Baby Stories - 46


Such A Happy Baby...Loves Teen Titans Go And She’s A Very Good Observer...I Love Her❤️❤️❤️
Hi Everybody My Name Is Aiden James , I Am Almost 5 Months Old 💙
Kah Mari
I am 2 months old. Scorpio baby. I love bright colors and looking outdoors. I don’t know why bassinets were made I’m not sleeping in that, I’m going to sleep on mommy. I am very alert like I don’t miss a fly. My favorite show is Doc McStuffins for now.
Sawyer loves to snuggle, listen to music, and bounce in his jumper!
Karter Maxwell is a little Leo baby, he has big beautiful blue eyes and a handsome dimpled grin to match!! He is the HAPPIEST baby you’ll ever meet and was full on laughing at 4 months old!! He’s already munchin on eggs and potatoes, and has his whole family wrapped around his finger ❤️
Linkin loves his dogs! They are his biggest protectors and his best buds!
Lydia is a sweet 7 month old who just learned to crawl and loves screatching at Mama and Dada for attention. She is our little princess and makes sure she's always at the center of our attention! 🤣🥰
Cullen is so sweet and always happy! He loves airplanes and his big brother
Christian is the happiest, smartest, chunkiest little man. He loves music, playing peek-a-boo, giving sugars, and playing with his curly hair.
Rylan Pearson
Hi, im Rylan Timothy Daniel Pearson! I just turned 8 months old I love to clap, blow raspberries and scream at the top of my lungs. I eat everything and everything I see mommy eat Im always a happy littlenboy with a temper on the side 😏 Vote for me! and I'll keep smiling😄
Ava is just 4 months and is in loves Cocomelon and Sophia the giraffe 🦒
Madelyn came out fast and mighty! 3 pushes and she came to the world! She is already so strong almost holding her head up right and smiling at the world!
Hudson is a happy 2 month old. He loves cuddles and spending time with grandma and grandpa.
Anabel is a 7 month old girl who is always smiling, playing and she loves exploring in her Walker and eating banana pieces.
This is Anthum rose she is 2 weeks old. She loves to sleep and eat all day long please vote for my anthum
Miss Heaven’Sent Sierra Sky Walker born on September 12, 2020 vote for my baby doll ❤️ She’s so beautiful and very smart 🥰💕
Hi, I turned 1 last month i also have 2 big sisters. I love to play with my toys and make a mess. Mommy and daddy got me my 1st haircut today what do you think?
BIG 2, Very Sweet, Curiosity Extremely High, Smart, Friendly, Nature Outdoors Kid, Loves Puppy Dog Pals (Tv show), Favorite word is (Dada), Laugh and Giggle A lot, A Kid Whisper!!!
My name is Marley and im 4months young i love to smile and a big ol belly laugh im a chatter box but rarely cry! I have a monster growl too that mommy thinks hilarious! I roll over & over and is sitting up already and even trying to scoot!
Aliza is the biggest sweetheart and adores Peppa pig and frozen! She loves to spend time with her grandma and grandpa and is always looking for a way to make some trouble
This is Maya. She is 2 years old! She loves to play and do her own thing. She's a very happy girl and is full of laughs and giggles! She loves her bows that are from Twisted Sky Creations!
She has a heart of gold and she is just one child that can show true compassion shes smart amazing she loves minnie mouse she loves love she has a smile that could melt your heart her laugh is something you cant unhear she is so special
She’s a sweet happy baby who loves to talk, giggle, and give kisses 😍💓
Zane has a very big personality, he loves to say “yeah” all the time, he has the biggest and most beautiful smile that makes me fall in love with him everyday! He loves to watch tv or the stars on the ceiling! Zane loves to mimic walking, loves rolling over on his sides when he sleeps and enjoys tummy time!! Zane can make you bad days go away in a instant with his twinkling eyes!!
Hi, I am Azario. I am 1 year olds, I love to eat food, play with my parents, family and toys, I love the camera, I love to walk around and explore and get into things , I love going to bibis house and seeing my family and the dogs, I always help feed the dogs by dropping some of my food for them, I got such amazing parents and family ♥️
Zachariah is 4 months old. He likes to play and giggle. He watches Grey's anatomy with me. He has the cutest laugh ever.
My name is Abigail Renae! I am my mommy’s best friend! I love sleeping & my mommy holding me. I love my big sister.
Niylah Rose
She’s the sweetest little one, loves dogs, & cats. Loves to dance and have a great time. Super smart and adorable ❤️
Jovanni Rey
Hi, I'm Jovanni Rey Vote for me!! I approve of this message. Lol. All joking aside...I hear I saved a lot of lives coming into this world. I came into this world a day after my family was hit with a day of sadness & loss. (RIP Great Uncle Will). A little about me, I love being in my lil push car & truck walker. I love being in Church praising to the worship music. I really love to dance, play, & have a smile that captures all the ladies hearts!! (Especially my mommy)...did I mention I love to chase around my "baby doggy". #BlessingBaby #GrandmasHeart
Izabel is an energetic, non-stop on the go, talkative girl! She was born 2 1/2 months prematurely, but with her sassy attitude & bubbly personality you’d never know! (Except for size of course!) She loves Moana & Mickey Mouse Club House! Her favorite book is ‘Little lamb & friends’ and she rocks the color red!
Cataleya Velez Melendez
Cata is a sweet, loving, happy, princess. She loves playing with her dolls and learning new things. She wins everyone’s heart once they get to meet her.
Lukah, is a sweet wild child, he will cuddle you one second and climb whatever he can find right after. He loves Toy Story and won’t go to bed without his Woody.
She's a miracle baby and she is the sweetest most loving baby girl.
Im a happy handsome little man that loves to be happy and social and am curious about everything and everyone
Waylon is the happy comedian of our household. He loves music, singing, dancing, playing his piano and guitar, climbing, bananas and broccoli to name a few.
Tre P
Nathaniel P III aka Tre’ is a energetic fun athletic little boy who has 8 siblings 4 of which are sisters so he is strong in standing his ground but also so lovable and sweet ❤️
Declan loves trains, finding adventure outside and most of all spending time with his favorite person his 14 year old sister.
My name is Melina I am always happy. I love to bounce and clap & smile most of all :) I am mommy & daddy’s e v e r y t h i n g ❤️
Milo is a wild little guy who loves basketball & fruit snacks. He's so excited to become a big brother in a few weeks!
Dominic is an angel who smiles all ths time at everybody, he is a happy little boy x
Ja’Nyiah Austin Williams ❤️ All she do is smile and she her daddy twin!
Bryce loves to play and watch Daniel tiger. He’s a loving baby💙
Our little baby girl Ivayla 🥰 She is a blessing, a gift from Heaven above, our precious little angel 👼🏼 we will cherish and love unconditionally! 💗 Her smile is what makes our lives worth living. She’s the best thing that ever happened to us.💗
Samuel Rhys is an amazing little boy after many times of trying for a baby and miscarrying we ended up with this little treasure, always waking up with a smile on his face, riding his little car as fast as he can round the house, and making so much noise shouting come here guys we couldn’t be happier to have him in our lives, he’s 1 in a million Please vote for us 😁
Kayla is my beautiful angel that melts you with her smile, once she give you that eye contact you fall in love with her
Aria is a fun loving and full of energy little girl she likes to help around the house with anything and she loves school