Baby Stories - 46


My name is sadie im 5 years old i love my mom and my little sister and i like to play outside i even like to ride my bike
Hi, my name is Hector, I'm 4 months old, I'm a very happy and adorable baby 🥰. I love to smile at people, I'm the pride of mom and dad. I need your help in this vote.
Trafton is 15lbs of pure love and joy. He is such a character! He loves talking and telling stories. He is such a happy baby and always smiling. He loves rolling over on his belly and grabbing any toy in sight! He is also a big fan of sweet potatoes.
Antonio loves to smile & talk, bath time, car rides, & ceiling fans haha ! He is such a happy baby and already has such a big personality!
Octavio is such a happy baby since the day he came into this world. He’s pretty advance for his age. He loves to help in any way. He does what he is told (sometimes), likes to clean, likes to work on cars (like his dad), puts the groceries away when we get home from the store.
Kaiden Díor 💙 will be one in November.. He is a little guy but has to the biggest personality in the world.
Jaylen enjoys sitting up and engaging with others within his company by laughing, giggling and playing. Jaylen loves to munch on his fingers and have conversation with others.
Prince'lemier is the youngest of 6 children and has the joy of all of them in one. He's smart he is very energetic and coming from being a preemie he has come a long ways. So I capture that smile every chance I get!!! Vote vote vote
My sweet sweet James my first born my helping hand I love him so much he’s the sweetest big brother! He loves trains and semi trucks and playing with his cousins you can’t forget him he has a big personality and he likes to be a funny guy 💙
Quentin Jr
Hi My name is Quentin Jr. But everybody calls me Lil q. I'm a very happy baby, I wake up smiling😊 and go to sleep smiling😊. I love watching my daddy play the game🎮. I love when my mommy sings to me🎶, and I most definitely love Paw Patrol 🐕👮
My sweet sage a very calm charismatic baby he loves being held next to mommy’s heart ❤️ And loves drinking his milk 🥛 he also loves when I sing to him and will usually smile if I do. God gift to me he’s so perfect !
Willow is the best things that’s ever happened to me! She is such a happy baby and she will talk with you for hours. She loves her mooshroom and standing up in her jumper.
We Have Twin Boys Michael & Misael💙 Born At 5months & Growing Healthy!! They Both Love Watching Cartoons, They Can Now Sit Up, & Hold Their Bottles.
He is so sweet and can already do so much of him to only be 1 month.
Dawson is the most sweetest little boy ever.
Ella-Mae is always smiling and laughing! She love her dad and her mom! She really loves her dog rocky , they are just best of friends!
Estelle was born into a family farm and hopefully little monkey will want to help Mummy and Daddy with jobs when she’s older. Everyone who’s been to see her tells her she needs to go to the hair dressers but she think that’s abit rude of them 🙈. With in 2 weeks she’s grown from 7lb 3oz to 8lb 11oz she’s certainly our little piggy 🐷
Liam is 3 months old! He loves being talked to, the word peek-a-boo and loves his big sister!
Hi my name is Abraham I am one month old i love to sleep and eat lol i am a ball of sunshine The light of the world heaven sent!! Thank u all for Choosing me to be the cutest baby may GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!
David is 5 weeks old and loves Batman
This Maelynn she is sassy and sweet . She is an all American little girl ! She loves to dance and sing she wants to grow up to help the world she says ! She is a big sister and younger sister too . She loves her little sister since they are the only two girls out of 6 kids she loves playing with bugs and being a princess all at the same time ! She says people should vote for her because she loves you and she says people should vote for everyone on here
Malakai was born premature at 33w+6 days, was in hospital for 2 weeks, was such a fighter. He’s growing up quickly and he now weighs 12lb 14, he’s such a smiler:) he's now 5 months😊
This is Camdyn Myles he is that second child in our house hold he is smart funny and stubborn at times he loves anything that has to do with sports and being outdoors . He wants to be a in the army when he get older he believes in America . He believes that love and kindness can safe our world! He is a bigg helper and loves doing it he is always the first one up in the mornings and the last one down at night and when you ask him why he says to make sure his family is safe he’s 10 y’all ! And he is an all American boy he loves his momma and his siblings . Please vote for him and so him that. Kindness and love still in this world
All of that hair y'all!!! 🖤🤎🧡❤💛💚💙💜 please read ..... and get to know me, if you do. Leave a comment.. if you want to trade 10x votes leave a comment.... 💕mama squad💕 any votes given without authorization of trade, are considered gift votes. Hello my name is J'Siah Martell Robinson iam 3 years old, with a big heart and bubbly personality I'm soo soo handsome, smart and competitive, i can walk, talk run, and dance😍, i can do things like potty on my own, brush my teeth and count to ten.. ive started to sing my ABC's but i havent gotten them all down in order yet but im trying hard and leanring very fast my mom says. i love my big brother and sister, i wanna be just like my big brother someday he is to cool in my eyes. But I'm a big mommas boy, she cant never leave me any where to get timw for herself. Im just not used to it yet. I love being with my mom, she is my favorite person. I like nerf guns, trucks and all other guns. I love to watch YouTube, i also enjoy eatching cocomelon, pj mask, batman amd sid the science kid... . Pizzanos my favorite food, along with noodles and ice cream 😍 when i was 9 momths old i could say lots of things like mom, dad, hot, eat, dog, boo, luv you, mama ,papa, yes no thanks and please, but now i can say anything. Clear as ever. My mom has to watch the bad words because ill say them too. Please help me when this so i can help my mom, she wants to open a bigger life insurance policy and a savings bond for me. She has one open... but could always use help adding funds to this... Ok guys please help me, help my baby boy winnnn he truly deserves to be top in the world wide ranking. We have made 1st in state.... but not world wide, he is 3 years old now and is a prior participant we would like to win before i turn 5. In 2 short years... my mom said after 5, we probably wont be eligible to participate anymore.. and if we do its not the same age ranking. And we want a top world wide ranking before our time is up her
Ryan loves to eat, play on his mat, loves the bath. He is not a fan of tummy time. Great at snuggles.
