Baby Stories - 47


Chloe is 10 months old. She loves watching little baby bum & she loves when mommy sing ABCs. Chloe is very intelligent & smart . She loves going to church.
She really likes to take pictures ... she loves clothes, accessories and to be always fashion. for this he also has an instagram page ... can follow us here @ melania_nathalia30
She’s a ball of fire and a cup of tea all in one!
Dexter is obsessed with Little Baby Bum and the band Kiss. He loves all his animals and finds them hilarious. Ever since he learned to sit up it’s all he wants to do, and he just learned how to stand while holding onto something. He also loves to blow raspberries and scream at the top of his lungs for no reason at all.
Keegan is a very energetic boy. He loves playing with his baby brother and helping mommy.
Keaton is 2 months old. He loves his big brother and to cuddle with mommy. Keaton would love to win.
Maverick is such a happy baby! Always smiling, giggling, and talking😍
Miriam loves to draw, color, dance, ride her hoverboard and also attends Kindergarten. Please share this along. Happy voting!
Marcus is my little survivor being born premature and weighing 1’6 at birth. He had a rough start at life and would love to win him some money to start him a bank account to help him later in life. Vote for Marcus!!
hi, im Ryder! im a very happy baby who loves to cuddle with momma & have play time! :)
Amir is a smart kid he really loves animals his dream is to own a animal hospital one day❤️
Little Miss EJ absolutely looooves her doggies! 🐶❤️
Dyami loves to run, play on the jungle gym, read harry potter, and write poems. Not even 3 months old but learns quick, such a little Einstein 🤣
Evelyn is the girliest tomboy, silliest, sweetest and greatest momma's girl!
Taylie is named after two of the most beautiful guardian angels, she is so loved by all who meet her. She loves her daddy and most of all her big brother
Ava was born 07/28/20 @6:04am. I was in labor for 23 hours and finally had our little girl. Ava loves her mama and daddy, sweet potatoes, jumping in her bouncer and talking to everyone! 🤍
Brandon is two weeks old and is absolutely the quietest, sleepiest, snuggliest baby ever!
Ari’s a beautiful and smart little thing. She loves Cocomelon and is soon to be one !
She is pure joy! Her best friend is her golden retriever Stella. She is the most curious child and so loving❤️
He’s A really Playful Loving Baby boy very very Smart he can have a whole conversation with you & understand what we are talking about! He loves to play & watch YouTube
Daddy's little girl
I’m a little over a week old 🥺 so all I really do is eat and sleep. I love my furry siblings so so so much 🐶🐱🐱I’m the first born and mommy and daddy are just in complete awe with me 🥺 and I thank everyone who votes for me !
Robert aka Robbie is named after his great grandfather. He is our ball of light and joy in these times. He immediately smiles and lights up when someone walks into the room and says hi to him. He is his mommas handsome man and his daddy’s pride and joy. He enjoys listening to his father sing Hamilton, snuggling with mama, and telling mister lion all about his day as loud as possible. Roar is a work in progress though.
My name is Jaxson and I’m the biggest Incredibles 2 fan! Apple sauce is my favorite snack, I love saying no, and monster game is my favorite.
Jaylen is an energetic 13 month old. Loves to smile & loves snapchat. This little boy is my miracle baby 💙
Sawyer is our trooper. He has been through so much during his one month of life & he still is smiling & remains so happy! Surgery’s, procedures, constant checkups at Vanderbilt.. this boy is an angel!💚
Declan is almost 2 months old! He was born prematurely weighing 4.2lbs but is a strong little man! We were only in the NICU for 3 weeks and came home! He loves his dogs, tummy time, his swing, and baths! He is now weighing 8lbs!
She loves to laugh and has a awesome sense of humor. She lives on a farm and has 8 pigs,4 chickens,3 quail a duck a cat and two dogs! She loves Ryan’s World and plans to be a Youtuber one day!
He loves to laugh and play and smile he is definitely his mommas boy and he loves Mickey Mouse
Caroline is a happy go lucky sweetheart who loves to play and interact with her big brother and our pup!
Lillian is full of life, loves sitting up, interacting with everyone & loves tummy time.
Harlee Jewell likes tummy time, bath time, and country music. She loves to hear her momma sing. You should vote for Harlee because she’s the cutest baby ever. 🥰
Colton loves his younger brother and dinosaurs the most. But he’s scared of the loud dinosaurs and beats up his brother when we aren’t looking.
Carter is my youngest babe, he’s my sweet boy who loves cuddles and to dance along to mommy’s music.
Juliette is almost 7 months old. She loves to laugh play and make tons of noise. She enjoys watching powerpuff girls and cocomelon.
My beautiful Rebeca is participating at this contest because if she wins we are donating the money to Stefan.a beutiful curly boy who is suffering from Sma1.thank you
Silas is an energetic and smart boy. He loves coloring and playing with playdough. He's the number one fan of Mickey Mouse and Baby Shark. He loves playing with his big brother and he snuggles with the cats and dogs. He's full of joy and his smile lights up my life every day!
Such a happy and content girl 💖 always smiling unless hungry!
Loves to smile, fart and eat his feet!
She’s a little piece of magic ❤️
Hope is 3weeks old she loves to be rocked and hold on to mommy and daddy’s finger
Our lil bundle of joy was born in August 2020, he’s definitely been the light in our lives.