alone he deserves a shot at blessing the world what we see everyday, pure beauty. Please vote for our boy
Sage loves to laugh and smile, she is just the happiest baby ever.
Kreightan Miles Feagin
Kreightan is 8 months old. He has a smile that will brighten up anyone’s day! He loves to be ouside. Mommy & daddy is his favorite people .
Jax is the most smiley happy baby! He is so smart and silly. he loves to reach for his toys and to be tickled. He loves his older brother Lucas
Loves laying on mommy’s chest. Loves to look at all the shiny lights in the house. Very talkative little boy, already has me on my toes
He loves to dance listening to music calls every one baby or darlin LOVES to give baby kisses aka shugies and baby loves
Greyson is a very fun outgoing lil dude he like to eat and make everything fun!
Addison loves to jump in her jumper, she is very smiley, she hates naps and loves sweet potatoes
Jamier is very handsome active in loving
Alistair is very outgoing and loves to dance and sing his self to sleep even tho he can’t talk yet hehe turn on ants go marching he will be stuck !!
Carver James 💙 I am a happy 10 month old boy! I love my parents & siblings. I also love smiling and showing off my new teeth! I was a 6 week early preemie but now I’m a healthy chunky happy boy!
This is Andrew AKA monkey 🙉 he loves climbing playing with his toys and giggling from playing with mommy and daddy. He loves bananas 🍌 or as he calls them nanas. He loves going bye bye am seeing his nana. He doesn’t just love us he loves our animals and friends 😊
Averi is a sweet girl who loves to smile, laugh, and play. Her favorite thing to do is eating of course and she loves screaming “yayyy!” while clapping her hands.
Myles loves being talked to and mommy snuggles ❤️
Sassy creative love music and arts and crafts
Jordan Burdan
Very smart intelligent 8 month old baby he sits up he laughs he love attention and loves to play loves cocomelon
Jameson is all smiles for the world. Diagnosed with Laryngomalacia and still makes everyday the best. He absolutely loves playing outside and grinning big for the camera! Don’t forget about his crazy red hair!
Avery Alexander
Avery loves to laugh, smile, and talk. He’s 2 years old going on 10!!! He’s got the biggest personality you could imagine and never has any problems putting a smile on your face! Please vote and share it would mean so much to us! Thank you xoxo❤️
Sophia is a DIVAAA , sometimes dramatic but all around sweetheart 💕 She loves animals and she loves MAKEUP 💄 SHE IS NOT CAMERA SHY . She loves her tiktok and she’s not afraid to get dirty 🫣 she is a very smart , and gets straight A’s in school that alone I think deserves a vote 🙏🏻 Help my baby get 1st place 🥇
Quintin is 2 months old now, he knows what his hands are now, he loves his bobo, he loves going on walks, and he loves tubby time! Quintin is now starting to find his voice! Mommy and daddy love you little man! 💙🥰