He’s the sweetest big brother I have ever seen . He’s smart loving and so very kind . He’s always trying to help others and he sticks up for those being bullied at school . He is an all around good kid!
I had quite a bad pregnancy and Millie was 2 months premature but she is the most content, smiley and loving little baby girl I’ve ever met 💗
She is 19 pounds full of joy ! She is just the happiest baby❤ smiling is her favorite! she loves to smile until she sees the camera lol she loves all of her baby foods except bananas and peas, she loves her big brother and she thinks its funny to blow bubbles and spit her pacifier out, and has discovered she can reach her feet to her mouth, she has gotten both of her bottom teeth in, and is almost crawling!
He is just the sweetest baby boy. He loves to play in his walker and smile at everyone that talks or looks at him.
He is one of the happiest babies you will ever meet. He loves to smile and play and has such a great personality.
Rhylee Dean Taylor
Rhylee’s the name and ladies are my game😎
Nolan loves bananas, being outside, and standing! He is very observant and loves learning!
Hi! My name is Killian! I am 1 years old. I like 5 second naps, and lots and lots of milk. 🍼😅 Baby food is my favorite at the moment. I still make funny faces whenever I try a new flavor. 😋 I like to baby talk and smile a lot! ☺️ I love to make them smile it makes me happy. 😁 My reflection and funny sounds make me laugh.🪞👶🏻 I love my big sister! 💖 Colorful lights are my favorite! 🥰 I’m a master sitter! Crawling is becoming a piece of cake! 🍰 I hope I start walking early like my big sister did! 😇 I’m still counting down the days until I’m able to eat the delicious food that makes me cry because it smells sooo yummy! 🥲♥️ One of my most favorite things to do is bonding with my dad over basketball and football. 🏀🏈 I now have four teeth! 🦷 I can almost taste the grown up food! ☺️ Well, thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me! And if you vote for me, I love you over 9000!!!! 💌😊💙
Aleana is the sweetest and most goofiest little Angel you will ever meet. She loves meeting new people, learning things, and making people smile. Oh and what she loves the most? Obviously blowing kisses lol 💕
Alex is 6 months and loves to be on the move! She loves to go on car rides and loves her standing bouncer!
Everleigh loves to dance such a sweet little girl always has a smile
Conner is my sweet and absolutely perfect little boy.
Weston is our blessing sent from heaven! Weston loves his food and football!
Hello my name is Chevy I am a year old. I love spending time with my family. I’m my mommy and daddy’s first child. I like paw patrol, and playing with my cars and trucks.
Hello! I'm 4 months old and love to blow bubbles, giggle, and cuddle with my Mom and Dad! Please vote for me!!
Miss Alani, a.k.a lani pop is a sweet, bubbly, very curious 20 month old! She loves the outside and she loves dogs! She is super photogenic, and know she is poppin! She is very sassy!
Zayden loves bath time ! He also loves to watch cocomelon. He loves nap time and cuddles with mommy and daddy✨
He is a sweet , sassy , smart and loving little dude , he loves his mommy and daddy and his kitties so much! He can walk and almost run and just wont stop till he is about to pass out , he may not have been a planned baby but we sure cant picture our lives 🥰
Ember June is my sweet surprise baby. Her father and I thought we would not be able to have children. I found out on October 31st, 2020 that I was pregnant. She is a sweet girl who loves her daddy, milk, and playing piano with her feet. She is all smiles and loves everyone she meets. Born July 7th, 2021 weighing 7lbs 11oz & was 20 3/4 inches long. She will forever be the greatest surprise of my life.✨
Deckard loves animals and tickle time. He brings so many around us joy. We are so blessed he came into our lives!
Hi my name is Ayden, I’m 28months old. I love to watch Bluey, Puppy Dog Pals and TOTS! I love to play outside. Im loving, caring, and outgoing. Vote for me to help start my college fund!
Kacie is a smart little girl that loves her friends and family. She loves school and says she wants to be a cop when she grows up!